Turning Back Time

Turning Back Time Chapter 3

Galway, Ireland, 1751

Morning sun shined brightly through the wool drapes of the bedroom.

Buffy shifted under the feather filled pillow hiding from the obnoxious brightness.

A soft knock sounded at the door. After a moment, the door creaked open. "Miss Summers?" An uniformed maid laid a gentle hand on Buffy's shoulder.

"Mmm, go away." Buffy grumbled burying her under the covers.

"Miss Summers, it's time to wake. You are accompanying Mrs. MacCale and Miss Haley into town to have tea with Lady Morgan. You must look your very best."

"I don't care. Go away." Buffy whined in a childish voice.

"Miss Summers, breakfast is served and -" Buffy sat up kicking off the covers startling the young maid. The Slayer looked at the young maid and rolled her eyes. "Okay, okay, I'm up. I need a shower."

"Pardon me, what?"

Buffy's face sunk lower almost forgetting that this was all real. "Nevermind."

The maid smiled politely. "Well, let's get you dressed Miss Summers."

"Buffy, please. Everyone is so formal around here."

"I bet in America it is less formal?"

Buffy smiled. "Yeah, something like that."

Buffy got out of the bed and went behind a screen-dressing area. "Can we not do the corset thing? I'll be Twiggy." Buffy poked her head around the screen to the maid.

"Pardon? Twiggy? Is that a person?"

"Nevermind." Buffy disappeared behind the screen again. "Hey, I never got your name."

"Caroline." Caroline waited patiently for Buffy holding her hands sitting in the chair near the mirror and washbowl. "Um, Miss Summers - Buffy?" Caroline began nervously.

"What's up?" Buffy asked hearing Caroline's voice. She poked her head around the screen with a questioning expression.

"My I be so bold?"

"Bold away." Buffy rolled white stockings up her tan smooth legs.

Caroline's brows furrowed together but decided not to read any further into Buffy's strange speech pattern. "The women in America - are they happy?"

Buffy moved around from the screen and sat on the edge of the bed in front of Caroline. How was she going to tell this young woman with hopeful eyes that women in America were a lot like women everywhere else in the world now. Instead, Buffy smiled warmly and replied, "Yes, the women in America are happy."

Caroline nodded her head with a hidden smile. "Come, I'll tie your corset strings."

After the long two hour preparation for an outing of the town, Buffy walked down the wooden steps carefully not to trip over her heavy puffy gown.

Haley ran out from the parlor room with an excited grin after catching a glimpse of the blonde Slayer standing on the bottom step. "Oh, Miss Summers! You are so beautiful. I hope when I am older, I'm as beautiful you."

Mrs. MacCale stood behind her young daughter and smiled letting her eyes fall down Buffy's outfit. "Very good." Mrs. MacCale nodded her head approvingly. Haley smiled with relief for Buffy.

Buffy felt a wild excitement in her stomach at the thought of seeing Angel today in town. She spent most of the night picturing what he would look like now. She knew his hair was probably not short and spiked, as she was accustomed. It would probably be long much like Mr. MacCale's. His face would be the same and his skin would be tan from the son. Buffy shook her head from her thoughts knowing she could daydream about him for the rest of her stint here.

"Shall we then?" Mrs. MacCale opened the front door and lead the way out to the cobble stone walkway to the horse carriage waiting for them.

Morgan Estate

The horse carriage stopped in front of a large luxurious estate. The home was made of stone and stood tall with a quite lake in the front of the home's garden.

A uniformed servant man opened the carriage door and held out a gloved hand for the women.

Buffy was the last to step out. Her eyes widen scaling up the beautiful estate what was covered with green vines.

Lady Morgan, a middle aged and an aristocrat to the English society stepped down the steps.

"Lady Morgan." Mrs. MacCale greeted the older woman walking toward her.

"Mrs. MacCale. I was beginning to fret, oh, you've brought your daughter. Last time I saw you, love, we were a young girl." Lady Morgan said with a warm smile. "And-" Her words drifted out of her mouth as Buffy appeared from behind Mrs. MacCale and Haley. The older woman ran her eyes with scrutinising interest over the blonde woman. "Who is this?"

Mrs. MacCale stepped to the side, giving Lady Morgan a full few of her. "This is Miss Summers. She's an American on holiday. Curtsey-" She whispered to Buffy as she stepped forward nervously.

Buffy did as told and curtsied. "An American, you say? My, what in heavens are you doing here?"

"I'm visiting the MacCale's. Mr. MacCale and my father are old friends. I'm here to journey through my father's fondest memories of this place."

Lady Morgan eyed Buffy carefully. Buffy tried not to falter under the woman's hard stare. "Wonderful. Welcome to Galway. Please, come in. We'll have a spot of tea." The three women followed Lady Morgan in to the mansion.

"Well done." Mrs. MacCale whispered into Buffy's ear and moved ahead of the two girls catching up with Lady Morgan.

The women entered the parlor room to find two other guests sitting side by side with tea in their hands. "Mrs. MacCale, you remember Mrs. O'Connor and her daughter Miss Katherine O'Connor, do you?" Lady Morgan asked as she sat down in a decorated chair looking up at Mrs. MacCale.

"Oh, yes. How are ya, Mrs. O'Connor?"

Mrs. O'Connor shyly looked up from the tea cup in her hand and smiled. "Very well, thank you. You look fine, Haley."

"Thank you, Mrs. O'Connor."

"Who might you be?" Mrs. O'Connor watched Buffy sit down beside Mrs. MacCale.

"This is Miss Summers. She's from the American colonies." Mrs. MacCale explained.

Mrs. O'Connor appeared surprised. "Such a long way to come from way out there." Buffy did not respond only staring at the woman and daughter who were connected to Angel.

"Miss Summers?" Mrs. O'Connor said her name softly. "Miss Summers…?"

Buffy blinked out from her thoughts and smiled bashfully. "Sorry, I spaced out for a second there."

"Spaced out?" Katherine's face twisted with confusion at the unfamiliar speech from the American woman.

"It's an American phrase." Mrs. MacCale stepped in and gave the Vampire Slayer a side eye.

Lady Morgan laughed with jolly, "You Americans! Might as well write a whole new alphabet."

"Are there any other O'Connors, Mrs. O'Connor?" Buffy asked ignoring Lady Morgan's outburst. That woman was quickly getting on Buffy's nerves.

"My husband and I have a son. He's called Liam."

Lady Morgan gruffed at the sound of Liam's name. "How is that menace of yours?"

Buffy watched Mrs. O'Connor's smile fade quickly from the bitter tone of Lady Morgan. Mrs. O'Connor was well aware of her sons indolence reputation. At times, she admitted she was ashamed of him.

"Still a gambler of pigs money? Well, I am sure he is. That boy is many things and pig seems the most accurate description of him." Lady Morgan spatted ruthlessly.

"Pigs are the cleanest of animals-" Buffy muttered looking down at her tea cup.

"Pardon me?" Lady Morgan asked with a shriek.

Buffy looked up at the woman with a confident gaze. "I said, pigs are considered the cleanest animals. Look it up."

"My dear, you speak your mind very plainly. Where have inquired that information? America?" Lady Morgan challenged the Slayer with an snide insult.

"A Snapple bottle cap, actually." Buffy sipped her tea without batting an eye.

Lady Morgan glared at the young woman and her interest in her obscene ways were something that caught her increasing attention.

"Ehm, how about more tea?" Mrs. MacCale interrupted the obvious tension and poured the tea into Haley's cup.

Two hours went painfully by. At least for Buffy they were painful. She needed to get out of here stat. The corset was digging into her ribs and she really needed to go to the bathroom and her head was pounding from Lady Morgan's shrilly voice.

With that in mind, Buffy stood from her seat. "Excuse me, please." She walked out and ran into a house servant. "Where is your restroom?"

"Down the hall and to the right Miss."

"Thank you." Buffy hastily walked down the hallway to the restroom.

Feeling much, much better Buffy adjusted her stockings and laced her gown back up after ripping the corset off. She fluted the toilet by the chain handle then opened the door and was surprised by the person entering as she was leaving.

It was Katherine.

"Oh, Miss Summers, I'm sorry." Buffy smiled at the girl and moved around her as she stepped into the bathroom. "Miss Summers," Buffy faced the young burnette. "I just want to thank you for defending my brother. He's not all bad, you know… He's a really good brother. But he is just misguided. He's a good man inside. I seem to be the only one to ever sees it. But it is true. I promise."

Buffy smiled at her warmly, "I actually know someone back where I come from and he is very much like your brother. Guess what?" Katherine waited the answer. "He's a really good man as well."

"Thank you, Miss Summers."

"Buffy, please."

"Thank you, Buffy." Katherine smiled and watched Buffy move around her. "Buffy?" Buffy faced the young girl.


"Someday, I hope that you'll meet Liam. He would love you! I know it!"

Buffy smiled at her words. "I hope so, too."

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