Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Gift of the Night Fury Part 3

In the early morning, Ferno's peaceful slumber was disturbed when the ceiling began to racket. He wiped his eyes with one hand while his weight was supported by his elbow. Without a second of hesitation, Hiccup ran out of the house to inspect whether it was Toothless. After hearing the usual thump, and a 'Good morning, son' from their father, Ferno realised that it was all for nothing and lay back down into the bed linens.


During about midday, Ferno was walking through the village minding his own business, his palm on his sword hilt and his eyes filled with worry for the Boneknapper, when suddenly a Gronkle flies past. The warrior only barely missed being hit by the rock-like dragon. He then noticed his older brother hanging for dear life on the dragon's snout.

"Hiccup!? Where did you get a Gronkle?!" Ferno yelled to the departing dragon, that now Ferno recognised was Meatlug, Fishleg's Gronkle.

"Fishleg's shed!" The Dragon Tamer screamed as he was being carried away to the unknown.

At once, Ferno made his way to the nerd's shed. The other teens were already there while Astrid was staring off into the distance.

"Someone care to explain why my brother is being carried off Odin-knows-where?" Ferno said, sarcastically, to Fishlegs mainly.

"I can't believe him." Fishlegs said, downcast.

"You can't believe him! You kidnapped your dragon!" Astrid blew up on the dragon nerd.

"You make it sound so mean." Fishlegs whimpered slightly.

"Hey, guys," Tuffnut called, inspecting a haystack, with his sister. Ferno made his way to them, ignoring the conversation between Astrid and Fishlegs. The swordsman looked over Ruffnut's shoulder. There were blue rocks buried in the hay. "Guys!" Tuffnut yelled, losing patience with his squabbling friends.

"Wow, Meatlug barfed up a pile of rocks." Fishlegs said, overlooking the rocks behind Ferno who was inspecting them.

"You're such an idiot, those aren't rocks." Ruffnut slapped the back of Fishleg's head.

"They're dragon eggs, Fishlegs," Ferno said, passing the egg he was holding to Astrid and standing up.

"Hey, wait, I bet that's why the dragons left. To lay their eggs."

"That would explain why they didn't raid us during the next couple of months … which means they will come back," Ferno said with realisation.

"But, boy dragons don't lay dragons." Fishlegs was still confused.

"Yeah, your boy dragon is a girl dragon." Ruffnut spelt it out for him.

"Ok, that actually explains a few things." Fishlegs visibly paled.

"Hey, everyone is missing their dragons' right…" Astrid raced to the desk and began doing something to the dragon egg.

"Oh, here it comes." Snotlout groaned, probably remembering the Yaknog.

"I've got an idea." Astrid completely ignored Snotlout's comment. "It'll be another Snoggletog tradition." She showed the egg, wrapped in a Snoggletog style ribbon. The teenagers grabbed the eggs and ran out of the shed, spreading the eggs around to every house of Berk.

"Guys, I have a bad feeling about this." Ferno said, but all of his friends were already out, reluctantly the swordsman took his eggs and put them in different houses.


"Wasn't this a great idea?" Astrid said after they finished dropping off the eggs and rendezvoused at the centre of town.

"Ahh, everyone's going to be so surprised!" Fishlegs was practically bouncing up and down with excitement, him and Astrid while the others just stood there unimpressed. Suddenly the house in which Astrid had just put the egg in, its door, exploded with something flying out of it and knocking Fishlegs out.

"Surprise!" Snotlout yelled, slightly more excited now that something blew up.

A small baby Gronkle landed on Fishleg's stomach. Snotlout, Ruff and Tuff awed at the cute small baby dragon, while Astrid and Ferno stared at it in shock.

"The eggs explode," Astrid said, not letting her eyes off the baby dragons. Ferno gulped and looked at the other house, seconds later, they too began to explode, firing small, pistol-like object, which were the baby dragons. "THE EGGS EXPLODE!" Astrid yelled at the houses.

The teenagers watched the display of fire, as their village got devoured by it. Astrid kept running around to numerous Vikings yelled an apology, while the others stood dead in their tracks, either admiring the sight or stared in horror at it.

The wooden tree even caught fire and Stoic was enraged. "What in Thor's name in going on?!"

"The eggs explode," Astrid muttered under her breath.


Astrid and Ferno were hammering away at some buildings repairing what Astrid had destroyed, and Ferno agreed to help her. Standing by Hiccup's side for 13 years straight, he understood that everybody mucked up and on numerous occasions; Astrid was no exception.

"Argh, Gobber this is a disaster." Stoic complained walked through the ruins of one house.

"Oh, it's not so bad." Gobber was his old optimistic self.

"'Oh not that bad?' The village is destroyed, the dragons have gone and left us … let's face it, this holiday is a complete disaster." Stoic pushed passed the villagers who were staring at the sky. "What are you people looking at?"

He looked at the direction in the sky and spotted a mysterious figure floating in the air.

"They're dragons!" Ferno yelled and slid down his ladder and walked to the front of the crowd of villagers. The mysterious figure got into view and it was indeed a herd of dragons, carrying a broken ship.

Hiccup sitting on Shriek's neck as all the dragons landed with the broken ship, skidding across the freshly layered ice.

Ferno didn't need to be told, he charged at his dragon in a bear hug. "Where the Hel were you? You almost gave me a heart attack!" He yelled scolding the Boneknapper while hugging him at the same time.

Suddenly he was tackled by small dragons. The black haired teen lost his balance and fell to the ice, covered in puppy-sized, grey coloured, bone-less, yellow-eyed, mischievous looking, baby dragons.

"Oh, my, baby Boneknappers!" Ferno started at a random baby dragon he picked up.

"Oh no, they are not staying in our house." Stoic stood over Ferno, with a pale face.

"Aw come on, dad." Ferno frowned. He picked up one baby dragon that had a stoic expression. "Look at this one, how can you not love this one. Look how cute he is. Come on, dad, I'll even name him after you."

Stoic sighed and rubbed his forehead. "This is what baby dragons do to brave and fearsome warriors. It's sad to watch even. Fine, they can stay but only in the barn." He said while walking away.


There was a celebration for the return of the dragons. All the teens were getting to know their dragon's babies, except one. Hiccup the Useful. The Dragon Tamer was walking aimlessly around the Great Hall. Ferno looked at his brother, sympathetically. The guy's best friend was missing. The swordsman watched as Astrid went to cheer up the downed Useful.

Ferno smiled when his friend awarded his brother with a Snoggletog gift, giving one of her very rare kisses. Then the boy's smile widened when the Night Fury bounced through the door, with a retrieved Hiccup's helmet.

A small Boneknapper brought Ferno's thoughts back to life, as it crawled all over his body, surprisingly not hurting him. Things were definitely looking up.

Winter in Berk lasts for about 9 months of the year … and hails the other three. It hangs on with both hands and won't let go. And the only real comforts against the cold are those you keep close to your heart. My close comforts are obviously father, brother, brother's dragon and Shriek … and the baby Boneknapper. Don't forget the baby Boneknappers, because them that wouldn't have been THE BEST SNOGGLETOG EVER!

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