Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 13

Ferno laughed from mid-air as he and Shriek watched from afar how Toothless spun around like crazy. Ferno could hear Astrid's screams from a radius of 50 meters. Then something stopped Toothless, and the flight of death became a romantic glide through the beautiful sky.

"You know, Shriek, I always wanted a sister, something tells me that soon I'll have a sister-in-law," Ferno said, chuckling. "What do you say, bud, wanna spoil their moment."

The Boneknapper roared in agreement and flew towards the gliding Night Fury.

"Hey, guys. Hiccup I thought I told you to change Astrid's mind not silence her forever." Ferno chuckled.

"You were watching the whole time! And you didn't come to help me! What sort of friend are you! I could have died!" Astrid yelled at him, with her arms firmly around Hiccup' waist.

"I don't think going from one dragon to another would have helped much," Ferno smirked. "Besides, I think you're pretty comfortable in your present position."

He laughed as both Astrid and Hiccup blushed and quickly untangled from each other's embrace.

Then suddenly both dragons jerked. Their eyes became slits. And no matter how Hiccup or Ferno yanked on their dragons they wouldn't budge.

"What's going on?" Astrid gripped to Hiccup's waist as the Night Fury flew into a fog, with the Boneknapper right behind them.

"I don't know," Hiccup answered.

The dragons flew into some sort of mountain and on their way eclipsed with a fleet of dragons.

"Looks like they're hauling in their kill." Hiccup guessed looking at a Nightmare that was carrying a dead sheep.

"Uh, what does that make us?" Astrid nervously gripped tighter. Ferno would have sniggered at them if he wasn't so terrified himself.

The dragons landed inside the mountain, which actually now looked more of a volcano.

The three watched as every single dragon tossed its food into the pit that was glowing red, probably with lava.

"Well, it's satisfying to know that all our food has been dumped down a hole," Ferno commented sarcastically.

"They're not eating any of it." Astrid analysed.

Then a slow and tired Gronkle buzzed into the scene. Out of its mouth slipped out very small fish. For a moment the he looked pleased with himself, until a head, the size of the entire Great Hall, arose and ate the Gronkle with one snap of the jaw. The three non-dragons present watched in absolute horror as no traces of the Gronkle were left.

"Ok, buddy we gotta get out of here." Hiccup patted his dragon.

The massive head seemed to smell the intruders. Shriek and Toothless only just managed to get out of its snapping jaw.

By some inexplicable reason, both dragons managed to get their riders out of the nest in one piece.

"No, it totally makes sense, it's like a giant beehive, they're the workers and that's their queen, it controls them." They landed in the Cove. "Let's find your dad." She made a run for it, but Hiccup, once again, got in front of her.

"No, we can't he'll kill Toothless."

"Hate to break it to you, Astrid, but our dad is not the listening type," Ferno said, still on the back of Shriek, as the two dragons drank from the lake, after their long and tiring trips.

"Hiccup ... Ferno ... we just discovered the Dragon's Nest. The thing we've been after since Dragons first sailed here. And you wanna keep it a secret. To protect your pet dragons are you serious?!"

Hiccup turned around and determinedly, in leader-like fashion and yet simply said, "Yes."

"Told you he was a natural leader," Ferno mumbled.

Astrid stared at him with disbelief. "Ok ... so what do we do?"

"Just give me until tomorrow. I'll think of something."

"Ok." As soon as she said that, she punched his arm. "That's for kidnapping me." He yelped and looked at both dragons and his brother, who shrugged and went back to either drinking or examining his sword. She grabbed his harness and pulled him in for a ... kiss on the cheek. "That's for everything else."

Then she left, probably blushing.

Hiccup then noticed the grin on the dragon's and his brother's faces. "What are you looking at?"

"Hiccup's got a girlfriend ... Hiccup's got a girlfriend." Ferno sang quietly as he and his brother walked back to the village, careful to avoid Astrid on the way.

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