Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 5

It had been two years since they had put young Hiccup and the rogue dragons inside the wilderness arena. Scourge and others men had come around to make sure that the boy was still alive or did not escape. But they were in for a big surprised at what was going on inside.

"How is our dragon boy doing?" Drago asked as they both walked by the large, wilderness like arena.

"Better than expected." Scourged shrugged his shoulders. "Who would have thought those rogue dragons would adopt the boy as their own."

"I've heard, from a few soldiers…that they've been fighting." Drago looked at Scourge for an answer.

Scourge knew the truth. That the rumors have gotten Drago's ears, and it even made the man himself venture towards the arena to see how the dragons and their boy were doing. "Yes, but not in the way you think. They fight like playmates or soldiers in training."

"It brings…..entertainment .. to the men"

Both Drago and Scourge had seen some of the men head towards the arena. When they came back, they talked about how fierce and clever the boy was fighting against the dragons. They wanted more fights. It was like an addiction that needed to be quenched.

"It's kind of like those roman warriors" Drago rubbed his chin in thought as he remembered the stories of the Romans.

"Gladiators" Scourge helped Drago with the word. "Slaves they would use to fight one another until one ended up dead."

"They fight lions, tigers, bulls, hyenas, jaguars, and other wild animals, correct?"

Scourge raised an eye-brow before he quickly got what Drago was saying. He didn't want to kill Hiccup. He wanted to use him and those rogue dragons as some sort of entertainment for them and the men.

They were like most people of the age. People loved the blood and war of a battle. They craved it like a dark sin that wants to see more violence. That's why when ever there was a fight going on somewhere, everyone would head towards it. That is why the coliseum was built in Rome. It was there to fill man's dark desire.

Plus, what else could you use those dragons for. They were used more for a training exercise for newbies. And they couldn't keep the dragon boy as some kind of pet. That would be dull and boring. That's why the idea of using the dragon boy as a gladiator brought glee to Scourge.

Scourge liked the idea, but one question still rung in his mind. He began to question Drago first. "You know he won't attack them unless struck first."

"What about that root you told me about?" Drago gave a dark smile to the one-eyed man.

"Ah! The dragon root." Scourge became smug at the thought of the dangerous root. Unlike dragon nip, this root would make dragon agitated and want to fight each other. Friend or foe the root was powerful enough to put the most stubbornness dragon into a tizzy. "Perfect"


In the arena, Hiccup and the dragons were having their usual afternoon. Hiccup was still tiny and string bean looking. Blame it on his runt of a body, he was small but he was more agile than the Changewing he had befriended. He used is size to his advantage. Just like the dragons had taught him. Hiccup was able to get out of more situations than most Vikings would just go straight in for the kill.

That is what Hiccup and Inferno were doing right now. Shirtless Hiccup and Monstrous Nightmare circled each other until the dragon charged. Hiccup used the rocks behind him as a leverage to get above the dragon head. Jumping onto the Nightmares head, he grabbed the horn and used all his strength to pin them to the ground.

Inferno was in a daze/stun motion. He looked like he was enjoying having his head pinned to the ground with his tongue sticking out. Hiccup rubbed his hand over the side of the dragons face in comfort.

"Still can't believe you find that comfortable" From on top of the rocks stood the Nadder, Stargrazer.

"What?" Inferno lifted his head off the ground and looked at the Nadder. "It feels nice. And I like having my horns pinned to the ground"

Hiccup patted the Monstrous Nightmare's neck. They then heard the sound of grunts and snarks. Looking up they saw that three of Drago's soldiers peeking over the side. This angered Inferno as he let out a blast of fire at the men.

The soldiers ducked in cover and the fire went over their heads. Looking at the three in shock, the soldiers quickly shuffled back.

Inferno snorted some smoke out of his nostrils in anger "Humans"

Hiccup patted the Nightmare's side. He too, hated those humans. Both the dragons and he knew Drago's men were watching them. They found enjoyment out of watching their fights. Even if it was just to train young Hiccup. He still hated the thought of them finding pleasure in it. He hoped to the dragon and Viking gods that they would meet their end very soon. But he never wished it by his hand.


A large crackle was heard as the trio looked up into the sky. Dark clouds were gathering towards them. It would only be a matter of time before the storm would hit.


And a big storm it was. Heavy winds swept the grounds as the men struggled to walk and tie things down. Everything was in chaos at Drago's Fort.

"All that has happen and a Hurricane has to hit us!" Scourge yelled into the sky in frustration.

He was embarrassed that his men were everywhere but where they were supposed to be. It was total chaos as the men ran around in a panic. Scourge became more irritated by the minute. He then heard a roar sound as he looked towards the large arena. Focused on the arena, Scourge only slightly noticed Drago coming behind him.

"How bad is it?"

"Pretty bad" Scourge looked at Drago.

A few strains of Drago's braids blew in front of his face as he looked at the arena. "Put them in their cages"

Scourge watched Drago turned to leave before looking at his men. He saw the fear and shiver's of their bodies before one replied.

"The cages that we kept the rogues have been destroyed due some unfortunate events."

"We can't house them anywhere." The other looked at Scourge in wonder of what they should do.

"Scourge thought for a minute before an idea popped into his head. "What about the other cages next to the Excermess"

Before the men could answer, Scourge could already guess by the men's faces that the cages were enough.

Scourge yelled over the railing to assemble some of the men, they were going to need all the help they could get.


The seven dragon and Hiccup crowded each other. All trying to stay close and safe as they tried to protect each other from the storm. Hiccup held on tight to Toothless. All of them knew that the boy was so light he would probably fly away. That's why the dragons tried to make a wall around Hiccup so the wind would not knock the poor boy away.

"What are we going to do?" Shifter asked.

"I don't know" Toothless was at a lost. They could use the cave but it would be big enough to fit everyone.


Lighting illuminated the sky as a lighting bolt struck down and hit one of the trees. Luckily, it did not catch fire. However, it did fall down near the Nadder.

Stargrazer squawked as she got away just in time "We can't stay out here"

They all tried to think of something, but their thoughts were interrupted when the sound of gates opening were heard.

"Now what?" Hiccup could not believe those men thought it would be a good time to feed them.

But they were met with something different. Out of the woods came twenty men. They were lead by the torturous trainer, Scourge himself. All had in their hands were ropes, shields, pipes and, nets. All armed and ready.

The dragons growled in anger at the men. They did not know what they had planned for them but did not want to go anywhere with them. The dragons puffed up in anger as they hissed at the men.


It was all soon chaos as both dragons and humans fought. Nets and ropes were thrown as the dragons tried to dodge them. Fire was shot as the sky was lit up by thunder and lighting.

Hiccup could not bare to see his family be caught. Breaking away from Toothless, Hiccup rushed forward as he pushed one of the men holding a pipe. The trappers did not except that for he lost his footing and missed the Hobblegrunt. Angry by this, he went after the boy.

Remembered his training, Hiccup dodged the man by using it legs to jump up and kick the man in the face. The trapper stumbled back a bit, but once Hiccup saw the man's feet land on the rope some one left behind on the ground, he gave it a hard yank. The man tumbled backwards as he fell on his back.

A small victory for the boy, but was short lived when he felt himself be pushed. Hiccup looked to see Shifter get struck in the neck by a dart. He watched as the Changewing fell to the floor in a huff.

Angered by this, Hiccup ran towards the trapper with the pipe to his lips. He was only stopped when a rope was lassoed around him drawing his arms to his body. Hiccup tried to pull away but was pulled backwards because of his small weight.

Hiccup fell onto his back hard. His head clunked to the earth as he became dizzy. Looking to his side, Hiccup saw Toothless run towards him before getting a net placed on him.

Drops of rain began to fall on the losing battle ground. Hiccup's eyes began to close as the last thing he saw was Toothless yelling to him.


Waking up with his head pounding, Hiccup reached to find the pain but was met with a bandage. Feeling around, he found out that the bandage was wrapped around his head.

"You got a nasty bump on your head"

Hiccup looked to the source to see that it belonged to his beloved grandfather dragon, Dusty. He missed the dragon and was glad to see him.

The old dragon looked different, his once brown scales were darker and his beard/hair was turning ivory white. It was odd, but it could only clarify to Hiccup that they had been gone for a long time.

Hiccup also noticed that he had a new shirt and pants on, which meant those trappers had given him new clothes. It was nice to be covered, but still felt disgusted at the thought of those men touching him.

A lick to the side of his head brought Hiccup out of his thoughts. Looking up, he could see that he was in Toothless arms; he petted the dragon's head in reassurance.


The ground began to shake from the boom of thunder that even made the doors rattle as lighting lit up from under the doors. Rain hit the ceiling above them as they could hear the water hit the ground harshly. It was ruthless storm out there, which led to the group of dragons and boy to be force to stay in their cages for a long time.

Hiccup turned then his head when he heard the sound of whimpering. Looking over, he saw Shifter curled up in the corner of his cage, scared. Hiccup slowly got up, very wobbly due to his head injury, and with the support of Toothless, they walked over to the side of the cage.

They both sat down as Hiccup ran his fingers along the dragon's backside. "It's okay. It's just Thor teaching those barbarians a lesson."

"Thor?" Shifter looked up from behind his claws.

"Yes, the god of thunder" Hiccup began to tell the tale of the great Viking god of thunder.

It calmed everyone's nerves and relieved them of the stress of what was going on outside. It was a nice moment to escape from reality.


Locked up for many days inside the barricade. Too many in fact, that Hiccup was unable to count the days due to the fact that he had no sun or window as evidence to show day had change to night. When the storm had finally passed, they were met with a rude awakening.

A loud band was heard from their cages as they looked up to see Scourge along with trappers and soldiers in front of them. Inferno gave a growl at the men, but received a growl back from Scourge.

Scourge did not look happy. Anger and stressed were shown on his face and on his body was scars and scraps. Either they were from fixing the fort up from the storm or something worse. They prayed it be the other.

"Get the dragon ready" Scourge barked at two of his men.

The two trappers opened the cage to the Monstrous Nightmare. Inferno growled as he moved backwards and away from the trappers. Rearing his head back, Inferno set the ground a blaze. The trappers jumped out of the way as they launched two ropes.

One went over the Nightmare's mouth as the other over the neck. The dragon tried to struggle, but was pulled out of the cage.

Hiccup watched as his friend/brother pulled desperately against his bond. His attention was caught started when the door to both his and Toothless swung open.

Looking at the doorway, they saw Scourge walk in. He grabbed a hold of Hiccup's wrist. Out of Instinct, Hiccup kicked Scourge in the jaw. The torturer staggered back a little, grabbing his jaw and rubbed it. "You wan to play rough, boy? Get him"

The men rushed towards Hiccup with ropes, spears, and shields. The one man pointed the spear towards Toothless. The Night Fury launched some plasma shots at the men but the shots met the men's shields. A rope was wrapped around Toothless's muzzle as the man felt the dragon pull with great force.

Hiccup's attention was too focused on Toothless that he did not realize that he as well was also in trouble until Scourge grabbed him. The boys arms pinned to his side, Scrouge had wrapped his arms around Hiccup's waist. Struggling with all his might, he bit down hard on the man's arm. Sadly, Hiccup's teeth met with leather and could not get into the torturer's flesh.

Still the boy kicked, as Scourge dragged him out of the cell and away from Toothless. Toothless saw the torture take his precious brother away and he tried desperately, with all his might, to get to him. But once he had gotten away from the trappers, he met with the cage's iron door. Blasting plasma at his cage, Toothless tried to get to Hiccup.

It was not only Toothless, but all the other dragons as well banged and fire at their cages to get to Hiccup. They could only watch as the iron/wood door slam shut with Hiccup on the other side of it.


Hiccup was dragged down the hallway and into some sort of room. Shoved in, Hiccup flopped to the floor with a thud. Getting back up right when the door slammed shut, Hiccup got back to his feet as he charged at the torturer.

But was halted, when Hiccup was grabbed by his shoulder by two pairs of hands. The dragged him over to some chains that hung from the ceiling and some were on the floor.

Spreading him wide and straight. Hiccup had only a little bit to wiggle. His dragon instinct kicking in big time for he growled and but at only man who came close to him.

"Feisty isn't he?" One of the men made a snarky comment.

"Well, he better save some of that energy for what comes next" Scourge watched over to one of the tables and took a few things and it to one of the men. "Get him ready"


The screams and shouts of the crowd lit up the fighting arena. Soldiers, trappers, and men all screamed for blood. They wanted to fight.

Pushed out the gates, Hiccup was dressed in his usual green shirt and brown pants. Added to him was a brown leather chest plate and dark fingerless gloves with an armband around his right arm. He had boots back on his feet and they felt light and springy. He looked like a Viking gladiator.

The boy looked out onto the arena to see nothing but stone walls and floor with an iron cage above. Hiccup could swear it looked just like the killing arena back at Berk. All the men were shouting at him to "Kill! Destroy! Fight!"

Hiccup looked around in fear and awe. He was alone and did not know what to do.

Hiccup looked up into the crowd until he spotted him. He watched as saw the man who put him here stood up from his throne.

Drago Bludvist silenced the crowd. "Bring out the Dragon!"

The crowd roared as Hiccup turned to see the iron gates open up. Out shot Inferno, on fire and angry. He came to a halt when he looked at Hiccup. The fire dimmed from his body and Inferno came closer to the boy confused as to what was going on.

Hiccup watched as the Nightmare came closer. But when Inferno stopped, he knew something was wrong. Monstrous Nightmare shook his head like he smelled something awful. Then his pupils turned slit as he looked at Hiccup with a crazy expression.


Hiccup leaped out of the way as a blast of fire came at him. Dodging the blast, Hiccup tried to get away. He did not know why Inferno was acting like this. The dragon ran after the boy like Ragnarok was after him.

Hiccup could only barely hear his thoughts as he tried to think of a plan. His only thoughts were that he had to protect himself. He had to fight Inferno.

Jumping out of the way of Inferno's bite, Hiccup jumped onto Inferno's neck. He tried to get to the dragon's horns, but the Nightmare roared in anger as the dragon tried to set himself on fire.

'All out, that's good' Hiccup thought as he tried to grab for the horns again.

Successfully clenching the horn with his hand, Hiccup had to figure something out. He had to stun Inferno. Like the dragon's head taught him. That's even the most stubbornness dragons will not back down.

Hiccup decided to use the horn method that Inferno liked so much. It was effective and stunned the Monstrous Nightmare for a moment. He swung himself in front of the dragon face as he planted his feet on Inferno's nose. He was about to toss the head when Hiccup felt his back ram into the wall.

The crowd ewwed as some squinted their body and eyes. They watched in silence and thought the boy was finished. They only became surprised when the Monstrous Nightmare's face was pushed away from the wall.

Hiccup used his legs to push himself off the wall. Using all of his strength, Hiccup tossed Inferno's head onto the ground.

Jut like in the forest, Inferno was in a daze. Hiccup smiled happily as he petted the dragon's head.


Hiccup looked up at the crowd. Hatred in his eyes as he turned to look at Drago. Their eyes met as Drago could see that the boy was saying 'I will never be like you'. Drago smirked as this. The Persian when he raised his arms. And shouted "Send in the next"

The gates opened once again as Hiccup turned to look to see who was coming through. Aqua Storm ran through as she gave a mighty roar.

Hiccup shoulder sagged as he looked at the Raincutter. "Shit"

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