Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 3

"Hiccup? Hiccup you in here." Ferno called as he entered the house.

"Yep, up here." A voice called from upstairs. Ferno jogged upstairs to the brother's shared room. "What's up?"

"I just overheard dad's Village Meeting. He wants to put you in Dragon Training."

"What?!" Hiccup jumped from the bottom half of the bunk bed, which was his.

"Yeah. Gobber convinced him ... It was nice knowing you Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III."

"This is not funny. We gotta do something. I-I ... I could run away..."

"Hiccup you finally get your chance to prove yourself to dad, and your planning of running away."

"It's just that I finally realised ... can't kill dragons."

Ferno face-palmed himself. "Took you long enough. So what size hammer finally hit you on the head to finally realise that?"

Hiccup winced. "No hammer. I was just ... thinking a lot recently."

Ferno eyed the shorter boy. "Ok, well. Uh ... let's see dad off. He's at the docks, you'll be able to tell him then."

Ferno waved for Hiccup to follow him as he walked off downstairs. The blacksmith groaned and got up, obeying the warrior.

They stood at the docks, watching as the other teenagers hugged their parent's their goodbyes. Both Hiccup and Ferno felt a pang of jealousy hit their chests, their father had never showed them any kind of affection. Hiccup would receive a good old scolding and get humiliated by the entire village, and Ferno would also get a cold shoulder. On he weighed down all of their father's expectations, and those were just as heavy as their father himself.

Ferno was expected to be the most skilful warrior, the great leader, the notorious dragon slayer. He would probably be the next Chief. The whole village expected something extraordinary out of him.

In reality, all Ferno wanted was to be an explorer. He wanted to adventure onto different islands and wonder about the creatures that lurked there. He wasn't much of a leader, he saw that trait in Hiccup, but because of his low popularity, no one else noticed that. The last thing Ferno wanted was to be Chief of anything. He hated being tied down to one spot for the rest of his life. And along with it's perks, the position of Chief was, in Ferno's eyes, it was a prison.

However, the worst part about Stoic the Vast was that he sometimes ... acted differently to Ferno. It sometimes felt as if Ferno wasn't Stoic's son at all. The glares Stoic sent him, when he messed up, were harsher than the ones he directed at Hiccup. The icy voice, when he defended Hiccup, was enough to frighten the bravest Viking out of his skin.

Hiccup and Ferno continued watching as the other teenagers hugged their parents a goodbye, for what could have been the last time.

Stoic walked behind them but kept his distance. An awkward silence had befallen the three.

"I'll be back ... probably." He said.

"And we'll be here ... maybe." Hiccup said, in his awkward voice.

The sons avoided eye contact with their father.

Gobber came up to them and huffed in annoyance.

"Hiccup and Ferno would like to tell you that they'll miss you and they hope you find that Thor-forsaken Dragon Nest, so you can stop putting out all your worries on everyone, namely poor Gobber." The blonde Viking looked at the two boys for their confirmation and they nodded.

"Stoic would like to tell you that he'll be thinking of you the whole way. So don't throw a house party, train hard and he hopes he'll return soon ... but if he doesn't well you know that's that."

"We're Vikings. It's an occupational hazard." Stoic commented.

"We're Vikings. It's an occupational hazard." Gobber repeated.

"I said that part." Stoic huffed in annoyance and proceeded onto the boat.

"Oh sorry, for helping," Gobber said sarcastically.

Stoic got on the boat. "I want them both back, with all limbs intact." He was about to continue onto the boat, the suddenly stopped. "I almost forgot. Both of you start Dragon Training, tomorrow morning." Then he walked off.

"Yeah, dad there's going to be an issue with that-" Hiccup attempted but failed to get the attention of his father, but the Chief had already left.

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