Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 14

Hiccup and Ferno stood at the entrance of the Dragon Arena and heard their father's voice boom into the ear of every Viking that came to the match, which was every Viking on Berk.

The Chief's words stung Hiccup, his father, as well as the whole village, expected him to slay the Monstrous Nightmare. But how could he?

How could bring peace to both Dragons and Vikings?

Ferno put his left hand on Hiccup's shoulder.

"How do I do it?" Hiccup asked looking at the arena, with his helmet under his arm. "How do I bring peace between Vikings and Dragons?"

There was a long pause. "I don't know ... but I can be sure that it will fail and fail and fail, again-"

"Ok, just stop there. How is this helping?" Hiccup turned around violently.

"I wasn't finished yet. It will fail, many times, but in the end you will come up with something absolutely crazy, possibly fatal-if-not-careful, but brilliant, all at the same time. And you'll get what you want. You'll get peace." Ferno said, giving his brother a reassuring smile.

"Thanks. You always know how to give a speech." Hiccup said, smiling.

"Get over here." Ferno head locked his brother and knuckled the reddish brown hair. "There's no way your gonna die, without me doing this."

"Ok, ok, you did it, I ... can't ... breathe." Hiccup finally got out of the warrior's grip to see Astrid standing behind Ferno.

"Oh, look at the time, dad's already in his seat. I should go before dad pulverizes me for being late." Ferno ran out of the entrance, giving Hiccup a reassuring glance and ran off to join his father's side.

By the time Ferno got to his father's side, it was time. The gates opened and a ferocious Monstrous Nightmare flew out, enraged by his imprisonment, it ran across the chained ceiling, blasting a jet of fire randomly ... then Ferno's throat dried out ... it looked with famished eyes at Hiccup.

Slowly it made its way towards Hiccup. Ferno heard his father ask what he was doing when the blacksmith dropped his choice of weapon, a knife, naturally, and his shield. Instead of wrestling the Monstrous Nightmare he spread out his hand inches away from the beast's snout.

"It's ok, it's ok." He took off his helmet and threw it to the floor. "I'm not one of them."

Gasps and murmurs spread around the crowd of anxious Vikings. Both Astrid and Ferno looked around in fear at the crowd, desperately awaiting what could happen next.

"Stop the fight." Stoic slowly stood up from his throne.

"No! I need you all to see this. They're not want we think they are. We don't have to kill them."

"I SAID STOP THE FIGHT!" Stoic yelled smashing a hammer on the cage.

The Monstrous Nightmare panicked, the moment of bonding between Hiccup and the beast was broken at the sound of the hammer smashing the metal. It chased Hiccup around the arena.

"Out of my way." Stoic pushed through the crowd to the entrance of the arena to rescue his eldest son.

Ferno stood planted in his tracks for several moments. He climbed through the dent of the cage that his father made with his hammer. To his luck, the Nightmare was right under him. He jumped onto the dragon grabbing its horns, earning gasps from the crowd. Ferno stirred the head away from Hiccup ... that was when his entire body flamed up.

Ferno's burning skin putrefied the arena. His clothes caught fire. His palms were smouldering. The flames engulfed his torso and lower up to his knees. His mouth didn't let out a single sound of pain. Instead, his face mustered the most determined face he could.

The Nightmare smashed it's back, were Ferno was, against the wall, making the boy slip off him like a bug. The warrior's grey eyes didn't open when he landed on the floor.

"FERNO!" Hiccup yelling was the last thing he heard.

Everything went black.

"Ferno ... Ferno ... FERNO! ... SHRIEK HAS BEEN CAPTURED!" Hiccup yelled into his brother's ear, at once the stormy grey eyes snapped wide open.

"Wh-what?!" Unconsciously he kicked his brother in the stomach and grabbed him by the collar with one hand and a dagger in the other, all in the process of waking up. When his eyes were completely wide he saw his brother looking terrified. "Oh, it's you." He dropped Hiccup to the floor. "What happened?" He wiped his eyes but then noticed his burnt flesh and his shirt missing.

"You jumped in the arena to save me. You got hurt real bad. They have Shriek caged ... and we've been ... disowned." Hiccup said the last sentence with more pain than the pain he received from any cuts, broken bones and injuries.

Ferno stared at him in horror, his gaze went to his surroundings, they were in the Healer's House, all the teens were there.

"Come on, we need to patch you up." Hiccup supported Ferno to sit up, with Astrid carrying a medic kit towards them.

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