Chapter 16: Just A Blur

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Chapter 14 - Part 4: Just A Blur

Deciding that they needed to continue their journey in order to make it back before dark Jack got ready to start walking again, Annabeth stood still smiling as she began to follow the white haired teen.

The silence between them was suddenly disturbed as Annabeth tripped, sending her crashing to the ground with a startled cry, Jack would have laughed had he not seen the pained expression on her face. "You okay?" He asked crouching beside her.

Stiffly nodding Annabeth looked at her hands the grazed skin now red with a few places starting to bleed. Her nodding turned to shaking as she took in her pained hands, it was then that she realised that she had just told Jack about his true identity. She realised that she hadn't been asleep like she first believed but was instead awake, angry at herself for not realising this sooner began to show on her face.

Pushing herself onto her feet with her brothers help she noticed that the leg which had tripped over the half buried root had been badly scraped, like her hands, it too was lightly bleeding.

"Something wrong?" Jack asked while observing Annabeth's sudden hostile behaviour, he slightly feared that it was going to be like the situation with the nightmare again.

Options on what to say ran through Annabeth's mind, a part of her wanted to keep quiet while the other didn't. She wasn't sure if she should tell him about her worries but it seemed silly to think like that considering that Jack was her best friend, and now he knew they were related.

With a sigh she spoke, "I was just thinking…" she paused as she thought about how to say her next words, "about you…and how you're probably going to out live our family."

Jack was surprised Annabeth considered him to be immortal, that itself would have been amazing news but considering how his sister had sounded sad about it made him realise, if he truly were immortal then he would indeed outlive their father, their mother and even Annabeth herself. For a moment Jack wondered why a twelve year old would even think about such a depressing topic but upon remembering what she had said about his death, he guessed that some depressing things would have crossed her mind while she was grieving.

Shaking away the sad thoughts Jack tried to lighten the mood after all he didn't want to walk home miserable, "Tell you what, how about we put this immortal stuff to the side so that we can focus on the now. We can deal with that sad stuff later." Jack laughed lightly.

It was then Jack noticed how Annabeth was favouring one leg over the other, looking at the small wound it appeared as though the blood had stopped. He looked at Annabeth before moving to tend to the injury, grabbing some nearby snow he rubbed it slightly to make it melt before lightly cleaning the grazed skin. Standing back to his normal height he repeated the process on Annabeth's hands her skin warm under his cold touch.

Annabeth welcomed Jack's freezing touch on her hands, it was helping ease the pain slightly to which she was thankful. The burning feeling began to fade, she smiled at Jack, silently thanking him, before trying to walk only to wince slightly at the pain in her leg. Cuts and scrapes normally didn't bother the twelve year old, but considering not many of them were on her knees or gave the feeling like a chunk of her leg was missing she deemed this wound slightly more troublesome than all the others.

Jack had noticed Annabeth wince at the pain, he knew it would fade eventually but for the new few minutes he was positive Annabeth was going to be aggravated by it. Supporting most of his sister's weight as he helped her slowly hop along the roadside, as something clicked in his mind a smile lit up his face.

"How about something to pass the time?" Jack asked looking at Annabeth, the girl in question stared up at him questioningly. "How about a challenge…" He thought for a moment before he smiled again, "Who ever can hop the longest wins one of the cakes." he waited for a reply.

"Two cakes." Annabeth said a smile on her face as well.

Jack nodded, "Alright two cakes." he laughed.

"What's the rules?"

"You can only hop on one leg and can not change to the other. You also can not push the other competitors and make them fall over, because that's cheating." He tickled Annabeth having explained the second rule.

"Are we allowed to rest on any trees?"

Jack thought about the question for a moment, on the one hand it didn't seem fair as it meant that they would be enable to endure hoping longer. But on the upside it meant that they would cover more ground in order to get home. "Sure I don't see why not."

"Does that include your staff?"

Jack laughed slightly, "Since when is my staff a tree?" he asked holding it out for inspection.

Annabeth giggled. "Well it's tall enough. Maybe it was once a sapling."

Jack laughed again. "Well it's not any more so I think we're safe to call it a staff and not a branch or a tree."

"What about a twig?" Annabeth asked, "I mean it's thin enough right." she laughed slightly at Jack's confused expression.

"It's not a twig." Jack laughed with a slight shake of his head.

"Whatever you say dear brother." Annabeth replied causing Jack to smile at the new title.

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