Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 16

"Ruff, Tuff watch your backs!" Hiccup yelled an order from Stormfly, with Astrid gripping tightly to his waist. "Move Fishlegs!"

"Look at us, we're on a dragon! We're on dragons, all of us!" Tuffnut yelled to the astonished villagers below.

"Up, let's move it!" Hiccup yelled. The dragons circled around the head. "Fishlegs, break it down."

"Ok. Heavily armoured skull and tail made for bashing and crushing. Steer clear of both. Small eyes, large nostrils. Relies on hearing and smell."

"Ok, Lout, Legs, hang in its blind spot. Make some noise, keep it confused. Ferno, use Shriek's firepower to burn her skin. Ruff, Tuff? Find out if it has a shot limit. Make it mad." Hiccup ordered.

"That's my specialty," Ruffnut said proudly.

"Since when, everyone knows I'm more irritating." Tuffnut flipped his Zippleback's head and made irritating noises.

"Well, start using your given talent!" Ferno yelled at them, pointing to the Red Death. "Get Toothless!" He turned to Hiccup and Astrid. "Don't worry, we've got it covered."

The Monstrous Nightmare and Gronkle hovered around the sides of the Queen, with their riders using their shields for noise. Shriek flew around the head, producing an inferno of fire, slightly burning the skin, but irritating her none the less. The twins flew on their Zippleback yelling insults.


"Butt Elf!"

"Bride of Grendel!" That was the one that did it. The Zippleback was lucky at escape.

"Yeah, this thing does not have a blind spot," Fishlegs informed.

"Fine! Just keep it confused!" Ferno ordered.

The teenagers continued to do battle with the diabolic dragon. Unfortunately, their shots were no more use than to tickle the thing. How in Thor's name was Hiccup planning to destroy the thing?

Astrid returned on her dragon.

"Where's Hiccup?" Ferno flew up to her.

"We found Toothless, he went to rescue him and ordered me to help you guys."

"Distract her," Ferno yelled from his dragon.

They continued to battle, Ferno now noticed how somehow Snotlout managed to get on the head of the Red Death. The Night Fury's screech echoed around the island. Ferno and Astrid smiled when they saw a black shadow fly at full steep.

"He's up!" Astrid yelled.

"Get Snotlout out of there!" Ferno ordered the twins.

"I'm on it."

"I'm on it first."

"I'm way ahead of you."

Ferno face-palmed himself, as the dragons flew away from the Dragon Queen. Astrid, on her Deadly Nadder, was unlucky. Her dragon being pulled into the Queen's jaws. Ferno was about to turn back to save his friend from an untimely death, but his brother was way ahead of him, again. He swooped in, blasted the Queen's jaws, sent Astrid flying through the air, and just managed to catch her.

The Dragon Queen wailed in pain, and slammed her foot, catching Shriek, and taking Ferno down in the process. On instinct, Shriek threw his rider off him and shielded him with his muscular legs and wings.

The Boneknapper smashed into the ground, being crushed by the Red Death, but thankfully because of his impenetrable bone armour didn't kill him. Some of the sharp bones sunk into Ferno's already burnt naked torso. The leg suddenly lifted, Ferno shook his head getting his mind back to function.

"Hey, Shriek, buddy, you alright?" He patted the dragon's side. The Boneknapper lay flat on the ground, but let out a groan of an agreement. "Thank Odin. You just rest there, buddy."

Ferno attempted to get up, but his body felt limp. He saw his blood trickling down his chest and stomach to Shriek's bone armour. The warrior gave up on getting up, instead he looked up. The Red Death was taking its massive body to the sky, following a small black shadow. Hiccup.

"Ferno!" Astrid's voice got louder as she and his friends ran up to him. "You're alive!" She helped him get off the dragon. "This isn't your lucky day is it?" She supported his side, as Snotlout got his other side.

"Let's see, I get fried by a Monstrous Nightmare, I get disowned, then I get squashed by a dragon the size of a mountain and my brother is gonna get himself killed. Yeah, this the greatest day of my life." Ferno said with sarcasm pouring out of his lips.

They watched as the small black dot in the sky battled the storm. Ferno mentally prepared for the worst never stopped praying to the Gods.

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