Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 11

After that unbelievable flight, Hiccup and Ferno made their way back to their homes, leaving their dragons in the Cove first, of course. It was one thing flying on Toothless and gripping onto Hiccup's shirt and possibly falling to your death, it was something indescribable flying on the Boneknapper by yourself, safely not bothering about how his tail was positioned.

The brothers split up, Hiccup went to the Forge, while Ferno went to their shared bedroom, replaying the flight in his mind, while sharpening his sword on his bed.

"Ferno." Stoic the Vast's voice coughed as he came into the room of his two sons.

"Dad?! You're back." Ferno almost jumped off his bed, which was 2 meters off the floor, in surprise.

"Yes, I am. Where's Hiccup?" Stoic said.

"Nice to see you too," Ferno mumbled, rolling his eyes. "He's at the Forge."

"I heard he got the top of the class. Which reminds me, where are you in the class, second?"

This was Stoic the Vast for you, when he was proud of one son, he directed all of his disappointment at the other son. There was no such thing as a scale of justice in this man's world.

"I don't know, third, fourth, the point is that you no longer will be embarrassed by Hiccup, dad."

"Aye, no longer by Hiccup." Stoic did his infamous disappointment glare and left the room.

"Here we go again, playing favourites," Ferno whispered, growling into his pillow.

That night, Hiccup came into the bedroom to find his brother throwing daggers at a target.

"Everything ok?" Hiccup came up.

"Yeah ... everything is fine."

"I know you better than that. Come on, talk to me, what's wrong?"

"I hate it when dad plays favourites. Whether it's you or me who's the favourite." Ferno threw the final dagger.

"What are you talking about, you've always been his 'angelic' son?" Hiccup set a helmet on the table and sat on his bed.

"Oh come on! Whenever you messed up, he suddenly jumped to showering me with praises and suddenly he's ready to leave the entire Chiefdom on my shoulders. Every time when I wasn't ... him, for example, I showed compassion to you, or you proved yourself somehow, he takes that like an opportunity to be angry with me ... like I did something terrible to him. It's like he hates me, but something is stopping him from getting rid of me. I don't know what it is? He's always angry at me, but something buries that anger."

"I never realised that ... what about ... mom?"

"I don't remember ... I was 4 when she ... you know. I remember one thing, an argument between her and dad ... but I'm not sure whether it's a memory ... or just a dream."

"What was it? Tell me."


A little four-year-old boy couldn't sleep. He quietly slipped out of his bed, careful not to awake his older brother who was swimming in an unconscious abyss. He sat on the edge of the floor, when he heard his parent's talking.

"Stoic, don't do this, no matter what, he's your son-" His mother cried.

"No, he's your son."

"What will it take for you to accept both of them?" The Viking wife asked calmly, she sounded like she was about to cry.

"... Val, I'm sorry."


"Wow. How come you never told me?"

"I don't know ... what's with the helmet?" Ferno noticed his brother's newly brought head gear.

"...uh, because I did so well in the arena, dad decided to give me the helmet that mom left for either of us. Naturally dad decided to give it to the one that surpassed in Dragon Training." Hiccup explained.

Ferno examined the helmet. "But this isn't mom's helmet?" He said, clearly remembering his mother's helmet.

"No, it's made out of her ... breastplate." Immediately, Ferno set the helmet down on the table. "And dad has the other half."

"I'll never look at dad's helmet the same way again."

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