Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 19

The villagers returned to Berk eventually, on dragons, after being trained by the teens how to.

Hiccup still lay unconscious on his bed, occasionally half-waking up, in time to be fed by either Astrid or Ferno or Stoic, depending on whose turn it would be to sit there and mourn for him. Mostly it was Ferno, as his bed was right above Hiccup's. Hiccup had also managed to get a burning fever after a month of being unconscious.

Ferno's scars and wounds were now kept under lock and key with herbs and bandages, then an over shirt then armour. They had scarred, really badly. It hurt like hell to touch the angry burn marks that ranged all over his body.

It was a long day, that day. Ferno had just helped Gobber set up the beams that were previously used to scare dragons off, as feeding containers for the dragons. Currently, the warrior was walking up to his house.

He opened the door, to find Astrid sitting on the chair, beside Hiccup's bed, whispering something.

"How is he?" Ferno startled Astrid.

"His fever is reducing." Astrid's eyes had bags under them.

"Astrid, go home, get some solid sleep. He'll be fine. He's too stubborn to die because of ... a fever. Get some sleep." Ferno put a hand on her shoulder.

"Fine." She breathed and walked out of the house, not letting her eyes off the sleeping form of the Dragon Trainer.

"Remember our agreement—" Ferno whispered.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." She rolled her eyes and went out.

Ferno put a hand on his brother's forehead. Astrid was right, the fever did cease. "Get well, big bro. You have a woman waiting for you here. She'll go insane if you don't get yourself back here, and the last thing we need is an insane Astrid Hofferson."

Smiling at his brother hopefully, he climbed onto his bunk bed above him. Signing, he was about to shut his eyes when ... BANG! Ferno's expression looked at the ceiling angrily.

"Astrid I told you to get some sleep," Ferno said, slowly getting up, then instantly shutting up when he saw it wasn't Astrid.

"I think your eyesight is a little bad to confuse me with Astrid." Stoic shut the door behind him. "Horrible weather." He cleared the snow off his shoulders.

Ever since, the Operation, things went for the Chief and the warrior went from awkward to super awkward. Ferno, in a month, didn't once call Stoic 'dad' or even 'father', instead used 'Stoic', 'the Chief' or 'sir'. After all he was allowed to live in his house.

"Ferno, can we talk?" Stoic gestured to two seats by the fire.

Ferno signed and got off his bunk bed. "I guess." He sat opposite the Chief.

"I think it's time I apologised to you. For disowning you ... for abandoning you at the most crucial time ... for everything." Stoic said with bitterness in his voice. "I promised your mother to keep you two safes, and I failed."

"...well, then that makes three of us." Ferno murmured.

"What was that?"

"Nothing ... I'm sorry for ... avoiding you for a month ... we should have had this talk a while ago." The stormy grey eyes met the brilliant green ones.

"No hard feelings?"

"Of course not." Ferno leapt at his father for a manly hug, that hadn't happened since his mother passed away.

Ferno woke up to a crash and a bang the next morning. His eyes turned to rage. "DAD! I WILL MURDER YOU IN A MINUTE!" He took a dagger that lay nearby and was about to throw it at the cause of his discomfort. He saw Toothless, looking especially happy.

"Ferno?" A weak voice sounded. The warrior's ears hadn't heard that voice in a month. He successfully jumped off the bed without harming himself and saw Hiccup fully conscious, looking at his leg quizzically. "What happened?"

Ferno head locked his brother and knuckled the brown hair. "Your awake, big bro. I never thought that you would."

"Yeah that's really encouraging, isn't it?" Hiccup said deadpanned. "Ferno ... I can't ... breathe."

"Oh sorry, I forgot you're a talking fishbone." Ferno chuckled, Hiccup gave him a sceptical glance. "Come on, you gotta see the New Berk."

Ferno pulled Hiccup's arm around his neck, to support him and let him get to the doorway.

Ferno watched at how his brother's life changed. First, Stoic beamed at Hiccup with pride when both sons came out of the house. Second, Astrid kept her promise and in front of the entire village, kissed the Dragon Trainer ... no, in front of the entire village, she kissed Hiccup. And finally, Hiccup would be able to have a life where there would always be someone to listen to him, he would have a purpose in life, he would make everyone proud.

Ferno's heart told him that things were gonna get happier, but his head, throbbed, saying that it if anything, things would get only more challenging. As always, Ferno listened to his head.

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