Going For The Gold


Gabriella sat on the red couch with Troy by her side. In between them lay their fingers intertwine. Gabriella looked up at Troy as the producer began to count down. He took her hand and brought it to his lips to place a kiss there.

The news intro music played and the camera panned to the anchor. They watched as he introduced the couple to the viewers at home. On TV screens across the country, their free dance played as they recapped the night prior.

"And joining us today is the golden couple themselves, Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. Congratulations to the both of you. Last night we saw not only your gold medal performance but your reactions to watching it on the playback, what was that like?" the anchorman asked.

"Normally I don't watch because I'm very critical of myself, but uh that was okay," Gabriella giggled.

"We were very happy with the way the program went, it went a lot like we rehearsed it. This sport is constantly evolving, and we're just happy to be a part of it." Troy explained.

"Did you know part way, that you just nailed it, that you were going to end up on the top of that podium?" the reporter asked.

Troy smiled, "those are very dangerous thoughts, the advice we got from previous Olympians, was to not think about it until it's absolutely over. You have to focus all the way through, you can blow it on the last element."

"For such a beautiful sport, it can also be fairly dangerous. You definitely have to trust your partner right?" the anchorman asked.

"There is definitely have to have trust between one another. We've been skating together for thirteen years, so there is a lot of trust, a lot of respect there. We train a lot and we put the hours in on the ice, as well as off the ice." Gabriella explained.

"Speaking of how long you have been skating together, you guys started skating together since you were kids. Do you think that is what made you to so successful?" the man asked.

"I definitely think that's a huge part of our success. It's a big part of our story. We know each other, we're the best of friends….we can just tell what each other is thinking." Troy smiled.

"So you two are just friends?" the anchorman asked with a grin. "Because judging from that kiss at the end you two are a lot closer than that."

"You know, when I'm on the ice, there's no other person I'd rather be holding hands with. There's no other person I'd want to go through the emotions with than Brie. I'm just so lucky to have the opportunity." Troy smiled at Gabriella.

The anchorman nodded to Gabriella, "that's one of the most beautiful compliments I've ever heard. And through all off Gabriella's injuries, you didn't find another person to train with, you used a sandbag." The man laughed.

"Well when you have the best partner in the world, there's no other girl you can just throw in there. So I just trained however I could. And Gabriella's so strong, and she's a fighter and nobody truly understands what she went through and to be Olympic champion, it's just…amazing." Troy explained.

"And we saw you mouth, 'thank you so much' Troy. Gabriella you must have felt 20 feet tall in that moment." He asked the girl sitting on the couch.

Gabriella nodded with a smile on her face, "yeah, that was a special moment. And like Troy said just to share it together, it's been such a long road. To finally have that dream come true, it didn't matter about the placement, we were just so happy with our performance."

"Show your medal," the anchorman, pointing to the awards that hung around their necks.

The pair lifted their medals to show them to the cameras pointed towards them.

"They're a lot heavier than they look," Gabriella laughed.

"And before we go, is there anything you would like to say to one another?" the man asked.

Gabriella look over and smiled at Troy, and just simply said thank you.

"We did it," Troy said, reaching over to grab her knee.

"Well thank you for joining us and congratulations to both of you again, and once again the youngest Olympic ice dance champions, Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton." The man said as he turned towards the camera.

Gabriella laced up her skates and went to the boards. She took off her guards and stepped onto the ice. Following her was Troy and a little girl in his arms. She turned on the camera in her hands and started to film.

"Emmi's first time skating," Troy announced to the camera in her hands. Taking the big mitts on her hands into his own hands, he began to skate backwards, slightly pulling the two year old along.

Gabriella and Troy had continued to skate for a few years after and winning a second Olympic four years later in their final year of skating. After that they had decided they wanted a try at normal life. The pair had gotten married a year after their last Olympics and a few months later had their daughter, Emmi Bolton. She was the spitting image of Gabriella, with Troy's sandy hair and bright blue eyes.

"Looks like we have a future Olympian here," Troy laughed.

"Whatever she wants to do, we'll be happy." Gabriella smiled.

Troy picked up Emmi and skated towards Gabriella bringing the two girls in his arms. He placed a kiss on Gabriella's dark hair. "Ten years ago, did you think we'd be here?" he asked his wife.

"No, I had no idea?" she laughed.

"I did," he smiled. "I always imagined a future with you. Even if we hadn't ended up together, I'd still be there for you."

She reached up and placed a kiss on his lips. She held his hand and the trio skated around the rink.

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