Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 15

"I'm so sorry, Ferno. For everything, we've been disowned, our dragons get caged, you getting burnt." Hiccup said as he wiped the blood off the wounds.

"No, I'm sorry, Hiccup. I jumped into the arena, I didn't stop dad from yelling ... if I did that then you wouldn't have been endangered and our dragons wouldn't have jumped to our rescue. And the disowned part ... well, you know that's that."

"Well, Shriek is caged, Toothless is being put on the boat. Dad is gonna use him to get to the Dragon's nest." Ferno stared at him with dreaded eyes, remembering what they saw in the nest. "This is gonna sting," Hiccup warned before he pressed a wet cloth with some herbs on it to an especially large burn on Ferno's muscular chest.

The warrior cringed in pain, holding back a scream. "Never call him dad ... to my face ever again ... or it will be ... the last thing you'll ever do," He said, painfully, barring the pain, by closing his eyes.

"Oh, stop with your tough guy act; scream already, it takes the pain away." Astrid nearly smacked the back of his head, while passing some bandages to Hiccup.

"You must be in pain a lot of the time," Ferno smirked at his joke, while the other teens laughed at the joke. Astrid gave him the glare of death.

"So, what's the plan, Hiccup?" Fishlegs asked when the laughter ceased.

The Dragon Trainer signed. "I have an idea ... but it's very dangerous ... we might not survive." Hiccup finished tending on Ferno.

"You are wise to seek help from the world's most deadly weapon." Tuffnut came up to him. "It's me." He agreed in his own way.

He was pulled away by their cousin. "I love this plan," Snotlout said cheerfully

"I didn't ... even say what the plan was..." Hiccup looked at him as he was shoved away by Ruffnut.

"You're crazy ... I like that." The last part was said, seductively. Leaving Hiccup looking uneasy and Ferno smirking at how popular among girls his brother had gotten recently.

"So what is the plan?" Astrid tugged Ruff away by the horns of her helmet, Ferno couldn't help but notice how Hiccup breathed in relief.

"Yeah, I'm curious myself."

"Ferno, I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm letting you go on this."

"And there's no way I'm letting you boss me around." Ferno attempted to get up, seeing that his shin and calf were already bandaged from the angry burns. "Besides, I think I know what you're thinking. Who's gonna fly an enraged Boneknapper to battle, other than me?"

"I knew you were gonna say that." Hiccup mumbled as he watched his brother struggle to the doorway, grabbing a shirt along the way but quickly taking it off realising how painful it would be. "See? How can you go to battle if you can barely walk?!" Hiccup was now yelling at the bravest teenage warrior on Berk.

"Gee, I don't know, maybe because we'll be sitting on a dragon, not running on the Dragon Queen's scales stabbing it."

"What's wrong with that?" Tuffnut asked.

Hiccup, Ferno and Astrid looked at him as if he was dumb.

"That thing's head is the size of the Great Hall," Astrid said.

"How would you know?" Snotlout looked at her suspiciously.

"It's a long story." Hiccup, Ferno and Astrid said in complete unison.

20 minutes later all the teens stood at the Arena. All the ships had already set off. Ferno had used Tuffnut and Snotlout as his walking crouches on the way.

"You take the Zippleback and Gronkle, I'll take the Nightmare and Nadder?" Hiccup suggested, knowing how his brother probably felt towards Monstrous Nightmares.

"Brilliant idea! But first I have someone else to release." Ferno walked up to the largest cage and pulled the level. As soon as it open the Boneknapper pinned him to the ground. The teens minus Hiccup and Astrid gasped. The armoured reptile gave his rider a shrieking roar and licked him.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I missed you too, you overgrown puppy dog." Ferno patted his dragon weakly from the ground, clearly disgusted by the dragon's saliva. "Hiccup, how do you deal with this every day!?"

Hiccup shook his head and ignored him, proceeding to the Nightmare's cage. He pulled the lever and the red Nightmare calmly came out of its cell. Ferno eyed the dragon for a moment, and then went to the Zippleback's cage.

He pulled the lever and the Zippleback came out slowly. Ferno put out both of his bandaged hands out and faced the other way, praying to the gods that they won't bite his hands off. He felt their snouts instead of their teeth.

He led them towards the twins.

"Ruff you take the right head, you'll be releasing the gas. Tuff, yours is the left head, you spark the gas. Put a palm on each head, and turn your head the other direction. Got that?"

Surprisingly, the twins didn't bicker with him. They did as he told them. Ferno at his own pace walked to the Gronkle's cage and pulled the lever. Ferno didn't know why, but this dragon always reminded him of a bee, except for its size. He led the Gronkle out.

"Fishlegs, this one is yours!"

"Uh ... I don't think that's a good idea." Fishlegs cowered.

Ferno looked at him sceptically. "Shriek, be a dear and give him some ... confidence."

The Boneknapper unleashed his deadly roar right behind Fishlegs.

"Ok, ok, I'm coming." Fishlegs ran up to Ferno and reached for the Gronkle's snout.

After a brief flying lesson, the teens flew at full speed ... to Helhiem's Gate.

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