Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 4

Hiccup felt odd. He remembered darkness, but just felt off. Blinking his eyes open, a headache consumed poor Hiccup as he clutched his head in pain. He blinked a couple times to try and re-adjust himself. First thing he felt was numbness. Then it began to slowly fade as he felt something else between his fingers and on his face. It was hard but yet soft. Then his ears picked up the sound of water.

That was unusual. They had not heard that sound before while locked in their cage. Not since the boat ride that brought them to this place. That's when it hit Hiccup as his eyes sprung open.

"Toothless?" Hiccup slowly got up as he looked around for his brother. He could not see him anywhere. Fear struck the boy as he thought that those men might have killed him.

Hiccup began to look around and saw that he was in the woods. Trees stones littered the ground along with bushes. He could see a small creek that ran from under the mossy stone he was on through the trees ahead of him. They were some small fish in them but they were more like minnows that his father would use as bait whenever they went fishing.

He found that strange and weird that they would leave him outside. That's when the thought of maybe they wanted to hunt him, like some kind of animal. He heard from Dusty that some tribes did that for sport. They would allow their prey to try and run from them. Then they would go after them in the woods like they were hunting game. They would send the hounds on the trail and when the human was finally corner they would strike. A dark and cruel sport that Hiccup wanted no part of.

His thoughts were answered when he looked up to see that he was not free of his cage but instead put in another one. Above the tree lines were thick iron bars. Hiccup had seen ones that were similar to them. It was when little Hiccup was back on Berk. There was an arena that his father and Gobber would take him to, where they showed him where they kill the dragons. They wanted to show him that one day he be joining their ranks by killing a dragon here.

Hiccup highly doubted that. Even more now then back then. Back then when he was safe at home and protected by his father. Depression filled Hiccup when he thought about home. He missed his father….and Gobber, of course.

Hiccup was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a roar sound. He looked over in the direction it was coming from and thought it might be Toothless looking for him. He was about to walk towards it when he thought for a minute. It did not sound like Toothless's roar. It was a higher pitch.

Hiccup's eyes widen when he saw that out came from behind the woods was a red-ish blue Nadder. The dragon looked straight at Hiccup before it squawked 'HUMAN!' at him. The bird like dragon reared its head as Hiccup ducked from the coming blast of fire.

The bird like dragon kept screeching as she went after the boy. Hiccup ducked under and over rock and boulder to get away from the Nadder. It wasn't until he hit a dead end between some rocks. Hiccup was about to back track when the Nadder had cornered him. The angry dragon came closer as it mouth began to smoke.

Hiccup hit his back against the wall as tear filled his eyes. He was about to die. He saw the dragon reared its head and he closed his eyes to wait for the end. Instead he heard a high screech sound as a black blur came from above the rock behind Hiccup and at the Nadder.

Hiccup looked to see that it was Toothless. The Night Fury clawed at the bird dragon. They tossed and fought until the pushed off each other. They both began to circle. Toothless stopped and stood in front of young Hiccup. He growled at the Nadder to try and touch his boy. The Nadder scoffed and called him a traitor before leaving.

Hiccup was so glad to see that Toothless was alright. He ran up to the Night Fury and gave him a hug. They both cooed and purred happily. They were glad they found each other. But then Toothless began to scold Hiccup for getting into trouble that Nadder. He stopped when he saw Hiccup sadden.

Toothless knew it was not his humans fault. They both had awoken to find themselves in this strange place. They just had to stick together until they could figure out what was going on. They just hoped that nothing else would surprise them.


Exploring their new home, they found out that it was large. It can take many hours to go from one side to the other of the arena. Also, they found out that they are not the only ones trapped here. Apparently the Nadder wasn't the only wild dragon in this cage. There is as purple-ish blue Monstrous Nightmare, a red Changewing, a purple Humblegrunt, a Scouldren, and a Raincutter.

Toothless had to rub his scent on Hiccup, which the boy did not like, to make sure that the other dragons know that Hiccup was his human and under his protection. The dragons kept their distances, but still did not like the little human.

Both knew why, it was because of that man. Drago they called him. Not only did the trainer and trappers muttered his name but Dusty, as well, heard of the man called Drago Bludvist. He was called the Warlord of the North. Apparently, they were four out there. He struck fear in the heart of both men and dragon. They say he control both as well.

These dragons must be the rebellion. The ones who will not follow Drago's orders or work for his demon of a trainer. Thus their decorative scars littering the dragons' bodies and hate for humans.

Hiccup felt bad for them. Toothless told Hiccup that he needed to stay close to him, for if he was not near the Night Fury, the rogue dragons would not hesitate to attack the young human.

They soon came upon a nice out cove like section. There was a large fallen tree over two large rocks and a lake type creek near it. It was the perfect new home for the duo to live in. It was open, so they could see any attackers that would attack them, especially if one of those attackers, happen to be a Changewing.

Hiccup was about to explore the cave when he heard something. Both Hiccup and Toothless perked up to the sound of a gate being opened. The Night Fury came over to the boy and told him to climb on his back. That way the dragon could keep the boy safe and know he was with him.

Hiccup had never done this before. Not just a dragon. Hiccup had never ridden on any type of animal. Sure of few of the village kids were small enough to ride the sheep around the village as a prank, but Hiccup had never done that either. Hiccup slowly put one leg over the dragon's neck as his feet dangled off both sides. He put his hands on the back of the dragon's neck before he felt the Night Fury bound forward.

Petrified, Hiccup wrapped his arms around the dragon's neck. Eyes closed he was freaking out, thinking he would fall off. After a few second, the boy realized that everything was fine. Opening one eye, Hiccup saw the tree pass by. He slowly lifted his head and looked around. He saw the scene nary pass him by as he began to pull himself into a sitting position.

Hiccup felt something riding on Toothless. It wasn't the rush of the winds, or the smell of earth in his face. It wasn't the sound of the rocks that Toothless hit with his feet, or the splashing of water as they went by the creek. It was like freedom.

Toothless smiled at the boy. He told the young human that he would show them real freedom one day.

After a few short turned Toothless came to an abrupt halt. Looking from behind one of the tall, thick trees, they could see a tall metal gate. It must lead to the way out, but it was not for them to leave. It was to bring something in. They feared it be another dragon, but it came to a halt when they saw something else coming through.

Five boars, three stags, and what looked to be a couple of deer. They charged through the gate like their life depended on it. They rushed into the arena, not even stopping to see where they were going.

Hiccup was confused at first, Toothless as well, but their thoughts stopped when they saw a Monstrous Nightmare go after a boar. That snapped Toothless out of thought. He needed to hunt, if he wanted Hiccup and himself to eat.

Telling Hiccup to get off, the boy complied. Once the boy was off, Toothless leaped forward as he cornered a stag. The male deer came to an abrupt halt as it tried to defend itself. Pointing its horns at the Night Fury, it was not going to go down without a fight.

Hiccup watched from afar as he saw both Night Fury and the Stag fight. The result was Toothless winning and carrying the dead animal in his mouth. He motioned for Hiccup to get on as they went back to their home.

Hiccup knew about the laws of survival. He watched his father gut a fish while it was still wiggling on a hook. His father told him to man up. If he wanted to survive he had to learn how to kill. Hiccup thought that was true but there is also the choice of what should die.


It had been a year now and Hiccup was setting up a fire so Toothless wouldn't have to waste his breath on cooking his food. The rogues could attack any day now and it would be a sticky situation if Toothless couldn't fight back.

Fire started to consume the wood and Hiccup began to blow. He stopped when they fire was just right. He began to add some twigs to keep it from going out. Toothless should be back any minute now with some new game. Hiccup sat back as he watched the fire glow.

Suddenly, aloud cry was heard in the distance. Hiccup turned towards the sounds. It sounded like some kind of creature was in pain. Descending whether to pursue it or just leave it to die, Hiccup began to think. He thought of the con first. It could be a dangerous animal or one of the rogue dragons. Pro, is could be Toothless calling out to him for help. Hiccup's kindness took over, for it didn't matter. That creature was in pain and it did not deserve a fate such as this.

After an hour, Hiccup came upon the area which the cry had come from. Hiccup saw that it was an open creek with a fallen tree split in half over some rocks. By the one rock was a Hobblegrunt. It looked to be bleeding from the wound on its leg. He saw that in its leg was a large sharp rock. It must of happen when the dragon was crossing the log and it must have broke from under it. Sadly, the dragon must have fallen on the sharp rocks below.

The dragon continued to cry out in pain. Hiccup knew that the dragon would die of blood loss if the wound wasn't patched up. Deciding to go against his brother's wishes, Hiccup went towards the dragon.

When the Hobblegrunt saw Hiccup, it began to hiss and try to breath fire at the boy. But when the dragon began to fire, it was not flames that came out but nothing at all. This meant the beast had used up its flame.

The Hobblegrunt looked at Hiccup with hate. "Go away human! If you do not, I will bite you head off from your body. Or maybe I will bite of one of your arms or legs. Watch you scream in agony. Better be warned human for if you come closer….."

Hiccup didn't feel threaten by the crazy, defenseless dragon. More like annoyed. Walking to the dragon, he examined the wound. He saw the dragon was going to bite him but Hiccup said something the shocked the dragon, "Shut up"

The Hobblegrunt was dumbstruck. Before the dragon could say anything, the boy continued.

"I'm trying to fix your wound before you bleed to death. And I would kindly like you to be quiet while I try to save your life" Hiccup got to work as he tried to figure a way to fix the wound.

"You…you speak out language" The Hobblegrunt stared at the boy astonished that he knew dragonese.

"I live with a Night Fury. Why would I not know your language" Hiccup saw what needed to be done and got to work. "Hold still, this will hurt" Grabbing hold of rock, he saw the dragon's eyes squint as it braced itself. Hiccup gave a mighty pull as the rock dislodged and the dragon cried out.

Seeing that it was not deep, Hiccup began to rip his raggedy shirt into strips. He wrapped the strip around the dragon's leg as a bandage. It was the best he could do since he had no other first aid supplies.

Once finished, Hiccup backed up too looked at his work. "You're going to have to take it easy for a while until your wound is healed"

The dragon looked at Hiccup then at its wounds, then back at the boy. Hiccup did expect a thank you from the dragon. Hiccup gathered himself up and left. The dragon still watched the boy leave.


It had been about over a week since Hiccup had last seen the Hobblegrunt. Hiccup was drying out the deer hide that he would be use as a blanket later.

Toothless found it odd at first, but when winter came by. He found out why humans wore extra skin. They had no inner body heat or fur. It was very easy for humans to get sick. Thank the alpha dragons that they had all this fur from the hunts Toothless went on. And it was a good that Hiccup was able to learn from his father and Gobber about how to skin an animal.

As for now,Toothless was asleep in the den. Hiccup smiled from behind the hide as he would hear his brother snore.

But there was another sound that was not far off from their home. It was faint and far off, like a whisper in the woods.


"That's the odd human"

"The one that speaks our language"

"Yes, he's also the one that fixed up Sharpfiller's leg"

"Why would he do that? He should have killed her"

"Do you think he knows he's human?"

"Maybe. He walks like a human….but speaks like us"

"I'm going to get a closer look"

"You'll be killed"

"I'll be hidden, so it should be fine"


The Changewing skin blended into the background as it waved through the grass. It drew closer to Hiccup. It got a better look at the boy. He was young and male. Had strange skin on his legs, but no extra top skin. The only fur he had was on the top of his head. It was called hair, the dragon thinks. It was brown and ratty. His face and body was covered in little spots.

The boy was hanging dead furry skin on what looked to be two sticks with a vine attached to them. It had no idea why the human did that.

It stopped getting closer, when it saw the Night Fury appear out of the cave. Fear struck it as it scurried backed to the trees.


Hiccup looked up at Toothless with a smile. "How was your nap?"

"Enjoyable" Toothless then turned his attention to the trees with a glare. "It would have been longer if…."

"Calm down" Hiccup looked over at the woods too. "I think their warming up to me"

Hiccup received a smack to the back of the head by Toothless's tail. The boy rubbed his head as he watched the moody dragon head back into the cave.


It had been a few days now and the dragons were still continuing to observe Hiccup. They could not understand the little human. Ever since they were captured and placed here, they have only known the cruel, torturous hand that was placed on them by those humans. But this one…was different.

The dragons just stared, trying to come up with the reason why the human would be with the Night Fury. Was it lost? Was it waiting to attack the Fury? They just couldn't fathom it.

The sound of the gates being opened again meaning it was time to hunt. The dragons decided that it would be time to go hunting and come back later. They were all going to leave….when one stayed.

The Deadly Nadder looked back. Curiosity got the better of the large beast. It watched others leave before it decided to stay.

In a few minutes, The Nadder saw the Night Fury climb out of the cave. The bird like dragon tried to stay hidden from the Fury's sight. Being quiet and stealthy as it can be, it saw that the Fury was leaving its nest to go hunt. Thus leaving the small human alone and unprotected.

The Nadder stared and waited for the human to emerge. When the boy finally emerged from the cave, the dragon was awestruck at what it saw.

The boy had fur from the deer draped over his shoulders and lazily walked out of the cave. He stumbled a bit, but was able to reach the water and splash some of his face.

The human let go of the dead skin and it fell to the ground. The dragon stared in awe. The creature had no scales or even fur. It was just flesh that layered the boy's upper body. It was so different from how different a human body was from its own.

But it still didn't understand its motives.


Hiccup hated mornings. Whenever Toothless left to hunt, Hiccup would miss the warmness of his brother's stomach that was once by his side. Now he had to get up. That was always the hard part. He didn't want to leave the warmth of his blankets. But he knew he needed to get up.

Hiccup learned his lesson last time that if he did not wake up, Toothless would make him wake up. And that was no fun. The Night Fury would yank the blanket off him and Hiccup would fall to the stone floor with a thump.

It hurt like hel, but Toothless would not allow the boy to sleep the day away. Hiccup thought of it as a hypocrite moment since the black dragon would nap whenever he felt like it.

Giving another yawn, Hiccup got up from his warmth and trudged out of the cave. He still kept the blanket over his shoulders. He missed his shirt. Ever since he gave his shirt to bandage up the Hobblegrunt's leg. He would be forced to keep the fur over him like a wrap during the cold months and days.

Winter was tough here. Especially when Toothless, Hiccup's only source of heat until they made a fire, would leave to go for a hunt for food for them.

It's not like Hiccup could get another shirt. He didn't have material to make another one. Or just buy a new shirt. The last thing he wanted to do was ask those trappers for one. Hiccup growled at the idea.

Thus, he was left with his ratty pants. He had outgrown his boots, and lucky for him his pants were too big for him in the first place. He was also, semi, lucky that he was small at the moment. It may take awhile for him to grow, which inside he loved and hated the thought of being tiny. The thought of needing new clothes made him groan. Even though he was living with a dragon, he rather not run around naked.

The boy stared at the water for what seemed like hours were only a few minutes. Once the tiredness grew less, Hiccup was able to come out of his dream like state he was more aware of his surroundings.

He heard a rustling from in front of him as he looked up. He saw a Nadder come out of the trees. They stared at each other for a few minutes before Hiccup let out a yawn.

Tiredness took over more than fear as Hiccup got up, picked up the blanket, and turned to leave.

"That's it"

Hiccup tiredly blinked and looked back at the dragon.

"Your suppose to fear me"

"Why?" One simple word left Hiccup mouth.

"Because…." The Nadder could not come of for a reason.

"Look…" Hiccup turned back to the bird dragon. It was too early to deal with this.
"I know those savage men tortured and beat you. And I'm sorry that you had to go through all that. But not all humans are like that" Hiccup narrowed his eyes at the dragon, like a challenge. "Are all dragons mindless, killing, beasts?"

The Nadder thought for a minute. The dragon tiled its head downward in shame. "Some are"

It hated those words that came out of its mouth. It was like putting humans and dragons on the same level. "Are you like those other humans?"

It did not take long for Hiccup to answer. "No. And I will never be"


When Toothless came back, he was shocked. The first thing he saw as his tiny human surrounded by other dragons. All of them looked at Hiccup with fascination as the boy told his tale of how he came to slave island and how he met Toothless and Dusty.

The Night Fury didn't know whether to be mad or annoyed. He walked closer to the group. He saw all the dragons turned to glare at him. It was as if they were protecting the small boy.

"Guys" Hiccup tried to calm the dragons. "It's alright"

To Hiccups words, all of the dragons settled down. Hiccup patted the Changewing on the head as the dragon began to purr.

It was as if something had changed that day.


After a few months, the dragons and Hiccup were like a family. They accepted Hiccup as one of their own.

Hiccup learned that each dragon was different and each had their own name. There was Sharpfiller the female Hobblegrunt that Hiccup patched up. Inferno male Monstrous Nightmare, Siren Gale the male Scouldren, Aqua Storm, the female Raincutter, Shifter, the male Changewing and youngest, and last was Stargrazer the female Nadder.

Each different with their own personality. They had fallen for the boy. Like Toothless, they each saw Hiccup as a brother. Hiccup would tell them stories of how Vikings sailed the water. How the earth was made. Each story more fascinating then the next.

It wasn't until one day when one of the dragons asked the question.

"How come Hiccup doesn't hunt with you?" Asked Aqua Storm.

It was true that all new born hatchlings would stay in the nest until they were old enough to come with their parents and watch them hunt. But Hiccup was older than a new born. Thus, Hiccup should be out there, learning how to hunt and survive.

Of course Toothless did not want his brother to get hurt, but there would come a day when the young boy would have to hunt on his own. Hiccup could not just stand around and not be able to protect himself. If Stargrazer had attacked Hiccup that day, the boy would have been dead.

That's when all the dragons came to a decision. They had to train their human to fight not only animals…but dragons as well.

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