Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 7

Large, elegant ships had come into Ryvvendar's harbor. They held the power of hundreds of powerful Amazonian women. Elegant and beautiful women who could snap you neck like it was a simple olive branch. Most men did not venture in to Amazon territory. Stories of how men would be turned to slaves or killed on site scared the men into a deep shudder at the thought. Rumors also ran about how they were a strong female tribe. They had taken over the south with only their arrows and swords.

Unlike Drago's army of Dragon, these women used horses to fight in battle. They did have their own dragons where they were from, but they rather use the "female" dragon as entertainment and slaughtering "male" dragons as an initiation into their tribe.

That's why it was a very surprise the leader of the female tribe would even step on to this horrid fortress island of men. But the queen had grown to admire Drago. Not as a lover would but as a higher power hungry leader. And a demented leader at that.

When Queen Myrrna heard about how Drago had required a Dragon Child, she had to have one of her own. And of course she trained her own to be a fighter. To be just as ruthless as Drago's and more. That's why she except the invitation to see which one of their Dragon Children would be the strongest. In the beginning it may have been pride, but now…it could be more.


The men stared at the gorgeous women that walk gracefully onto their docks. The rumors were true about the women. They were beautiful women, skin as white as ivory or tan as sand from the Arabian Desert. They carried with them bows and arrows, along with swords and shields.

Of course these men have seen shield maidens from other Viking tribes but these were dressed in either leather or in the finest linen and silk. It showed off their figure and made the men's eyes widen and mouths drool.

"Don't get cocky." From behind a group of men was Scourge, leaning against one of the poles. "They snap your dicks off before you get a chance to touch her"

The men shuddered at the thought. They were startled when a stunning black haired, woman came up to them. They began to part as she made her way through them and towards Scourge. When she stopped and stared at the trainer, the men could feel the air become thick and tense.

"Scourge" She said in a nonchalant tone.

"Alkaia" Scourge's eyes began to squint as he looked at her.

They stayed that way for quiet a while. It wasn't until Scourge got off the pole that they walked off.

The men stared for the longest time. They had feeling that those two had much more going on. They didn't know if they should be afraid for themselves….or others.


It had been hours since those trappers had left them to eat their breakfast. Hiccup knew that today was going to be another fighting day by the way everyone acted. Restless and excitement filled the men as they gossiped about what was going on.

Hiccup understood that there was going to be something special happening today and was curious to see what. He just hoped he wasn't going to take anymore of the Gladiator Dust. It made him sick to think about how the drug made him deranged and forced to fight.

Looking through the bars and at the door, Hiccup waited. He rested his body on Toothless as he petted the dragon's head.

Dusty was in the next cage over sleeping. Poor dragon. He was getting old as his skin had become darker. His body would ache and creek while his muscle became sore. Hiccup thought it must be because Dusty was in a cage. But Dusty would just smile and say everything was alright.

Hiccup smiled at the sleeping dragon but was short lived when the doors banged open. The loud sound blasted through the room could only mean that there were a lot of people outside.

To Hiccup, it reminded him of home. At the market, there would be dozens of people out and about. Shouting words for trading money or supplies for weapon and foods. But Hiccup knew that this was no market.

Those people where here to see a fight. Hiccup saw that every time he stepped into the arena, he could see more and more people added to the crowd. It disturbed and made Hiccup growl at the idea. He hated how those people thought of him and the dragons as some sort of entertainment to please them.

The click of a key could be heard as the two looked up at the men in front of them.

"Both of you… get up"

That surprised Hiccup and Toothless. Usual it would be one or the other. Sometime occasional both of them but that was once in a blue moon. They slowly got to their feet as they made they're way to the door. They watched the men hold onto either the hilt of their sword or a hand on the blow dart.

Hiccup did not feel like fighting them. He just rolled his eyes as he kept one hand on Toothless as they the made they're way out.


Mask still on, Hiccup was led towards the new Arena. He and Toothless were put into what they thought would be the entrance to the arena but it was just another cage that looked out into it. The bar door closed behind them as they watched Scourge with a few other men leave.

"Don't get to comfortable" Scourge walked away as he went to go meet up with the other female trainer. "You'll be fighting real soon."

Curious as to what he meant, Hiccup's thoughts were answered when he heard the sound of a horn. Looking through the bars, he saw rocks, dirt, and boulders. Above them was the crowd and in the middle was Drago with some kind of warrior queen next to him.

Drago stood up and announced "Welcome my warriors and friends, to our new Arena!"

The crowd shouted in glee as they stomped their feet.

"We are gathered here today not only to watch a brilliant fight, but to welcome of allies, the Amazonians, into our home and to bring us a challenger." Drago waited till the crowd settled down before he continued. "We will now see if their Dragon Child can stand up to the power of ours"

The crowd was eating it up. They were all so excited and even in the back people were placing bet and wages on the fights.

"But now, we will watch our dragons fight against theirs." He listened to the crowd whine and booed but it only brought a smile to his face. "Don't worry, I know how you feel. I, as well, want to see them fight. And don't you worry. Once our other allies come, we will have them fight for a long time."

The crowd roared again as they knew that other ships were coming and they couldn't wait to see it all.

"Bring out the dragons" He raised his arm to signal them to open the gates.

Out came Inferno with another dragon, a Tide Glider. The fought fire and water as the heat of the battle raged on.

Drago sat in his seat as Queen Myrrna clapped her hands. "Nice words"

Drago lifted his cup as he shrugged his shoulders at the compliment.


Down below, Hiccup sat on the ground with Toothless's head in his arms. The Night Fury had wrapped his body around the boy in protection. Hiccup petted Toothless in assurance that he was fine.

No one couldn't tell how Hiccup was feeling from behind his mask. Scourge had order him to leave his mask on or the Fury would be getting a lashing. And Hiccup would be forced to stand there and watch. The boy had no idea why it was so important that Hiccup keep the mask on, but he was glad that it wasn't filled with any of that Gladiator Dust.

The 'oohh' from the crowd brought Hiccup out of his thoughts as he watched the Tide Glider collapse. Inferno was victor as he was shoved out. In came the new dragons as it continued on for five more matches.

Drago's words rung through the boy's head as Hiccup just wondered what they had in store for them.


It was finally Toothless and Hiccup turned. The bar on their cages opened up for them to step inside the arena. Hiccup and Toothless looked around. They were in defense mode and ready in case of any attack by their opponent.

Drago stood from his chair as he shouted. "Now…The match you all have been waiting for!" The crowd roared in excitement as Drago turned to look at them "Let's see who is stronger"

Hiccup had no idea what Drago was getting at but it was short lived when a blue and yellow Nadder sprang out of nowhere and attacked Toothless. The Fury launched a plasma blast at the bird-like dragon as it began to steer Toothless away from Hiccup.

Hiccup was about to go help his brother, when he got grabbed by a masked figure. Having no time a try and get to Toothless. He instead tried to get out of its hold as he pushed the figure off and over his shoulder. The figure back flipped as it landed on its feet.

Hiccup could feel a smug grin that laid behind that silver wooden mask. It just made Hiccup angrier and agitated towards the mask figure.

He had little time to analyze his opponent when it came at him again. Launching its foot towards his face, Hiccup had little time to guard himself. He received a kick in the face. Thank the Gods he had the mask on. He would have gotten a nice shiner from that kick.

It kicked again and Hiccup grabbed the foot this time and elbowed the figure in the face. It became startled but came right back with a punch.

Both tussled for a bit before the figure jumped onto Hiccup's back. He was going to toss the figure off again and grabbed the head. Just the same for the figure, that when Hiccup tossed it, both masks came off.

Gasping in some air, he tossed the silver mask to the side as he was about to run at the figure. But when he looked up, he met with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She was taller than him, at least by an inch or two. She had long blond hair that was placed in a braid. A leather band around her forehead that match her tan brown shirt. Her top looked to be a banged blue and white. She had two silver armor bands on her shoulder and two on her wrist. She looked at Hiccup more annoyed as she through his helmet to the ground and brought he hands up to whistle.

The Nadder shot over the rocks as the girl climbed onto its back. Hiccup was brought back as he too called for Toothless. Letting out a large roar, the Night Fury bounded towards him. Grabbing a hold of him, Hiccup leapt onto the dragon's back.

They dashed after as the two as they both ran around the arena from bottom to along the walls. The Nadder stopped as it turned to launch its magnesium fire at them. Toothless recoiled as he too fired a blast of plasma.

The crowd was eating it up. Shouts and screams were heard from both male and female sides as they wanted more and more.

The Deadly Nadder ran off again as the Night Fury was right behind it. The birdlike dragon came to an abrupt stop before it turned and fired its tail spikes. Toothless backed off as he dodged the spikes. Hiccup had only a short time to notice that the back of the Nadder was empty. That's when he heard the sound of pebbles falling, did he look up to see her coming towards him.

Grabbing a hold of Hiccup's shoulder, she through him off the Night Fury and onto the ground with her on top of him. Hiccup tried to get her off but she was tougher than she looked. Struggling to get her off, he used his lower body to push her off him. She went soaring over his body and onto the ground behind him. Their heads were only five inches apart and they could hear the huffing a puffing of their breaths.

Hiccup looked behind him to see that she was looking at him. Neither got up as they waited. When the sound of something falling made them turn to see that Toothless had beaten the Nadder. He had his paw on top of the dragon's neck before giving a mighty roar, telling the Nadder to stay down.

Hiccup waited for the female to get up and attack him but she stayed on the ground as well.

The sound of cheers roared as he looked up at Drago. He saw him get up and speak to the people. "It looks like the match as ended. I declare the match a tie"

Hiccup thought he could see a smug smile on the man's face. But heard the door open as he slowly got up. He did not need any help getting up from those armored dragons or men. If they even thought of touching him, there be hel to pay. Toothless bounded over to him as Hiccup grabbed the Fury's side to walk out.

He looked over at the girl and saw her get up with ease and was next to her Nadder. Toothless shook his head as he knew the look of a love struck teen.


Inside the cages Hiccup and Toothless laid down. Toothless was licking the wounds he had received from the Nadder as Hiccup thought about the match.

He did not know why but he felt something towards the girl. She was something he had never seen before. And that's coming from a boy who has only been around dragons and men.

But it wasn't that. It was more like something tugging at his heart and him wanting to know more about her. She was very skilled with her Nadder and could put up a fight. In his village, she would have been head of the academy for killing dragons. The perfect child that would belong to Stoick the Vast.

Even though he thought about his father, Hiccup was more brought back to what Drago said. Dragon Children. Were there more like him? He did and didn't want to know. Even though the dragons were a safe haven for Hiccup. He did not wish this life style on anyone.

Even though it was better than being a slave, Hiccup would rather be safe at home far away from this place. Hiccup did wonder what it would have been like if Toothless and Hiccup had met under different circumstances. Would they still be friends?

Hiccup was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the doors open. In came a few men along with those weird female warriors. He saw them dragging the Nadder inside along with the girl, who had her hands cuffed from behind her back.

Angry she was, she kept on kicking the warriors away as she dodged their poles. She dodged one of the men as she jumped over him with her feet touching his back. The trainer fell to the ground, flat on his face.

Hiccup watched as she took them down like they were nothing. He would have trouble putting up a fight after every match. But it seemed to her that she didn't care. She was not going anywhere with them and she would fight tooth and nail to keep it that way.


A crackle was heard as the girl looked up to see the dark hair lady. Whip in her hand, the woman looked at the girl as if she dared to try and take her. The girl snarled at the woman as she crouched down to pounce.

Once she did, the woman dodged her as she grabbed the girl's binds. Giving her a shoved, the girl fell into the open cage and landed on the ground with a thump. The Nadder raced in after the girl as the bird like dragon crouched down to undo the girl's binds.

The door slammed shut as they looked up at the trainers. Giving one last snarl, the girl kicked the door in one final huff in anger.

The men were startled, but the women seemed like they were used to it. They all headed out as the dragons and children watched them leave.

As the lead woman walked, lastly, out the door, she met with Scourge. He was leaning against the door way with a smirk on his face. "Testy, isn't she?"

The Amazon trainer gave a huff of anger as she walked past the man. Scourge could not help but give a snobbish chuckle. He walked behind her and the door slammed shut behind them.


Once they were gone, Hiccup got a looked at his next door cell mate. Her armor was gone and binding had come off. Rubbing her wrists, she looked angrily at the ground.

When she looked up to see Hiccup looking at her, she released a snarl "What are you looking at"

"She speaks" Toothless was annoyed at the rude girl.

"How dare you speak to her that way" The Nadder, that was now known as female, spoke harshly at the Night Fury.

"Why you little…."

"Enough Toothless" Hiccup tried to calm the Fury down. He did not want to fight.

"Toothless" The girl looked at him in disbelief. She started to chuckle as she made fun of him "You have the offspring of lighting and death itself. And you gave him the name Toothless"

Hiccup scowled in hate at the girl. Puffing up his chest, Hiccup remarked back "Oh yay. What's you dragon's name then?"

"Stormfly" the girl replied with satisfaction.

Okay, Hiccup had to admit that was a cool name. But what could he say. He was six when he came up with the name Toothless. Hiccup looked away in a blush as he tried to hide is embarrassment.

The girl felt triumphant at her win. She sat down on the ground as Stormfly came to join her.

In the cage on the other side of Hiccup and Toothless's was their grandpa dragon, Dusty. Dusty was amused by this. Two little humans and two dragons duking it out for the satisfaction of showing off. It brought hilarity and interest to the dragon. Human interaction had always fascinated the dragon. These two probably did not realize that they were one in the same. Just like dragons. They think they have to show off their strength by constant bickering and fights.

The dragon couldn't help but chuckle at this which alerted the group. The two females were startled by the strange dragon but the boys felt delight with a little embarrassment.

"Dusty! Your awake" Hiccup was glad to see the old dragon up. He was happy that he could talk to someone who wasn't using him for their own amusement. When Hiccup heard a snort from behind him, he turned his head to glare angrily at the girl.

"Is there something funny about my name?" Dusty asked the girl.

The girl made a comment about how she felt sorry for the dragons that Hiccup gave names to.

"That is actually the name I was given" He watched as the girl's eyes widen as she looked embarrassed and ashamed. Giving a kind smile, Dusty tried to use it as a reassurance to the girl. "You have introduced your sister's name, but you have not told us yours"

The girl was quiet for a few minutes, before she brought up her knees as a way to hide herself, "Astrid"

It was a fine name for the girl. The name meaning fair and beautiful goddess did describe the girl pretty well in Hiccup's opinion. He then heard a 'u-hmm' from Dusty and knew that he had to introduce himself. "My name is Hiccup"

Astrid raised an eyebrow at Hiccup, which caused the boy to groan at his name.

"In my village, parents believe a hideous name will frighten off gnomes and trolls." Hiccup then lowered his head until his lips were below his knees, he whispered more to himself "Like our charming Viking demeanor wouldn't do that."

Astrid must have heard, for she gave a loud laugh. She tried to calm herself as she wiped the tear from her eye. Looking at Hiccup she gave a smile.

It was a nice few minutes. They were enjoying each other and it felt nice to be rid of reality. But thoughts of today did not go without unnoticed. Hiccup wondered what could be next for the two Dragon Children and their dragons.

"What do you think will happen next?" Astrid must have had the same thoughts as Hiccup.

For Hiccup did not know. Fear and doubt clouded his mind of this not being the end. Drago made it sound like that this was going to be more than just a simple fight against each other and the other dragons. These people were waiting for something else to happen. And that scared Hiccup the most.


The doors were forced open as everyone turned to see what was going on. Sounds of yelling and roars were heard as everyone tried to get a look at what was coming. And what came through those doors… shock everyone to their very core.

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