Turning Back Time

Turning Back Time Chapter 7

MacCale's House

Buffy's ears sharpened to the sound of her bedroom door opening. Her body stiffened feeling the presence of another. A hand reached out and lightly touched her shoulder. Buffy grabbed the intruders wrist and held a stake inches from their heart. She opened her eyes to see it was a horrified Mrs. MacCale.

"My, what speed you have, dear." The older woman a bit startled.

"What do you want?" Buffy asked sitting up and placing the stake under her pillow.

"I want to talk do ya, dear."

Buffy did not respond glaring at the older woman.

Mrs. MacCale nodded her head and turned to the door. "Well, Caroline will have your gown pressed for the ball tonight." Buffy watched Mrs. MacCale exit the bedroom closing the door behind her.

The carriage doors opened by a white haired servant. He held out his hand to help the women out.

Mrs. MacCale, escorted by Mr. MacCale led the way up the stairs and into the mansion. Buffy dallied behind taking in the crowds of wigs and exquisite gowns.

"Oh, Mrs. MacCale, I'm so relieved you are here!" Lady Morgan waved her hand and moved around the crowds to the MacCale's. "You wouldn't believe who had the nerve to make an appearance."

"Tell me." Mrs. MacCale said with interest.

"That dreadful O'Connor boy. I simply could not just send him away… This ball would be far less entertaining if he were to leave." She smiled.

Buffy bit the insides of her cheeks trying to keep face instead of just sending the English bat off the balcony by her tacky wig.

Lady Morgan smiled peering over Mrs. MacCale's shoulder to Buffy. "Miss Summers!" She grinned wildly. "I am so pleased that you are here. My, my, are you not the prettiest princess at the ball. I want you to meet someone." Buffy half listened as she searched her surrounding for Liam. "This is my nephew, Mr. Moore."

Mr. Moore stood tall and proud. He was a handsome man in his late twenties. He seemed well aware of his social status unable to raise his chin any higher.

"How do you do?" Mr. Moore bowed his head politely.

"May I present, Miss Buffy Summers from the colonies of America." Buffy looked at Mr. Moore.

"May I ask permission for a dance, Miss Buffy?"

Buffy looked at the handsome man apprehensively. "Uh, dancing?"

"What a splendid idea!" Lady Morgan clapped her hands and looked at a false smiling Mrs. MacCale.

Mr. Moore took Buffy's hand and wrapped it around his elbow leading them onto the dance floor.

The floor was filled with couples in a ready position for the next dance. The violins began to play. Buffy placed one hand on his shoulder and the other in his.

Mr. Moore stepped backwards confused by the strange dance. "Miss, what are you doing?"

Buffy looked around her. All of the couples danced the traditional way barely touching. "Uh, it's an American dance…" She said feeling a bit foolish. "We're pretty progressive…"

"Ehem. My I cut in?" The hairs on Buffy's neck stood straight up as the sound of the familiar deep voice behind her.

Buffy faced Liam feeling utterly relieved.

"I don't think so O'Connor." Mr. Moore stepped between the couple. "Miss Buffy needn't to waste her time with a scoundrel like you."

"That's funny coming from a high nosed fool." Liam took a step closer eyeing the man carefully. "Oh, one of your windy boy hairs is out of place. Better go fix that fast before someone thinks you're a dirty savage, like all true Englishmen are." He smirked darkly.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen." Buffy stepped between the men before they threw anymore horrifyingly back insults at one another. "I don't see why I can't have a dance with Mr. O'Connor. It's perfectly innocent."

Mr. Moore's frown deepened but bowed his head taking his leave. He glared Liam down as he exited the dance floor.

Liam saw the odd dance Buffy was trying to do and decided to go with it. He placed one hand on her lower back and took her hand with his other. "I must admit, I've never danced like this before, lass."

Buffy smiled softly, "It's easy. Take one step forward. Now, one step to the left, to the right and back. Forward, left, right, back. Forward, left, right, back…" Buffy looked at him and smiled as he watched their feet as they moved around the dance floor. "Look at me. You'll get it." Liam did as told and looked at her.

Liam's confidence grew as other couples stopped their dance and watched the foreign waltz. They spun around and around on the dance floor in no particular direction.

Off to the side, Mrs. MacCale watched the couple dancing and exchanging laughs as they followed the music. Mrs. MacCale smiled as this strange young woman inspired the others on the dance floor to give their 'American' dance awhirl.

When the song was finished all gathered in a roaring clap. Liam took Buffy's hand and rushed them off of the dance floor without anyone noticing.

They escaped into the candle lit courtyard gardens. Buffy's breath was taken by its beauty. Liam took her hand and dragged her deeper into the garden and between tall bushes were a stone bench waited for them.

"My grá, I have to tell ya," He stopped mid-thought just awestruck by Buffy's beauty glowing under the moonlight. "Ya're as beautiful as the flowers blooming in the spring."

Buffy smoothed her fingers over his clean shaven cheek. "I've missed you."

"And I, you."

Buffy thumb ran over his bottom lip. "Kiss me." Liam cupped her cheek and leaned forward capturing her mouth gently. Their kiss was slow and tender.

"Ehem." The couple broke apart and looked at there interruption.

Liam's eyes went wide with surprise. "Mother?"

Mrs. O'Connor eyed her son suspiciously. "Miss Summers, Lady Morgan is in search of ya. But first, I want you to meet me husband."

"Oh. Oh, okay." Buffy said unable to think straight between Liam's kiss and the embarrassment she was washed in.

Liam reached out catching her hand. He raised it against his head and kissed her knuckles.

Mr. O'Connor stepped from around the tall bush. Mr. O'Connor was tall like Liam. They shared similar dark features. He wore a white powdered wig and a blue velvet attire with golden trimmings.

"My love, this is Miss Buffy Summers. She's the young woman from America." Mrs. O'Connor presented.

Mr. O'Connor bowed his head. "So this is the American, I've been hearing so much about." He smiled sweetly. "You are the talk of this sleepy town. It's nice to finally meet ya." Mr. O'Connor looked at Liam standing behind Buffy. "Now, ya see Liam, this is the sort of woman ya'll won't be havin'. Unless you make somethin' of yee-self. Instead of wasting ya're life in the Tavern and being an abomination on this family."

Buffy felt Liam's anger rise. "Hm, so glad ya think so highly of me, Father." Liam never showed that Mr. O'Connor's words really struck him hard.

"I must apologise, Miss Summers. Ya see, me boy has a single tracked mind when it comes to beautiful lass's. Especially, the Nobel women."

Buffy smiled. "I don't understand what you're referring too, Mr. O'Connor has been nothing but a gentleman to me."

Liam took Buffy's hand and led her away from his dreadful parents back into the ballroom. Mr. O'Connor watched them retreat. "Most interesting bird."

Once back inside the ballroom, Lady Morgan bombarded them with her presence. "Miss Summers, what in heavens are you doing out there all alone?"

"I'm not alone." Lady Morgan looked at her oddly. "I'm with Liam." Buffy placed a hand on his bicep.

"Come with me, Miss Summers. Meet Mr. Murphy."

"Lady Morgan, I'm still with Liam."

"I have not a clue what you are saying, Miss Summers. Really, this is very American language you have. Its utterly bewildering."

Buffy mentally rolled her eyes. "Okay then let me say it in a way you'll understand. Mr. O'Connor will be accompanying me for the rest of the evening. Which means, I'm not going to meet anymore of your nephews tonight. Excuse us." Liam grinned as they moved around a furious Lady Morgan.

"I've never been thus treated in my entire life." Lady Morgan grimaced and turned away storming out.

They stepped outside in the front of the mansion and bursted out into laughter. "Did you see her face?" Liam asked between his laughter.

"I thought her head was gonna explode."

Liam calmed down and leaned against the stone railing. He pulled Buffy into his embrace by wrapping an hand around her waist. "Where did you come from?" He marvelled over the thought. Her fingers toyed with his lapel. Liam leaned froward and wiggled his nose against her then closed the small space with his mouth.

"Miss Buffy!" The couple broke apart and looked out to a open carriage door revealing Mrs. MacCale. "Time to go, luv!" She called out.

Buffy looked at Liam quickly engraining his handsome features into her membrane. "This Cinderella has to go."

"What?" He eyed her strangely.

Buffy shook her head with a smile. "Nevermind."

"Meet me at our spot tomorrow. I have a day planned."

"I like the sound of that."

Liam watched her climb into the carriage. "Tomorrow." He whispered to himself as he watched the carriage horses ride off. A smile crept along his mouth and leaned back remembering Buffy small frame enlaced in his arms. He missed her already.

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