Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 8

Last night had to be the most epic and wildest night of Hiccup's life. Though they did not get to meet their new arrivals but from the sound last night, they knew that they must be something.

Hiccup and Toothless were once again, back in their cages in the new fighting arena. Next to them were Astrid and Stormfly along with their new companions. Each one of them next to each other as Hiccup and Toothless were by the entrance.

The crowd was much large than yesterday. They were different clans and soldiers varying from men clad in skins of fur and wool to the thieves and criminals. There were in a few people that looked like monk scholars.

It was all strange to Hiccup. He had never seen people like these before. And the leaders they brought with them, were even more strange.


Up in the Imperial box, sat Drago and Queen Myrrnam, along with their four new companions.

The King of the Barbarians, the Western Warlord sat next to Drago on his right. Hair a thick curly black with a bush of a bear, he had black bear fur draped over his shoulder with the head resting behind his head. He had on his buckle he had an animals skull. He was very large and buff. With his army of Barbarians, he was known as Gadar of the West.

Next to him were a male and a female. Both married to each other and were the King and Queen of the thieven kingdom known as the City of Thieves. They both had golden yellow hair but the man's hair was braided into long dreadlock that came to the floor. She too had her hair long. Face and hair showing off their Britannia race, while the other part of the males tanner skin could be seen as Arabic too. Their clothes were both leather and cloth. They looked both slutty and deadly that matched their thin bodies. They lounge in their chairs with one leg draped over the side of the arm rest. They did not care what others think of them, for people found them deranged. Kasif and Tresa were rulers of the East and the desert that followed it.

The man next the Amazon Queen was definitely different from the rest. He had no hair and wore a garment similar to that of a Kimono. He was calm and quiet. He looked a little stuck up but that was because he thought of himself as intelligent. He believed that knowledge is more powerful than belief. That science and books were more powerful than any make believe god. He ruled over the Biblock, the island of knowledge and the middle territories that followed. He was known as Kahn of the Mid.

Each of their people rang through the Arena as they thirst for a fight.

Drago stood up from his chair as he held up a hand. "Welcome! We are here today to witness a glories fight between our nations. Who will rein supreme? Will it be the thieves and their fighters? Or will it be the barbarians?"

Each clan screamed and cheered for theirs. They then quieted down as Drago's ordered the gates to open for the first match.

As Drago sat down, the six began to talk.

"Nice pep talk, a little redundant though" Kahn voice rang with a know it all attitude.

"You wouldn't know how to talk to a group of people with your impertinent talk" The Barbarian King scoffed.

"Impertinent? My, the beast knows such big words" Kahn acted astonished by the barbarian's words.

"Why you little…"

"Enough you two" The Amazon Queen was getting annoyed the two men. "You two are worse than two dogs fighting over a piece of meat."

"I could show you a real piece of meat" Gadar rested his elbow on the armrest as he tried to act smug and charming.

"Oooh, be careful my friend" Kasif lead back as he looked upside down at Gadar with his finger slitting his throat. "She might show you something sharp"

His wife laughed at her husbands comment at the thought.

Gadar glared at the two before a saw the hint of amusement at the thought from the Amazon. He decided to be smart and back off for now.

Drago watched the group with amusement. He turned his attention back to the arena as he could not wait to see how this would play.


Hiccup watched as his gate begin to open for them. He got up from his seat as he walked into the arena with Toothless behind him. They looked out into the rocky arena. Hiccup did not see any dragons or enemy near by. It confused him as to why they would lead Hiccup and Toothless in here if they were not going to do anything.

That's when he saw it. Up on the rocks was a figure. It wore a skeleton like mask that looked to be made of bone. Behind the mask, Hiccup could see blonde hair that went down to its midback with a few dreads in it. The only way Hiccup knew that it was a boy was by the bear flat chest he had. His tan leather pants were the only clothes had had on. The boy titled his head as he watched them.

Toothless was already in defensive mode as he growled at the boy. Hiccup stared at the boy as saw him cocked his head back. That was when the dragon head popped out from behind the rocks. Sparks flew out of its mouth as Hiccup felt the back of his shirt be picked up.

Toothless flew off, with Hiccup, off the ground that lit up with flames. They both landed on top of a rock and Toothless let go of the Hiccup. Hiccup dropped to the ground as he looked back at the spot he saw the boy, to see that he was gone.

Hiccup looked in all different directions to find him. That was when Hiccup saw him come at him. The boy jumped in front of him as it tried to use a wooden pole to hit him.

Hiccup dodged the attack as the figure moved back into the rocks. He wondered where the boy could have gotten a weapon but only shortly noticed the wooden weapons lying on the ground on the outer rim. He guessed that now they were upping the stakes a little. How long before they are made of metal?

Green smoke filled their feet as Hiccup jumped on the Night Fury's back just in time for it to light up.

The crowd cheered in awe at the battle. They banged shouted and cried at the glorious fight.

The blast shot Toothless to the ground as Hiccup bounced of the dragon and onto the ground as well. Scrambling to his feet, Hiccup tried to get up. He saw the masked figure come down at him with the pole. He was able to grab the wooden sword that was next to him and use it to block the attack.

Hiccup tried to hold back the attack, but the boy was strong. That's when he noticed something odd. The boy wasn't a boy. This one was a girl. Strips of white bandages were wrapped around her chest, showing of her mid section. Her hair held three long braids with two small ones on top. Hiccup could not believe he missed that.

Hiccup was startled by this. He knew that the one he saw before was definitely a guy. Which means that…..they were twins!

From the corner of his eye, Hiccup saw the brother come at him with a pole. He used his strength to push the girl off him and at the boy. They both collided with each other and hit the ground with a thump.

Hiccup huffed as he looked at the two. Eyes widen behind his mask as he saw the two get up. Putting up the sword, he was ready for the two to attack. They all stopped when they heard the sound of screeching to see a green two headed dragon come at the twins. The creatures struck the twins as green smoke was sparked, and then lit up.

Hiccup looked at where the dragon had come from to see Toothless down at them with a dark stare.

The crowd grew quiet as the watched the smoke disappeared. As the black cloud cleared, the twins were flat on their back with the two headed dragon between them. All four groaned in pain.

The crowded cheered in glee at the match.


A smile crept onto Drago's face as he saw Hiccup win triumphantly.

"How about that" Gadar was very impressed by the small boy. He had heard Night Furys were powerful, but the boy was something else entirely. He then looked at the King and Queen of thieves. "Sorry about your…"

The king of thieves smiles. "Give it a minute."

Once match had determined Hiccup the winner, their caged opened up again. What surprised most was the fact that the twins got up with ease and their dragon shook of their heads as they ran after their partners.

"They always take a few minutes to get back up after a match." Tresa decided to explain. "They get knocked out and then spring back like daisies. We find them weird yet entertaining when they do that"

Kahn tried to wrap his head around what they were saying. "Does that mean the match…"

"No no" Kasif explained. "Drago's boy won. The twins lost"

They all just stared at the thieves with a confused looked. It took them a minute to just let it go. No one could understand the Eastern Rulers. It was like trying to make sense of why Monstrous Nightmare likes to light itself on fire.

"Well then" Gadar tried to get out of the weird subject. "Shall we go next"


Hiccup sat down next to Toothless as they waited to see what would happen next. Through the bars, Hiccup watched as the next seen unfolded.

Two more gates opened up which meant there be another fight. Out came a Monstrous Nightmare charged in all flamed. Next to it rolled out a very buff boy with a leather type mask that had fur on top and around the outside of it. Hiccup could see the brown eyes that glisten through the eye holes.

The boy bounced around as he showed of his muscles. Hiccup rolled his eyes and could guess that this boy was much more of a show off. Hiccup knew that cocky-ness could only get you so far.

Hiccup then looked to his left as he saw Astrid and Stormfly exit out of their cage. He saw her walk towards the arrogant boy and dragon. They looked at one another before the boy turned and whistled at her.

To others it would sound like slur words, clicks, and growls, but to Hiccup, they were words.

"Hey babe! How about after this you and I have a battle of our own" He gave her wink as he stood smug.

Anger by the words that came from the obnoxious boy's mouth, Astrid clench her hand into a fist behind her back before she charged at the boy.


The battles had ended for the day, due to the fact the Astrid and Stormfly had destroyed most of the arena with the help of the obnoxious boy and his Monstrous Nightmare. They had to close it down for repair and allowing all children to meet their new companions.

They all had their masks off and revealed themselves to one another.

The loud obnoxious barbarian was Snotlout. His red Monstrous Nightmare was known as Hookfang.

The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnutm, with their two headed dragon, known as a Zippleback, called Barf and Belch.

And last was a large boy, who had not fought in the arena today. The large boy was more of a gentle fat boy. He was smart too by the way his vocabulary was spoken. He was called Fishlegs and his companion was a large rock eating Gronkle called Meatlug. She was kind and gentle like her boy.

Snotlout was busy rubbing his bruised face. He was still upset about how Astrid destroyed him on the field. It made him look weak when he got his ass kicked by a girl.

"Are you crying?" Tuffnut tried to poke Snotlout through the small bars.

"No!" Slamming his fist into the bars, missing Tuffnut's finger, as the bars began to rang through the hall.

"There's no reason to get upset about it" Fishlegs continued to pet Meatlug. "You thought she would be weak because she was a girl. And in return you got you butt kicked."

"Says the boy who didn't even fight" Snotlout mocked him.

"I'm more of a lover, not a fighter." Fishlegs hugged Meatlug as the female dragon gave him a lick.

"That just proves how pathetic you are" Snotlout crossed his arms as he looked smug. "I bet you and your lazy, fat-ass, dragon could even take on me and five thousand of bone crushing muscle"

Hookfang looked happy and smug at the comment he had received from his boy. He glared triumphantly at the Gronkle, who in turn, growled at him.

Fishlegs growled at Snotlout. No one made fun of Meatlug, but soon decided against it. It would only rile the boy up and cause more of an annoyance than justice. He instead turned his attention to Hiccup. Fishlegs saw that he was ignoring the argument and focusing on reading his book. Intrigued by this, he looked at the cover of the book and knew which book Hiccup was reading. "Did you know a Fireworms have the ability to light itself on fire but their heat is so hot that it's hotter than the sun"

Hiccup looked over at Fishlegs before flipping to the page. "Really"

"They say that in olden times, men would use them to start fires or keep them warm during the freezing winters." Fishlegs leaned against the bars as Hiccup came closer to allow him to look at the book. They both began to go back and forth about the book.

Astrid was very curious about what they were talking about. However, the others…

"You read?" On the back Barf's head to neck laid Tuffnut, who questioned the two.

"While you're still alive?" Ruffnut was sitting on Belch's neck and leaning over until her arms were over the dragon's horns. She looked at them stunned like she was trying to find a reason to their antics.

"Why read words when you can just kill the stuff the words tell you stuff about?" Snotlout gestured with his hand as he explained.

The other three just stared at him with both awestruck and confused faces.

"How are you going to kill stuff when you can't even read the stuff they are telling you to kill?" Astrid raised an eye-brow at the boy.

Snotlout tried to think of a reason but just became annoyed instead. "Are you trying to mess with my mind? Because nothing gets in here, nothing" Snotlout hit his head to prove his point. "Right Hookfang"

The red Monstrous Nightmare nodded his head in agreement as he looked smugged at the other dragons.

Toothless rolled his eyes at the stupidity of Hookfang. He was just like his human counterpart, dumb as a bag full of fish.

The three just stared at Snotlout before giving up. The boy was just too proud to understand anything they were going to say.

"Hey Hiccup?"

Hiccup looked up at Astrid.

"How are you able to keep that?" Astrid could already guess that any if Hiccup's masters would not allow him to keep any book. Yet, here he had one.

Hiccup scooted away as he went to the back of his cage and moved the stone a little. Inside, held ten books of different sizes and color. "Dusty…" He looked into the cage next to him at the old sleeping dragon. "In the beginning, he would steal lots of books for me to read. Now I have a collection that I read to all the dragons and me"

"That's really smart" Fishlegs understood why he did that. "You can not only be able to translate their language, but comprehend their meaning."

"Meaning?" Astrid asked.

"Like what is happening outside" Fishlegs listed first.

"When food or a storm is coming?" Hiccup spoke next.

"Or even when something bad is going to happen" Fishlegs gasped at the thought before he sighed. "I've tried to keep books myself, but they always know when I have them." Fishlegs touched the wall in example. "Our home is more perfectly stoned. No cracks or crevices that we can use to hide things."

"It's all shiny and new. Makes my head hurt sometimes" Meatlug rubbed her head as she remembered their home.

Fishlegs rubbed his hand along the rocks. "Not like here….no offense"

Hiccup shrugged in understanding. He was lucky that Scourge had not found his secret treasure. That would be one thing either of them would enjoy. Scourge would know that he was smart and understood him. Like Dusty said, Drago would use that to his advantage.

Astrid was fascinated by this. She tried to get a better look from her cage but was to far away to see. "Hey….do you think you could teach me?"

Both boys looked up awestruck and in shock at what Astrid said. Astrid seemed more of a warrior type person unlike these two nerds. More of a kill and bash things they read and understand them. Hiccup's heart fluttered in excitement in wanting to teach her.

"Why would you want to learn something from some dusty old book?" Snotlout looked at Astrid as if she was delusional.

"I rather be smart and knowledgeable than stupid and ignorant." Astrid said plainly.

Snotlout turned away from her in a huff of annoyance. If she wanted to be all brainy and try to read, then good luck.

The dragons smirked in amusement at their human antics. They watched three interact as both boys tried to teach Astrid how to read.

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