Chapter 1: Jack Frost

Back in the small village at the house near the forest edge stood a golden haired lady at the front door with a loose wool shawl wrapped around her neck, she had just said goodbye to some friends who offered to help continue the search for her family in the morning as a storm was approaching and everyone wanted to be inside.

They didn't want to leave but she urged them to knowing that their own children would be wondering about them. Now though she cast her teary red eyes to the forest praying to see one of her family member come out from its eerie grasp.

With a heavy sigh she turned to go back inside but as she did a wave of unfathomable grief struck her heart, something was seriously wrong. Before she could dwell on the thought any longer the cries of a little filled the air, spinning around she saw her husband carrying Annabeth who weakly struggled in his arms, her arms reaching out to the barren trees as she screamed her brother's name.

The small smile that had graced her face fell as quick as it came when she realized why her daughter was screaming after all Jackson was not walking besides them. Praying that she was wrong she looked to her husband's eyes only to be met with an empty gaze.

He seemed to notice that she was looking at his as his eyes brightened for an instant as he saw her in the light of the doorway, like an angel he would always say, but he dropped her gaze as guilt hit him once more. He didn't need to look up again to know that his wife was crying the heart wrenching sob was punishment enough.

It hadn't taken Annabeth long to fall asleep when they got in she had been so worn out from crying, the father was no better as he battled for control over his emotions as his wife wept in his arms once he had finally gained the courage to tell her. He hated looking like he had no emotion but for that moment it was the best choice after all if they both broke down then who would push them forwards?

The mother had fallen into a dreamless sleep that night but it was short lived as the soft sound of crying stirred her, someone was up, and she told herself. Moving out of bed she searched for her husband only to learn he was not there. Wasting no time she quietly made her way to her daughter's room only to learn that she was still fast asleep, her pillow soaked for fresh tears, a few still rolling down her cheeks but sure enough she was asleep.

Sighing she left the room and made her way to the living room where a soft fire glowed, sat in the armchair before it was her husband his strong protective demeanor was shattered as his soft cries filled the room.

For the thousandth time that night she felt her heart brake, how could she have forgotten her husband's feelings? After all Jack was as much his son as he was hers. Sighing she wrapped her arms around him whispering soothing thoughts just like he had done for her, they were going to make it through this, if not for themselves then for Annabeth, she needed her parents now more than ever, and they would be there for her no matter what.

Back at the lake however the sleeping form under the ice was beginning to stir, as the moon shined down on him his hair turned from brown to white, with a silent command the boy rose to the tope of the lake breaking the new ice that had formed allowing him to breathe in the ice cold air.

In an instant his eyes snapped open, the warm chocolate brown replaced by a cold icy blue. Spluttering up the water Jack crawled out onto the lake unknown that as he moved the water under the ice froze to support his weight.

His mind raced with questions as he laid against the ice, all he knew was that he was called Jack Frost, a voice had whispered it when he was waking up, it said nothing else though which left him baffled, why tell him his name when there was clearly so much more to say?

Looking for anything that would help bring back some memories he searched the surrounding banks. Nothing sighing he slowly got to his feet only to slip on the ice and crash to the ground only now he was closer to the edge of the lake. An annoyed sigh he looked for something to help with his balance, not too far out of reach was a branch, an odd looking branch, but it was one all the same.

With little effort he grabbed hold of the thin wood and pulled it towards him, unaware that a layer of frost began to pattern the wood. Pulling himself into a crouch he slowly began to raise the branch supporting his weight as he rose onto the balls of his feet.

Content that he wasn't going to slip he pulled the staff off the ground only to inspect it upon seeing the complex pattern of frost upon it, as he studied it the branch began to glow blue close to where he held it, a thicker layer of frost more evident than before was seen coating a large portion of the staff the middle of it located at his hand.

But that wasn't what surprised him most as during the shock of the glowing wood it fell against the frozen lake, the same frost design lacing it's way out onto the lake onto of the ice it's source the end of the branch. A sudden idea formed in his head, how far could he make the thin layer of frost spread?

With that in mind Jack stood up to his full height and took off around the edge of the lake the branch staying connected with the ice, frost formed like little rivers as they raced towards the centre of the lake. He continued until the entire lake was covered in the breath taking design.

Slightly panting he smiled at his work before silently wondering about how he was unaffected by the cold, looking down at his appearance he was even more confused as he found he was only wearing a brown shawl, a while shirt, a brown waistcoat and brown pants, no shoes. He suddenly did a double take no shoes? While standing outside at night in the middle of winter? The thought suddenly occurred to him that his feet were not cold despite what he was thinking, in stead it made him wonder what had happened to his shoes if he had any at all. He never remembered that he took them off to loose weight when stepping out onto the ice hours ago, he never remembered the harsh burning effect the cold ice had on feet either and he never would.

Bored Jack decided to do something else, looking at the branch in his hands he decided to test a new theory that came to mind. Walking over to one of the trees he tapped it with the hooked end, watching in awe as the frost began to cover the tree. Moving to another he tapped the tree again with the same result, he traced his hand across the slick ice that now decorated the thin tree.

Finally Jack got tired of icing the trees and settled on walking through the woods he watched as frost would start to cover something every time he tapped it, he sighed letting a out a puff of air only to see that no could of warm breath filled the air, but instead a unfortunate leaf had been in reach of the cold wind that came from him instead, the leaf also frosting over just like the lake and trees.

Curiously he looked for another target spotting one another few feet away, a branch with a few dead leaves. Taking in a breath he blew allowing the icy air to freeze the amber leaves, he laughed, this was fun.

His new game however was short lived when a growl erupted from nearby, slowly Jack turned so see a pack of wolves staring hungrily at him, with a sharp growl from the large alpha they descended upon Jack.

Wasting no time Jack spun on his heels and dashed off as quickly as possible his grip on the branch tightening as he ran, he may have need of it later. He thought as he ran. Soon he was running so fast the trees began to blur as the sound of growling wolves faded behind him.

Looking down he noticed that he was flying just a few inches off the ground, he gasped before his shock became a smile as he cheered, looking back to see where he was headed. He realized his mistake too soon as he collided with a tree sending him to the ground with a painful moan.

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