Turning Back Time

Turning Back Time Chapter 4

Morgan's Estate

Tea with Lady Morgan ended shortly after Buffy's return.

Standing outside the carriages, Mrs. MacCale called out to Mrs. O'Connors. "My girls and I will be roaming around the town this afternoon. Would your and Katherine care to join us?"

Mrs. O'Connor smiled but was joyfully surprised by the invitation. "That would be lovely."

Galway Town

Haley and Katherine ran along in front of the women excited. The ribbon in their hands flew in the air as and ran. Haley stopped spun around to her mother. "Can Miss Buffy take us to the dress store, Mama?"

Mrs. MacCale looked at Mrs. O'Connor who smiled. The two women then looked at Buffy who gave a shrug. "Have fun my girls." Mrs. MacCale said.

Haley and Katherine stood at either side of Buffy hooking their elbows around hers. "Tell me, Miss Buffy," Haley began, "do all the girls from America shop too?"

"Even more so." Buffy said with a smile finding the two young girls endearing.

"Oh! I do love this one!" Haley held the gown to her body and swayed in front of the mirror. "What do you think?"

"You look like a princess!" Katherine giggled girlishly picking out a blue ribbon.

"Buffy? What do you think?" Haley asked looking at herself in the mirror.

"Beautiful." An unknown yet familiar deep voice whispered behind Buffy sending a shivering tingle down her spine.

Buffy looked up into the mirror to see a tall, board shouldered man gazing seductively at her in the mirror. His masculine body felt warm behind her and his eyes were a soulful deep dark brown. She faced him not realising how close they actually were.

"Liam!" Katherine said with excitement and went to her brothers side.

Liam smirked lazily and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"I didn't know you were goin' to be in town today." Liam said.

"Mama is out with Mrs. MacCale and Haley and I took Miss Summers with us into the stores." Katherine explained.

Liam's eyes went to the blonde woman beside him. "Miss Summers I presume." Liam oozed with alluring charm.

Katherine took Buffy's hand. "She's from the colonies in America!"

"Is that so? Tell me lass, what is a beautiful American doing here in gloomy place like Ireland?"

"Visiting family friends." Buffy answered simply.

Buffy couldn't look away from him. His eyes were still dark and passionate but were different from Angel's. Liam's eyes were free and untroubled. Not a hint of guilt or remorse in them.

She noticed those eyes that melted her knees never averted from her face. Buffy bashfully smiled.

"Forgive me, Miss Summers, for I can't seem to able to look away from your most heavenly beauty." Buffy felt her cheeks heat up. She was positive they were flushed. "Ehem, may I escort you three fine women out of the store?"

"Oh yes, Mr. O'Connor." Haley giggled taking Liam's arm and Katherine took the other. Buffy rolled her eyes and followed the three out of the store.

Outside, Mrs. MacCale and Mrs. O'Connor stood waiting for the girls. Their conversation come to a hush as they watched Liam turn away from the giggling girls to Buffy behind him.

Liam smiled raising her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles gently. "The day seems brighter since you've come into it." Liam looked out to the woodsy park. "May I accompany ya for a walk in the park?"

Buffy nodded with a smile, "I'd like that."

A store clerk walked out from the dress shop. "Miss, is this man bothering ya?"

Buffy faced the clerk. "No. Not all."

The store clerk took notice in Buffy's foreign accent. "You are new here madam, this man is not worthy to be in your company."

"I can judge that for myself, thank you." Liam appeared taken back by this strange woman who spoke her mind freely and adamantly.

Liam smirked at the store clerk as Buffy wrapped her hand around Liam's arm.

The store clerk stood tall obviously feeling insulted and adjusted his cravat. "As you wish Miss. Excuse me." He disappeared back into the store.

Buffy turned to Liam and the two bursted into a fit of laughter.

"Miss Buffy!" Haley waved her arms standing with Mrs. MacCale.

"I, uh, I guess we'll have to take a rain check on that walk."

Liam smiled at her odd phrase but did not respond, instead, he took her hand again and kissed her knuckles. "It's been a pleasure, Miss Summers. I hope to be seeing you again. Real soon. For that walk of course."

"Of course."

"Tomorrow perhaps. Midday?" Buffy did not think and immediately responded with a 'yes'.

Liam smiled and turned away from the woman.

Buffy watched him strut down the dirt road with über confidence. Her mind reeled back in when she could no longer could see him. "Miss Buffy! Miss Buffy!" Haley's voice took Buffy from her thoughts and walked to an awaiting mother and daughter.

Suddenly a thought occurred to Buffy causing her to lose her dreamy smile. "What the hell is midday?" She grimaced.

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