Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 14

Days seemed to pass by in a flash. But soon, the day final came when Scourge came down the stairs holding the dreadful, sleeping lantern. It was lights out after that for the dragons and riders. Because when they finally awakened, did the real horror begin.

Hiccup and Toothless were right back on the Island of Fógnuðr, inside their cages waiting to be forced to fight. The twenty-year old was happy to see the black dragon again, but right now it wasn't such a great reunion. Hiccup wounds had healed a long time ago but he still felt the pain inside about being here. He needed to get out….before he never sees Astrid again.

That's right, Astrid's old master was here for her. Not long ago had they seen the horrible female master. She was angry at Astrid. They said words, such as 'they would fix her up when they get home'. Hiccup didn't want to know what that meant.

For now, Astrid and Ike were held up in a cell somewhere while Hiccup and Toothless were shoved into this cage waiting for their turn. They must not want her to fight because of the child with her. Or they thought they Hiccup and her would be too much of a distraction if they were together. Hiccup really didn't know.

Right now, Hiccup had to think of a plan.

While trying to come up with an escape plan did the blast of horns bring Hiccup out of his thoughts. Looking up into the stands, he heard someone, he had never seen before; speak to the audience inside the Arena. Hiccup figured the fat/build man must have been some kind of announcer guy to get the crowd riled up. Things have definitely changed since Hiccup and Toothless had been here.

"Welcome back everyone!" the announcer hollered. "I know, I know. You have missed these games! Craved them!" his voice became darker as he looked at the crowd. "We have a very special warrior here with us! It has been a long time since we saw a Night Fury fight"

The crowd screamed and shouted in excitement.

"Especially a Night Fury with his Dragon Human, Hiccup" the announcer received lots of praise for having the Dragon Human back. "He is strong, brave, and can take on any foe that is sent his way!"

The crowd was on the edge of their seats. They wanted to see Hiccup and Toothless fight.

"Sad to say, they are for the final battle" The audience booed at him as the speaker tried to ease their pain. "I know. I want to see them battle too" The announcer pouted but soon grew to joy. "But don't worry. We have lots of more exciting fights to be seen"

Hiccup watched as the crowd grew more excite. He sneered at the mass. It was so easy to rile these people up. They called them mindless, barbarians when they want to see them destroy each other for their own entertainment. Hiccup prayed to the gods that they would fall, and fall hard.

"First off! Camicazi and her dragon, a Changewing"

The bar doors open as a blondr messy haired girl in a white skeleton mask came in. There could be no dragon seen by her side, but to the all knowing eye that the dragon was right behind her.

"And let us not forget our beautiful, deadly Heather with her dragon, a Razerwhip"

Not to far off another bar door open revealing a girl clad in silver metallic armor and a mask with a metallic dragon next to her.


The girls charged at each other. The Changewing spat hot acid while the swift Razerwhip ducked and tried to hit it with her sharp tail. With both their speeds, they were evenly matched.

Hiccup stared in awe at the Razerwhip. He had never seen a dragon quite like it. Its body looked like it was made out of metal. Its tail was sharp and deadly as it cut through the rocks as it they were butter. This dragon could only have belonged to the sharp class. It was an amazing dragon, he just wondered how the rider matched it.

"Cool, huh" in the next cage over from Hiccup was Snotlout.

Hiccup did know if he should be happy or sad to see his friend. The twenty-two year old looked around to see all his friends. They have all changed quite a deal. Fishlegs and Snotlout were trying to grow a beard or mustache. Ruff's face had become long and pointier. Tuffnut looked still the same but a looked a little love struck.

Hiccup was about to ask when Snotlout pointed to the ring. He watched the fight and saw how Camicazi fought. She had a fighting style similar to her Changewing, with a combine effort like the twins. Hiccup was about to think that she was the one Tuffnut was falling for but once he saw the deadliness of the Razerwhip, he just couldn't decide. Tuffnut did have strange like to deadly objects.

"Pu-lease" Thorg was on the other side of Hiccup's cage. He let out a huff of annoyance by the two non stop talking.

"And I see you met your annoying new roommate" Snotlout had a distaste for the kid. He did not know why but for some reason he just hated the kid's prideful attitude.

Hiccup didn't think Thorg was that bad. The kid did have a big bipolar disorder, but who wouldn't here.

The crowd let out a scream of cheers and move trumpets sounded. Both girls were out of breath but it seemed to be that only Heather was left standing on her feet. Once she was claimed winner, they went back to their cells. And the next fight was ready to begin.


Outside the island walls, no one would have guessed something was amiss in the ocean. The sun was beginning to set, as the last of the games were being announced. No one had bothered to pay attention to shores.

The guards walked the roads while some were in the watch towers listening more to the cries of battle. They were too enticed by the cheers of the crowd to really pay attention to the sea. They still kept up their guard though and would glance ever so often as the water. They saw nothing so far. Thinking all was right they continued with their business.

Out in the ocean, however, a small group of dark colored ships and boats began to come about. They slowly made their way to the large island. They docked themselves not far off from the coast. The ships were in a perfect spot to being their first phase.

Some of the warrior from each boat climbed over the side and into the water. They grabbed a hold of the Tidal Class dragons as they made their way to shore.

Once there, they scurried about. The warriors made there way to the guards. Some headed to the ones that were just walked around while others headed to the watch towers. Once they sliced and screwed the guards, did the ones on the tower start to signal the boats.

On the boats, the rebellions lay. Once they saw the signal, they knew it was time to move out.

On one of the ships, Stoic spoke to his men "Ready lads, this is our moment. Our final stand against these tyrannies"

All the Viking warrior silently cheered. They each got to their battle station.

"Get ready, everyone. Once were crack this open, all hel is going to break loose" Stoic gave his command and a catapult launched.


Hiccup's battle was coming up next. He kept his calm as he got ready. But what he was not ready for, was a boulder to come from the sky and hit the upper part of the coliseum.

It took only a short minute for panic and yelling to ensure. People tried to run to the exit. Guards and soldier were yelling at the crowd or men. They tried to get to the doors, but the panic was causing problems.

A whoosh sound was heard above as more boulder came flying in.

Toothless wrapped his body around Hiccup for protection. The sound of heavy hits and screeching sound of metal came to their ears. Dusty filled the air as panic became more and more.

After was felt like hours, Toothless unwrapped his wings. Hiccup stared. The arena was destroyed. The metal cage above had been broken and destroyed. Each floor had boulders, rubble and broken seats. The best part of all of this, was that Hiccup's cage was broken. There was enough room for Hiccup to squeeze through to the other side.

Hiccup squeezed himself through the gap, with Toothless's help, and made it to the other side. Next came Toothless as the dragon managed to get himself through. They both turned their attention to the others. A few cages had been bent and broken. Only a few had enough room to escape.

Thinking quick, Hiccup grabbed one of the broken bars and placed it into Fishleg's cage. "Help me with this"

Right away Heather, Thorg and the twins began to press on the bar with Hiccup. The other dragon tried to work on getting the other free as well. By the end of it, all of them had been freed from their confined cages.

"Where's Astrid?" Fishlegs asked

"She must be in the lower cell blocks" Hiccup tried to remember the map of this place.

They were brought out of their conversation when another powerful blast hit the ground causing a shake. They all tried to keep their balance as they each looked from one to the other. They needed to get moving. This whole island was coming apart.

Heather cried out 'that they need to head this way'. They all followed her down the tunnels and hoped Astrid and the others dragons were alright.


Astrid held her son close, while Stormfly did her best to cover them. The whole ceiling could fall apart any minute with all the shaking it did. The dragons were panicking inside their cages. No one knew what was going on. There are no window to see what was going on outside and all the guards and trappers had disappeared. All they had were the booming sound and the shaking of war.

Astrid became worried. What if no one came for them? She felt her son being to shake as she tried to reassure him.

"Astrid? Ike?"

The voice sprung Astrid and Ike to their feet. They shouted "Here! Were in here!"

The slam of the door could be heard as Hiccup came running in. Once he saw the three in the cage, he ran towards them. He grasped the bars as he stared at them. He was so happy to see that they were alright. But it was short lived when another shake and rocks crumbled down, brought them out of their joyful moment.

"We need to get you out of there" Hiccup grabbed a hold of a rock and slammed it onto the lock. After awhile, the lock broke and Hiccup pulled open the door.

Astrid ran into his arms as they kissed. They pulled apart to see everyone staring at them. They both shyly laughed from the awkwardness.

"Hello" Little Ike said hit to everyone. "Who are you?"

"Well I'm Camicazi…"

"No time for introductions woman. We need to go!" Tuffnut ran past the group as he and everyone else start break the locks on each cage.

They were on the last of them when the ground started to shake again. That final shake broke the ceiling and dusty filled the room. Once the dust was cleared they saw that the large piece of broken ceiling had come in the middle. On one side were the Hiccup, Astrid, Ike, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Heather, while the rest were on the other.

Thorg looked through the rock crumble to see if anyone was alive on the other side. "You guys okay?"

"Yes, were fine" Hiccup looked around the room and saw their only exit was the door they hand entered through. "What about you guys? Can you see any way out?"

"There's an opening that the ceiling caused that we can climb out of" Ruffnut hollered from the other side.

"You guys head that way, we'll meet at the harbor and get out of here" Once Hiccup finished, they headed out.


The twins' group headed up through the ceiling. They each climbed out to see that they were in another room. It could once be called luxurious, but now was a mess of rocks, dust, foods, drinks, and broken pieces of furniture all over the floor.

As they made their way deeper into the broken room, they saw more of the room fallen to pieces.

"Spread out and look for away out" Thorg order the group.

The twins head to the other side of the room. In through the door they saw that one of its big columns had broken off and fell to the ground. As they made there way towards it, they were shocked to see one of their old master lying under it.

Both Tuffnut and Ruffnut did not know what to feel. Sadden, angered, happy? They did like him at one point but then there was the whole thing about using them. It made them hated the years of confinement they were put through. They had a taste of freedom only to be taken away again by this very man. Could he really be killed by just a column?

Tuffnut was about to take a closer look when he saw the man's eye open and staring at them.

"Funny huh, dying like this" Kasif watched as the twins stared at him. The man could only let out a chuckle of the thought of the twins understanding.

The twins turned their attention when they heard their companions called to them.

The broken king watched them get up and leave him. He reverted his eyes to see his wife not far away. Stretching his arm to her, he let out his last breath of air.


Hiccup's group raced through the tunnels as they made their way out. They could see the exit but were met with a difficult situation. War was definitely happening. Every where they looked it was people running or getting hit or killed. It was total chaos that the group was so sure if they should enter it. But they had no choice but to leave when the dragons pushed them out.

All the dragons sprung into the air as they, too, join in the fight. They breathed fire, water, and air at the soldiers. For all the pain they caused, for all the misery those humans had caused all those. They would surely pay them back for it.

The group watched the fight escalate, but were brought out of it when another flaming boulder hit the wall above them. They spread out and looked for cover.

The walls from the building came tumbling down to the ground. Toothless grabbed a hold of Hiccup and shot forward. They stumbled to the ground as they tried to regain their composure. He looked back to see that all the dragons had protected their riders. Hiccup was relieved when he saw Stormfly unfold her wings and Astrid and Ike were under them, unharmed.

But he was brought out of it when he heard the sound of yelling, did Hiccup look up to meet it. He saw that the deep voice belong to Drao Bludvist. The Persian man turned and saw him.

Anger filled Drago as he pointed his bull hook at the boy "You!"

Hiccup scrambled to his feet as he prepared himself.

Drago launched himself at the twenty-year old. He slashed and thrashed his bull hook at the Rider. Hiccup dodged every swing the man gave. He backed up since he had no weapon to fight of his own.


Turning his attention, a sword was swung his way. Hiccup grabbed the hilt of the blade as he blocked the attack from the bull hook. Drago pushed down on the boy as he growled at him.

Hiccup felt him slipping. Then a sudden blast hit Drago off.

Looking up, Drago looked all over for where the blast could have come from. That's when he saw them, Toothless, with a bunch of other different types of dragons. Even the ones that Hiccup hadn't seen in a very long time, joined in.

They began to fire at Drago, causing the man to stumble back. And eventually, lose is arm. He looked from his missing arm to back up was Hiccup standing right in front of him.

He watched as the boy he had known for thirteen years stare down at him. The Dragon Human made no movement towards him. Instead, Hiccup dropped his blade and walked away.

"You can't leave me here" Drago became circled by angry dragons. "You can't leave me here!"


The harbor was just up ahead. They would finally be free. That is, until something stopped Hiccup in his tracks.

"What wrong?" Toothless nudged his brother with his snout. He could not understand why Hiccup would stop when they were so close to freedom.

Hiccup was to preoccupied to reply to the black dragon. He was in shock at what he saw.

Not far from him did he meet his mother's eyes. She was looking back at him with Cloudjumper right behind her. It felt like forever since he saw her.

He was surprised when a built red hair Viking came towards her. But what scared him most… was that he knew that Viking.

For the first time in a long time, Hiccup saw his father. Next to his mother, the man was a giant. All the memories of the tall giant came flooding back to him. He wanted, so desperately, to run to them. To hold them real close and be a family again, but he knew that could not happen.

There would always be people like Drago. People, who would abuse their relationship with the dragons and use it for their pleasure. They had to get away. Away from all the hurt and confinement. They need their own home.

Giving one final look at his parents, Hiccup turned back around on Toothless and flew off.


It had been five years since, the great rebellion. Everyone in Eurpa was at peace. No slave traders or cruel rulers to tell them what to do or where to go. They were finally happy. The same was with the Haddocks.

Valka had moved back home with Stoic. She felt that it was safe to come home to the island of Berk. But she still craved to see her beloved son, Hiccup.

It was the same with Stoic. Even if it was for a second, he was still proud of his son. How grown up he was and how much of a leader he had become. He wanted so much to pat a hand on the boys back and ask him all kinds of questions.

But Valka and Stoic knew that would not be possible. Not since their disappearance.

One night however, all that changed. Helping Gobber in the shop, Valka was in for quite the surprise when someone shouted 'Dragon Rider'

Quickly she rushed out the blacksmith's shop and down towards the square. Inside, she prayed it be Hiccup. But instead, she met with a short, curly, red hair girl on the back of a Raincutter.

She looked around the village asking people in some strange language. Her accent sounded clipped and her r's trill. She must have come from a far off land. The villagers tried their best to understand the girl but the language was unknown to them.

That's when Valka made her way to the girl. "Can you speak dragonese?"

"Finally, someone I can communicate with" The red head was so pleased that she found someone who could speak dragonese. "I'm looking for Paradisie?"

"Paradise?" Valka was confused by the girl's words.

"Yes, the place where all dragon riders and dragon live in peace" The girl explained.

Valka was shocked to say the least. Hiccup was still alive and well. He was living a place called 'Paradisie'

Stoic came see what was going on. He was in for a shock when Valka grabbed his arms and told him where they might find Hiccup.


Across the large body of water, just north of the Roke Mountains, laid the large island called 'Paradisie'. Houses and streets adored the rocky clips. People rushed about the street while some dragon flew across the sky, while the other dragons lounged about.

It was perfect home to dragons and riders alike. They were free of slavery. They would not be abused for their gifts. They could have a family and start a life here. They could be free.

That's how it was for Hiccup and Astrid. Hiccup was leaning back against Toothless while Astrid slept next to him. He was looking over the cliffs and watched the waves crashed into shore while the smell of earth filled the air.

Slung around Hiccup was a large cloth that held his new born daughter in it. Hiccup had given Astrid a day off since she had been tiredly up all night. The baby girl had finally fallen asleep for a while. Hiccup was so relieved by that, but then he suddenly heard a giant thud sound behind him.

Luckily both his girls had not awakened, but Hiccup did not know if he should feel angry or sorry for son. The boy had crash landed into the ground with his face full of dirt, behind the eight year old boy stood his red and yellow Nadder, Firefly. The teen dragon squawked as he tried to get his rider up right.

Hiccup could not help but chuckle by his boys antics. "You okay"

"Ya, perfectly fine dad" Getting the last bit of dirt out of his ears, Ike sat down next to his father.

They both stared off into the see. Not far off did they see something fly in the sky.

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