Ballade No2, Op38


AU. They concord even the most impossible obstacles. But will Buffy and Angelus make it through the next century when their love will be tested to its limits? B/A (Buffy's a vampire).

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

East London, England 1710

Denton House

A quartet of eloquent violins stings slowly strummed down filling the room with romance. The low cello gave the orchestra a gothic undertone. A line of females stood on one side of the dance floor and the males on the other. They stepped forward meeting one another in the middle, raising their right hands and touched them together. The couples slowly moved around in a small circle keeping rhythm with the somber music.

In the centre of the long row of dancers, Elizabeth Summers kept her eyes away from her partner but felt his intent stare watching her every move. She turned in the opposite direction now raising her left hand and moved around him. Elizabeth turned and felt his warm breath on her bare shoulder sending an unpleasant shiver down her spine. Her eyes squeezed closed praying silently for the song to be over and she could escape.

God must've heard her pleas because the song ended soon after she prayed for it.

Elizabeth spun around to her partner and curtsied then moved away weaving herself into the crowds before he could catch up to her.

Nearing the door going out to the gardens, Elizabeth looked over her shoulder to see her dance partner scowling at her father standing on the other side of the ballroom with her mother.

Her eyes widened seeing her father turn his head into her direction. Elizabeth stepped around the door hiding in the darkness desperately.

She took a deep breath when the coast was clear and stepped away from the laughter and loud chatter of the guests and walked deeper into the gardens until she found a marble bench near a pond.

Elizabeth took a seat and placed her hands onto her lap closing her eyes listening to the soft chirps of the frogs and the gentle splashes of the water moving side to side from the breeze.

It was quiet. Elizabeth enjoyed the quiet more than anything.

Her life was anything but quiet.

She had come from a wealthy family. Her father is a well known business man of sorts, he often worked with Noblemen across London. His charisma and innovating mind made him successful. Everyone loved Hank Summers - Except for his own family.

At home, behind closed doors, when he no longer stood in the spotlight, Hank was an mean alcoholic and a gambler. His favourite gambling game was with his daughter. From a very young age he knew Elizabeth was going to be a beauty. She was going to be a shining decoration of his achievement when she would one day marry a Duke or some sort of high Lord. In a heartbeat he would pawn her off to the highest bidder but he would not sell her to just anyone. It was to the man with the most wealth and a powerful name.

Her father was a very intelligent man. He knew the value of his daughter; with her long yellow hair, sun kissed skin, exuberant smile, and her bright green down-slanting rounded eyes captured every wealthy suitors attention. She is known throughout the London cities upperclass society as, Pulchra Creature: Beautiful Creature.

All of the high societies gentlemen lined up to have a chance to call, Elizabeth their prize. Arguments have broken out, money passed from hand to hand in backdoor deals in order to be the husband of this young beautiful woman.

"You are magnificent." A dark and mysterious elegant handsome man stood off to Elizabeth's side watching her closely. His Eastern European voice purred, sending a cool shiver through her body. He stepped forward and slowly moved around her taking in her illuminating beauty. "What is a woman of your stature doing alone in the darkness of night?"

Elizabeth lifted her eyes to his breathtaking face. Her lips parted softly in a small gasp. She was unable to tear her eyes away from his black as night eyes boring right through her. "Maybe she's lonely." She finally found her voice.

The mysterious man smiled softly, "I find that difficult to believe. You are surrounded by wealth and beauty." He took a seat beside her.

"Who are you?" Elizabeth asked.

He smiled but did not answer her question directly, "The question is not who I am. As I would know without a question that you are Elizabeth Summers."

Elizabeth watched him intently drowning into his dark, almost black, penetrating eyes.

The mysterious man smiled then reached out a soft hand cupping her cheek. "Those men are not worthy of you. They will fail to succeed in the challenge."

"Challenge?" She frowned.

"In understanding your beauty."

Elizabeth removed her face from his hand looking away. "That's all I am known for."

"Not your outer being." Elizabeth turned her head to the man with surprise. "Inside. What makes you who you are. Your spirit. Your fire. It is so bright... its brilliant." His eyes darted around her face with fascination. "I have never seen a soul so radiant and pure before. You are truly a gift."

"A gift?"

He nodded, "You have such a wonderful gift."

"What is my gift?"

"Death is your gift."

Elizabeth's face fell, snapping out from his thrall appalled by his words. "Death is not a gift." Her eyes lifted to his. "No matter how miserable I may be at the moment. Death is never a gift." The anger inside of her chest boiled at the thought.

The mysterious man pushed back a long blonde strand of hair from Elizabeth's neck behind her ear. "You are so young. There is so much I have to teach you. You have power, young Elizabeth. I can show you an eternity of things you have never seen or have ever heard of. You will have eternity to discover yourself. To find your happiness, your desires."

Elizabeth stared at him taking in his soft words letting them sink into her hypnotised mind. "My gift?" she asked.

He nodded letting her long fingers slide down the sharp line of her chin.

Elizabeth looked away from the handsome man to the pond then turned her head back to him. Her eyes held assurance and fire that he longed to see for the rest of time.

"Show me." Elizabeth said with certainty.

The mysterious man reached out his hand and caressed her soft neck. Elizabeth stared at him locked into his eyes unable to look away as he bent down slowly and sank his fangs deep into her neck.

Elizabeth's eyes flew open unable to move or to cry out from the pain. She gasped feeling mixture of pleasure and agony course through her body as the man drank her blood with a hungry need.

Listening to her dying heart, the man moved his head back to look at her. He kept a hand against her cheek as he bit into his wrist and brought it up to her lips.

"Drink." His deep voice whispered seductively into her ear.

Elizabeth weakly took his wrist then put her lips to it and sucked his blood slowly.

The mysterious man closed his eyes feeling ecstasy as her weak fingers tightened around his arm feeling the power of his blood.

The sounds of the aristocratic ball fell into the background and silenced filled around the pair sitting in the tranquil garden.

Paris, France 1789


The streets ran wild with angry rioters raging against the French Royal Army in the new revolution.

Elizabeth walked arm and arm with her Sire in the darkness of the night with a calmness that heavy contrasted with the chaotic disarray of the country.

The couple moved around the large gathered protestors shouting in french and sang songs of their revolutionary cause.

Something between the crowd caught Elizabeth's attention. Her hand went to her lover's arm, halting his movements. He glanced down at her then followed her gaze to see a large group of common men charge down a cobble street holding pitch forks, axes, muskets, and torches.

"I believe there will be a massacre." Elizabeth said with a soft smile.

"We must take advantage of this, dragul meu." The Dark Prince raised his childe's hand up to his lips and smiled down at her softly. "Go." He said softly with a small smirk.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes on the group coming closer towards the armoury. Her hand wrapped around his and gave it a squeeze before letting it go and stepped back into the darkness waiting patiently for her attack.

The night drew on, the rioting mob turned into sheer madness. Elizabeth wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and dropped a now dead protestor to the ground with a thud. Her cold blood boiled with irritation as she moved around the crowds. A group of males gathered in the background turned their heads seeing the beautiful woman.

A rugged looking man with a long messy brown hair nudged his friend and nodded toward Elizabeth as she passed in search for her lover. She lost him within the chaos.

The rugged man stood up straight and followed Elizabeth with a grin, "Eh bien, bonjour, jolie petite chose. Que diriez-vous et je trouve une ruelle et tu me laisses te baise?!" he laughed.

Elizabeth spun around to the man shouting profanity at her. She watched him for a moment looking him over. He appeared to look and sounded like every other commoner; ragged, dirty, and crude. She raised a high brow at him and noticed the member in his breeches hardening against the material. Elizabeth reached his eyes and warmly smiled at him taking him by surprise.

The rugged man stepped forward falling into a trance of her green eyes. He stood before her not hearing his friends hoots and hollers, but only seeing her.

The vampire swayed to the right then to the left watching him follow her. Elizabeth raised her manicured fingers and sliced his throat with her nail. His eyes widened sudden broken from the trance. His hands went to this bleeding throat then fell to his knees at her feet. Elizabeth raised her hand licking the blood staining her fingers clean and caught the group of men standing together stare at her terrified. They took off in opposite directions as fast as they could.

Elizabeth smirked to herself then turned bumping into the large mass standing behind her.

He was tall with broad shoulders. He appeared to be filled with dark intimidating and spectacular power. Her eyes went to his face, his features were strikingly handsome; if she had breath, she would have lost it. His brown eyes appeared to be warm and soulful but she could easily see the sadistic animal behind them. He was flawless.

Elizabeth's felt her demon scrapping at the surface desperately trying to break free. She did not let her emotions show on her face.

The corner of his lips slanted into a sinister smile that would have stopped her heart.


Elizabeth blinked out from her stupor and turned her head, when she heard her lovers velvet, hypnotic voice. She watched as he stepped to her side exuding confidence and power.

"Dracula." Angelus frowned hating the Master Vampire with a fury. He blamed the Count for revealing the truths about vampires to the humans when he gotten famous hundreds of years before and Dracula also owed him eight hundred pounds.

"I thought you were galavanting in Prussia with your Sire?" Dracula's dark eyes ran up and down the well dressed vampire.

Angelus frowned, "I was on my way to Vienna when the Beast staged such a wonderful massacre to impress me. I dare say, he did well." His Irish accent seeped gracefully into his words capturing Elizabeth's attention. "It didn't last though. The Svea of Priestesses interfered with my enjoyment. He offered a pact to kill the pests."

"And you declined." Elizabeth said with a bit of interest.

Angelus' eyes locked with Elizabeth's. Her voice was just as he imagined; breathless and lispy. He smiled darkly, "Aye, but it did not come without a price." He gestured to the fading bruise on his right cheek.

"Where is your Sire?" Dracula asked searching for the familiar blonde.

"She'll be on her way I reckon." Angelus forced himself to tear his eyes away from Elizabeth's beautiful face.

Dracula raised a brow pushing away the fierce jealously he had swirling in his chest. "Forgive me, I failed to introduce my companion, this is Elizabeth Summers."

"Pulchra Creatura," Angelus said as he painted her features into his memory. "ye're as memorising as they say."

Elizabeth eyed him stared at him curiously, "As whom say, sir?"

"The legends." Angelus slowly moved around the vampiress with hungry desiring eyes. He stood in front of her and reached out touching her cheek with his fingers as if she was a fragile artefact. "Such a sinister dark goddess. Oh, I've heard tales of ye, Madame."

Elizabeth raised her brow with interest, "What sort of tales?" her voice was a soft, delicate whisper that still stood out amongst the chaos around them.

"Only of the most wicked kinds of tales that Ol' Countess Báthory could never compare to achieve." Angelus dropped his hand standing tall having a sense that his sire was near.

"You flatter me, sir." Elizabeth smiled softly creating a gentle glow on her face. "I'm afraid I hadn't caught your name."

"'Cuse me," Angelus bowed his head. "I am, Angelus." He looked up at her face and saw her amused smile while Dracula glared wrath at the young vampire.

Elizabeth took him in with careful consideration. Yes, he was arrogant, charming, and utterly obnoxious but she saw so many qualities in him that intrigued her. "The Scrounger of Europe." She said with a smile.

"Aye, it is now my turn to be flattered." Angelus gave her best charming smile.

"I think its time to be going, porumbel." Dracula took Elizabeth's hand and wrapped it around his arm. "This place is tiring me." He looked around seeing a stack of dead bodies most of which he and Elizabeth added themselves.

"Yes, I think we've done enough damage here. It's quite a bore now." She saw a familiar face heading toward them. It was Darla, Angelus' sire and presumed lover. She raked her eyes over the vampire. Darla was a beautiful woman; that was no secret, she held grace that radiated confidence that was infuriating.

"Count Dracula!" Darla grinned snaking her arm around Angelus' arm.

Angelus smirked watching Elizabeth's face darken for a millisecond. He knew, right then that he had her interest.

Darla looked at the blonde haired woman beside the Count and narrowed her eyes. Elizabeth was a vampire to strive to be in their world. She embodied everything a Dark Queen should be; powerful, intelligent, calculating, creative, passionate, and beautiful. It also did not escape Darla's attention that Angelus seemed to have an interest in the beautiful vampire, just like every other male on the earth.

"Elizabeth," Darla forced a sweet smile onto her face. Though she was older than the vampiress; approximately a hundred years older than her, she still portrayed as much respect as possible. Elizabeth happened to be the childe and lover of one of the most revered Master Vampires in history, the Count Vlad Tepes III. "You look well." Darla said running her eyes up and down the other blonde.

"As do you." Elizabeth said politely. "Vlad, I want to leave now, this place reeks of filth." Elizabeth's hand over Dracula's arms gaining his attention.

Dracula looked down at her and took her hand bringing it to his lips. "Of course." He turned his attention to Angelus and Darla. "Enjoy your stay. I have a feeling there is going to an interesting turn of events very soon." Dracula smiled wrapping Elizabeth's small thin hand around his arm and led her the pair and disappeared in the rioting violent crowds.

Angelus followed them only looking at Elizabeth. He felt a strange sense of hope in his chest. It was a feeling that was foreign to him. He never hoped. Whatever he wanted, Angelus took. Most of the time he took it violently. But this was different. He hoped that she would look back at him. Just one glance. Anything to tell him that she was interested in him.

Darla watched her lover with uneasiness. His eyes never tore away from the beautiful vampires face when they spoke. She completely captured his attention leaving nothing for Darla. Angelus hadn't spared her a single glance since she arrived.

She watched a small, pleased smile grace upon Angelus' handsome face. She had never seen that look before. He seemed almost happy.

Darla's eyes went back to the couple and caught Elizabeth turning her eyes away from Angelus before she disappeared into the darkness.

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