Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 6

(Authors note: If you are looking or learning about the maps from any of the time periods. I am sorry to say, please toss them out of your minds. While trying to write this story I've tried using those maps as well. Sadly they do not follow any of the places or guide lines I am using in this story. So just read the story as if it has its own map and mixture of time periods.

It had been a month since Drago's and Scourge's first attempt with their new Dragon boy gladiator. And it was going splendidly. They tried doing it as a special event. Can't make it all the time since it would distract Drago's warriors from their original purpose. They had to make sure Drago's territory stayed Drago's territory. And that meant conquering and taking out anyone who opposed them.

That's why they held it on a certain days, which got the crowd wild and happy. All was going to plan. But soon it became boring. Ideas of adding in new dragons got to their heads. Thus the constant chats with Essos. Drago did not want to use up all his money on buying dragons from the island. That's why he came up with a cheaper way. They had trappers at their disposal and told them to go out and collect every dragon they could find for his dragon army as well as rogues for the fighting arena.

Drago thoughts drifted off as he looked at the fighting arena. It had been another fine day of watching Hiccup fight. It was closing time and of course, the men were having a hard time putting Hiccup back in his cage. He looked over at the side bars above the cage to see Scourge watching the whole thing take place.

"How are things going?" Drago was walking next to Scourge.

Scourge looked over the bars as he had his elbows on them. "He's fast, quick and dangerous." Scourge loved how their feral child acted like an animal.

The boy may not look it, but he was definitely smart. Scourge knew that Hiccup was just playing dumb. While the other men thought of him as a wild animal, Scourge knew that the boy was smarter than he let on. He could understand the words that came of him and the other men's mouth.

They both watched as a few of Scourge's trappers tried to wrangle him back into his cage with the Night Fury. So far, Hiccup was proving to be difficult. He would jump over or under the men. He would also toss the men over his shoulder like they were nothing. Hiccup was still runt size, but he could fight a man ten times his size like nothing.

Either it was due to fighting with the dragons or Drago's men that made the boy stronger and faster. But the boy was not human. It was like he was fused with the power of a dragon inside a boy body. It would be a shame if he was the only one of his kind.

Watching the boy with interested, Drago began to form an idea. "I've heard rumors….from the other men?"

"That the other Warlords have their own Dragon Humans" Scourge knew what Drago was talking about.

When the merchants who had visited their shores came and saw seen Hiccup fight, he must have told others about him. Of how their dragon boy fought against dragons like they were his own play things. How he could toss a dragon down or strangle the beast until it became unconscious.

And because of all that talk, word must have gotten to the slave traders ears. Thoughts of selling feral Dragon Children to hungry entertainers must have sprung into their little heads. That must be how the other warlords must have gotten their Dragon Children.

Other Warlords, like Drago himself, ruled over their own territories. Each set up house in different regions. Drago ruled the North, while the others ruled the South, East, West, and Center. They housed people from soldiers/warriors to the criminally insane.

"How many are there?" Drago knew that Scourge was at the top of every rumor that past by the men's lips and these shores.

"Last I've heard, it was five. One owned by those Amazons. One owned by the Gelehrte. One is owned by the small minded Gadar. And two are owned by the rulers of the City of Thieves. Heard they had twins''

"Interesting" Drago watched as Hiccup was lassoed by his black and blue, bruised and bloody trapper.

The boy snarled at the man before he twirled the rope. It wrapped around the man's wrist before Hiccup gave the man a big pull. The man, in surprised, fell to the ground face first.

"He probably be a great match for those other Dragon Children." Drago watched in amusement.

"I love to see that'' Scourge loved the idea of having a all out Dragon Human fight. "Do you think they'll go for it?"

"I'll send a message to each of them. You never know, they might just find this pleasurable as us" Drago began to walk away. "Go and show those men how it's done"

Scourge watched his leader leave before he gave a hefty sigh and turned his attention back to the arena. Walking around the railing, Scourge made his way to the entrance.


A year had passed and Hiccup had reached the age of a teenager. At least that's what he thought. Still small, but he was smart and deadly. The only thing that was extremely different about him, was that he would have a few mood swing problems. Dusty told him that it was something with hormones. Hiccup had no idea what that meant but he did feel agitated sometimes. He would have to apologies to Toothless and the other dragons whenever he got angry at them for asking 'what's the matter.'

But one good thing that came out of it was that Hiccup was able to take out all his frustration on those Slavic soldiers. He definitely showed those soldiers a thing or two back in the arena. Black blue they were after he got through with them. They even had to get that dirt bag Scourge to help them out.

That was another thing, the fighting arena. They would put dragon and Hiccup in a confine space and force them to duel each other with their life on the line. Of course Hiccup would never kill a dragon. No, he would never kill one of is friends/family. They had taken care and raised him since he was small. He would rather die than kill them.

But they were okay with that. The crowd loved to see Hiccup fight a dragon tooth and claw until Hiccup stun the dragon and left the beast laying on the floor as if it were dead.

That's when Hiccup found out about the evil root called 'dragon root'. It was the root that drove Inferno to insanity and forced the Monstrous Nightmare to fight Hiccup. All the dragons were put under the dastardly root.

All except for one, Toothless was the only dragon who was able to not fall under the root's spell. Hiccup didn't know if it was because of his special bond with the Night Fury or that a Night Fury was just a top class dragon. Hiccup was just happy that he did not have to fight his brother.

But the Persian/Slavic men did not like that. It was only Drago and Scourge who found it interesting. They would use Toothless as a partner in the fights with Hiccup. The two would have to fight against two, sometimes three dragons. It was tough but Hiccup was able to make it through thank to Toothless.

But, Hiccup had a feeling that the most difficult part was yet to come. For the past few days, Hiccup would hear whispers and rumors about how a new arena was going to be built. Bigger, better and more entertaining to please the masses.

Also, that there was something about fighting other humans. Hiccup would have none of that. Even if he had to fight dragons, he would never attack a human, except Drago's men. But Hiccup had a feeling that was all going to change.

He remembered how he would hear the snide comments and whispers from Scourge of how Hiccup was lagging. But it wasn't tiredness, no Hiccup wanted to bring boredom to the men. If they found it boring then the fighting would stop. He hoped. But fear of what Scourge would have next for the Viking gladiator brought shivers down his spine.

His thoughts were answered when he heard the slamming open of doors to see Scourge standing there with three men.

"You going to behave, or do we have to do this the fun way"


Again Hiccup was chained up and staring at Scourge's back, bored. He was already wearing his gladiator outfit and was waiting for them to drag him away. And off he would go to fight another one of his friends. But instead he was just standing here waiting for Scourge to finish with whatever he was doing.

The torturous fumble with something on the table before he turned to look at Hiccup. In his hands was an odd looking helmet that you would see worn on a Viking from Gjermundbu or even Gotland. Warrior Viking wore these helmets to scare off the enemy and protect themselves from danger.

Hiccup had only seen one once. Back on Berk, in his father's room is where he had seen it last. Stoick told young Hiccup that it belonged to his great grandfather. It was odd yet fascinating to see one up close. But it still raised an eyebrow at why the torturous was showing him this.

"Fascinating, isn't it." Scourge held the helmet out and in front of Hiccup like a trophy. "One of a kind and made especially for you."

Two trappers grabbed Hiccup's head as the boy began to panic.

"Don't worry" Scourge placed the helmet on top of Hiccup head as the boy tried to struggle to get it off. "It will a be clear soon"

Hiccup smelt something odd about the helmet. It made him feel weird. He felt like his mind was on fire. His head buzzed as he felt more agitated than usual. Hiccup began to fight against his bonds as he tried to get to the trappers.

"Feel like ripping me apart, don't ya" Scourge watched in amusement as the boy tried to get to them. "It's call 'polveri gladiatore'. Also known as Gladiator dust." Smiling in glee, Scourge was happy to see the dust working. "This will get you to fight. And may be...even kill"


The crowd screamed and cheered as both Drago's army and merchants had come to see the fight. First it was just a couple of dragons tussled and fighting against one another until one dragon dropped. No one was killed, thank the dragon gods, but they still came back bloody and broken boned. It got the crowd's blood pumping before the main event.

Drago was sitting on his throne watching it all unfold, to his right stood Scourge. "I got word from the others"

"Really" Scourge looked at Drago with interest. "What did they say?"

"They all like the idea." Drago watched as one dragon bit into the other neck. "We are going to have the Amazonians coming here next week."

"That fast" Scourge thought about their new arena.

The new one was bigger. Not as big as those roman coliseums but big enough to add obstacles such as rock piles and dirt. A tall iron cage above and accompany with huge stands for the more people to come and watch. And last were boxes that held nobility or other rich people. Then there was the largest box, the imperial box. The box was for Drago and his other Warlords.

It was the perfect spot to see all the action and was a perfect opportunity to get to know the other Warlords. Time to talk and plan, to make allies and destroy others.

Their thoughts were interrupted when a low hornlike sound rang through the arena. It meant the match had ended and the big event was next. One of the dragons hobbled away bloody and bruised while the other was carried out on the back of two armored Thunderclaws.

Drago stood of from his throne to announce the next challenge. "People of Ryvvendar. I bring you our very own Dragon Human, Hiccup!"


The crowd cheered in glee.

Hiccup was pushed into the arena. Helmet still places on his head, he was still agitated. Similar to a rabid animal has a bad case of rabies.

The poor boy felt like his head was going to explode any minute. He wanted to fight.

He wanted to kill.

Because of the helmet, Hiccup had to continuously breathe in the drug. It began to consume his mind more and more. When he heard the sound of gates opening, he turned to look and saw Stargrazer, his Nadder sister, run out.

Craziness in her eyes as well. This was going to be a bloody battle.


The crowd watched as Hiccup jumped over the Nadder and grabbed her tail. She flung him hard and fast. But the boy was quick on his feet. He hit the wall, feet first, and used his knees to push off and fly at the Nadder. He grabbed her muzzle and the Nadder staggered back as she tried to get boy off.

Moving in an upper motion, Hiccup pulled the head toward the dragon's body. Trying to open her mouth, all Stargrazer could do was to blow out smoke through her nostrils. Angry by this, she instead used her tail to whack Hiccup off her face.

Seeing that coming, Hiccup brought the head down and forced it to hit the ground. The Nadder became dazed as she tried to get up. She was met with a foot on her head and looked up to see the masked man's face.

That's when is came to Hiccup. Looking into his sister's eyes, he saw the fear and distress.

What was he doing? He was not like Drago or his barbaric people. He was a dragon boy. And he will do not part in killing for their pleasure.


Drago stared at the two as he listen to the crowd cry 'kill'. So far the fight had gone splendidly. But now the boy had stopped before he could even deliver the final blow.

"He's not going to do it"

Drago looked at his companion and knew he was right. But somewhere inside it brought delight to him to see that this Hiccup could fight off the most powerful of drugs. It was used in most battle and fighting rings as a way to get even the most scared and stubborn humans to fight like animals against each other. "Bring out the next Dragon"

Scourge did not question his leader, but raised his arm to send out a signal.


Hiccup huffed as he tried to keep his mind straight. The drug was powerful and anytime he could slip back into Berserk mode. He had to concentrate, not only on the match but he had to make sure the drug did not drive him to kill.

Hiccup guessed this was consequence for not giving them a worthy fight. If he wasn't going to fight they would make him fight. Hiccup guessed this was the solution. He just hoped it wouldn't be his downfall right now.

He took his foot off Stargrazer's face, as she ran out of the arena. Hiccup watched as the next dragon made its way in.


People became quiet as they waited for the next challenge. So far they saw nothing and began to question.

"Where's the next dragon?"

"Is something wrong?"

The crowd soon became restless as everyone began to yell and shout. They wanted another fight and they wanted it now.

One of them men did something very stupid as to lean over near the bars. Trying to get a better look, he only had a few short seconds before he was attacked by green acid. Shocked by this, everyone looked inside the cage as they tried to find out where it had come from.


Hiccup on the other hand, knew that it must have been Shifter. A Changewing can blend in to any surrounding. This is the first time they used him. He always thought that they wanted people to see the battle not watch one boy fight against his imaginary acid spitting dragon. But he guessed that Scourge was upping his game.

Hiccup walked backwards toward the center of the ring. He looked from all different directions to find out where Shifter could be. If the dust wasn't messing with his mind so much, it would have been much easier to find the camouflage dragon.

Hiccup had only a short time to dodge when a shot of acid flew at him. Jumping back he was able to pin point where Shifter could be. Racing towards the dragon, Hiccup sprinted after him as Shifter scampered on the wall.

Like a lizards, the dragon clung to the wall like a gecko. Shifter only stopped when he didn't hear the boy behind him. Looking around, the dragon revealed himself as he looked around.

The crowd a gasped as if it was their first time looking at the beast.

Shifter couldn't be bothered by that. He needed to find Hiccup. He had to take him out. The surge from the dragon root made him want to kill the boy. Inside, Shifter didn't want to.

Looking around he saw no sign. It was too late when he heard the sound from above to look up to see Hiccup let go of the bars from above. He landed on the Changewing and caused the dragon to scurry off. Hiccup held onto the dragon's whiskery vines as tight as he could. But the dragon was in full panic mode as it tried to get Hiccup off.

The boy was left with not choice but to jump off the dragon and plant his feet on the ground. Still having a hold of the whiskers, Hiccup tried to pulled the dragon down to the ground. The dragon's feet dethatched itself from the wall as Shifter fell side ways and onto the ground.

In pain the dragon looked up in begging-ness. The dragon was pleaded for his life. Hiccup put a hand on the dragon's snout in reassurance that everything would be fine.


It had been a few hours after the fight and everyone had exited the arena. Some men were cleaning it up while a few tried to get those left over spikes out of the wall. On the outside soldier were putting away supplies, practicing, or keeping watch for intruders or enemies.

While inside Drago's head courtiers, Drago, Scourge, along with a few men on stand by, were engrossed in their conversation.

"Quiet the fight, wouldn't you say" Scourge sat down in one chairs and prompted his feet up. "The Gladiator Dust worked perfectly. Well…except for the whole not killing the dragon part."

"I want you to use it for certain times." Drago was pouring a bottle of wine into a goblet.

"Right, wouldn't want to get him too used to the drug" That's when Scourge got the idea. He put his feet flat on the floor as he put his elbows on his knees and his head on his knuckles. "But you have something else in mind."

"Do remember when I told you the Amazonians were coming?" Drago swirled a little bit of wine in his cup before giving it a taste.

"You mean Queen and her she-man warriors?" Slouching back in his chair, Scourge did not like where this was going.

"We have discussed a mutual agreement to have our Dragon Children fight against each other." Finding the wine to his satisfaction, he poured more into the cup until it was half full.

"And we don't need the Drug to make him fight because?" Scourge raised and eyebrow at Drago in question.

"Unlike us, the amazons have already put their Dragon Child against other human warriors. Their Dragon Child has won them all. But I don't want a human versus human fight. I want dragon and human vs dragon and human" Drago looked at the red liquid in cruelty before taking a big sip.

The men looked at each other in confusion but Scourge got the idea. They had already seen Hiccup fight along side the Night Fury. They were a perfect team when it came to fighting against not only the other dragons but his men as well.

Imagine what they could do if they put them against those amazons'.

"I'm guessing the rest will be attending soon?" Scourge asked.

"Yes, but I want them to fight before they meet. You know, so they don't become too chummy"

Scourge was confused "You want to put them together in….."

"Well we can't just lend out every stable. Where would I put my weapons and army" Drago watched Scourge get up and about to leave. "By the way"

Scourge turned to his leader with a brood expression.

"You'll be helping out Miss Alkaia" Drago smiled at Scourge as he knew it brought the man displeasure.

Scourge wanted to whack his head against the door until he lost subconscious.

"Who's Miss Alkaia?" Whispered one of the soldiers.

"She's the amazon's general and animal trainer. It says she can tame anything and anyone. She and Scourge having been in a hating match with each other since the dawn of time." The soldier let out a breath of air in exhaustion at the thought. "My friend, we're in for a crazy month"

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