Legacy of the Fire-bearer

Chapter 9

Hiccup continued to learn from Toothless the weaknesses in dragons, and with the tricks up his sleeve he advanced to the top of the class. Ferno decided to go easy on being the top of the class, so he fell back a bit and spending time with Toothless made him realise that he didn't want to fight dragons at all, not that he was too enthusiastic about it in the first place. Besides Hiccup needed the fame more.

Ferno went with Hiccup every evening to watch how he tested out new saddles and tail-fins for Toothless. It was only for the reason of entertainment. It failed each time, until Hiccup, one day, finally declared that he was 99.9% confident he found the perfect way to operate Toothless.

The evening while Hiccup carried a harness wrapped in the tailfin, and Ferno carried a basket full of fish. They ran into Astrid who was abusing innocent trees, unleashing all her frustration by throwing an axe.

The two brothers looked at her like she was crazy, then at each other, then they made a run for it, in different directions. Hiccup tossed the harness to Ferno, since she was probably gonna follow him, which she did. Ferno ran to the Cove, while Hiccup ran to the opposite direction. Half an hour later they reunited.

"Smart thinking. What's the plan?" Ferno said, sitting on a stone, entertaining himself by watching as Toothless chased a shiny light that Ferno made by reflecting light on a small hammer.

"Feed Toothless with the fish, and we'll saddle him while he's at it." Hiccup said, catching his breath.

"Ok, then." Ferno kicked the basket of fish, which was under his foot, and spluttered it on the ground. "That is disgusting."

Hiccup and Ferno began to put the tailfin and harness on.

The two brothers tied Toothless to a rock so he wouldn't actually fly away yet, while Hiccup made a cheat-sheet of all the tail positions. Then the rope snapped and Toothless and Hiccup crashed, while Ferno stood there laughing.

Hiccup and Toothless exchanged a deadpanned look, and the dragon shot a harmless plasma blast at the warrior.


"You started it."

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Ok, you know who we sound like right now. The Twins."

"Ok, let's stop there. Before our IQ turns smaller than our age."

Hiccup then tried to free himself, but he couldn't. The rope that connected him to the saddle so he wouldn't fall off got stuck and so were Hiccup and Toothless.

"Oh great." Hiccup said, sarcastically. "The rope is stuck. We need to cut it." He looked at Ferno.

"Let's go to the Forge, I haven't got anything sharp on me, either." Ferno examined the rope.

The three headed to the town, thankfully it was night by then, so they could sneak into the Forge without anyone noticing ... well, almost anyone.

"Hiccup? Ferno? Are you in there?" Astrid was outside the forge.

"Oh, perfect." Ferno frowned as he tried to cut the leather rope. "I'll distract her, and you cut the rope."

Ferno got out of the shop and faced his friend. "Astrid? What are you doing here?"

"Is Hiccup in there?" Astrid looked behind Ferno, but because of the shutters saw nothing.

"Wow, the first time in my life I find you so interested in my brother," Ferno said amusedly.

"I normally don't care what people do, but he's acting weird." Then she eyed him. "Both of you."

"What do you mean both of us?" Then Ferno heard the flapping of wings. "You know what, it's late, I'm gonna go to bed now." The warrior began to calmly walk off to the direction of the Chief's house, with his hands in his pockets.

Astrid lost patience and opened the Forge's windows, to find it absolutely empty. She was about to ask Ferno where Hiccup was if he wasn't in the shop and Ferno made it seem like he was five seconds ago, but the black haired warrior had vanished.

"That was close." Ferno breathed as he sat behind Hiccup on Toothless' back. "I laugh at the irony, the one time that girl is interested in you, she's trying to kill you."

Hiccup groaned. "Don't describe my love life, especially when it doesn't exist." He spat sarcastically.

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