Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 12

On the next day, it was the deciding battle against the Gronkle, between Astrid and Hiccup. Ferno was offered to join in for the deciding match, but he decided not to participate, he said his brother needed the glory more than he did, so not to blow their cover.

Ferno cringed as Astrid gave Hiccup a deadly threat, probably for the Gronkle. She was only person who didn't like Hiccup's progression. She then darted off, closing fast on the dragon.

Hiccup looked around to see his father and brother standing beside one another. Stoic was cheering for him, Ferno, with his fist, gave him an encouraging signal. Hiccup adjusted the breast-hat on his head and smiled weakly, then turned around to see that the Gronkle was making a bee-line for him.

Hiccup quickly outdid the Gronkle, just when Astrid charged in yelling a battle cry. Ferno watched as his friend smashed her axe against all the different barriers surrounding her.

Hiccup tried to escape the crowd but was stopped by Gobber. Ferno saw Astrid pin her axe to Hiccup's throat.

"Okay, quiet down. The elder has decided." Stoic quietened the crowd.

Gobber pointed to Astrid, as the crowds waited in silent anticipation. Ferno bit his lip when Gothi shook her head a 'no', so that left... Gobber pointed to Hiccup and the old woman nodded an affirmative 'yes'. Ferno closed his eyes as if the bomb had dropped. Hiccup had the same facial expression. Astrid turned a seething, deadly glare on Hiccup.

"Heh, heh. Oh yeah! Yes! I can't wait. I am so..."

"Leaving." The two brothers said in unison at the cove with their stuff over their shoulders.

"We're leaving. Let's pack up. Looks like us four are gonna take a little vacation, forever."

Ferno went to look for the dragons while, Hiccup sat the basket on the floor.

"Toothless ... Shriek ... where are you guys?"

"ASTRID! What the- What are you doing here?" Ferno heard Hiccup yelp. The warrior spun around on his heels to see his friend interrogating his brother.

"I wanna know what's going on. No one just gets as good as you do, especially you. Start talking, are you training with someone?" She spun her axe around threateningly, the green eyes of the Dragon Tamer darted around nervously.

"Uh ... training?" He stuttered.

"Yes Astrid, he's been training with me." Ferno grabbed her shoulder and spun her around so she would face him. "It's such a crime to teach my older brother who to defend himself," He said, sarcastically.

"But he's gotten better than you even. And what's with that?" She gestured to Hiccup's harness. There was a growl in the distance. Astrid began to make a move toward it leaving Ferno on the spot.

"You're right! You're right. I'm through with the lies. I've been making ... outfits. So you got me. It's time everyone knew. Drag me back. Go ahead. Here we go." He tried to stop Astrid from getting to that direction, she bended Hiccup's arm backward, driving him down.

"AAUUGH! Why would you do that?!" Hiccup groaned while Ferno started to move towards them, curious if Astrid broke his wrist.

"That's for the lies." She pounced the hilt of her axe off of Hiccup's laid body. "That's for everything else."

Hiccup's feeble yelp was met by a growl. Astrid looked up to see... Ferno ran to the two now.

Toothless and Shriek pounced towards Astrid, snarling.

"Get down! Run! Run! Run!" She stood up with her axe to her defence, ready to strike the Night Fury. Ferno was about to leap on her and take the axe away, but Hiccup outrun him.

"No! No." He threw the axe away. Both Toothless and Shriek stopped short of crushing her. Hiccup confronted Toothless. "It's ok! It's okay..."

Ferno almost crashed into Shriek. "Calm down, big boy. She's a friend."

"You just scared them." Hiccup turned around.

"I scared them! ... Who are them?" Astrid stood up in horror.

"Huh, funny story Astrid, they're dragons. Toothless and Shriek." Ferno gestured to each dragon.

Astrid shook her head in disbelief and ran to the direction of the village.

Ferno watched her go with a deadpanned expression.

"Duh-duh-duh we're dead." Hiccup said, with an equal expression. "Where do you think you're going?"

Ferno watched as Toothless wobbled off to a different exit of the Cove. "Get her, dragon boy. You need to tell her. Otherwise, you'll never forgive yourself."

Ferno smiled as his brother ran after his crush, Shriek nudged his master's side.

"You never know what might happen bud." Ferno scratched the dragon's neck, making him purr in delight.

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