Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 17

Ferno held his breath as he saw the Night Fury's tailfin catch fire. He closed his eyes. Moments later, a crash, loud enough to bring Ragnarok early blasted everyone's eardrums and even made the toughest of Vikings stumble back. The silver-grey eyes opened and saw a large mushroom shaped explosion.

"Where is he?" Ferno whispered not looking at which Viking was standing next to him, which happened to be Stoic the Vast. Not waiting for an answer, Ferno made his way across the fog of ash and dust that surrounded the Vikings, with only one thing on his mind, Hiccup, his older brother. His mind blanked out all the pain of his burnt flesh or his new wounds. He limped around the fog, yelling his brother's name with tears streaming down his face.


"HICCUP! SON!" The panicked voice of Stoic the Vast boomed behind him. Ferno threw him a dirty look but knew that now was not the time to settle their family differences. "Son?" The Chief looked at a black shadow in the dark. He instantly ran up to it kneeling before the dragon, Ferno followed him, though a bit slower.

Stoic was apologizing to the dragon, Ferno was still only half was there, limping to his brother's dragon. Then he saw the Night Fury open its wings, Stoic ran up to its legs and grabbed something. Throwing away his helmet.

Ferno's grey eyes snapped wide with realisation when his brain whacked him in the face, yelling at him who it was. Ferno ran up to the Chief.

"He's alive. You brought him back alive." The Chief's voice was broken with happiness.

Using all his strength Ferno pushed the Chief out of the way. "Get out of my way!" He yelled grabbing his brother's body in the middle of the push. Stoic made no eye contact and didn't even attempt to fight his youngest offspring.

Ferno fell to his knees, with Hiccup's head on them. The warrior checked his brother's pulse, it was faint, but it still beat stubbornly. Ferno smirked. "You're too stubborn to die, bro."

The cheers of the villagers echoed around, and Ferno released the many intense breaths that he took.

"Thank you for saving my son." Stoic put a large hand on Toothless' head.

"Well, you know ... most of him." Gobber came up.

"What are you talking about?" Ferno narrowed his eyes at the blacksmith.

The Belch pointed to Hiccup's left leg. ... It was unnaturally twisted ... a river of blood leaked out of the boot ... Ferno forgot about any burn marks or wounds on himself.

"Stoic ... it has to go ... he can't keep the leg ... he'll never be able to use it again." Gobber put a hand on his friend's shoulder.

Stoic looked at Ferno for his approval. "What do you think?"

Ferno shut his eyes, just hoping that he would open them and find out that his was all a dream and he wouldn't have to make a decision like this.

"H-Hiccup ne-needs t-to fl-ly again ... if he c-can't u-use his l-leg the-then he won't be a-able to ... take the l-leg." He stuttered, for the first time in his life, choking on his tears.

Ferno hugged his brother's unconscious body.

"Ferno? Ferno ... what's going on?" The warrior realised Astrid's voice and her hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw all the teens standing there, with solemn faces.

"I'm gonna kill him, when he wakes up," Ferno said, wiping away a tear. "They're gonna take his left leg away ... h-he's gonna bl-blame me for it, for th-the r-rest of his l-life..."

At that moment, Gobber came up to them with a molten sword. "Just say the word, Ferno." Trying to sound as soft as possible.

"You ordered to cut his leg off?!" Astrid yelled at him.

"There's no other way, Astrid," Stoic said, firmly, taking the sword from Gobber. "Whenever you're ready, son." Stoic looked at Ferno.

"Don't call me that! ... Get this over with." Ferno avoided his father's eyes. "Someone get Toothless out of here." He ordered the teens, Astrid was the only one who made a move. "Not you, Astrid, he needs you, now more than ever."

When the Night Fury was out of the way, Ferno gently put Hiccup's head on the ground and grabbed his right hand firmly, while Astrid did the same with the other hand.

Stoic lifted the sword above his head ... Ferno heard it swish down ... Hiccup screamed in his unconscious state ... Ferno's heart sank.

Both warriors struggled to keep Hiccup down, as he vigorously tugged at both sides.

"SSSHHH ... Hiccup ... be strong, come on ... we're counting on you to be strong ... and so am I." Astrid whispered to the Dragon Rider with tears leaking out of her eyes.

The leg was off. Both Gobber and Stoic quickly worked on bandaging the leg. Ferno thought he heard Stoic murmur, 'in one day, I almost lost two of your sons ... I'm so sorry Val.'

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