Going For The Gold

Chapter 3

At age fifteen and seventeen, Gabriella and Troy had many gold and silver medals from numerous events and were the Junior World champs. That year, they decided to move them up as a senior team. Lucille and Anne decided that it would be in their best interest if they found a different coach. So the pair ended up packing up and moving in to billets in Salt Lake City, Utah. The two of them stayed with an older couple that had no children in the house any more, and the couple welcomed the kids with open arms. Their new coach, Elena Zaytseva, had decided that the two would go for a more mature look.

Gabriella, Troy, Elena walked into the tiny seamstress shop to pick out their costumes. Elena and Gabriella had picked out a sparkly light blue dress that had thin straps crossing over her muscular back. For Troy, they had picked out black pants with a white button up shirt and black vest over top. In the change room, Gabriella put on the sparkly dress and stared at the mirror for awhile. Just putting on the costume made her feel and look older. As she pulled back the curtain of the fitting room, she felt everyone's eyes on her.

"Sweetheart, you look amazing," Elena spoke in her heavy Russian accent. Elena and the small seamstress praised her on her gorgeous she looked in her costume. She turned around to Troy, "what do you think?" she asked. He smiled, "you look...beautiful." She blushed and went back into the fitting room.

Even though the two were now considered to be a senior team on a national level, they were still a junior team internationally. Their first event as a senior team was Nationals. Troy tied his bowtie on, "you know I think this is why kids used to make fun of me," he laughed. Up until they moved to Utah, the two attended regular school, but now with their schedule, they were both homeschooled. Gabriella was actually incredibly intelligent and had skipped a grade, so she was only a grade behind Troy.

"You know, I think it makes you look adorable," she laughed as she straighten his tie.

"Gee, thanks," he replied sarcastically. The two of them were called onto the ice; Troy grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. That squeeze expressed so much that words couldn't.

Troy and Gabriella made their way to the kiss and cry area. Troy in between Gabriella and Elena, he squeezed the top of Gabriella's knee as they waited for their final scores. After the compulsory and original dance they were sitting in fourth place.

As the two left the change rooms, they met up with their parents. They handed them both bouquets of roses. "Fourth place it good for our first senior event," Gabriella smiled. Troy put his arm around Gabriella as they made their way out to the parking lot to their cars.

For the longest time the way they described their relationship, was that they had brother-sister relationship. If one was in trouble, the other was there to help out. If one of them was having a tough time, the other one was there to get them through.

Being home schooled, they didn't have a normal teenage life. Their days normally consisted of running, stretch class, ballet class, tutoring, and training on the ice. Their schedule really didn't leave much time to act like regular teenagers. Though there were some instants that the two of them really were teenagers.

Troy walked down the hallway to his room and on his way he had to pass Gabriella's room. Normally he'd just head straight into his room, but that day, something stopped him. Behind the door he heard Gabriella's hushed sobs. He cautiously opened the door and slowly stepped in.

As soon as she heard the door open, she frantically wiped the tears off of her face, "W-what?" her voice cracked. Troy walked over and put his arm around her. He looked into her red, watery eyes," What's wrong?" he asked.

He heard her soft voice scoff, she pushed back her long brown locks and lightly rolled her eyes, "It's nothing," she replied. He looked at her with an 'are you serious look'. She giggled and pushed away his face with her hand.

She took a deep breath, "So...I went on a date with Todd Parker, you know, the captain of the Varsity hockey team that practices at the rink?" she started.

As Troy nodded, she continued, "So we went out for dinner and I went to the bathroom...and when I got back to the table, he left a note saying he couldn't handle a girl with so much baggage." she choked out.

Troy brought Gabriella close to his chest and hugged her. He knew that it wasn't so much that she really did like the guy; it was the fact that it was her first date.

Finally when Gabriella was completely calm the two of them laid down on Gabriella's bed, in each other's arms. Gabriella looked up and softly pushed away a strand of hair that fell into his eye. She smiled a half-smile, "Why can't all guys be like you?" she asked as she snuggled deeper into his chest.

Troy played with her long curls as Gabriella fell asleep and soon he too was fast asleep.

A few months later, their skating season had ended for that year, the two returned to Albuquerque for a few weeks to spend time with their family before they had to start training for their next season. She sighed as she packed the last of her clothing into her suitcase.

She turned around as she heard a faint knocking on the door. Behind her was Troy leaning against the door frame. "You ready yet? We got to hit the road," he said. The two had decided that they were going to road trip it Albuquerque in Troy's truck.

She zipped up her suitcase and pulled it off her bed," Let's go" she said. Troy grabbed the suitcase from her hand and the pair left.

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