Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Gift of the Night Fury Part 1

This is Berk, boasting the kind of balmy, fun-in-the-sun climate that will give you frostbite on your spleen. The one upside is our annual holiday. We call it Snoggletog. Why we chose such a stupid name remain a mystery. But with the war long over – and dragons living amongst us, this year's Snoggletog promises to be one to remember.

Let me tell you, sharing a room with your beloved brother, is not so bad. But when his annoying dragon starts jumping on the ceiling at dawn just to go riding, you kind of want to decapitate your brother and stuff his dragon as a chew toy for your own, who by the way, was peacefully sleeping in the barn not bothering anyone.

The banging continued no matter how hard Ferno pressed he pillow against his skull. And lying on the top bunk, the rubble fell onto his bed and shielded Hiccup from the annoying dust. "HICCUP!" He finally lost patience and yelled for his brother. "IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING ABOUT TOOTHLESS THEN I'LL BE THE FIRST VIKING TO KILL A NIGHT FURY!"

"Ok, ok, I'm up." Hiccup yawned and got up, grabbing his Viking helmet along the way.

"Finally." Ferno sunk back into the pillows and furs. He closed his eyes ... but then a mischievous dragon laugh echoed around, the sound of his brother tripping over his prosthetic leg thundered in his ears and the annoying flapping wings fluttered away tormenting Ferno's sleep.

The warrior looked at the ceiling with an annoyed expression. "I going to skin that guy when he gets back, and no offspring of lightning and death is going to save him!"


After Ferno had at least an hour of more sleep he headed down to the village with his trusted companion, Shriek, by his side. He saw his friends helping put up new decorations for the holiday.

Fishlegs was hammering decoration on the wall with his Gronkle chasing a small kid, dressed in a Gronkle costume. Astrid was throwing shields on the wooden tree with her Deadly Nadder pinning them on with by her spines. Snotlout was using Hookfang as a ladder to put up the decorations. This was probably the only time in the year were the Twins didn't blow something up at least once a day, they, like everyone else, were preparing for the holidays.

Then Stoic put a hand on Ferno's shoulder and led him around the newly put up decorations, with Gobber by his side. "By Odin's beard, son. Vikings spending the winter holidays with Dragons."

"Never thought this day would come, eh, dad?" Ferno said, weakly. His father had accidently put his hand on a very sensitive scar on his shoulder. "Dad ... shoulder ... scar ... very painful."

"Oh sorry, son," Stoic said, with guilt drenching his voice.

Before Ferno could speak there was something unexpected happening. Hundreds, maybe thousands of dragons flew above Berk. The resident dragons slowly began to join them.

"What in Thor's name?" Gobber exclaimed, watching the dragons take off.

Ferno immediately ran to his beloved Boneknapper, who looked like he was about to leave.

"Shriek, stay right where you are?!"As he ran towards his dragon, a searing pain ran up his legs so he slipped on the ice and skid across the road. When he looked up, he saw his Boneknapper in the sky already. The warrior groaned and hit the ice with his fist.

"Ferno, get up. We need to find Hiccup." Astrid pulled the warrior up.

"Right, find Hiccup now, skin him later." Ferno made a mental note, he noticed Astrid's confused look. "Never mind. Look, he's landing." He pointed to a Night Fury landing.

The two Vikings ran up to the blacksmith.

"Hiccup! What's going on? Where are they going?" Astrid asked, running up to him, with Ferno right behind her.

Unfortunately, he couldn't answer her because within literally 2 seconds he was swarmed by Vikings who were all asking questions at the same time.

"Where did they leave?"

"What's happening?"

"What if they're never coming back?"

"Stop ... please." Hiccup attempted to calm the crowd down.

"Stop! Give him a chance to speak!" The booming voice of Stoic the Vast blasted silence among the crowd and the said Viking pushed past them. "Hiccup, where are all the dragons going?" He asked his eldest son.

"Dad ... I don't know."

Then Shriek and Stormfly flew to Toothless flew up to Toothless as if they were encouraging him to come with them, but the Night Fury moaned back. The Boneknapper and Deadly Nadder flew off, again.

There was a meeting in the Great Hall. The villagers complained to each other about how Snoggletog was ruined while the teenagers stood at the corner of the hall listening to them.

"Where did they leave? Snoggletog is ruined."

"It's not ruined!" Stoic stood up. "We're Vikings. We've been perfectly happy celebrating Snoggletog without dragons for generations. And there's no reason to not do it again. Now we don't know where they've gone off to, but we have to have faith they'll be back. Am I right?"

"He's right. We're Vikings. We are tough!" Gobber said punching the air with his prosthetic, himself being wrapped around in Snoggletog decorations. "Most of the time," He added. "Let's sing some Snoggletog songs."

The teenagers groaned and left the Hall.

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