Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 3

Hiccup felt like he was in some kind of a dream like state. He cracked his eyes open as he tiredly looked around. In his fog like state, he scanned around with his eyes to see where he was. He saw that he was lying against Toothless's belly. The dragon's tail was wrapped around him like a security blanket. He felt the wooden ground and the sway motion that helped him determine that he was on some kind of ship.

They must have been in the brig of the ship. The cargo that laid in the different areas of this ship was boxes of food, barrels of water and alcohol, different kinds of fur and weapons, and finally where Hiccup guessed he was, was in the cargo full of dragons. The cages aligned the walls and crevices of the big ship.

Hiccup tiredly blinks his eyelids open and closed. He tried to stay awake but the same smell still lingered in the air. Hiccup looked up to see the same metal tin hanging from the ceiling. He then heard the sound of a door opening as the boy looked up to see the same patchy man coming in. He still had a white cloth tied around his face as he looked into the cages.

The patchy man stopped in front of the metal tins that hung in front of Hiccup's cage. He looked at the metal object to see that it was only letting out a little smoke. Grumbling to himself, he reached into his pocket and took out what looked like a small light purple pellet.

"Those idiots. I'm going to have to give them more than a piece of my mind." Before putting the pellet in the object, he turned to look at Hiccup. A smirk appeared on his face as he looked at the tired boy. "Don't worry, we'll be home very soon"

Patchy put the pellet in the metal tin and heavy amount smoke began to flow out. The toxic smoke filled Hiccup's nose and mouth. The fogginess clouded his mind strongly now and eyes began to droop as Hiccup once again fell asleep.


Hiccup felt something push against his back. His tired eyes fluttered open and looked around to see they were in a similar cage they were once in at Slave Island. But…something was very different. Instead of a bunch of dragons being pilled on top of each other, the cages held so far only two dragons and a boy inside them. They were in a row on each side of the wall.

Another push was felt as Hiccup looked up to meet Toothless's face. The black dragon cooed in concern for the little boy.

Hiccup patted the dragon's muzzle, saying he was alright. "Where are we?"

"Looks like we are at our new home"

Both Hiccup and Toothless looked to the right to see in the cage next to them was Dusty. Hiccup was happy to see the elderly dragon. He got out of Toothless's paw and ran over to the bars to get a better look at him. Similar to him, Dusty looked tired, like they had come out of an eternal sleep.

"How did we get here?" Hiccup thought aloud but quickly remembered the dream about a boat ride and the patchy man telling him, that they would be home soon. It wasn't a dream. And now Hiccup, Toothless, and Dusty were stuck in these changes waiting for what came next.

Hiccup did not know what they wanted him for. He could never be a soldier, but then he remembered them calling him something like dragon boy. Were they going to make him part dragon or was it because he hissed at them like Toothless did that they thought he was part dragon.

Toothless became worried about his brother. Hiccup had become silent as his eyes went back and forth as if he was trying to think. Toothless felt helpless as he could only nudge the boy in comfort. "I'll protect you"

Hiccup wrapped his arms around Toothless head. He loved that his brother was trying to ease his thoughts but still was afraid of what those men would do to them.

A sudden door slam was heard as both dragons and boy turned their heads to see who had come in. It was that patchy fellow again. Toothless wrapped his tail around Hiccup, protectively, he his eyes went slit and he began to snarl.

The patchy man came up to their change and began to exam them. "Well aren't you two a fine bunch." He watched as the Night Fury growled at him. He chuckled at the dragon anger towards him. The man then turned his attention to the boy. Small he was, kinda of like a runt. "Well, aren't you just a little 'hiccup"

Hiccup had no idea why but he hated how the man used that word. Yes, he had heard it all his life but that word coming out of that man's mouth sounded wrong. Hiccup gave a snarl, similar to Toothless, at the Patchy man.

A smile spread on the trainers face. "Don't like that word" He watched as the boy looked at him with hate. "Hiccup" He watched as the boy growled at him and the dragon brought his wing down to protect the child. An evil grin appeared on the man's face. He had heard rumors of 'hiccup' meaning something to other people. "Your name is Hiccup." The man let out an evil laugh. "Well, now we have something to call you by" His laughter died down as he look at the boy with a grin. "Well little Hiccup. My name is Scourge and I'm going to be your best friend while your hear."

Hiccup growled at Scourge. He highly doubt that, but he had the feeling that this man meant it in another way. Something he would grow to hate.


For the past few days, Scourge had been keeping an eye on the dragon and boy. He would come in a great Hiccup, who in return got a growl, hiss, and once a bang on the bars from the Night Fury. Sad to say, that's all he got. They would only eat unless he left. That's was it.

Scourge did not like that. But then again, what was any creature going to do when they are confined in a small environment. That's when an idea formed inside the one-eye man's mind.

Scourge headed straight to Drago's office. He opened the door to see Drago working on some paperwork and decided to relieve his friend of his duty. He closed the door behind him as he saw Drago look up at him.

Drago put his quill down as he looked up at the one-eyed man. He watched as Scrourge came towards him. "Done with dragon training already?"

"Not quiet" Scourge watched as Drago's lifted an eye-brow at his words. He decided that it was time to tell Drago his idea.

After Scourge told Drago his plan, the Persian man gave him a questionable look.

"So, your idea…is to turn one of my greatest and biggest arenas…into a giant outdoor garden for the dragons?" Drago tried to wrap his head around the idea Scourge was trying to tell him. "Why?"

"It's more for Hiccup and that Night Fury" Scourge tried to clarify.

"Hiccup?" Drago asked in confusion of why Scourge would choice a wimpy name such as 'Hiccup' for the boy.

"I made fun of the kid and apparently that's his real name. Must have been human before getting picked up by the dragon"

Drago nodded his head in understanding. Some Viking clans in this area did have a tradition of naming their runts 'Hiccup'. Who knew that they actually did. "So why this play arena?"

"More like the wilderness in your front yard" Scourge began to continue his explanation. "We know the boy is young. And you and I have experienced war fair and training. You know how fragile these human minds can be"

"Get to the point" Drago wasn't mad, just a little annoyed that Scourge wasn't getting to the main idea.

"How is the boy supposed to be raised, if he's stuck in a cage?" Scourged crossed his arms as he tilted his head in question.

Drago's eyes widen but then quickly vanished as he became lost in thought by Scourges words.

"He needs to be out in the wild. He can't be stuck in that cage like a fat, lazy, noble. He needs to be out there. Learning. Being raised like an actual dragon hatchling."

"True" Drago then got up from his chair as he looked at the giant map of his fortress. "How long will it take for it to be built?"

"A year" Scourge pointed to the largest arena on the map. "I'll gets some workers and slaves working double time to get it done."

"What else are you going to put in it? Not any of my armed dragons, are you?" Drago gave a glare at Scourge. It was like he was saying 'I dare you to try it'.

"No of course not. Those pathetic beasts will fall in love with the boy and treat him as their king. No…" Scourge scratched his chin as he tried to think. An evil smile fell on his face as an idea formed in his head. "The rouges"

Drago raised an eye-brow at Scourge's idea. "You sure. They could kill the boy."

"The boy's with a Night Fury. He'll be fine." Scourge got out a large sheet of paper and he began to come up with a sketch of the new arena.

Drago watched over Scourge's shoulder as the man drew all of the pictures and words that went with them to describe how they would be put to use. Drago then thought about the rogues.

Dargo's fierce, Alpha dragon persona couldn't tame those beasts. They had strong will power and would rather die then fight in his army. Even Scourge's torture methods fell to those dragons's stubbornness.

Drago kept them for the sole purpose of his own amusement. Scourge, also, did convince him that they could be useful in the future. Who knew that they could be useful now.

Scourge put down the pencil as he got out of the way for Drago to see. Drago grew a small smile as their plans for the new arena were coming to mind.


Hiccup hated that man Scourge. In the beginning he would get under Hiccup's skin and taunt Toothless. He said that they both would be a great addition to their home and he couldn't wait to put them to use. Hiccup didn't like that. He became fearful of the future for them.

But now it was just unusual for them. Both dragons and boy expected to see the one-eye man come in and begin to stare and taunt. Instead he just came in, check to see if they were alive and then leave. That made them even more fearful. Hiccup and Dusty tried their best to listen in on them but all they got was something about 'plans', 'trees', and 'rocks'. Which in Hiccup's mind, was very confusing. He thought they were brought here to be killed, slaughtered, or used as some kind of entertainment. Not just sit here in this cage and wait for Ragnarok.

Thus, they waited. And that wait turned into week. But soon weeks turned into months, and the trio still kept up with their life style. Both Hiccup and Dusty still did not speak any human language, but Hiccup was still excelling at learning drangonese. He was able to communicate with Toothless on a bigger level and the Night Fury was happy at how well Hiccup took to his second language.

But it soon became harder when those men came around. They would bring books with them to read later while they fed the dragons. They would leave it on a chair next to Dusty's cage and of course the old dragon would steal it.

The unfortunate part of these books for Hiccup was that it was in a different language. Dusty decided to take Hiccup's knowledge to a different level by teaching other languages.

Hiccup hated it. Dragonese was hard and he did stumble at first but it was nothing compared to this language. The boy stared at the book, thinking aloud "Is that an 'I' or an 'E'. Why in Odin's sake is there a horse shoe!?"

Dusty couldn't help but laugh at Hiccup's predicament. "Just calm down and try to read slowly. I will be here to help you."

"All the time?" Hiccup did not know why he asked that. The words just escape his lips like some sort of secret.

Dusty's eyes began to close as the old dragon's head lifted. "No"

Hiccup did not know why but he became fearful of that answer. Like something inside of him was torn apart and couldn't be repaired.

Toothless's ear/horns drooped as he gave the boy a nudge in a way to comfort him. The Night Fury received a hug around his neck. Looking down, he saw that his brother was in a depressed mode. Sadden by this, he decided that this was enough for today.

Dusty nodded his head as he got up to stretch his legs and wings. Hiccup to the book they had taken and placed it with the other books. The boys went towards the back wall in their cage and took out a loose piece of stone. Behind the stone were all the books they had collected over the months. Placing the new book with the others, Hiccup sealed the hidden treasures.

Toohtless gave a big yawn as he laid down to sleep. Hiccup smiled to himself at the site of his sleepy brother and crawled into the dragon's arms. Giving a yawn the boy fell asleep against the dragons belly and the wing of his brother fell over him.


It had just been a few months now and the morning arose. Hiccup was sleeping comfortable in his brother's arms when banging was heard that startled him and the dragons awake. Confused by all this, Hiccup sprung to his feet. He ran to the bar, with Toothless behind him, they looked out to see what was going on.

Shouts were heard, along with the vulgar language, from the men. One of them must have left the gate to their pen open, for through the bars, they could see men trying to drag some dragons around.

Both were shocked to see that not only were the dragon tough, but the held some scars and battle wounds. The dragons looked mad. Fear crept into them for they did not want to know what would happen next. Would they become like them or would they be worse off.

Their thoughts were answered when they saw Scourge, along with a bunch of men, coming down the ramp towards their pen.

Scourge stopped only a few feet way from the top as he yelled at the men. He shouted commands at them to get those dragons under control.

"I told you to keep an eye on them! What did you think would happen when you got to close to their tails!" Scourge began to shout at the soldier who held the dragons. Scourge watched as one of the men was pulling a Monstrous Nightmare.

The muzzle on the dragon could be seen to be loose. For once the soldier gave it another pull, it came off. One of the men tried to run out of the way before the dragon breathed fire on him. The others tried to get it back under control and dodge the hot flames.

"Idiot! I told once, I told a hundred fucking times! Tie the muzzle securely!" Scourge watched as one of their trappers blew a dart at the Monstrous Nightmare and the creature gave one last shake before it fell into deep slumber.

Hiccup watched in horror as all of this went on. He wanted to shout, no cry out for them to stop. But he couldn't. He made a promise and he was going to keep it.

Hiccup reverted his attention back to Scourge. He saw the man looking at him in amusement. He did not like that. Not at all. He then felt himself be picked up by his shirt. Looking up, he saw that it was Toothless.

The dragon carried the boy over to the back of the cage. Toothless put Hiccup down and stood in front of him. Toothless was the only thing standing between the evil trainer and Hiccup. He would not let that man anywhere near his boy. Letting out a growl of hate, Toothless made sure those men had something to fear. For if they wanted to get to his brother, they were going to have to got through him.

The men came closer to their cage. In a matter of seconds they were right at their door. They could see the men were carrying various tools. In hand were ropes, a pipe looking thing, and a metal contraption. Fear drove into the two, for they knew what they were for.

Scourge looked at the two in amusement. He watched as one of his men opened the door for him. Stepping inside, Scourge got a perfect view of the two. A deep growl was heard as Scourge averted his eyes over to Dusty's cage. The elderly dragon glared at him with hate as the beast stood up. Throwing back its head, the dragon let out a burst of fire.

It did nothing but be absorbed into the metal bars of its cage.

Scourge let out a dark chuckle as his cruel words cut the dragon. "That metal is made out of Darrufigen. Strong metal next to your dragon skin. Nothing you can do can destroy it." Turning his attention back to the Night Fury and Hiccup, Scourge let out a dark smile. "Time to see you new home."

Three leather clad trappers jumped in front of Scourge and shot out of their pipe dart. The darts struck Tooothless's body and soon the dragon became decorated with them. Toothless tried to stay awake but it became futile.

Hiccup clutched his brother. He tried to shake the dragon awake as he began to cry. He feared those men might have killed him. He then saw a shadow loom over him but did not look up to meet its master.

Hiccup did feel something stab into his arm as he too, welcomed the darkness.

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