Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 10

The next day, with the cheat sheet complete, Hiccup and Ferno decided to finally dare what they were dreading for the past half month. The first ride on Toothless. Both brothers shared an uneasy look, but then again, they were the first Vikings in known history to ever ride a dragon, who wouldn't be scared.

"Ok there bud, we're gonna take this nice and slow," Hiccup reassured himself more than Toothless. "Here we go. Here we go ... position three, no four."

"Hiccup, I swear, if you don't know what you're doing, I'll knock you off this dragon myself," Ferno said, with, for the first time in his life, fear in his voice, as he looked below him and saw an easy suicidal-looking death.

"I'm on it, I'm on it." Hiccup adjusted the tail fin. "Alright, it's go time. It's go time." Hiccup chose a target to fly through, a towering arch of stone.

Ferno noticed how Hiccup repeated nervous phrases, until they finally zipped through the arch, in a perfect manoeuvre. "Yeah! Yes, it worked!" The celebration was postponed as Hiccup made Toothless smash into several sea stacks by accident, struggling to keep up with the turns.

"Sorry." They smashed into another sea stack. "My fault." Toothless swatted him with his 'ear' plate.

"Nice going, Toothless, you speak for both of us. I would smack Hiccup myself if there wasn't the risk of imminent death involved."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm on it. Position four, no three."

The dragon and his two riders pierced through the clouds for the first time. The brothers looked back to see their entire island below them.

"Yeah! Go baby! Yes! Oh, this is amazing! The wind in my..." Then horror struck, the cheat sheet that they relied on for dear life ... was airborne. "CHEAT SHEET! STOP!"

Ferno, seeing that Hiccup couldn't get free because he was driving, swallowed his fear and leapt for the sheet, off Toothless' back. He grabbed it but noticed that he was free falling and Toothless was spinning out of control, while Hiccup was desperately trying to steer him in the right direction towards Ferno.

"OH GODS! OH NO!" Ferno yelled as he fell to his doom. Everything was going in slow motion. He closed his eyes. He was going to die ... he was going to die ... he was going to die...

Then he felt something lift him up. He looked down and found himself on Toothless ... but they were heading for the treacherous slalom course of jutting sea stacks. Ferno passes the cheat-sheet to Hiccup, Hiccup frantically grabs it, then throws it away and directs Toothless, Toothless steers them out of the sea stack gorge.

"YEEAHHH!" Hiccup yelled, with Ferno to shock to say anything, still staring at the gorge.

Toothless concurred with a jubilant squeal and a fireball. Hiccup's glee turned to dread as they flew directly into it, both brothers with deadpanned faces.

"Ah, come on," They said in unison, as they flew into the inferno.

Later, the two brothers found a deserted beach and settled there, calling it a day. While Toothless was gouging at the freshly caught fish, the two cooked their own.

Hiccup's clothes were charcoaled; his brown and reddish hair was stacked at the back of his head as if there was a Skrill behind him. Ferno's clothes weren't that damaged, though the edges of it, at some point, it caught fire, as did some of his jet black hair.

Suddenly Toothless regurgitated a fish and looked at the brothers expectantly.

"Uh, no thanks, I'm good." Hiccup gestured to his fish.

"Same here." Ferno twisted his fish on the spit.

Then some Terrors flew to them. Squabbling like siblings over the fish, which they stole from Toothless. Ferno shook his head at them.

"Not so fire proofs on the inside are you?" Hiccup tossed his fish to a Terrible Terror who got blasted by Toothless.

Ferno's gaze went to the sky. He couldn't understand if his eyes were playing tricks on him or not, but he saw something white flying at them. The terrors scattered as the thing got closer.

"Uh, Hiccup, what is that?" Ferno pointed to the white flying object.

After several eerie moments staring at the spot, it landed. An enormous dragon, covered with an armour of bones, landed in front of them. It's big yellow eyes piercing into Ferno's grey ones.

"A Boneknapper." Ferno breathed. "I recognise it from the Book of Dragons, it kind caught my attention after you left."

"Well, train it." Hiccup nudged a frightened warrior forward, who was almost shaking.

"Uh, hello." Ferno outstretched a palm towards the beast's snout. It sniffed his belt and specifically one of the pockets on it. Ferno looked in it. "Are looking for this?" He took out a bone that was there the whole time, which he forgot about. The dragon made a sign of approval, so Ferno threw it, and somehow it fit in its own place, in the dragon's throat bone.

"Where did you get that?" Hiccup cocked an eyebrow at Hiccup.

"Found it in Gobber's shop once and promised myself to return it to him, but forgot," Ferno said, stroking the dragon as it purred like an overgrown puppy dog. "I guess you need a name ... what do you think of ... Shriek?"

The dragon roared his approval.

"I guess he likes it," Hiccup commented.

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