Turning Back Time

Turning Back Time Chapter 12

Galway, Ireland 1753

MacCale's Cottage

Buffy barged into the cottage startling the kids in the parlor room playing cards. Buffy frowned and made the b-line into to Mr. MacCale's study room.

The Vampire Slayer stood in the doorway wearing a frightened mixed with anger expression that went unnoticed by the couple.

"This is the year, isn't it?" Buffy said.

They did not respond right away.

Mrs. MacCale looked up from her pin-point needle to Buffy. "The year of what, dear?"

"Liam." Buffy and grew frustrated when they did not respond. "He's going to be turned into a vampire!"

The MacCale's did not respond seemingly unfazed by the idea.

"Well, say something!" Buffy yelled at them. "You knew. All this time, you knew what was going to happen." She pieced together and by their guilty expressions she knew she was right. "When?"

"Buffy…" Mrs. MacCale tired.

"No! When will my husband be taken away from me?! A week from now?! A month?!" Buffy's eyes filled with tears. "Just tell me."

Mr. MacCale held his hands behind his back standing tall and proud though his heart broke for the young Vampire Slayer. "Tomorrow, my dear."

"I saw her - Darla. I saw her last night. She was staking her prey. We're finally happy. Maybe, maybe I can change it." Buffy's eyes brightened with the thought. "I can change everything. Kill Darla and everything will be-"

"No." Mr. MacCale shook his head. "It won't work. Unfortunately, these events must be lived out-"

"I refuse you believe that!"

Mr. MacCale slammed his hand down on his desk. "Well, you bloody well have to!" He yelled at her. "These events must be played out otherwise its catastrophic to your future, Buffy." His voice was calm and even trying to get through to her.

"What about me now?" Buffy's voice cracked with sadness. "What is the future like with me here and Liam still alive? How different could that be?"

Mr. MacCale took a deep calming breath and said, "You did make his future better-"

"That's bullshit!" Buffy filled with rage. "So this is it? I finally get everything I ever wanted and this is how I'm repaid for my sacrifices? To take the only man I have ever loved away from me? For what a fucking prophetical destiny? What about my children?" Her eyes went from Mr. MacCale to Mrs. MacCale. "They're real and they're ours. What's going to happen to them? Will he kill them? Lay their little bodies in a bed for me to find? I know Angelus. He wouldn't hesitate to do so. I need him to be alive and be here."

There was a heavy and long silence filled the air for what seemed like an eternity.

"I'm sorry Buffy." Mr. MacCale sincerely. "There is no other choice."

Buffy shook her head not accepting defeat. "What about my kids?"

"They will be protected by the Power That Be." Mrs. MacCale answered.

"The Powers That Be? What are they?"

Mrs. MacCale looked at the Vampire Slayer. "They are the Powers that have been on this earth since the dawn of man for the forces of good." She explained.

"If anything happens to my children… I'm done. I quit. You can tell your Powers that." Buffy turned around and walked out of the study room leaving the MacCale's saddened with disappointment.

Sunnydale, California 2001

1630 Revello Drive

Four Months Later

Willow and Tara sat in the dining room staring at the Urn of Osiris in awe.

"You really found it." Willow said with a small smile and looked up at Anya.

"Yeah. It wasn't easy. I went though every supplier that the Magic Box has to find that thing."

"The Magic Box?" Willow frowned. "What if Giles finds out?"

Anya waved her hand with a shrug, "He's too busy not leaving to pay attention to me. Besides, I ended up getting it on eBay."

"You found the last known Urn of Osiris on eBay?" Tara looked at the ex-demon trying to suppress her laughter.

"Yeah, from this desert gnome in Cairo. He drive a really hard bargain but I finally got him to throw in a limited edition Backstreet Boys lunchbox for Xan-" Xander coughed into his hand. Anya looked at her boyfriend and frowned, "- a friend."

"So you got your somber on, Will?" Xander quickly changed the subject. "Is the urn not up to spec?"

Willow raised the urn up and studied it carefully. "It's the one. Which means it's time." Her eyes went around the small group.

"It's time? Like, time - time? With the - timeliness?" Xander rambled nervously."

"Are you sure?" Anya asked.

Willow nodded her head confidently. "I am."

"Mercury's in retrograde and we have… Do we have everything?" Tara looked at her girlfriend beside her.

"Just about." Willow answered setting the Urn of Osiris down on the table.

"So why the sudden rushy-rush?" Xander frowned, "I mean, did the robot blow our cover at the school?"

Tara shook her head, "No, she did great. She impressed all of the teachers."

Xander looked at Tara unconvinced. He knew that robot and she was nothing like the real person. "And they still thought it was Buffy?"

"Tomorrow night." Willow stood from her chair. "We'll meet back here."

"Whoa!" Xander stood to his feet. "Let's apply the brakes and check the rear and side view mirrors here." He looked at Willow standing across from him. "This is deep stuff, Will. We're talking about raising the dead."

Willow stared right back at him with unmoving eyes. "It's time we stop talking and do it. Tomorrow night, we're bringing Buffy back."

Galway, Ireland 1753

Old Cottage

Liam jumped to feet from the chair set in front of the roaring fireplace when the front door opened. He moved around to see Buffy enter removing the long cloak from around her shoulders and place on the hook beside his coat.

"Buffy?" He went to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Where have ya been? I was worried? You said-"

"I know, I know. I'm sorry. My trip to the market took longer than I thought." Buffy caressed her hand down his cheek. She smiled slightly and hugged his body burying her face into his neck engraining his scent and the feel of his body in her arms into her membrane. "I'm sorry." She drew back her head to look at him. "Where are the kids?"

"Oh, they went to sleep ages ago."

Buffy slowly nodded her head and removed her arms from around him. "I'm going to change then I'll come right back down."

Liam took her hand at her side and smiled kissing her knuckles. "Go."

Buffy smiled and quietly went up the stairs and went straight into Connor bedroom. She bent down raising the blanket to his shoulders. She ran her fingers idly into his brown shaggy hair. Buffy stood and went to Katie's bedroom.

Buffy headed down the stairs and went into the parlor room and stopped standing in the door way. Liam had made a spread of blankets in front of the fireplace that lit the room. He turned from the fire after placing a log in it and smiled at her.

Liam crossed the small distance between them and took her in his arms. His mouth placed small loving kisses onto her neck and over her scar. She undressed herself from the heavy gown to the undergarment gown that hugged her curves comfortably.

He took her hand and raised it up to his lips and kissed her fingers. Liam took a step back with her hand in his and led her to the blanket spread.

Buffy ran her eyes from the profile of his face down to his loose fitting smock white shirt to the dark brown breeches that hung on his hips to his bare feet. Liam turned encircling his arms around her waist. Buffy raised her hand and traced her fingers over his dark and handsome features as if she was trying to memorise an imaginary pathway around his face.

"What is it, lass?" His velvet voice was low and comforting.

Buffy opened her eyes locking with his and shook her head with a small smile. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing." She hooked her arms around his neck running her hands through his long hair. "I love you."

Liam smirked and cradled her cheek in his hand, "I love ye, too."

Buffy tilted her chin up slightly closing the space between them and gently brushed her mouth across his in a slow and tender kiss. Liam's hand slipped behind her neck and deepened the kiss.

They broke the kiss slowly when Liam went to his knees before her and gestured for her to do the same. Buffy went to her knees and wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him again. Liam's large and skilled hands slid down her slim body to the lace strings tied in the front of her gown. He pulled the long strings loose and watched the dainty martial open. He reached down to the hem of her gown and lifted it up and over her head.

Buffy's hands went down his strong back and pulled up the smock up and over his head needing to desperately feel his warm skin beneath her fingers. Buffy broke away from his mouth and trailed down his muscular chest.

Liam's hands went to the front of his breeches when Buffy brushed them away wanting to unbutton them herself. Liam laughed heartedly as she teased him. He hooked his arm around her waist and surprised her laying her down on the blankets.

Buffy spread her legs for him to fit perfectly between them as he's done a thousand times before. She used her feet to help him ride of the breeches.

He looked at her and saw the love for him shining in her eyes. He pecked her lips and shared a smile. Buffy's fingers went down his clean-shaven cheek. "Kiss me."

Liam did as he was told and kissed her, devouring her mouth in a deep and searing kiss. She moaned into his mouth he entered her with a single thrust.

He slowly rotated his hips savouring each moment of her surrounding him. Buffy rolled him onto his back. She straddled his waist and kept the slow rhythm. Liam's hands slid from her breasts to her hip guiding her.

Liam sat up taking her into his arms as a warm, tingling feeling of pleasure rippled through their bodies. "That was amazing, lass." He kissed her mouth. "Such a heavenly creature ya are." He pushed back her tussled blonde hair off of her shoulders.

"I love you, my Angel."

A slow smile twitched in the corner of his mouth. He pressed his mouth against hers and turned her laying her back down on the blankets ready for another round with his perfect wife.

Buffy woke with a start facing in the window in the bed of the master bedroom. She noticed the sky was a shade of orange and red she must have fallen asleep for how long, she had no idea.

Buffy turned to her other side to see Liam laying beside her holding his head up with his hand. "Hey."

He smiled dreamily, "'Ello, my grá." Liam kissed her swollen lips.

They spent most of the day in bed making love or taking small naps while their children were in the playroom keeping themselves busy.

"Mmm… what time is it?" Buffy stretched her comfortably numb limbs.

Liam rolled onto his back reaching out to the nightstand for is pocket watch. "Oh, it's nearly five o'clock." He rolled back to her and kissed her mouth. "I have to be gettin' ready soon for the Tavern." He kissed her again and frowned when she didn't respond. "What is it?"

"Nothing… I just don't want you to go anywhere."

Liam smiled softly and pressed his mouth against her forehead. "I'll be home before ya know, lass."

"Do you really have to go?" Buffy gave him her infamous pout that made him cave every single time.

Liam chuckled lowly, "Oh, my grá, if I don't go all of the men of Ireland will have me head if I don't open the bar and ye love me too much for that to happen."

Buffy sighed heavily and kissed him and relished the feel of his mouth against hers.

Liam broke the kiss and crawled away from her knowing if he stayed any longer he'd never open that Tavern.

Buffy drew up the thin bed sheet over her naked breasts and sat up against the backboard watching Liam with interest as he readied himself.

He turned to her as he tucked in his smock shirt into his breeches and pulled on a gold and white vest. He faced the tall mirror and ran Buffy's hairbrush through his dark hair pulling it back. Through the mirror he could see Buffy getting out of the bed and slip on a thin silk robe. She tied the belt around her thin waist and went to him.

Buffy wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her chin on his shoulder and kissed the spot of skin behind his ear as Liam tied the cravat around his neck.

Liam turned in her arms and smiled looking down at her. She straightened the cravat knot and tucked a piece of his fallen brown hair back. "Very handsome."

Liam smirked and cupped her beautiful face in his hand. "Very beautiful." He dipped his head down and captured her mouth.

Liam caught his children as he made his way down the stairs. Connor climbed behind his back while Katie was in her father's arms.

"Alright guys, tell your daddy goodnight." Buffy said watching Connor jump down from Liam's back.

"G'night, Papa! I rov you!" Katie circled her arms around his neck hugging him tightly and kissed his cheek.

"I love ya, too, my bláth." Liam kissed her forehead and set her daughter down onto her feet.

Liam took his coat off of the hook near the front door and shrugged it on. "Where is me hat?" He frowned.

Connor appeared behind Liam when he turned wearing his tricorn hat on his head that was a bit too big for the child.

"There it is." Liam took the tricorn hat and placed on his head then wrapped his arms around his son. "Be good for your mother. Ya're the man of the house."

"Yes, Papa!"

"That's my boy." Liam patted Connor's bottom then placed him down on his feet. Liam turned to Buffy and gave her an easy smile that melted her insides. "I love ya, my grá."

Buffy stepped into his arms and cupped the back of of his neck and kissed him soundly. "I love you too, my Angel." She traced her thumb over his bottom lip. "I'll - I'll be seeing you." She smiled weakly.

Liam kissed her once more then walked out of the front door heading toward another chaotic night at the Tavern.

MacCale's Cottage

Mr. MacCale opened the front door to find Buffy standing on the other side of it holding her two young children in her arms with their heads on her shoulders sound asleep. "I need you or your Powers to protect them."

"Buffy…" He began but thought different of it. "Give them here."

Buffy kissed her daughter's forehead and passed her to Mr. MacCale.

Mrs. MacCale appeared beside her husband and held out her arms to take Connor. "I've got him."

Buffy brushed his hair off of his forehead and kissed it. She reluctantly passed him off to Mrs. MacCale.

"You can't change the events, Buffy. The must play them out." Mr. MacCale whispered to the Slayer.

Buffy looked at the older man for a long moment then said, "I can't let him die. I need him with me. I need him alive."

"I understand your love for the man but his journey is not complete-"

"For the next hundred years his journey will be nothing but of torment, death, and bloodshed. I can't…" Her voice trailed off knowing if she said anymore she would only burst into tears. "Please, take care of my children." Buffy turned away and headed down the pathway of the home and into the darkness.

Street Outside the Tavern

Buffy waited outside the Tavern staring in the window from the shadows for what felt like was for hours. She watched her husband laugh and clacked his beer mugs with the others around him singing a song.

A familiar tingle in her stomach twirled telling her there was something dead lurking in the shadows as well. Buffy turned to see Darla standing under the candle light lantern outside the alleyway waiting.

The Tavern doors opened and two drunk men stumbled out, one of them was Liam.

"We'll be back from break in a few minutes!" Liam said into the Tavern as his friend Patrick wobbled behind him them fell to the ground. "Just need a bit of air, lads."

Liam closed the doors and turned seeing Patrick passed out on the ground. "Ah, why don't ye rest right here then. I think I'm gonna visit me woman." He stepped over his drunken friend heading down the direction of his home where his wife waited for him.

Something in the corner of his eye took his attention. He turned his head to see a woman in a beautiful gown and blonde hair step into an alleyway.

"Buffy?" Liam frowned and followed the woman into the alleyway.

Liam chuckled stepping under the candle lit lantern in the alleyway. "So, I'd ask meself what's a lady of your station doing alone in an alley with a reputation that this one has?" He asked standing behind the blonde woman.

"Maybe she's lonely." Darla said with a perfect American accent much like his wife's.

"In that case, I'd offer meself as escort to protect your from harm and to while away the dull hours." He gallantly bowed his head and looked up.

"You're very gracious."

From the crate boxes filled of liquor, Buffy hid watching the scene place out.

"Hm, it's often been said." Liam smirked smugly.

Darla turned around to him.

The playful smile dancing on his lips vanished realising she was not the woman he was seeking. "Ya're not my Buffy." Liam slurred with a heavy frown of disappointment.

Darla smiled, "Are you certain you're up to the challenge?"

Liam's distracted mind shifted from thoughts of his gorgeous wife to the woman before him flirtatiously grinning at him. "Milady, you'll find that with the exception of an honest day's work, there is no challenge that I am not prepared to face. Oh… but you're a pretty little thing, though…" He stepped closer to her.

Darla smiled triumphantly as he came closer to her falling into her trap.

Liam blinked, "My wife is beautiful, too. She's a heavenly creature." Darla's smile slowly faded. "Her hair is as yellow as the sun and her eyes are as green as emeralds. She's so pure… and beautiful…" Liam closed his eyes envisioning Buffy warmly smiling at him.

"Where is she now?" Darla asked.

"Waiting for me in my bed." Liam smiled then opened his eyes to Darla's face. "Where are you from, lass?"

"Around. Everywhere." Darla answered.

Liam frowned, "I've never been anywhere meself. Always wanted to see the world. I want to show my grá the world but…" he trailed off losing his train of thought.

"I can help you show her." Darla said with a smile.

"Could you then?" Liam looked at her.

Darla nodded her head, "You can show her things you never even heard of."

"Sounds exciting."

"It is. And frightening."

Liam shook his head standing tall though the world around him spun, "I'm not afraid. Show me." Liam reached out and touched Darla's cold cheek. "Help me give her the world." His voice was suddenly sobered and serious.

Darla stepped closer to him and whispered, "Close your eyes."

Liam's eyes fluttered closed and twitched slightly under Darla's cool grip when she grasped his bicep. Her beautiful face shifted into her demonic features as she lowered her fangs to his neck.

Liam's eyes snapped open feeling the agonising pain. He sank down to his knees, weak from the blood draining out from his veins.

Darla unhooked her fangs from his neck and stood making a long slit across her chest between her breasts. Liam's eyes weakly opened and closed seeing the vampires face but it did not register. He closed his eyes again then opened them and saw Buffy looking down at him. Her fingers touched his lips and her smile was soft and warm. "Buffy…" He whispered breathlessly as Darla forced his mouth over her bleeding chest for him to drink from her.

Behind the crate boxes, Buffy sat on the ground with her back against the boxes and the scene playing out behind her. She sobbed into her hands unable to watch any longer. She looked down at the Claddagh ring on her ring finger. She let him die. There was nothing she could do to stop it. She let him die.

A sudden shooting pain shot through her chest ripping her into pieces. She released a sharp breath when a white flash of light blinded her before her world went black.

Sunnydale, California 2001


Buffy woke wide-eyed. She gasped desperately for breath. Her eyes fuzzy and disoriented she searched her surroundings and slowly realised where she was. She was in her flat on her back inside her coffin six feet under.

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