Going For The Gold

Chapter 13

Gabriella grabbed her robe off the hook and the door and quickly put it on. Maybe she woke up Sharpay while she was getting ready. Gabriella opened the door and came face to face with Sharpay. The blonde slipped past Gabriella into the bathroom.

"My Mom died," she said so calmly and quietly that Gabriella wasn't sure if she heard right.

Gabriella partially shut the door behind to see that the officials from Skate America were sitting in her room.

"Gabriella, as you are aware, Sharpay's mother passed away last night. What I want you to do is just to go about your normal routine like you would during this time." The president explained. Gabriella nodded as the team stood up and made their way out of the room.

After the officials left Gabriella got dressed and packed up her skate bag. Quietly she entered the bathroom. She pulled out her make-up and hair brush and begun to get ready. In silence the two girls got ready doing their hair and makeup. Gabriella glanced at Sharpay and noticed she seemed strangly calm. Gabriella placed her compact in her make-up bag on the counter and looked up into the mirror.

Looking up at Sharpay the only words she spoke were, "I am so sorry." And with that she left the room. She grabbed her bag and went out the door.

Gabriella entered the empty elevator and pulled out her phone. Quickly dialling the familiar number she breathed out a shaky breath. "Hi Mom. Um, I was just calling to say that I love you and I'll see you later alright…bye," Gabriella hung up her phone after she left the message. She swallowed the big lump in her throat as her eyes begun to water.

Gabriella entered the area where the pair worked on their lifts on the mats before they went to the ice. She saw Troy on his knee, tying up his runners. When he realized Gabriella came in the room he immediately stood up and his face lit up. Quickly his smile faded when he saw the look on Gabriella's face.

"Brie, what's wrong," Troy asked.

Gabriella folded her arms and breathed out. "Um…Shar's mom passed away last night…and all I can think about is how her mom is not gonna be there when she skates."

Troy grabbed Gabriella's shoulder and pulled her into a hug. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and she hugged his waist.

"All Shar wanted to do was to make her mom proud. She talked about how her mom was her biggest fan and how she gave up her job to support Shar's skating. Now she's here and when she goes out there, her mom won't be there, at least not physically. I can't even imagine doing this without my mom, and now Shar has to do that." Gabriella spoke into Troy's shoulder.

The pair stood together in silence for a few moments before Gabriella pulled away from Troy's arms.

Gabriella sniffed, "I'm sorry, I got a few tears on your shirt," she apologized.

Troy looked down to see a few darker spots on his grey t-shirt. He shrugged his shoulders, "it's okay," he said.

Gabriella took a deep breath, "Well we should get started, the show must go on right," she said placing a façade on her face.

Troy nodded and the two of them walked to the middle of the mat. Troy leaned down and placed his hand on her shin, preparing to put her in a lift. Gabriella grimaced and Troy immediately set her down.

"What's wrong?" he asked worriedly.

Gabriella looked at the floor and sighed, "The surgery didn't work as well as I hoped it would. I was stupid; I rushed back to the ice, and didn't let them heal properly. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I thought once the Olympics were over I'd just go back to the doctor and everything would be okay," she admitted.

Troy stared at the wall to the side of them, "I knew it, and I should have said something. I mean, you struggle just walking down the hallway." He said. He walked over to the wall he was staring at before and leaned against. A silence washed over the two. "We're not skating tomorrow," he finally said.

"What, no! Not after we made it this far. I'm not giving up now. We're so close, I can feel it." She cried.

Troy chewed his lip and then took her hand. Gabriella followed him, "What are you doing?"

"We are going to my room and you are calling your physiotherapist, and getting her here as quick as you can." He explained. Gabriella nodded.

Troy walked over to the bed and sat next to Gabriella as she finished her conversation on the phone. Gabriella set her iPhone on the bedside table and fell back onto the bed .Troy followed suit and laid beside her.

"So what's going on?" he asked turning his head to face her.

"Haley is flying out, hopefully tonight, if she can get a flight. Hopefully it's not too booked up with the Olympics," she sighed.

Gabriella stared at the ceiling as she thought, "Do you think that Shar is going to skate on Wednesday?" she asked.

"I honestly have no idea. I mean…part of being an Olympic athlete is being able to put distractions in the back of your mind. But going through something like that, I don't know how someone can just ignore that." He sighed.

"Yeah, "she breathed. She turned her head to the side and looked at Troy's face.

He looked up and stared at her eyes. Her eyes, he considered were her best feature. Her eyes revealed everything that she was feeling. They were dark chocolate with small flecks of gold you could only see if you were close.

Just do it, man up and just tell her how you feel Troy thought.

Gabriella blinked and looked at Troy, "what?" she asked.

He opened his mouth to reply and suddenly the words flew out of his head, "Nothing," he said.

She lightly slapped his chest and let out a laugh. "You're such a dork."

Troy rolled his eyes at her goofiness. It was moments like this that made Troy love Gabriella.

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