Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 13

At Ryvvendar, Drago was held up in his office. He had his elbows on the table while his head was in his hands. He was glaring hatefully at the map. Ever since that little brat had escaped his clutches, everything has been falling apart.

Rebellions were happening all across Europa. Even the other Warlords were having problems in their areas. So far the rebellion had successfully taken down Essos and any other pirates or slave camps in the vicinity. Thus, Drago had no choice but to rely on his trappers, which was going fine until a few years ago.

That's when Drago's trappers were also having trouble bringing in a new supply of dragons, due to these vigilantes. They had caused so many problems that Drago had begun to lose more of his territory by the minute.

Drago rubbed his head as he tried to think. It wasn't until the knock at the door brought him out of his thoughts. "What is it?"

The door opened up to reveal Scourge himself. He saw how exhausted and annoyed Drago was. He knew just the thing to bring the man out it, "You may want to see this"

Drago glared at the one-eye man. He did not have time for anymore disturbances. He needed to think, and Scourge's small problems weren't helping.

Seeing the anger rising from the dreadlock man, he tried to remedy it. He gave a devious smirk as he said "You definitely want to come and see this"


Hiccup banged his legs on the cage bars one last time. He used all his might to break the cage, but it held. The bars were too small. They were only small enough for Ike's hand to stick through. And both Astrid and Hiccup were not willing to sacrifice their three year old's hand to just get out.

Hiccup fell to the ground in exhaustion. He had to get out. Both Astrid and him knew what would happen if Drago found out about this. Hiccup tried to get up again to continue when he felt a hand grab his arm.

Hiccup turned to see Astrid shaking her head "Save your strength"

Hiccup knew she was right. They had taken both Hiccup and Astrid's weapon and armor. They did not have the dragons. They had to save their strength to protect their son. For what would come through those doors would be far worse.

When the sound of a door opening, did Hiccup move closer to his family. He leaned over Astrid as she held her son close to her chest. They both held a glare when the two men enter the room.

They knew it would happen eventually, right in front of the stood Drago and Scourge. The man had a face of glee. Of course, he'd be happy to see his dragon boy.

"Well, well. This is a surprise indeed" Drago was more than excited to see Hiccup, but to find out that they had a child while out on their outing was humorous to say the least. "It seems you had a lot of fun out there"

Hiccup growled more at the man. How dare he accuse Astrid's and his love as just sex. They were not a bunch of mindless animals that just mated because they were in heat.

"I'm so glad you still have that fire in you" Drago turned his attention to Scourge. "Should we still see if he remembers how to fight?"

Hiccup and Astrid did not like that look in the man's eyes.

With a snap of Scourges fingers, a bunch of men opened the cage and roped Hiccup. The boy tried desperately to get away. Hiccup dodged the ropes one by one. He back up as far as he could until he hit the back wall. As the men made their way in did Hiccup grow in fear. Astrid of could her own, but he still was worried about their son.

That's when one of the trappers got an idea. He stocked towards Astrid and Ike as they made their way towards the wall. Astrid growled at the man. In dragonese, she told them to 'stay away'. It was more than obvious in her body language and mood that she will can anyone who hurt her baby.

Hiccup quickly ran in front of them. He protectively stood in front of his family. That's what the trapper wants. For once one day placed the nose around the young man did five more follow. The men pulled with all their might as Hiccup viciously pulled against the bonds.

Astrid held in to her son close to her as the little toddler cried out to his father with tears in his eyes. Ike could not understand why they were doing this to his daddy. He only had the comforting words of his mommy to calm his down.

Both Astrid and Ike watched as Hiccup was pulled out of the cages. They cage doors was closed and lock. They then watched as they head out the main doors to the cell. The doors were opened as Astrid and Ike could only watch Hiccup being pulled away.


Hiccup was shoved out into the fighting Arena. They gave him no armor or weapons. Also, Toothless was not here to protect him. But right now, all he could think about was his family. He needed to get back to them. He slammed his hands against the tall metal bar doors, trying desperately to get on the other side.

The only thing that brought him out of it was the sound of a gate opening up from behind him. Hiccup glanced behind. He could already guess that this would be his challenger. Just like Drago had said, he wanted to see if Hiccup remembered how to fight. He looked to other sided, expecting to see a dragon bolt out. He instead met with something else.

Hiccup knew that Drago would not stop after Hiccup was gone. Why would someone like Drago Bludvist stop his profit and enjoyment out of one missing Dragon Human. This must be his replacement. Just like how Hiccup was, the new Dragon Human came in dressed in armor and mask. By his side was a large red and black Titan Monstrous Nightmare.

The large dragon growled angrily at Hiccup as it glared at him. Hiccup tried to search around for a weapon. But of course, they were so pissed that they would leave Hiccup undefended.

Hiccup had no time to react when the dragon shot forward. Using his old moves, Hiccup dodged the Nightmare. This made the Titan angry. The dragon flame up as it ran after the boy. The twenty-two year old had to come up with an idea. He decided to use its size against it. Hiccup started running towards the wall.

Once Hiccup was close enough, he turned around and raced towards the dragon. The Nightmare charged at him with full speed. Hiccup had only a minute to react when he jumped high above the dragon's head and stomped onto the dragon's back. Hiccup made a flip as he landed safely on the ground.

The Titan dragon could not stop itself when it hit the wall with great force. The Nightmare became dizzy as it was to busy trying to right itself.

Hiccup watched the dizzy Nightmare before he turned his attention to the masked figure. He knew he needed to prepare himself. It had been a long time since he fought another dragon rider like himself. And he didn't have Toothless to help him.

They both began to circle each other. Hiccup had only a little time to react when the rider came at him. Hiccup held up his arms to defend himself as the rider gave a mighty kick. It was powerful. It caused Hiccup to slide backwards from the force.

Looking back up, Hiccup was unprepared when the rider came at him again. This time, Hiccup was pushed back as the leg connected to his side. The young man fell to the ground in a huff.

Hiccup clenched his side from the powerful attack. He looked back up to see the rider circling him. He could feel through that mask the smirk he was giving off. 'Dragons, did he act like that back in the day' By the time Hiccup got back to his feet the rider charged at him again.

Hiccup was tired of this. He switched to offense mode as he dodged the rider's kick. Hiccup used his body and put a lot force into his fist. His hand collided into the mask and caused the rider to stumble back and onto the ground.

Hiccup was about to charge at the rider again, when something hit him from behind. He fell to the floor as his back burned. Looking back, he saw that it was the Titan Nightmare. Hiccup tried to rise to his feet, but he had only little time before they came at him again.


Astrid sat worriedly in their cell. She held Ike close to her as she rubbed his shoulder in reassurance. With everything that had been going on today she was just glad that nothing had happen to him. It had not taken long before her boy had cried himself to sleep.

Astrid turned her attention back to the doors. She just hoped Hiccup was alright. It was as if her prayers had been answer. The doors had opened and in came the trappers with Hiccup. But once she got a closer look she began to wish she hadn't known. For once the cell doors opened and was Hiccup shoved in, did Astrid really get a good look at him.

Hiccup was burned, bruised, and bloody from the bottom down. His one clean clothing had been dirtied with blood and dirt. He looked as if he went through hel.

Hiccup tried to sit up but it was tiring and painful. The commotion must have awakened their son for Ike launched and grabbed a hold of his father. Hiccup hissed at the pain from his son's touch.

Astrid quickly pried Ike off Hiccup. She scooted closer to Hiccup to get a good look at him. She examined his injuries and noticed how none had been treated. They both knew this was Hiccup's punishment. They wanted Hiccup to feel awful. To be in pain and never defined them again. It was a harsh lesson, but one that would never break Hiccup into submitting.

The sound of the doors opening again brought the family back to attention. Hiccup saw the person and dragon that he had fought come in. Astrid did not need Hiccup to tell her who they were. By the way the acted and were together she could already guess.

They watched as the two were led to their cage and locked in for the night. Lucky for them, the family had the pleasure of having them next to them.

Without his mask and armor, they could see that he was no older than seventeen. He had long black hair that came down to his shoulder. His bangs were pulled back in to a pony tail and on his face was a goatee. He stared at the couple before sitting against the Nightmare's side. "So, your Hiccup and Astrid?"

Astrid glared at the boy.

"So what they say is true, you have an icy glare" For that the boy received a kick to his cage by Astrid. The boy smiled softly. "Thorg" He presented himself with his name as a way to melt the ice and lighten the mood.

Astrid was still not happy with the boy. She looked at Hiccup would hissed in pain whenever he tried to move. "You didn't have to hurt him that much" Astrid tried to comfort Hiccup. Even though she knew that had to fight, it did not mean you beat your enemy until they were half dead.

"Not my choice" Thorg looked at the family before looking at the ground in sadden eyes. "Scourge said make it hurt. Wants him in a bleeding pulp." He patted Titan's head. "And you now what happens if Scourge's orders aren't met"

It was true. Hiccup and Astrid knew for a very long time that what the trainer or master says goes. Or punishment will be on them or on their dragons.

"How bad is it?"

Thorg knew Hiccup wasn't asking about himself. "Drago got pissed when you left. He got Titan and me a year later and security has been tight ever since No one has been able to escape again after you left."

Astrid looked at Thorg for answer to a question she did not want answered "The others?"

"Heard that most of them have been captured again. You two are the last" Thorg looked sideways at the boy that was by Hiccup and Astrid. "Your kid?"

They did not answer him. Thorg knew why too.

While the adults talked, Ike was ignored. The small boy looked up at his mom "Why are we only speaking in dragon talk?"

Astrid patted her child's head. "Its better this way"

It wasn't an answer to Ike's question and Thorg could see the kid becoming confused. "It does not matter. Human or dragon. They will abuse you until they get what they want. And dragons, did you two piss them off big time"


The day had been perfect for Drago. He had Hiccup back and a new addition to his Dragon Humans. He had just sent word to Myrrna about require her Dragon Human. He knew she would be in for shock when she found out what Hiccup and Astrid had done together.

They had planned for this to happen a long time ago. Instead of getting a new Dragon Human from Essos, they wanted to breed their own. Two great fighters forming a child was the perfect blend. It was suppose to be a few months after the Great Games, that it was suppose to be done. If they formed a girl, it went to the Amazon's, if a boy, it went to Drago.

And of course, Astrid had to stay with the child until it could be weaned of her. Thus, once off, Hiccup would help train his son to fight. It would have been perfect. If not for the escape.

But now all of that was fixed. Hiccup was back, and his son would be introduced to dragon fighting soon.


Off in the northern reaches of the archipelago, Valka and Cloudjumper where flying to a certain destination. Not to long ago, did a couple of dragons come by the nest to tell her the most terrible news. Hiccup and Astrid had been captured by Trappers. Drago's trappers no less.

Worry filled Valka as she tried to coax Cloudjumper to go faster. She needed help and she knew where to get it.

Across the sea waters, they started seeing boats, ships, and fire. When they got closer to the land, did they see the smoke of burned buildings.

It had been the rebellion who caused all of this. They had destroyed another of Drago's outpost and freed all the Viking prisoners. The dragon had long gone flew away from the prison. Must have wanted more of their freedom, then to be killed by Vikings. That's why the Vikings were surprised to see a dragon coming at them.


Stoic the Vast looked from the table full of maps to the sky. Once he saw the lone dragon, did he walk slowly towards it.

Cloudjumper landed on the clear patch as he let Valka off. He stared at the men who held up their swords, axes, and shields. Cloudjumper scoffed at the idea of the Vikings hurting him, but right now his sister needed him to be calm.

Stoic walked closer to the large dragon. When he got a closer look at the Dragon, did he see what kind it was. He grabbed his axe from his back and was ready to charge at the beast.

"Stoic, wait!"

Stoic's eyes widen when he looked at the Rider. When it took its mask off did his world come crumbling down. "Valka"

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