Turning Back Time

Turning Back Time Chapter 10

Galway, Ireland, 1752

The O'Connors lived happily in the cottage looking out to the lake in which Liam had purchased for themselves during the O'Connors brief engagement.

Liam O'Connor, was held the reputation as the towns most scandalous, dishonourable savage was now a changed man. A successful owner of the Tavern which the previous owner had left to him before his passing.

The beautiful visitor from the American colonies who had tamed the wild man was now his wife, Buffy Summers - O'Connor.

The O'Connors were truly the most handsome and charming couple in the small town. Buffy took the position as a housewife raising their one year old son, Henry Connor.

Buffy remembered the fight about their unborn sons name.

"Connor O'Connor sounds ridiculous." Buffy argued with an eye roll.

"Its a wonderful name you silly cooler."

"We're not naming him Connor O'Connor. How about Henry?"

"Henry?" Liam sat with the name for a moment. "Connor Henry O'Connor."

"Or, Henry Connor O'Connor." Buffy watched the wheels turn in Liam's mind.

Liam sat in silence for a long moment pondering the name idea. "I guess that could work. But we will call him Connor."

"God! Liam I wasn't serious."

Liam thought about the name for a bit longer and grinned at her. Buffy recognised that expression instantly and sighed heavily. He was in love with the name. Liam glared at her with a bright innocent smile until she caved. She released a heavy sigh. "Fine. But if he gets bullied by the school kids… It's so your fault." Liam grinned and kissed her feeling triumphant to defeat his highly strong and independent wife.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor trailed behind their son and Haley hand in hand down the hill towards the lake. Liam unfolded the blanket, spreading it onto the grass. Buffy kneeled on the blanket opening the picnic basket when the young toddler ran up to his parents diving to his knees at their feet.


Buffy smiled lovingly and stood taking his tiny hand letting him lead her down to the water. Liam crossed one ankle over the other and smiled watching his small family.

He watched a their little boy hopped into the water getting his feet wet then running out of the water behind Buffy then running back into the water with a giant grin plastered to his face. As Haley stomped her feet into the water making splashes.

"Papa! Look! Look!"

Liam embraced himself as the young boy ran to him ready to jump onto his lap. "What me boy did ya find?"

"A fishy!"

"A fishy?!" Liam pretended to act surprised. "Prey tell me, how big was this fish exactly?"

"This big!"

Liam placed his hands over his sons much smaller ones measuring the massive space in between. "Well, that sounds like a ginormous fish. Did ya're Mama see this huge-ish fish?" Liam asked skeptically.

The toddler bobbed his head up and down.

Buffy and Haley approached the boys and sat on the blanket. "I did. It was huge."

"Hm, I've got an idea." Liam said getting his sons full attention. "Why don't ya show young Haley this fishy." Liam suggested.

"Come!" The toddler ran to the water with Haley chasing after him.

"Wait for me!" Haley caught up with the boy.

"Connor, be careful!" Buffy eyed her reckless toddler worriedly.

Liam smirked and wrapped his arm around Buffy's waist pulling her to his side. He kissed her neck then looked out to Connor and Haley. "He's growing fast." Liam said nostalgically.

"Don't be too depressed."

"How can I not?"

"Because…" Buffy looked at him. "Because he or she might get a little jealous that their father has a favourite. As a sibling I know-"

"Picking favourites? Imposs- He or she? Are ya?"

Buffy's smile widened nodding her head. "About three months."

"Ya're with child… again?"

"I know Connor was totally unexpected not just for us… but for everyone! I mean, we pushed our wedding practically the next day when we found out. And we completely freaked out thinking we couldn't handle it but I think we're doing pretty okay… I mean, Connor is still alive right? And-" Liam cut off his rambling wife with a searing kiss.

"Ooh are we interrupting something?" The couple broke apart looking up at Haley and Connor.

"As a matter of fact." Buffy reached out taking Connors tiny hand pulling him onto her lap. Connor giggled and began to toy with Buffy's necklace. "Connor, how would you feel about becoming a big brother?" Buffy asked.

Liam smirked to Haley's delighted expression.

Connor's brows furrowed trying to understand the bizarre question, "Big borter?" he squinted his eyes and ran his tiny fingers along the edge of the cross Buffy wore.

"Yes, a big brother." Buffy smiled warmly at her young son.

"What's dat?" Connor asked curiously.

"A big brother is someone who protects his little brother or little sister."

"Protect?" Connor's head tilted his head to the side and placed a hand on Buffy's cheek. Buffy took his hand and kissed his palm.

"Yea, your little brother or little sister will look up to you for guidance. It's your job to look out for them when Mommy and Daddy can't."

Connor thought for a moment then clapped his hands with excitement, "I wanna to be a big borter!"

"Ah, me lad ya will." Liam rubbed a hand into his sons shaggy hair lovingly.

"When Mama?"

"In about eight months." she answered.

"When's dat?"

"In about eight months." Buffy said again. Connor laid his head under Buffy's chin and thought about his new big brother status.

"That's a long, long time from now." Connor sighed causing Liam and Buffy to share a smile.

"It is me lad. It is…" Liam agreed and stroked Buffy's cheek with the back of her index finger.

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