Going For The Gold

Chapter 11

Gabriella felt Troy place his hand on her waist as they both took off around the rink.

"Gabriella! Where is your head!" Elena shouted.

Gabriella shook her head, "Sorry," she apologized.

Elena watched as the pair skated, but instead of the picture of perfection it just seemed awkward. Troy looked fine, but Gabriella looked as shy as her first day in a pair of skates. Elena rubbed her temples and sighed, "Let's call it a day," she said.

The two packed up their bags as Ashley Davola walked in, or rather tried to strut in. Though her idea of strutting was something less than desirable and just looked weird with her trying to jut her hips out. Ashley was in training with Elena as a female singles skater, although she couldn't skate to save her life. She thought that she was the best and had her daddy buy anything to please her. She was the meanest girl to walk the face of the Earth, but unfortunately she was a pretty good actress when it came to Troy, who she constantly tried to flirt with. Ashley walked up to Troy purposely shoving Gabriella out of the way.

"Hi Troy," she said in a sugary sweet voice. Gabriella rolled her eyes and continued to pack up her bag. Ashley trailed her finger up and down Troy's chest, Gabriella gagged. Since when had her voice become so nasally?

"So, I was thinking, I heard about championships coming up and we are both a shoo-in for the Olympic team. We should celebrate early with some drinks." Ashley asked. Gabriella's fingers twitched at the thought of Ashley going out with Troy. It took all her restraint not to clock her in her plastic face. It confused her, Troy had gone out with plenty of girls and it hadn't bothered her before. Suddenly the idea of Troy going out with Ashley had left her feeling queasy. She told herself she was just trying to protect him from the Barbie.

"Uh, you know what I think I'll take a rain check on that," Troy answered.

Ashley seemed stunned for a moment and then brushed past the two of them towards the ice. Troy looked over to Gabriella chuckling in disbelief.

"Can you believe her?" he said laughing to himself. Gabriella shook her head as the nausea in her stomach slowly left. "Yeah…" she breathed out.

"So are you ready?" Troy asked, "Only two more months till Nationals. Then hopefully the Olympics."

"Yeah, it's crazy. To think where we started, just a couple of shy kids forced to skate together." She laughed. The two picked up their bags and made their ways to their respective cars. Before Gabriella could open the door to her car, Troy had stopped her.

"Hey, I'm proud of you," he said sincerely. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close, kissing the top of her head.

Gabriella breathed in his scent, a mixture of his cologne and aftershave. She closed her eyes as her stomach fluttered with butterflies. Slowly he released her and the two parted.

Gabriella snuggled up to the fleece blanket on her couch. She sighed as her phone rang. Groaning she got up off the couch and made her way to the kitchen counter where she had left her phone.

"Hello?" she picked up the phone.

"Hi," her mother chirped on the other end.

"Yes, what do you want?" Gabriella groaned.

"What? I can't just call me daughter and see how she is?" Maria faked a gasp.

"Oh, sorry. Mom what a surprise! How are you?" Gabriella said sarcastically.

"Much better. I'm fine, I just wanted to check and see how you are." Her mother asked.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine." Gabriella replied.

"What's wrong?" Maria questioned.

"What, nothing's wrong." Gabriella answered.

"Gabriella, your my daughter, it's my job to know when something is wrong with you." Maria said.

Gabriella sighed as she stared at the television screen. "Gabriella?"

"What?" Gabriella replied.

"What are you doing?" her mom asked.

"Watching Funny Face." She answered.

"Again, Gabriella tell me, what's wrong?" said Maria.

"I don't know, I'm just…confused I guess," Gabriella sighed.

"About what?" her mother questioned.

"…just… I don't know. If I tell you won't get all excited and go crazy on me or anything like that?" Gabriella asked.

"Promise," Maria replied.

"The other week, Troy showed up at my door in the middle of the night. And he did this whole confession about how much he loved me and I don't know. I thought I didn't feel the same way…but now I'm not so sure about that." Gabriella explained.

"What do you mean?" Maria asked.

"Well, every time he kisses my head or cheek I get butterflies and the other day Ashley Davola asked him out and the only thing I wanted to do was punch her in the face." Gabriella explained.

"Ah, I see," Maria murmured.

Gabriella sighed and fell back onto the couch; she closed her eyes and blew out a long breath. "What do I do, Mom?"

"…My advice would be…follow your heart. Ignore what your head is telling you and follow your heart," Maria advised. "Ok," Gabriella sighed.

"Alright, well I have to go now, ok? Stay safe honey, and think about what I said." Her mother wished her well and hung up the phone.

Gabriella brought the fleece blanket up near her face and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Gabriella put the final bobby pin in her hair securing the red rose on the side of her bun. Her costume consisted of a black lace bodice that sparkled and flowed into a full red satiny skirt. She attached a small safety pin to the strap on her shoulder. In the mirror she saw Troy walk through the doorway.

"You ready?" he softly asked.

Gabriella lifted her hand and made sure the pins were secure. She dropped her hands and nodded. The two walked through the corridor hand in hand towards the ice. The pair skated around the ice before Troy slowly let go of her hand to take their places on the ice. He gently placed his hand on her waist and she let her head rest on his shoulder.

The music started and Gabriella raised her arms and moved her hips to the flamenco beat. Troy placed his hands on her hips as they moved. Grabbing his hands she tossed them away. He grabbed her waist and skated with her as he spun her around the ice. Gabriella flapped her skirt in time with the beat. He released her as they entered the twizzle section of the routine. The two were in sync as they finished them with a flourish.

He took her hand and led her around, spinning her and lifting her as he did so. He let go and the two spun beside one another, clapping to the beat. She turned around and put her hand between her legs and Troy grabbed them and flipped her over and finished by holding her one leg with his hand as she was upside down. She flipped back to her feet and he spun her once more and then pulled her close.

They pulled away and Troy lifted his leg and dipped Gabriella over it. He grabbed her from behind and the two swayed with the music. They released each other and skated backwards and clapped. Gabriella jumped in the air, spinning as she did so, Troy caught her and she went to a kneeling position as both of them pumped their fists into the air.

The crowd stood to their feet as Gabriella stood to her feet and Troy took her into a hug and lifted her off the ice. "You did awesome," he said as the crowd cheered. He released her and the two took their bows. They skated to the boards to meet Elena. Gabriella gave her a big hug and Troy kissed her cheek. The three of them made their way to the kiss and cry area as the station recapped their performance. Gabriella sat in the middle as Troy put his arm around her and pulled her close, in return Gabriella patted his leg. Noticing he didn't have a water bottle she offered hers. He let go of her shoulders and took a big sip and then capped the water bottle. He placed the bottle beside his feet.

The pair was breathing heavy as they waited for their scores. The screen in front of them told them they had earned 70.15, placing them first in the standings. The two looked at one another and chuckled as they looked away. Troy grabbed Gabriella's hands that were resting in her lap. He helped her up and then the two waved and blew kisses to the crowd. The two were then interrupted by the reporters and they stepped to the side to answer questions.

"Representing Team USA in ice dance, Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez!" the loud announcer's voice boomed over the P.A. system. Gabriella and Troy skated out as they held hands and waved to the crowd. They took their place next to Molly and Jordan, who had come in second, but also made the Olympic team. Gabriella looked over to Molly and saw her blue eyes sparkle. Jordan stood beside her and held her hands. Gabriella and Troy had won their third consecutive championship and were on their way to the Olympics. Troy wrapped his arm around Gabriella's waist and spoke into her ear.

"We did it, we're going to the Olympics." He said. Gabriella felt like this was all a dream and at any moment her alarm clock was going to wake her from this amazing moment. Her eyes spotted her parents, her eyes became misty as she watched her mother hug Troy's. She felt Troy place his lips on the side of her head. She tried to ignore the butterflies in her stomach and just convinced herself that they were just nerves.

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