Turning Back Time

Turning Back Time Chapter 8

Old Cottage

Excitement filled Buffy as walked along the lake to the hidden away cottage on the top of the hill. She stopped and held her hand up to block of bright sun. Liam stepped over the hill waiting for her. Buffy held her gown above her ankles and began to to walk up the hill to him.

Liam picked Buffy up by her waist and spun around with pure happiness.

Buffy's arms wrapped around his neck as he twirled her around.

"I've missed you, lass." He said setting her down onto her feet. Buffy took him by surprise leaning up and pecked his lips.

Nobel and conservative women have never partaken in this sort of free action before. Especially when they were unmarried.

Liam enjoyed her rebellious qualities. She was free, much like him. He ran her hand down her cheek and neck, relishing the softness of her golden skin.

A noise creaked outside causing Buffy to wake. Her head popped up slight looking out the window to see dark skies. She then glanced to her side, Liam laid undisturbed sound asleep. His brown hair fell over his forehead. Buffy pushed his hair behind his ear and ran her finger over his shoulder blade pressing her mouth against his skin.

The creaking noise from outside turned into a scream. Buffy sat up more aware of the disturbance. She quietly got out of bed and threw on Liam's smock and breeches. Buffy cautiously stepped out of the door searching the darkness. A shadowy figure ran into the forest. Buffy took off after the shadowed figure.

Buffy stopped in the middle of the forest staying as quiet as possible waiting for the attack. "Come out, come out wherever you are." She taunted.

"Help me! Please!" A woman's cry reached the Slayer's ears. Buffy saw a young woman merge from behind a tree with tears streaming down her cheeks. Her gown was torn and dirty. Two bloody punctured holes resided in her neck.

"His face! Help me, please. His face, his face!" The woman was hysterical.

"Where is he?" Buffy asked calmly.

"Behind you." Buffy spun around to the vampire standing over her with a blood smeared grin. "And a good evening to you madam." He slurred with a haunting grin.

"Run." Buffy told the young woman. She then kicked out her foot striking his knee causing him to fall. He cried out in pain. Buffy uppercutted his chin sending him onto his back with a thud.

The vampire jumped to his feet and charged the Slayer. Buffy easily fought him off. "You're not human." The vampire stared perplexed.

"Well, neither are you." Buffy shoved him back against a tree truck that had a broken piece of wood sticking out. The vampire combusted into dust.

Buffy took a moment and brushed off the smock and breeches and turned around walking back up to the cottage.

Liam was still asleep in the same position she had left him in. Buffy shook off the breeches and threw off the smock that covered her nude body. She then, crawled back into the bed. Liam shifted, placing his arm around her body snuggling her close into him. Liam buried his face behind her ear and into her blonde mussed hair. Buffy closed her eyes for a dreamless sleep.

Buffy moaned as Liam feathered her skin with soft kisses. She turned her head facing him and smiled dreamily as he traced her collarbone with his lips. "Angel…" Her voice whispered.

"I'm no Angel, grá."

Liam's deep voice soothed her ears. Buffy's eyes opened. She was still getting used to see him hovering over her with a smile and bright, expressive eyes. Buffy leaned up and kissed his mouth.

"Marry me." He suddenly said.

Buffy moved her head out of his reach as he leaned down to kiss once more.


Liam took her hand that held the sheet over her breasts. He studied her slender fingers unknowing how lethal they actually were. "Since the moment I saw ya, lass, I've been bewitched by ya're body and soul. I never wish to be parted from ya this day and on. Will ya take me hand in marriage? And make me the happiest man on earth?"

Suddenly everything became so clear for Buffy. This was their second chance for pure happiness. This was her chance to live a life that she and Angel had always deserved.


Liam hopeful expression brightened with joyous happiness. He captured her mouth in a passionate kiss causing Buffy to giggle girlishly. He rolled onto his back taking her with him. Buffy laid on top of him and toyed with the ends of his long hair. "I will make you happy. For the rest of my existence. Forever and ever." He vowed to her.

Buffy tearfully looked at him. "That's the whole point."

"That is the whole point." Liam took on her expression and took her mouth in another kiss.

This was heaven.

1630 Revello Drive

Sunnydale, California, 2001

Dawn walked down the quiet street of Revello Drive from the bus stop. She dragged her feet up the driveway of Summers house.

She entered the house and set her backpack to the side and saw Willow and Tara sitting in the living room watching television mindlessly. "Hey, Dawnie." Willow smiled.

"Hey." Dawn tried a smile but it never reached her eyes.

She fell backwards onto the love seat.

"How was school today?" Tara asked.


"It couldn't be that bad." Willow said.

"I guess…"

"Dawn!" A cheerful voice called out the young teenagers name. The Buffy-bot walked into the living room and hugged her tightly. "Dawn. I have missed you all day. You are my little sister and I love you."

Dawn shifted uncomfortably, trying to get away from the robot. "Please, get her away from me."

Tara stood and took the robots arm guiding her away from Dawn. "Let's go recharge those batteries." The Buffy-bot grinned.

Willow leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees. "I know its hard, Dawnie-"

"She died because of me." Dawn looked at the redheaded witch tearfully. "I'm not even real."

"Don't say that. You're very real Dawn."

"I killed her." The young teenager sobbed into her hands.

Willow moved around the coffee table kneeling at Dawn's feet. She wrapped an arm around the teens shoulders. "You did nothing wrong. Buffy did what she had to do. She knew. She saved the world. Just like she's had always done. And she would have saved you over and over again." Willow tilted Dawn's chin up to look at her. Willow smile softly and wiped away Dawn's tears with the pads of her thumbs. "You know Buffy wouldn't like you crying over her. You're strong, just like her. You're a Summers gal." Dawn choked out a small laugh. "That's right, smile."

Later that night the Scooby friends sat around the dinner table in an awkward silence. Dawn pushed her seat backwards standing. "I think, I'm going to go upstairs and finish my homework." She said.

"Oh, okay, Dawnie." Tara patted Dawn's hand with a small smile.

Dawn picked up her plates when Willow beside her, took them away. "We can handle that. Go upstairs."

"Good luck." Xander said teasingly.

Dawn gave him a forced smile and excused herself running up the stairs.

"Well, that was very uncomfortable and awkward." Anya blurted out.

"She's been holding that in for a while." Xander took Anya's hand into his own.

The gang sat in silence staring at the empty chair at the head of the table where Buffy once sat. Willow glanced at Xander. He nodded his head understandingly.

"We're bringing Buffy back." Willow stated.

Galway, Ireland, 1751

Several Months Later

Caroline gently knocked on the door and opened it cautiously incase Buffy was dressing. She poked to see Buffy was in fact, still in bed. Caroline entered the bedroom and tapped on the sleeping woman's shoulder.

"Go away." Buffy groaned.

"Miss Buffy, it's such a beautiful day today."

"I don't care."

Caroline set a tray of breakfast on the small table beside her bed. "You're breakfast will get cold." She was sure that would work it normally did.

Suddenly, Buffy jumped out of the bed holding a hand over mouth. Her cheeks puffed like balloons. She ran to the mirror where a washbowl sat.

"Miss Buffy are you ill?" Caroline was at Buffy's side holding back her hair and rubbing a hand over her back in soothing circles as she hurled.

Buffy hovered over the bowl holding her head up weakly. "That's a hell of a wakeup." She said sarcastically.

"Are ya feelin' better Miss?"

Buffy nodded her head. "Yeah. I'm fine, thanks."

Caroline stepped back, "Good. Let's get ya dressed. The word is the O'Connors are visiting this afternoon." Buffy's eyes snapped to the maids. Caroline smiled.

The afternoon could not have come sooner. Buffy stared out the window for hours waiting to Liam. She looked down at her engagement ring. The rest was nothing too extravagant. It was simple and incredibly beautiful.

An assertive knock sounded at the door took Buffy from her thoughts. Haley ran into the seating area where Buffy was and grinned wildly. The two hidden young MacCale brothers emerged from their daily adventures in the woods to greet the O'Connors.

"Mr. Patrick O'Connor." Mr. MacCale held out his hand as Mr. O'Connor entered the home.

"Aodh, how do you do?" Mr. O'Connor stepped forward revealing Mrs. O'Connor, Katherine and Liam behind the patriarchal man.

Liam slithered around the adults and into the sitting room where Buffy waited for him.

Liam approached her with a polite bow. He then snatched her wrist pulling her up and kissed her mouth.

Buffy felt the young eyes of the room staring at them. She tugged his sleeve pulling him into the corner. She took his hand and traced the shape of his long fingers mindlessly. "I've been waiting all day to see ya." He whispered.

"Me too." Buffy pushed her fallen hair behind her ear.

Liam took her hand and sat down on the stiff couch. He crossed his leg over his knee with her hand still in place with his.

Haley grabbed Katherine's hand and dragged her outside with her bothers. "Don't get your pretty dress dirty love." Mrs. O'Connor called out to her daughter as she and Mrs. MacCale entered the sitting room. Mr. O'Connor stood behind his wife's seat. Mr. MacCale did the same.

The parents eyed the young couple showing affection across the room. It was shocking to all who knew Liam. It was like he was suddenly an whole new man since being with Buffy. This only increased the fascination with the young American woman.

Liam stared no where else but at Buffy. She blushed under his gaze causing him to smile.

"Shall we, address what we've come together to discuss?" Mr. MacCale asked.

"Here. Here." Mr. O'Connor agreed.

"Now, the wedding should be here. We have the property-"

Liam's voice interrupted Mr. MacCale's thought. "We were thinking the ceremony at our cottage. It is just around the lake. Since, that will be our new home." Liam kissed Buffy's knuckles lovingly.

"Liam has been captivated by that cottage since he was a boy. It's been there for ages." Mrs. O'Connor smiled gingerly at her son.

Mr. O'Connor eyed his son suspiciously. "Oy, when did ya purchase that property?"

"About a mouth ago, Father. Me and me lads have been fixin' it up since then."

"How'd ya manage the finances? Ya haven't gambled away every cent?"

"I happen to be very keen on poker and faro. I win every time." Liam's words were laced with seduction as he stared at Buffy. Buffy rolled her eyes mockingly. "I've also taken employment at the Tavern and as a craftsmen at O'Ryan's three times a week."

"Ya've taken employment?" Mr. O'Connor could not hide his obvious surprise.

"Not so simple minded am I? I'd do anything for my grá." Liam said lovingly as Buffy kissed his clean shaven cheek and softly smiling at him.

As the afternoon grew long, Buffy and Liam escaped outside into the backyard away from their adults. They walked arm and arm through the open grass area in time to watch the sunset at the top of the hill.

Buffy sat down in the long grass followed by Liam. He leaned back on his palms and crossed his feet comfortably. He raised his hand and trailed a finger down Buffy's back. "Have ya been ill grá." Liam eyed her face carefully.

Buffy looked at him surprised. "Where did you hear that?"

"Yar maid servant, Caroline. She's informed me that ya've been ill these past weeks. I believe its time to talk to a physician. Hm?"

"Why? That's ridiculous Liam. I'm fine. Great in fact." Buffy wrapped an arm around his waist and nipped his earlobe between her teeth.

Liam looked at her with concern. "I want ya to see a physician."

Buffy stared at him hard trying to telepathically change his mind. She sighed heavily when it did not work. "Fine."

Liam smirked and leaned inches from her mouth. "Thank ya."

Caroline sat in the corner of Buffy's bedroom quietly with her needlepoint. Every now and then she glanced up to see Buffy staring out the window longingly.

Buffy fidgeted feeling restless. I need to kill something. She thought to herself looking out to the forest which led to a cemetery. Screw it. Buffy got out of the bed.

"Miss Buffy, where are ya goin'?"

Crap. "I'm, uh, thirsty."

"Oh, I can fetch a glass of water for ya."

"No, no. Walking is good for me. I'll be right back." Buffy quickly escaped from the bedroom and walked down the steps. She poked her head to see Mr. MacCale busy in the study and Mrs. MacCale in the kitchen. Buffy reached taking Mr. MacCale's coat off of the hook. She then, quietly opened the front door and stepped out without a sound.

Buffy watched the vampire combust into dust. Feeling stratified, Buffy searched for anymore undead baddies. But like most nights, it was quiet. Up the dirt road, the quaint town's windows were candle lit. She wondered whether Liam was out at the Tavern tonight he usually was working most nights.

Buffy stayed in the shadows as a group of men walked into the popular Tavern. Buffy snuck to the window to look inside. Liam was behind the counter placing a handle full of beers in front of the customers at the counter. He banged his beer mug against theirs yelling, "Cheers!"

Liam leaned on his elbow in conversation with one of the men when a blonde woman in a blue and red dress empathising her breasts leaned across the bar placing a seductive hand on Liam's arm. Buffy rolled her eyes in disgust as the woman drooled over her fiancé.

Buffy needed to get into the Tavern.

She entered the Tavern standing purposefully behind a group of large men but earshot of Liam.

"C'mon handsome, just go for a round about. See what ya're made of. It will be fun, I guarantee." The blonde woman battered her lashes and bit her bottom lip. She reached out and pushed a fallen piece of hair off of Liam's forehead.

Liam smiled and patted her hand away. "Ah, it would be a good time indeed. But sadly, lass, I have to turn ya down. Ya see, me heart and body belongs to another."

"Is that right?" An older drunk man with messy grey hair and flushed red cheeks leaned over the counter with a wild grin.

"Wholeheartedly." Liam grinned.

"Has the 'ol mighty Liam O'Connor finally been tamed by a colleen?"

Liam laughed and stood up the counter holding his beer mug high in the air. "It is true, me friends. I am no longer a slave to the females." The Tavern crowd laughed and cheered banging their mugs together. "I am in fact engaged to be married to the purest woman of 'em all! Which is why," Liam started to climb off the counter. "I am workin' here and not havin'a hooley with you lot." Liam paused and looked in Buffy's direction.

Buffy stayed unseen to Liam though, he felt her presences. She waited until his attention went elsewhere so she could sneak out of the Tavern.

Buffy walked back to the MacCale's with a smile plastered across her mouth replaying Liam's words. He really did love her.

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