Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 2

The next morning, Hiccup woke up to blackness. He was startled at first, but then remembered last night when he met Toothless and Dusty. All of the sudden, footsteps were heard as fear crept its way into Hiccup. The young boy felt Toothless's wings press down on him like a security blanket. It allowed Hiccup to stay calm and quiet as he listened to the pirates.

"Look at that. The beast ate the boy whole"

"Too bad. The boy would have been a fine catch"

A push could be heard as the clanking of metal and opening the cage doors were heard too. Hiccup then heard the sliding of something coming towards them as it halted in front of them.

"Why's it not eating?"

"Probable because of your ugly mug." An awful laugh could be heard. "If I saw your face during breakfast, I think be the same way too"

A punch was heard and the sound of footsteps, along with a door slam, meant the men had left.

Guessing the coast was clear, Hiccup felt Toothless's wing lift off him and reveal the dragon's face.

"Morning Toothless." Hiccup patted the dragon's face.

Toothless let out a big yawn as he got up onto all four paws. Stretching a bit, the black dragon directed himself to the food. Seeing that it was a bunch of raw fish, he started nibbling away at it.

Hiccup looked at Toothless , who was eating what he guess was breakfast for the dragons. "Great, fish" Hiccup didn't mind fish, but under cook fish always made him queasy for some reason.

XXX(Dragon View)XXXX

Toothless started noticing that his little Hiccup wasn't coming over to eat breakfast. The Night Fury worried that something maybe wrong with the boy. He took one of the fish and brought it over to Hiccup. The black dragon put the fish in front of Hiccup and saw the boy did not take it. Thinking what Dusty said about Hiccup being a hatchling, got him thinking that maybe he didn't know how to eat.

Swinging the fish into the air, Toothless swallowed the fish whole. Once satisfied, he regurgitated half of it up and onto Hiccup's lap.

Right away the boy paled, and grimaced at the food in his lap. "eewww"

Toothless titled his head has he had no idea why Hiccup was refusing the food. His answer was answered when he heard Dusty laughing at him in from his cage.

"Some humans can't eat food like we do" Dusty decided to save Hiccup before Toothless did something that made the boy sick. "Their bodies aren't as immune to the bacteria in certain foods as we are." He saw that Toothless was still looking at him in confusion. "You have to cook it"

Toothless looked back at Hiccup bewildered. These humans acted so tough and yet a little under cooked food can hurt them. Toothless went back over to the pile of fish and got another fish out. Toothless then heard Dusty say not to char it and he placed in front of Hiccup before he began to cook it.

Once done, Toothless saw Hiccup's face light up as he gobbled the fish down. All that was left was the head and bones, which Toothless ate for him. Toothless heated up two more small fish that Hiccup ate and the three of them enjoyed their breakfast in peace.


It had been a few hours when the food was consumed. The slamming of doors could be heard as Toothless went back into his shade and Hiccup dived under the black dragon's wing. The pirates who dropped off the food came in to check on the dragons to see if their merchandise was okay.

Hiccup couldn't see them, but he could hear them. They seemed pleased that Toothless ate his food. Something about wanting to keep him alive or their necks would be rung. Hiccup's vikingness told him these men deserved it. His real self was more of a pacifistic. His father and fellow Berkians did not like that about him.

Hiccup pity them but was still filled with anger that they had done this to him and his dragon friends. The boy was then startled when he heard the sound something falling and then the yelling of the two men.

Hiccup could see a little out of Toothless's wing and it was in Dusty's direction. The old dragon reached under the bars of his cage and clawed, unnoticed by the men, at what looked to be a small book. Dusty dragged the book into his cage and hid it under his belly. Hiccup then heard one of the men make a huffing noise as if he was looking for something.

"Where did it go?"

"That book you took?"

"Aye, the one from that weird one eye man."

"I can never get why you like those books so much"

"What, there interesting. What I can't have an interest?"

"You're a Frihet Ktí̱tores, not a philosopher, you dumbass"

The man let out a sigh of frustration and gave up looking for his book. They both saw that the dragons were fine and decided to leave. The man saw as the over grown reptiles still hissed and glared at them with as much hate as they could muster. Giving an evil chuckle while the other banged his foot against what Hiccup guessed was another cage before he hear them walked out.

The boy could hear Toothless growling at the men. He then heard Dusty make grunting noises, which was probably him telling Toothless to let it go. Hiccup felt Toothless lift his wing up again as he looked out.

Both Hiccup and Toothless went over to Dusty. Hiccup asked why the old dragon had taken the book from the pirates. It confused him to why would a dragon need such an object.

Dusty took out the book from under him and pushed it under his cage to Hiccups. "Read"

Hiccup picked up the book and opened it up. He was shocked to see that the book was in his own language. He thought it would be in some other strange language like Roman or Celtic.

Hiccup turned to the first page and read the story he had heard from the village healer, Gothi, when he was back on Berk with the other kids.

"The great sea is held in place by Jormungand, the serpent, whose giant body encircles it and who keeps his tail in his mouth to complete the circle and stop the waves breaking loose….."

As word began to flow from Hiccup's mouth, Toothless realized that he wished he knew what Hiccup was saying. He decided to ask Dusty to teach him the human language so he could speak with Hiccup. Unknown to the black dragon, Hiccup was thinking the exact same thing.


It had been a couple of weeks and Hiccup was able to adapt to his new lifestyle living with the dragons. He and Toothless became very close, like two sibling brothers, Hiccup being the youngest. Toothless would cook Hiccup's food and hide him under his wing. They both knew if the pirates found out that Hiccup was alive, they would take him away from Toothless. Neither wanted that.

Dusty was a dear friend and teacher to both Hiccup and Toothless. He was very much like a grandfather to the two. Hiccup was able to learn a lot from Dusty. The boy was quick and began to learn the dragon language. It was very hard at first and still gets the words jumbled a little bit. But he was very happy that he could understand little of what Dusty and Toothless was saying.

Dusty also wanted Hiccup to learn other languages, not only because of the books Dusty would snatch up. But the smart dragon knew that if Hiccup understood the different human languages then he would be able to prepare them for what is to come.

But today was a different kind of day. The pirates sounded as if to be in a panic. They ran around, and checked cages like Ragnarök was coming. Toothless kept Hiccup hidden under his wing as he glared at the pirates.

Toothless did not like this. Neither did Dusty or any of the other dragons. The air felt thick and harsh. It felt seemed the something dark and sinister was going to be arriving any second now. It scared Hiccup to death.

Suddenly, the doors burst open as men rushed in. The men sounded frantic and begging. They were trying to suck up to someone. Hiccup knew that this someone must have been either someone important, or deadly.


All the slave hunters knew today was important. Their biggest buyer and one of the most deadliest man in the northern waters was coming here. Things can go from bad to dead if things didn't go right today.

The hunters watched three large, heavily armed ships come into port. The ships were decorated with dragon skulls, bones, skeletons and pointy spear. The boats were definitely intimidating. They struck fear in the hearts of men.

On the ships, planks were being dropped onto the wooden dock so the men of the boat could board the port. As the Slavic, Persian, and Asiatic race of men filled out of the boat, the lines up outside the large one and waited.

One of the main Slave Hunters, who was in charge of the island, came out to great the guest. Necrom and his two guards, Mag-guts and Horcrow, stood in wait. It was obvious that Necrom was nervous by the way he pulled at his collar. The other two, however, were different. Mag-guts was watching with intensity as if he was looking to challenge someone. Horcrow just crossed his arms bored.

"Do not embarrass me you two" Necrom glared heavily at the two guards.

"Don't get you skivvies in a bunch" Mag-guts tried to not laugh at his nervous boss. It was some buyer coming to buy some dragons. No big deal.

Necrom knew that Mag-guts wasn't taking this seriously. "Do you have an idea who this man is?"

"Drago Bludvist." Horcrow eyes narrowed as he looked at the ship. "One of the Six Dangerous Warlords of the Northern Sea."

This brought Mag-guts into attention as he looked bewildered at his partner. "You mean he's the man who killed almost all of the Viking Chiefs. Has an army of the most deadliest and cunning warriors. And is the ruler with a dragon army."

"The very same" Necrom walked past his men as he put a smile on his face as he walked towards the large ship.

Mag-guts gulped. He was mad but not crazy enough to piss of Drago or his men. He followed Horcrow's lead and remained emotionless and strong. No need to act weak to an army of dangerous men.

"Drago! Welcome to Essos" Necrom eyes looked toward the top of the plank to see a tall giant of a man.

Drago looked like your typical Hans with a little bit of Persian ancestry to him. He had long waist length dreadlock styled hair, a full beard styled with band, along with a beak like nose that reminded you of someone from Arabia and sunken green eyes. He has a scar that littered across his body. Not harsh that made him look ugly but instead they made him look more terrifying and fierce. What Necrom tried not to stare at was Drago's left arm. It was an iron metal arms that must have been to replace the one he lost.

Behind Drago was his first in command and dragon trainer, Scourge. Compare to Drago, he looked small. He was a built man and tall reaching 6'5". Dark black hair covered his head and a furry goatee on his chin. He had one good eye while the other was in a patch, must have lost it when training a rebellious dragon.

He smirked at the scared Trader, like some kind of fox ready to torture a small rabbit. "Hurry up Trader. We don't have all day to listen to you suck up to us"

They watched the Drago and Scourge walk onto the docks. Horcrow decided to take this time to mock Necrom. "There goes your plan"

"Shut up you fool!" Necrom whispered angrily at them. By the time Necrom looked back, he saw that Drago was already in front of them. Seeing Drago stilled face, caused dread to encased Necrom in fear of pissing Drago off. Quickly, he decided to get to the dragon cages to show Drago the new dragons they had talked about. "This way Drago. I know you probably want to get started on those dragons"

As he watched the trader and his guards quick walk away to guide them to the dragons, Drago could not help but darkly chuckle at the welp. Speaking in a language that Scourge knew, he mocked the traders. "Quiet a pitiful one, don't you agree."

"Very true. I think you may have made him wet his trousers a little" Scourge gave a laugh. He knew how the trader felt. Same as the way he could read a dragon, people were second nature. That's how he became Drago's dragon trainer and torturer in the beginning. Whips and chains can work on dragons but sometimes with people all it takes it the right word. "Shall I have a word with him"

"That's not necessary." Drago shook as his second in command. "Sadly, they are one of the best dragon trappers, next to us, in these savage lands"

Scourge knew what Drago meant. To build a dragon army you needed dragons. Even with their army big and vast, they did need to keep the peace with the other Warlords that govern this sea. Their army was not aloud to go anywhere near their territory, but they didn't say anything about using Slave Hunters.

Drago and Scourge followed the Trader down the corridor and into what looked to be a gated area. An iron door was fist, behind it was another door with spikes pointing to the last door which was made out of wood. Dragons were dangerous and the traders had to make sure the dragons were kept secure. Plus it was morning and no one had feed the beast yet.

Necrom was furious inside but tried to keep calm. He was hoping that today would go perfectly but apparently no one could be nice enough to leave the door open to it could be a simple walk in, sell dragons, walk out kind of day. Trying not to growl, he told his men to open the doors. "It's to keep the dragon inside. You know how dangerous they can be" Seeing Drago raise en eye-brow at him, made him realize what he just said. "Iiiii mean of course you have seen how dangerous dragons can be"

Necrom kept rambling on as he tried not to get himself killed. On the other hand Scourge was getting a kick out of Drago messing with the man.

They gates were finally opened as the wooden doors open to reveal thousands of wooden cages. Small, medium and large, the all held dragon of different sizes. Inside was a small Terrible Terror that was hissing at another Terror that was in a cage next to it. Another held Hobblegrunt that was blind in one eye. Another held an agitated Monstrous Nightmare.

They stopped in front of the two cages that held Toothless and Dusty. Drago got closer to get a better look at the dragons.

"Like I told you Drago, we have successfully collected your very own Excermess. It was a hard dragon to come by" Necrom watched as Drago examined the old dragon.

"Not really" Horcrow grumbly whisper.

"Shut up" Necrom, well tried, to wack the pirate.

Ignoring the idiots, Drago looked at the Ecermess. "What do you think?"

Scourge came up next his leader and looked at the dragon. "Old, won't be long. Probably why it was so easily captured." Both Drago and Scourge knew that this kind of dragon was intelligent. Said to be seen near humans, the dragon was still hard to capture.

Drago then noticed the other dragon in the other cage. Necrom noticed right way and began to explain. "As you can see, we were able to capture to body of lightning and death itself…. a Night Fury"

The beast hissed at the men in defensive as it stayed where it was. On all four paws, its wings were on the ground as its head was low and eyes slit like a cat.

Scourge thought it was strange how it stayed in the same spot. Most agitated or aggressive dragons would run up and try scare them off.

"Viscous beast, aye" Mag-guts gave a chuckle. "Just a couple of weeks ago, we dropped a boy in there. Annoying tyke. Bit Mr. Doblim's hand and thus, resulting him to be eaten by this here dragon"

Scourge crouched down to get a better look. "Really?" Both Drago and himself knew it.

Dragons were not mindless beast like everyone thought. They don't go around attacking people unless order or provoked. That's one of the ways they are able to control the beast.

Scourge titled his head as he saw something from under the dragon's black wing. An amusing smirk appeared on his face as he lightly tapped Drago's leg with his hand.

Drago looked down at Scourge as he saw his first in command shake his head in the direction of the wing. The Persian man tilted his head to get a better looked and understood what his trainer meant. A small portion of the bottom of little brown boots could be seen under the dragon's wing. He slowly stood up as then gave a mighty bang on the bars that caused both dragons and pirates that jump in surprise.

The Night Fury's wing opened up to reveal the little boy the traders must have been talking about. It was small, probably a runt. You could tell it was Viking from the clothing.

"What the f….." Mag-guts was about to grab onto the bars when he was grabbed by his shirt and forced backwards and tossed into the wall by Drago himself.

"Interesting" Drago looked at the boy who was then draped over by the dragon's wing. They could still see the boy's worried head, but the dragon kept him closed as he hissed at them.

"I am so sorry" Necrom could not believe this was happening. "I will get him out of there immediately."

All of the sudden the boy pushed the Night Fury's wings back a little, and gave a close dragon hiss at them. This sparked the attention from both Drago and Scourge.

"That's interesting" Drago looked closer at the boy. "A dragon who protects a human child"

"Probably thinks its it's own pup" Scourge became amused at the boys attempt to glare.

"A dragon boy" Drago rubbed his chin at the thoughts that ran through his head. "Don't think anyone's got one of those"

"Raised by dragons. I loved to see him in action." Scourge went through images on how the feral child would be.

"Do you think you could train him?" Drago asked.

"Probably, probably not. But it still would be a fascinating creature to have." Scourge watched as the dragon tried to hide him.

Drago grinned wildly at the thought of owning his very own dragon boy. He turned to the Trader, "We'll take them"

Necrom could not believe his ears. Maybe this wouldn't turn out so badly. "Of course. There may have to be an extra pay involved for the…." He shut his mouth when he saw Drago turned back to him. "I mean…the agreement on pay is perfect. I'll get my men to get them ready and boarded on your ship"

"That would be my job." Scourge wrapped his arm around the trader's shoulder as he guided him out.


Hiccup glared at the capture and murderer with hate. They had brought those three awful men. Something was not right about them the minute they walked in. Now he was sold to them. He watched as the murderer began to leave. The captor watched him for a few and left when the other called to him. A glare watched as the men left.

Sigh in content when they finally left. Both Hiccup and Toothless fell to the ground in a huff. Toothless began to sniff Hiccup as he asked if the boy was okay. Hiccup patted Toothless's head as he tried to reassure the dragon. Toothless wanted to ask what the humans were saying but Dusty beat Hiccup to it.

"We are sold to them" Dusty looked in the direction that the men have left.

"Sold?" Toothless had never heard of such a word.

"Sold…as en…taken" Hiccup did not know how to explain it to his big brother. Sold was not in a dragon's vocabulary.

"We will be used for their amusement, such as to battle, for them to wear us, or source of entertainment like fighting against one another." Dusty's remembered sometimes from other dragons. "I have heard tales about this man from others. He is ruthless and mad. Said to be building a dragon army."

"Dragon…army" Hiccup had never heard such a thing. Hiccup's people view dragons as vermin. Not a weapon.

"Aye, that is what I have heard." Dusty turned his attention to Hiccup. "Hiccup" Once he had the boy's full attention he began to speak. "Never speak in human tongue to these creatures"

Hiccup tiled his head as he asked "why?"

"It will be easier for them to control you if you do." He looked at the two with a stern look. "This day forwards, both Hiccup and I will not allow these demon creatures to know that we can understand and interpret any of their language. For if they do, I fear they will do more than just to hurt us"

Hiccup nodded his head in understanding. The sudden slam of the door open drew his attention when he saw smoke entering the room. He felt a surge of drowsiness. Giving a big yawn, Hiccup, Toothless, and the rest of the dragons fell to the floor in a heap. Hiccup tried desperately to keep his eyes open.

The last thing he saw was that strange patchy guy with a cloth over his mouth and nose and holding a weird iron object with smoke coming out of it before his eyes closed shut.

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