Turning Back Time

Turning Back Time Chapter 11

Sunnydale, California, 2001

1630 Revello Drive

It's been two months since Buffy's death. A slow routine was forming at the Summers residence. Dawn kept herself closed off from everyone. She has not spoken to anyone except to Spike and occasionally, Tara. Spike refused to speak about the fallen Slayer, unless, Dawn, herself brought her up. Which she rarely did.

That Monday, the Summers house was hopping when Willow rushed down the stairs to Tara and Xander in the kitchen. Dawn dragged herself into the kitchen and sat beside Xander at the counter island.

Tara smiled softly and placed a plate of funny-shaped pancakes in front of Dawn, "Better eat up, Dawnie, or you'll be late for school."

Dawn picked up her fork and poked at the pancakes. "I don't care." she muttered and slid off the stood grabbing her books and backpack.

Tara waited until she heard the front door shut indicating Dawn heading to school.

"She's still taking this really hard." Tara said scrapping the plate of uneaten pancakes into the trashcan.

Xander ran a hand through his dark hair, "She lost her mother and sister within months. I'd be surprised if she'll ever recover."

"She won't be morning for too long. I'm close to finding the spell. I can feel it." Willow said sipping her hot coffee.

"Are you sure, Wills? I mean, we're not floating pencils here, we're planning on bringing someone back from the dead." Xander said with concern.

"This isn't just someone, its Buffy. As Buffy's best friends - as her family, its our duty, to help her." Willow said.

"What if-if she's not where we think she is?" Tara looked at Willow.

"What do you mean?" Willow sat beside Xander.

"What if, Buffy's in Heaven?"

Willow shook her head in disagreement, "She can't be. She jumped into a hell portal. It-it's impossible." Willow felt a rush of emotion wave through her, "Buffy is in trouble. Trapped in a Hell dimension, probably being tortured or - or worse! I can't stand the thought of her tormented-"

"Shh, calm down," Xander rubbed soothing circles on her back. "Tara's just concerned. That's all."

Willow brushed away her fallen tear and looked up her girlfriend and best friend, "We're bringing her back."

Galway, Ireland, 1752

Buffy smiled in her sleep as Liam's wet lips trailed across her exposed shoulder to lips. "G'mornin', lass." His velvet voice chimed into her ears relaxing her. His long fingers smoothed down along her arm to her eight months pregnant belly.

Buffy opened her eyes to see Liam kiss her belly lovingly. "Mmm… my Angel…"

For the past months, Liam had been running around the Cottage readying for their unborn son or daughter. Connor was more than happy to help his father, excited for his new big brother status though still utterly confused as to what it meant.

Buffy, on the other hand took the relaxation route as the men fixed the Cottage. She frequented the bench at the lake. She would watch Connor play in the water for a few hours then in the grass for another few hours. It was a simple, easy way of living something she had never had done before. There were no apocalypses that needed averting, no curses, a few vampires and demons. This was the life.

Connor had strong opinions of what name of his brother or sister should be. He decided, for a boy, Fergus and for a girl, Catraoine. Buffy and Liam had their fair share of arguments, regarding their child's name as they did before with Connor. The have yet to come to an agreement.

Buffy ran her fingers through her husbands long hair. "Do you want a boy or a girl?" Liam looked up at her confused by her odd question. "Well?"

Liam shrugged staring at her large belly. "I don't mind."

"But, that's not my question. Do you want a boy or girl?" Liam shrugged. "I want a boy." She said.

"Really?" Liam rested his head on her swelled breasts.

"I mean, a girl, would be wonderful but… I was pretty high maintenance as a -"


Buffy playfully slapped his shoulder with a smile. "Hey, I'm not that bad now, Mister."

"I begged a differ, luv." Liam leaned up and kissed her pouting lips.

Connor unexpectedly climbed into his parents bed and laid between them. "Hellow Baby." He said to Buffy's belly. "It's your big borter! When you come out; we're gonna play and I'll shouw you my toys." Liam kissed Buffy's blonde hair as they listened. "Daddy does spin, reawlly, reawlly, high! Mummy tewlls best stories in the whole wid wourld!" Connor laid his head on Buffy's swelled belly, "I lowve you." A moment later, Connor began to squeal with excitement. "It moved! Mama, it moved!"

"The baby does that." Buffy combed her fingers through his brown hair.


"Because the baby likes when you talk." She explained. Connor thought about it for a moment then turned away from Buffy and climbed on top of Liam. Buffy took this opportunity to get out of the bed. She went to the window and pushed the curtains aside.

Buffy closed her eyes basking in the morning sunshine. Liam held down his wiggling son and watched Buffy for a moment. He smirked.

Suddenly, Buffy's expression soured in pain. She placed her powerful hand up against the wall holding herself up. Liam removed Connor from around him and went to Buffy's side, "Buffy? What is it? What's happened?" He wrapped an arm around his pregnant wife supporting her.

"I think its time." her voice hitched with labor pains.

"Shit! Connor!" The boy went to his father with a panicking expression. "Run to Grandma Eillis, tell her the baby is comin'."

Connor ran out of the bedroom, down the stairs where Eillis was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. "Grandma! Grandma! Mummy's havin' the baby!" Eillis spun around and ran past the child reaching for the washbowl and a cloth.

Upstairs, Buffy was laying in bed with Liam by her side. Eillis removed the cool washcloth from Buffy's forehead. "Liam, hold your wife's hand." Eillis young daughter, Haley entered the room with fresh linen. "Haley, stay with Connor take him to the lake." Haley took Connor's and led him out of the bedroom.

"Grá, try not to break my hand again." Liam smirked and pressed his lips to the side of her sweat matted hair.

Buffy raised a dangerous brow. "Try not to get me pregnant again and we'll call it even." Liam laughed and kissed her until she broke away into a painful scream.

"You're almost ready. It's comin'." Eillis said checking Buffy's cervix and smiled at the young woman.

Two long hours passed and the sounds of cries filled the room. Buffy laid in the bed utterly exhausted. Liam was by her side memorising each vein in her hand. Connor ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed excitedly, "Are up okay, Mummy?"

Buffy gave her son an exhausted faint smile. "I'm fine, baby. No jumping right now."

Connor fell to his knees and laid his head on Buffy's shoulder. "Is Mommy tired?"

"Very." She whispered.

Eillis and Haley entered the bedroom holding a small bundle wrapped in white cloths. "Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor, let me introduce you to your healthy baby girl." The older woman placed the baby in arms.

Buffy stared down at the pink baby overwhelmed with utter love just like she had with Connor the first time she held him. "Hi, there." She whispered with a teary smile.

"What are you going to call her?" Haley asked with eager.

"Catraoine!" Connor shouted climbing up onto Liam's lap.

"No, no, not Catraoine, son." Liam said messing Connor's hair fondly.

Liam looked at Buffy for the answer. Buffy silently stared at her new daughter and pictured Angel for a split second. "Katherine." She answered.

"Really? After me sister?"

"Yes. Katherine or Katie for short." Buffy looked at Liam waiting for his approval.

"I love it. Thank you, my grá." Liam leaned forward and kissed his wife lovingly. "Connor, meet your new baby sister, Katherine or Katie for short."

"Hellow, Katie!" Connor waved to the sleeping baby and bursted into a fit of giggles.

Liam buried his nose behind Buffy's sweat matted ear. "Its a girl."

Buffy turned her head to him and smiled. "She's perfect."

Galway, Ireland, 1753

Buffy stood on the cobble stone porch watching her children play in the snow. She felt the time was moving fast. Two years went by incredibly fast.

Tonight, was the annual New Years Eve ball at Lady Morgan's mansion. Lady Morgan has been riding Buffy to meet her children.

"Kids, c'mon! Its time to get ready for the party!" Connor now three years old and one year old, Katie ran to their mother. Katie jumped into Buffy's arms wrapping herself around the Slayer.

Liam entered the Cottage and stomped the snow from his boots and hung his black tricorn hat on a wall hook. "I'm home!"

"Up here! Connor sit still!" Buffy called out.

Liam chuckled and ran up the stairs into the master bedroom to see Buffy wrestling with Connor's maroon waist coat buttons then tied a red cravat around his neck.

"This is stupid. Why do you people have to wear these stupid neck things!" Buffy threw the cravat on the ground and walked away with a frustrated huff.

Liam smiled and sat on the edge of the bed picking up the cravat off the ground. He patted his knee for Connor to sit and effortlessly tied the cravat around the child's neck. Connor jumped down from his fathers knee the continued to play with his toy on the floor. Liam leaned back taking in the low neckline of Buffy's red and black gown. She smiled at him through the mirror and held a red ruby necklace around her neck. "Will you help me, please?"

Liam did as asked and stood behind Buffy and tied the black ribbon choker around her neck. His hands traveled down her arms then around her waist thin. He kissed her exposed neck and stared at themselves in the mirror. "Ya're beautiful."

"Thank you." She hugged his arms that were wrapped around her. Liam took a piece of fallen blonde hair from her clip and toyed with it around his finger. "Now," She turned in his arms, "get dressed, please. We don't want to be late."

"Or," his hands explored her hips, "we be very late." Liam's placed open wet kisses down her neck.

"No," she pushed herself from his seductive grasp, "go get handsome." Buffy picked up Katie and walked out of the bedroom.

"Ugh!" Liam groaned with frustration.

Connor jumped onto the bed and looked at his father, "C'mon, Daddy, lets, let the women do their thing."

Liam looked down his son strangely with a chuckle. "Gasún, where on earth did you hear that?"

"Mummy!" Liam laughed and picked up his son spinning him round and round causing the young boy to squeal happily.

A half an hour went by since Liam came home. He and Connor sat in the Parlor room impatiently tapping their boots.

"What's takin' 'em?" Connor asked.

"I don't know, gasún." Liam frowned, "Buffy!" He called out his wife's name impatiently.

"In a minute!" Buffy shouted from up stairs.

Connor eyed his father. "She said that a long time ago."

"Women." The father and son looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

After ten minutes, Buffy came down the steps with Katie on her hip. She smiled at her husband and son pacing up and down in the Parlor room. "Are you boys, ready?"

Liam and Connor stopped and looked up, "'Bout time, Mummy." Connor said.

"Oh, shut it and come here and put on your coat, please." Connor twirled in place, struggling to put on his a heavy great coat. Liam wrapped the heavy black cloak around Buffy's shoulders and kissed her lips as he tied the strings around her neck.

"Come, come." Liam took Katie into his arms and led the young family to the chauffeur at the front of the house.

The chauffeur jumped off the carriage, "Good evening, Mr. O'Connor." He said as he helped Buffy and the children into the carriage.

"Mr. Walsh." Liam said climbing to the carriage.

Morgan's Estate

The carriage stopped outside a long circled driveway of the large Manor. Liam was the first to exit the carriage. He turned to help his children out then held out his hand for Buffy.

Buffy bent down to her excited son and said, "Be on your best behaviour." The warned as she adjusted the knot of his cravat.

"Okay, Mummy." He said with big eyes staring up the giant Estate.

"Miss Buffy Summers or excuse me, Mrs. O'Connor." Buffy turned with Katie on her hip to Lady Morgan standing at the foot of the marble staircase.

Buffy gave the older woman a large, phoney smile. "Lady Morgan, how are you?"

"Quite well." She grinned at the young blonde child attached to Buffy's hip. "And who is this? She is beautiful, as her mother."

"This is Katherine, my youngest. She'll be two in a few months." Katie rested her head on Buffy's shoulder. A little brown haired boy came from his hiding place behind Buffy's gown.

"And this must be Henry." Lady Morgan smiled.

"Say, hello to Lady Morgan." Buffy gently encouraged.

"Hi." He said in a small voice.

Buffy watched Lady Morgan's smile slowly disappear when Liam appeared behind Buffy. "Lady Morgan, happy New Year." He said as politely as possible.

"Liam." She said his name bitterly. "You must come, Buffy, the party is awaits for you." Lady Morgan turned walking back up the marble steps.

When the O'Connors entered the ballroom they were immediately met by Mr. and Mrs. MacCale. "Happy New Year!" Haley said with a large smile. "My, the royals have entered the ballroom." The young girl teased the couple.

"Now we will dance." Liam held out his hand for Buffy to take.

Buffy took it happily letting her husband lead her out onto the dance floor.

Buffy didn't recognise the steps the guests were dancing. She took matters into her own hands and boldly stepped into her husband's embrace. She moved his hand around her waist and placed her right hand on his shoulder. With her free hand she took his. She began to guide him into the steps.

Whispers began to swarm around the ballroom about the young couple. Their odd dancing captured everyones attention as well as Buffy's beauty and the characteristically tender nature of Liam.

Over Liam's shoulder, Buffy peered over it to a couple located in the dark corner of the ballroom. She took in the male's pale appearance. The couple in the corner rounded the corner outside. Buffy rolled her eyes with a huff. "Will you excuse me?" She said looking up at Liam.

"Of course." He smiled and kissed her knuckles before letting her part.

Buffy glanced back over her shoulder to see Liam distracted by a crowd of people she followed the mysterious man out side in the gardens.

"Say I ask myself," Buffy began as she followed the man into the dark gardens. "Why not just dance and mingle when you can slay?"

The vampire turned around and growled at the Slayer. Buffy tilted her head to the side waiting for the demon to attack her.

He rushed into her powerful punches. She tossed the vampire away from her then broke a lame twig from a tree and stabbed the vampires chest watching him combust into dust.

Buffy returned into the ballroom and to her husband circling her hand around his elbow getting his attention.

"Where'd ya go?" Liam asked.

"Just a vamp-ladies room."

Liam smiled down at her and bushed a blonde hair strand behind her ear then kissed her forehead lovingly.

Buffy smiled dreamily up at him then a strange feeling itched her. She looked over her shoulder to the top level to see a familiar blonde woman in a white-gold gown staring down at them. Buffy recognised the woman, Darla.

Right then it hit her like a ton of bricks. This was the year. This was the year Liam was was to become a demon.

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