Going For The Gold

Chapter 15

In a few short seconds the arena that was full of people screaming and cheering, had fallen silent. Fans clutched their posters and flags. The two stared at one another and smiled. Troy held her hand and wished her luck. Gabriella gazed back into his eyes. People held their breath as the pair skated around the ice before taking their place in the middle.

The pair after the Original dance yesterday, had held the second place position. The score was slightly lower than they had hoped, and they prayed that the Free Dance would push them into first for the gold medal. Gabriella skated to a stop in front of Troy and lifted her arms and then posed them by her side. She took a deep breath as she waited for the music to begin to play. Troy looked over to Gabriella. She looked breathtaking in her costume. He thought she looked beautiful anyways, but her dress just made her look flawless and graceful.

The crowd fell silent as you could almost hear a pin drop. The announcers finished their spiel and the music was turned on. The sounds of string instruments flowed through the speakers and filled the space.

Troy brought his hands over Gabriella's shoulders and Gabriella turned around grabbing his hands. She backed up and he followed her going down to his knees and bringing her hands close to his face. She skated behind him and the two outstretched their arms and she skated back in front, taking his hands once more and bringing him back onto his feet. He spun her around and brought her into his arms. He brought her to his side and they began to skate backwards. He pulled her close again and spun her around lifting her feet of the ice.

They parted for a couple of seconds only to be brought back together. He placed his arms around her waist and they skated backwards. She skated forward and he pulled her back, her facing forward. He turned her around, holding her by the waist. He let her waist go and grabbed her hand, skating backwards as he guided her forward. The placed his hand against her cheek and then spun around, grabbing her hand once more. He placed his hand behind her neck and the other behind her back. She dipped against his hand and then brought herself back up. She turned so she faced him and placed her hand against his back and the two waltz. She spun around so she faced his back and grabbed onto his upper arms. They skated to a stop to face the crowd.

Gabriella couldn't remember the faces she saw in the crowd. The whole experience was a blur for her. Troy brought his arms forward and the hand that was on there followed. He grabbed her hand and twirled her and then brought her close. They skated around the ice as he twirled and twisted her around in his arms. She lift her leg forward and he grabbed it pulling her up and flipping her other leg over his head. As he got a hold on her waist he twisted her up onto his shoulder. He pulled her down into a sitting position and then twisted her back into the front and spun around.

After completing the rotational lift he then gently placed her back onto the ice. She parted from him again and then skated back, the two of them going into a sit spin. They finished and went into a camel spin, she grabbed onto the back of his skate and held her other foot with her free hand. The two spun together as he held onto her waist.

They waltzed around the ice and they completed the required twizzles. Their edges were in sync as the skated together. They got close to the boards and Gabriella brought her leg and Troy brought his leg back. He crouched down in a spread eagle position. She placed her blade into the crook where his hip ended and his leg began. She got up on one leg and extended the other behind her. Their hands outstretched to help them balance in the Goose. He began to stand up and she popped off, tumbling forward into his arms.

They spun around and he pulled her into an arabesque. They skated around and he pulled her close dipping her. They separated and did individual spins and then came together for a final sit spin. They got up and he got down on one knee and she fell back and he draped her over his knee holding her close. They brought their extended hands together and brought them close and then looked at one another. His nose grazed hers as he closed his eyes. The two breathed heavy as they close both of their eyes and listened to the music end and the crowd come to life.

"Thank you so much," he said between breaths. She turned her head and placed her lips on his. He froze for a moment before kissing her back. The kiss ended as soon as it began and the two got back up on their feet. He held onto her arms and gazed at her. Small little tendrils came out of the pins and fell near her ears and her cheeks were slightly flushed. She wasn't sure if it was from the dance, the cold, or the kiss but she didn't care. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, she wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her head in the crook of his neck, breathing in his scent.

The two parted and held onto one another's hands. They took their bows and then they skated back to the boards to go to the kiss and cry area. Troy looked up and saw the crowd go insane. People were cheering and crying and he looked over to see his family sitting near the edge by the entrance. He didn't care that it wasn't manly but he felt choked up to see his family so proud of him.

The cameras panned to Gabriella's family as her mother was wiping away tears from her eyes. She stood next to her husband wearing team jackets. She glanced down to see Troy's aunt and mouthed a thank you to her. She nodded as tears fell from her eyes, she hugged Troy's mom that stood next to her.

Once they reached the boards Troy threw himself over the boards and hugged Elena tightly. He spoke into her ear, thanking her for all she had done for them. When he finally let go, Gabriella walked over and did the same.

The crowd began chanting as they made their way to the kiss and cry area. Gabriella laughed as she felt so giddy. It seemed nothing could compare to this moment. After so many years of training it finally felt like it was paying off. It didn't matter whether or not they won, they felt like winners. Gabriella felt the muscles in her cheek start to hurt from smiling so much.

The final pair began to warm up on the ice as Troy and Gabriella waited for their scores. The announcer's voice came over the speaker as she asked for the scores. It came that they got 110.42 and they needed a 103.60 to take the lead. Troy who normally held his composure, stood up and shouted. He pumped his fists in the air and Gabriella laughed as she watched him. She laughed in disbelief as the scores hit her. She stood up and hugged him and he pulled her up off the ground. As he put her down he placed a kiss on her cheek. They hugged Elena and then waved to the cheering crowd.

Gabriella held her water bottle close as they waiting for the final scores to come in. She stared at the floor as her stomach twisted into knots. The voice said the scores and she didn't bother doing the math.

"How'd we do?" she asked Troy who stood next to her.

"We came in second," he answered.

She felt her heart drop a little bit. Oh well, they had made it this far and that was enough.

"Oh, okay," she replied.

She glanced up to see his face and saw his face crack into a smile.

"I'm just kidding, we came in first!" he exclaimed.

"What?!" she said pulling him into a hug. They swayed as he chuckled.

"That wasn't nice," she said as they pulled away. She looked at his happy face and wasn't mad. She shook her head and laughed along with him.

"We won the Olympics!" Gabriella said in disbelief. The pair went over to where their families sat and Troy jumped up into his family's arms. Them holding him up as his feet dangled. The families cried as they couldn't be more proud of the young adults in front of them. Elena came over and ushered them back over as they got ready for the medal ceremony.

Gabriella couldn't remember too much about what happened after. Every moment seemed to go by in fast forward. Next thing you know she was standing on the top of the podium and she felt Troy's hand on her shoulder, she placed her hand over his and rubbed his hand with her thumb.

The official stood in front of them and Gabriella bent forward and he placed the medal around her neck and gave her a bouquet of flowers. He then did the same for Troy. They waved to the crowd and then the national anthem began to play and the flag came down from the roof. She heard Troy behind her belting out the song. She closed her eyes and smiled. Nothing could compare to this moment.

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