Going For The Gold

Chapter 8

Gabriella sat on the cushy red coach, wringing her hands. She looked over to her left side to see Troy. After some arguing with Elena that they weren't a married, they weren't even a couple, it was no use, and Elena's word was final. The marriage counsellor had dark chestnut hair that was graying near her ears and she looked as if she was in her mid-forties. Gabriella watched as she jotted down some notes on the memo pad she had sitting on her lap.

"Gabriella, could you tell me what changed in your and Troy's relationship?" the woman asked.

"Um, I guess," Gabriella swallowed. "I guess I feel like I can't talk to him anymore. I mean before my surgery, I could talk to him about anything. "

"Why, do you think that is?" the counsellor asked.

"I think that we just kind of grew apart over time," Gabriella answered.

"Troy, do you think what Gabriella is saying is true?" the woman directed to the young man sitting beside Gabriella.

"…Yeah, I think so, we used to be able to talk to anything, now we can't even say a proper hello," Troy explained.

"You both talk of growing apart in the time you spent separated. Why didn't you call or talk to one and another?" the woman asked.

"Well, I didn't want to rub in the fact that I was going to skate every day and she was at home, not allowed to. " Troy explained.

"You didn't need to do that," Gabriella said. Troy just shrugged in response.

"What about you Gabriella?" the counsellor asked.

"I knew that I could talk to him, but I didn't feel like it was fair to him to just dump all my problems on him," Gabriella responded.

"Brie, you know you can talk to me about anything," he explained.

"I just thought I was being nice, you know, being fair to you." Gabriella said.

Troy and Gabriella attended marriage counselling for a few more weeks and slowly their relationship repaired itself. Over time they were able to talk more and more and they began to feel more comfortable around each other.

It took a while for Gabriella to learn all the new routines, and Troy had to adjust to skating with a partner again, since he had learned all of them alone. Gabriella also started working with Amelia Henderson, a physiotherapist to athletes. It was tough but Gabriella worked herself back to what seemed to be her normal self.

Gabriella took a deep breath and exhaled, it was her first major competition. Her costume, quite different then what she normally would compete in, the bottom a purplely pink, that was shredded at the bottom. The top looked as if her entire back, stomach and collarbone were exposed when really it was covered in a skin coloured material. A flowery leaf design covered her chest, which was yellow with hints of green in the middle.

She put on her left skate on her foot before her right like she had done so many other times. It was another superstition that she had. Her stomach had terrible knots in her stomach that were physically making her sick. Instead of focusing on what was about to happen she focused on her breathing trying to make it regular.

"Hey, you all right?" Troy asked as he sat next to her.

"I feel like I'm going to be sick," she replied.

"Hey, you're going to do great, all right, don't psyche yourself out." He soothed her.

A man in a dark black jacket came to the pair and told them that it was time to take the ice.

She skated around the rink, getting a feel for the ice. The two started of the program back to back and then the sounds of Pink Floyd carried through the speakers. After a series of intricate lifts and spins the two ended the skate by going on their knees and bringing their hands back to touch their skates. The two stood up and Troy grabbed Gabriella's hands.

"You did amazing Brie, I'm so proud as you," Troy exclaimed as he brought Gabriella into a hug. The crowd in the stands went wild as they stood to their feet clapping with excitement. The two took their bows and then Troy wrapped his arm around her shoulders and Gabriella wrapped her arm around his waist and the two made their ways off the ice. Gabriella bent down to put her skate guards on and she felt Troy's hand on her back. He removed his hand and put his skate guards on his own skates. They went to the kiss and cry area with Elena as they waited for their marks. Gabriella loosened her skates to help alleviate some of the pain she was feeling. She rubbed her shin to get feeling back in her leg, ever since the surgery, she had begun to feel some numbness in her legs. She said to Elena she needed some water, and Troy offered her his water bottle, but Elena went and grabbed her one. Their marks, 197.77, were enough to take home the gold medal.

Gabriella and Troy stayed at the Parker hotel while they were in Cleveland. They would have had to leave that night but the next day was the skating exhibition. Their exhibition program was simple, they had decided to do Jack and Diane. It was about teenage love and they were characters that Troy and Gabriella loved. Everybody questioned Gabriella's outfit, considering it consisted of jeans and a button-up shirt that was tied up exposing her midriff. Nobody could really believe that she was going to wear jeans. Troy wore a simple white t-shirt with jeans.

As the few guitar strings played, Gabriella jumped into Troy's arms. Their noses brushed as he set her back down. They skated around and Troy pulled her up into an intricate lift. They spun each other around and Troy lifted Gabriella and set her on his bended knees as he skated. The two completed a set of twizzles and then skated back into each other's arms. Troy dipped Gabriella over his leg and then let his arms rise, as he balanced her there. Spinning around holding each other, both had a leg in a camel spin. They created different levels as Troy lowered himself closer to the ice. Troy held on to her waist and leg as she brought her leg up in an I-spin. The two danced around the ice and then Gabriella was put into another lift around Troy's shoulders. Troy spun her into his arms as they finished their skate. The two of them bowed as they received a standing ovation and then they left the ice.

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