Going For The Gold

Chapter 4

Her hands shook as she smoothed the light fabric across her stomach. As she looked in the mirror, she barely recognized herself. The sixteen year old girl was in a very revealing costume. The magenta dress was very short, the cut-outs on the stomach replaced with flesh coloured fabric. Her one shoulder exposed and the other covered by the sparkly material. Her chocolate covered eyes were enhanced by the dark makeup on her eyes and her long dark locks pulled back into a ponytail, the ends all curled.

She took a deep breath and walked out to the rink. She walked up to Troy who was dressed in all black.

"Pretty crazy right?" he asked. "I mean, we are officially a senior team, like now we're internationally recognized."

Gabriella laughed, "Yeah, it feels like just yesterday, we were a couple of kids just skating together because we had to."

Gabriella's stomach twisted in knots as she watched some of the teams compete. She crossed her arms in front of her stomach, trying to cover herself a bit.

"Would you quit, you look amazing," Troy reassured Gabriella. A rosy tint graced her cheeks as the eighteen year old complemented her.

She shook her head and looked out into the ice, she saw all the people who had come out to watch Skate Canada International. All the TV cameras filming everything that happened.

Elena came up to the two of them, told them it was time to take the ice. With shaky legs she stepped out onto the ice. As the tango music came on, Troy dipped her and ran his hand up her stomach to her chest. She came back up and his hands went to her backside. It was weird because the two had never been so intimate with each other, but comforting at the same time, since they were so close.

As the two skated around the ice with their intricate spins and lifts, the judges watched closely. The two ended with a flourish as he dipped her once more holding her there.

Gabriella unpacked her bag as she was back in her billet house. She took her silver medal and placed it on the shelf along with her other medals.

After numerous bronzes, silvers, and golds, the two decided to take part in the ice shows. They toured to places from right there in the States all the way to places like Japan.

One of Gabriella's favourite places to go was to Paris, France. The pair spent the day before they had to preform just sightseeing. Anyone on the street would have mistaken them for a romantic couple in love, as the two strolled through the city holding each other's hands and taking in all the sights the city had to offer.

When they had begun to pick out their music for their season, Elena had chosen the theme from 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg'. The young teens, decided in order to immerse themselves in the characters, that they would rent the movie.

Troy pulled into the parking lot of the blockbuster and the two went in to search for the movie. Searching through the shelves, Troy picked up a movie and went over to Gabriella.

"Brie, we have to rent this movie," he said holding up a copy of 'Bloodsport'.

"Troy, we're supposed to be looking for 'Umbrellas of Cherbourg'. She looked at him as he tried to give the pathetic puppy dog face she'd ever seen. She sighed, "Fine, but, we have to get 'Funny Face' too then," she bargained.

Troy sighed and agreed; the two quickly found their movie in the drama section and left with their three rentals.

Troy sat next to Gabriella on the couch in the living room, preparing to watch the movie. Indulging in popcorn with butter, but still drinking water, they started the movie. The movie told the story of a teenaged umbrella saleswoman and a young mechanic who fall in love. He is called away to war, unaware that she is carrying his baby, and although they promise to wait for each other, she marries another man who will support her. They never get back together.

Gabriella felt as if the story was her and Troy. It was two young kids trying to figure out their love for each other. Instead of interpreting their own version of the song, they were to portray these characters. A couple of young naïve kids who fall in love and at seventeen and nineteen, it wasn't hard to do.

The World Championships were exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. The two were confident in their programs, their emotional and bittersweet free dance and their powerful Russian folk original dance. Though, at the same time there were many talented pairs competing against the young team.

Gabriella made her way to the girls' dressing room with her mom. Placing her stuff in a chair, she started to get ready as her mother left to sign her daughter in.

"Um, excuse me, what the hell do you think you're doing? That's my spot." A tall brunette huffed at the small girl.

"Sorry?" she said as she moved her stuff to another spot. She noticed that the atmosphere was a lot different than juniors. Sure, they had their rivalries and bitterness, but in here some of the girls in the change room were just plain nasty.

Troy and Gabriella skated on to the ice. Troy wore a blue shirt that matched her dress, and a pair of black pants. Gabriella was in a simple blue dress that sparkled in the light. The two had decided that instead of looking like a three-ring circus performer like some skaters had chosen to do, they would let their skating speak for it-self.

The two performed their passionate program, the song blaring over the loud speaker. The lyrics telling the story of the two young lovers. The young woman pleading for her love to stay with her and him saying it was impossible. The crowd were mesmerized by the pair that were just teenagers, but yet skated as the couples who were ten years older than them. They skated with so much passion and maturity. The TV commentator stated that they were the team to watch in the Olympics in two years.

Gabriella and Troy did their last spin and came close together as they had done so in practices leading up. Although this time, Troy got so close that his lips brushed over hers. It was so quick and so soft that it ended in a matter of seconds. As the two finished, they were met by a standing ovation from the enthusiastic crowd.

Gabriella felt her cheeks flush into a pink tinge that could be mistaken for the cool air in the rink or the flush after the strenuous routine. Troy twirled her around to face the energetic crowd, all waving their flags proudly. Troy was completely cool and calm as the two skated off the ice; as he placed another kiss upon her cheek.

Gabriella and Troy stood proudly on the podium, just lower than the gold medalist, with their silver medals adorning their necks. Gabriella glanced over to the other side of the podium to third place, to see the brunette from earlier, seething.

Gabriella leaned into Troy's arms as the two smiled for photos. The two had never really explored the idea of being together romantically, it just never came up. Sure the two had "dated" when they were in their first year of skating together, but they were too young to even experience puppy love. That time just made their partnership more awkward. The two barely said two words to each other during that time, but after they "broke up" their relationship developed more naturally.

Gabriella lowered herself into the bathtub as she struggled with the pain in her shins. She tried to massage her shin to get rid of the pain, but it didn't work. The pain had started a few months ago, but that was also the time they had increased their training schedule, so she merely blamed it on that.

Though, lately the pain had become more intense that it was starting to become a struggle to get through their programs. She didn't dare tell anyone of this pain, not her family, her coach, not even Troy.

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