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Harry dies and finds out he has more than a few things wrong in his life. The first of these being that he was not born a boy. Reptilia28 Challenge answer. Harry dies and finds out he has more than a few things wrong in his life. The first of these being who he is in love and the second biggest one is a little inconsequential thing called gender. Time-travel, Fem!Harry, Soulmate, Ron Bashing, Dumbledore bashing, and character death.

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Revelations and Rage

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or affiliated characters, places, and things. They all belong to J.K. Rowling and affiliated companies. This particular plot is mine, however. And to make it seem more cohesive to the original stories I am using some of the lines from them, but they are not my material. They came to the excellent mind of their owner.

A/N: This is one of the stories that I have been working on in secret for a while now. It is a typical back to the past story with a twist. It is based around the Reptilia28 challenge. I will stick as close to it as I can, but my muse is a fickle thing.

Summary: Reptilia28 Challenge answer. Harry dies and finds out he has more than a few things wrong in his life. The first of these being who he is in love and the second biggest one is a little inconsequential thing called gender. Time-travel, Fem!Harry, Soulmate, Ron Bashing, Dumbledore bashing, and character death.

“Avada Kedavra!” the cold high pitched voice of Voldemort’s voice rang out in Harry’s ear. He closed his eyes waiting for the sweet release of death. With this, his friends would be safe from this mad man. His mother did this for him, so if he did it for everyone at Hogwarts it should do the same for them. The impact of the spell on his chest generated no pain. His vision slipped into darkness.

If he was hoping for a peaceful sleep the sight that greeted him was something of a shock, to say the least. He was in a kind of waiting room with a few people scattered around waiting to be seen. He felt that this was a case of deja vu the likes that are beyond abnormal. He looked down at his chest to see the spot the Killing Curse had to have hit him. His breath was taken away from him in an instant.

The flat chest that he was used to seeing was not there. Instead, there was this raised portion of his chest. He touched it thinking it was an after effect of the killing curse. Sadly, he was mistaken. What he touched was a growth on his chest. It was soft and malleable. It didn’t cause pain as he was expecting. He raised an eyebrow to the situation. Harry looked around the room. Hoping that there would be someone there to explain this odd situation to him. There were the other people in the room, but they seemed to be lost in their own minds. There had to be someone else that could help him understand what was going on. When he looked around once more hoping to find anything/anyone that would tell him what was going on a mirror appeared out of nowhere.

Harry stood up and walked over to it. When he got in front of the mirror he stumbled backwards. Instead of the reflection of an average looking young man he was staring at the image of a fetching young lady. At first, he thought it was a practical joke, but the longer he looked at the reflection the more it felt normal. He twirled around to look at his complete reflection, and before he could take in the image before him he stared blankly at the mirror.

’Did I just twirl?’ he thought to himself. ‘Yes, yes I did just twirl. I seriously need to talk to someone about this.’

Once ‘she’ was aware of what ‘she’ was doing Harry thought to ‘herself’ that there was no way ‘she’ was a girl. ‘She’ had had dreams of ‘her’ mum and dad saying thing like “She’s such a pretty girl”, but she never gave them much thought. In fact, she thought they were weird dreams due to the lack of food ‘she’ had been given the days before such dreams. ‘She’ shuttered at the thought of what ‘her’ uncle may have done to ‘her’ if she had been a girl. The man wasn’t a paedophile to the best of her knowledge, but the way he looked at some of the teenage girls on Privet drive made ‘her’ wonder. The man definitely had a temper, and life might have actually been harder for ‘her’ had she been a girl. This had to be a horrible prank or something.

The sound of a tapping foot caused Harry to turn around. Standing in front of the seating area was a woman in a pinstriped suit. The woman’s shoulder length black hair framed her blue eyes rather menacingly. The form fitting clothing was a touch distracting, but once ‘she’ pulled ‘her’ eyes off the woman’s well-endowed figure ‘Harry’ noticed a slight familiarity with the woman. She felt that she had met this woman somewhere before. The annoyed expression on her face told ‘Harry’ that she had done something wrong. As she walked up to the woman ‘Harry’ realised that for the past minute or so that she had been referring to herself as ‘she’ instead of ‘he’, and was now thinking of the name she had been using for the past decade and a half as false. This was the weirdest feeling in the world.

“Well, this makes the fourth time here Potter. Do you enjoy making my life a living hell?” the woman asked in an overly sweet voice.

“No, but am I thought I was supposed to be infront of some kind of gate or something.” ‘Harry’ asked.

“Nope, but we can’t hold this conversation here. Follow me, Potter.” The woman turned on her heels and started walking down a corridor.

As they walked down the corridor ‘Harry’ thought throughout her lifetime up to this point. It was easy for her to see how she could have died thrice before. It could have been the basilisk or the dragon for sure. Though it could have easily been anything else. Draco going mental and killing her in a fit of rage. Uncle Vernon beating her to death was also a really good possibility. The same was true for Dudley and his friends. Perhaps her aunt hit her with the car the family owned. Lord knows that the woman wasn’t that good of a driver.

’Harry’ looked back at the woman leading her down the impossibly long corridor. She noticed that the woman was carrying a really thick book in her right hand. There was something written on the cover, but all she could see was ’Boo- ’and ’Pot- ’. She was wondering if what that book held was all the decision she had made within her life. If it did she was really, really embarrassed at some of the things she had done during her fourth year during the second task, but you really couldn’t blame her. Fleur Delacour and Cho Chang were a really attractive woman. This was actually embarrassing to think about now.

When Harry looked back at the woman he saw that she was standing infront of an open doorway. The look on the woman’s face was one of impenitence. ‘Harry’ looked down at the ground, and she felt her cheeks heat up at this. She walked through the door, and into what appeared to be a nice office. On the solid mahogany desk appeared to be a computer. The chairs seemed to be made of plush leather. ‘Harry’ walked into the room sat in the chair infront of the desk. She watched the woman walked to the other side of the desk. She placed the book on the desk but opened it up the moment she placed it on the desk. All ‘Harry’ could tell is the name written on it.

The woman flipped through the pages for what felt like three minutes. When she got to the page she was looking for she rested her elbows on the desk, steeple her fingers. They stared at each other what felt like an eternity. Then the woman asked. “Let’s get this started by answering the two question you have always asked. No, you are not a boy, and your name is not ‘Harry James’ Potter. That is something concocted by Dumbledore. The man dosed you with a faulty gender change potion at the age of one year and three months of age.”

‘Harry’ sat their dumbstruck by this information. Not only was she not a natural boy, but she had also idolised the man who had changed her gender. The fact that this had been done against her will at a time when she could not voice this opinion was beyond infuriating. How could the ‘Leader of the Light’ do something like this? Wasn’t he supposed to be the epitome of all things that were good? What else in her life had been a lie? Where her friends really her friends? Another thought crossed her mind had the old man done anything to her dearest friends?

‘Harry’ looked back at the woman on the other side of the desk. She was filing her nails while ‘Harry’ thought on these things apparently the other times she had been here she had done the same thing. ‘Harry’ smiled at the woman at this point. This caused the woman to roll her eye’s. “Potter don’t even bother trying that little coy smile of yours because it has never worked on me.” At first ’Harry was taken aback by this, but then she caught sight of the woman’s slight smile. “Now if you’re done with the self-introspection may I continue?”

“Yes, I guess I have done this before?” ‘Harry’ asked. The woman nodded. “So, if I was turned into a boy why am I not a boy spiritually?”

“That is honestly the first time you have asked that question.” The woman said this with a little bit of a happy tone to her voice. Although there was still a cold look to her eyes. “At least there is some progress.” She took out a much smaller book from her desk, and read a few pages in the middle of the book. “Okay, since you did not willing choose to change your gender, your spiritual-self reflects your natural self. If you had chosen to change your sex willingly that would not be the case.” The woman looked up from the book at her. “This doesn’t surprise you does it?”

“No, not really. Is it just me, or did it get colder in here?” ‘Harry’ asked with another smile.

“Ha, ha, ha Jasmine very funny.” The woman paused a minute to let what she just said process through Jasmine’s mind. Her real name was Jasmine. It fit. Her mum was Lily and her aunt was Petunia. Apparently, flowery girl names were a common thing in the Evans family. “Good your smiling instead of crying this is more progress!” The woman throwing her arms in the air. Jasmine raised an eyebrow to this. “I have to get my laughs in somehow. Anyway, now on to the important stuff.”

“Like how I died thrice already?” Jasmine asked with that coy smile again.

“Stop that!” Jasmine chuckled a little. “I swear sometimes I wonder if you enjoy doing this.” The woman ran her hands through her hair. The woman looked down at the book while muttering something under her breath. “Well let’s start with the first time you died prematurely. It was an accident, so you are not to blame. Your cousin was chasing you around the school yard and you ran out into traffic and got hit by a car. So, I am not too pissed about that. You were seven years old. The second death is when I started getting pissed off. It was done by Severus Snape in the Shrieking Shack. He went nuts when he entered the room and started casting Stunners around left and right. When the stunner hit you, it threw you against the wardrobe. The door broke in two pieces, and a metal shard landed in your eye killing you on impact. It took me possessing him to prevent this from happening again.”

Jasmine could feel her blood pounding in her veins in that moment. She knew the bastard hated Sirius and her father, but to do that was a bit much even for Snape. She knew now why he was doing all this shite, but that did not forgive his actions. He may deserve to be remembered, but respected was something else entirely. She closed her eyes and breathed slowly. Trying her damnedest to calm down. Her own personal grim Reaper was not the one who deserved her ire. “Okay, what caused it the third death.”

The woman smiled a little at the memory of this, or she just really liked sending Jasmine into fits of panic and rage. “Well, the third death was caused by dear, sweet, and adorable Dolores Umbridge.” Jasmine gawked at this information. “Oh, don’t be so surprised at this information. The woman had it out for you remember?” How could she forget? Umbridge had sent two Dementors after her the summer before the fifth year. Then throughout that school year, the woman had tortured her. Honestly, Jasmine would not have been surprised to find out that the woman had used the Killing Curse on her. “She killed you by pouring the Veritiserum down your throat. The entire bottle. It turned into a poison in that amount. Even if it hadn’t killed you your brain would have been useless. The woman really needs to learn how to control her temper.” The Reaper turned to the next page. “To be fair to the woman you did call her ‘The Whore of Toads.’”

“Well, she is,” Jasmine said as crossed her arms.

“I’m not denying that, but it would be wise not to call her that to her face. She tends to get croaky.” The Reaper grinned at this. “Now all of that aside is there anything else you want to know?”

“Yes, why was I changed into a boy?” Jasmine asked.

“Well, this is a first. Usually, you blame Snape for this whole fiasco, but this time you ask why it was done. Even more progress! Maybe I should be giving you a cookie.” Jasmine felt annoyed at this. By the smile on the woman’s face, she probably looked it too. “Well, the answer to that question is simple, yet complicated. Albus Dumbledore was wanting Voldemort to choose Neville Longbottom, but he chose you instead. The simple fact that you are a girl upset him. As you were not an exact mirror to Voldemort. Dumbledore thought that to be Voldemort’s ‘equal’ you had to be a boy. Well as you can see he was wrong.”

Jasmine was dumbfounded by this information. The man that she had thought to be one the smartest wizards on the planet seemed to be quite deranged. How could being born a girl screw up the prophecy? This was outrageous! “Okay that is the why, but now I am wondering how did he do it. You said a botched potion?” The woman nodded her head. “So, can it have been undone?”

“Yes, it can, but you should make a choice before that can happen. I have set up one last time-travel to change things, but this time I will not wipe your memories of our meeting. Hell, I am not even going to remove the memories of what has transpired up to this point. Could this get me fired? No, but I will get in trouble if you die prematurely again.”

“Anything else I should know about before I go back?” Jasmine asked while thinking of all the bad things that could happen to a reaper.

“Well there isn’t much more that you really need to know, but the main thing you need to know is that this will be your dead last chance to do things right. I might not be allowed to aid you any further though. I mean this decision is all on me. I would also love to point out that you have a pair of soulmates that will be devastated if you reject this option.”

“I HAVE A SOULMATE!” Jasmine screamed standing up from her chair. She started pacing around. “Oh, I am sorry Ginny I am so sorry.”

“Calm down love bird it’s not Ginny Weasley.” This stopped Jasmine’s pacing. “Before you ask no she did not dose you with a love potion. It was Ronald Weasley who did that. In fact, Ginny was being dosed with a mild love potion since the summer before her first year. She had major hero worship of you all right, and Dumbledore decided to take advantage of that. This is aside from the fact that Dumbledore and Ronald Weasley had set up a secret marriage contract between Ronald and yourself. As I said, the sex change Albus forced on you wouldn’t have lasted, and he wanted to exploit that. Poor Ginny will be devastated to learn all of this. Then she will be pissed off. I don’t know who will be angrier though her or her mother.”

“As interesting as this is to hear Ms Reaper I would love to know who my soulmates are if neither of them is Ginny,” Jasmine said a little disheartened. How could Dumbledore do this to her? The young woman she ‘loved’ was being forced to love her. This wasn’t right. Under no circumstance is it ok to take advantage of someone like that. It was basically rape. When she went back she would do something about that as soon as possible.

The Grim Reaper flipped through the book. “Give me a minute to find their names. I know one of them is some Granger girl, but the second one always eludes me.” Jasmine stopped dead in her tracks. Hermione? Hermione was one of her soulmates!? This couldn’t be; she loved Ron. That thought alone caused her brain to stop functioning. If Ron and Dumbledore were setting her up for stuff, then it would not be too farfetched for Ron to be dosing Hermione with love potions as well. “Found it!” The Reaper said triumphantly. This brought Jasmine back to the here and now. “The second part of the romantic triumvirate is Pansy Parkinson and...”

“What?!!!” Jasmine screamed.

“As I was about to say Pansy didn’t betray you. She was given a hard choice before the battle at Hogwarts. A life was on the line, and it was the one-person Pansy considered family. The tutor she had been seeing before Hogwarts was a muggle-born that took better care of her than her own parents.” Jasmine growled. “Don’t mistake this for hatred or abuse. Her parents are more politically driven. They preach blood supremacy because it is beneficial. When the political landscape changes watch how quick they turn on Death Eaters.”

Jasmine sat back down and thought about this. It kind of made sense if someone really close to her had been threatened by Voldemort or his followers she would do anything to protect them. Including trying to turn in the most wanted person in the world if it kept them safe. When she went back she would give Pansy a chance, and if she proved to be a truly good person she would protect her just like she protected Hermione.

This all brought to mind what was really going on here. She would be going back in time after being killed. This would allow her the chance to change all kinds of things. Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Fred, and Cedric could live. This is not to mention that both the girls who were her soulmates could actually have the chance to live lives that actually meant something. Hell, Hermione could get the chance to make SPEW into something that made a difference. She really didn’t know Pansy all that well, but she couldn’t be all that bad if Fate, God, Love, Magic, or whatever created this universe wanted them to be together. Maybe buried somewhere deep in herself Pansy was a sweet loveable young lady.

Jasmine ran her fingers through her hair. This was simultaneously the easiest decision she has ever made in her life, and the most difficult. If she said no Hermione and Pansy would suffer, and she would be with her parents and Sirius. On the other hand, she could go back save her girls, and countless other lives. One choice was the easy road, and the other was a rocky and uneven road. When did Jasmine/Harry ever do anything that was easy? Okay, aside from Divinations. Never.

“Ok I’ll go back, but how am I going to keep this shite secret from people like Dumbledore and Snape?” Jasmine asked.

“Well, I will be teaching you Occlumency. Before you say anything, it is a lot easier than Snape led you to believe. You do not clear your mind because that is impossible.” the Reaper said holding her hand up to stop Jasmine from saying anything. “It won’t be that hard to learn here, and without the complete butchery Snape did the ability will be gained quickly. Yes, he was a spy, and yes, he had to undermine it because of his double-double-cross. The man had to make it seem as if he was deliberately messing with your head. If you had done what he said outside of his presence things would have gone smoother. So, first I want you to close your eyes. Then I want you to focus on a thought, and clear your mind of anything but that thought.”

Jasmine nodded her head. She closed her eyes and focused on the thought of kissing Hermione. The image that appeared out of the Horcrux to Ron came to mind. This time however it was the image of what she looked like now instead of the faux self that Dumbledore concocted. Jasmine felt the heat on her cheeks increase at this image. Other thoughts tried to take over at this point, but Jasmine shoved them all aside in favour of this one. Jasmine didn’t know how long it was doing this, but it felt like hours had gone by.

At some point, the Reaper told her to build a wall around this memory. She did so, and again it felt like it took hours to do this. Once the walls were built she was asked to ‘expand’ the room within the walls. This seemed to take another thirty minutes. Then she was told to move all her memories into this ‘room’, and once that was done she was told to organise it all. This took the longest amount of time. She first thought of putting the memories in vaults, but this was scrapped. The thought of having to dig through separate vaults to find information was a bit off putting. So, taking a hint from one of her soulmates Jasmine built a library to house her memories. She sorted memories into seven categories family, enemies, emotions, friends, school, spells, and dreams. From there she organised the categories by year, importance, and a few other subcategories. The more important memories of those years being placed first on the shelf.

Once that was done Jasmine was told to ‘build’ a lock system to enter the memory container. She was also told to try and use things witches and wizards wouldn’t know right away and to make more than one lock. Jasmine decided to take a hint from a few of the spy movies she had heard over the years she had spent locked in the cupboard. The first lock she put was ‘voice’ lock of her saying ‘Open Sesame’ in parseltongue. The second was the name of her Uncle’s Sister in parseltongue. Then she adds a phrase to the locking system. It irritates or piss off Voldemort should he try to read her mind. ‘The real name of Voldemort is Tom Marvalo Riddle.’ The final lock was one she didn’t know if it would work, but she tried it anyway. To open the final lock, you would have to have Jasmine’s fingerprints (both her index and middle finger on her right hand). When she said, she was done the Reaper tested the wards. It took a few minutes for her to get to the last lock, and when she did she was stopped in her tracks. After a few minutes, the Reaper stopped trying. She looked over at Jasmine with a quizzical look.


“Fingerprint. So how did I do?” Jasmine asked with a smile.

“You did better than I thought you would that’s for sure. Dumbledore would not think of fingerprints at first if he got here. The first three pretty much cripple him or Snape anyway. Voldemort would have problems with the last two parseltongue codes, so all in all good job.” The Reaper opened a drawer. The stack of papers she pulled out was beyond massive. “Now you need to sign these papers to go back with all the provisions I am allowing you to have. Parseltongue will be a natural thing for you, now. Secondly, I am taking that damn soul fragment from you since you know about the Horcruxes it is not needed. Next thing I will be petitioning for is your girls to know what has happened. Although that will probably come I am also asking for the clearance of Sirius, Remus, and Hermione’s parents as well. Pansy’s parents would be too dangerous to inform. They may not be evil, per se, but they have centuries of traditions to uphold.”

“And if they knew Voldemort would find out,” Jasmine said coldly.

“Exactly. Now the idea here is to get you in a position where Douche Nozzle 164 doesn’t learn anything.” the Reaper said with disdain.

“Douche Nozzle 164?”

“I am sorry Jasmine. That is my nickname for Dumbledore. Voldemort is 165, and Snape is 166.” Jasmine didn’t have to guess what preceded the numerical value. “Anyway, there are a few things I can tell you about before you go. First, you CAN save Sirius. Second Cedric is up to you whether to save or not. Fred and George do NOT have to survive as a set of twins. Last but not least, you do have to save Dudley. Without that incident, he would grow up to be a horrible person.”

“Wait the incident with Dementors saved Dudley?” Jasmine asked dumbfounded.

“Yes, and to be honest I would say that you being there as a young woman would be a good starting point to change him. Before you ask no he is not a rapist or anything like that, but he would commit manslaughter.” Jasmine’s mouth dropped open. “Now don’t take this as a for sure thing. Anything can happen once you change your gender back to normal when you get back.”

“Okay, so I will still have to spend some time with the Dursleys?” Jasmine asked a little crestfallen.

“Well yes and no. You MUST be there for the summer preceding your fifth year until the incident with the dementors, and for the first week of all other summers. In the end, it is for the better. Your aunt and uncle may still be arseholes, but you can improve the life of your cousin.” Jasmine took what solace she could from this. “Now let us get done with the paperwork.” The Reaper held out an inkwell pen.

For what felt like four hours Jasmine sat there signing document after document. Most seemed like things she wouldn’t have done anyway. She was not allowed to use the knowledge of the future for a profitable gain. She was also not allowed to prevent the death of certain people. She was also not allowed to use the time-turner that Hermione had for ‘personal pleasure’. Just seeing that made her blush. She was also not allowed to gather the Horcruxes before the summerer of 1996. She was also restricted from ending the fight before May of 1998. So, she might be stuck having to wonder around in a tent for a good stretch of time. What she would be doing during this time she had no idea right now. These things aside by the time she was done signing the mountain of paper Jasmine was ready to leave when a problem to what was going on struck her.

“I know I am going back with some really good clemency, but I really don’t like the fact that I will be in a body that isn’t really mine,” Jasmine said in a tone that sounded sadder that she felt.

“There are three potions you are going to need to use to fix that problem. Two of them Madam Pompfrey has, and the third’s recipe can be found in the library. The title is Potions that Enhance or Change the Body.” Jasmine looked up in surprise at this news. “You would be surprised at the number of idiots who accidentally change their gender due to botched potions, or spells. Pompfrey has stockpiled the potions need to change a person back to their original gender, but...” Jasmine’s shoulder fell at this moment. She now expected the worst. “Your problem has been going on for so long the potion she has will not permanently change you back. The cure for that can be found in the same book I mentioned earlier. Also, I want to recommend that you acquire an occlumency book. It will help explain how you have such good mental defences.”

“Okay, so I get the books from the library first then talk to Madam Pompfrey. After that madness, will ensue I am sure, but won’t people be suspicious of this?” Before the Reaper could answer that Jasmine drew on her inner Hermione. If she was dead then, and in Limbo (maybe), she might be able to talk to people who knew the truth. Her parents. “Wait can I talk to my parents about this?”

The Reaper got a quizzical look on her face. “What do you mean?”

“Well if I talked to my parents like I had died in my sleep that would then explain how I knew I was a girl. This would also give me an excuse to be nice to Sirius.” Jasmine said with a smile. She wasn’t the only one smiling though. The Reaper had this wicked grin on her face that screamed trouble. “I mean if this is allowed of course.”

“Oh, it is allowed, and I am going to set it up, but I don’t think it would be good to do that here in my office. I think the meeting place should be out where you first arrived. I may even change the scenery I don’t know. Just roll with what you see.” The Reaper said with a cackle that scares Jasmine a little. “Now before you go and do that is there anything else you want to know?”

Jasmine thought for a minute. There were things that bugged her know that she knew all of this information, and all of it revolved around Dumbledore. “Yes. How could Dumbledore have set up a marriage contract between me and Ronald without his parents knowing about it?”

“Mrs Weasley was under the Imperious Curse to sign the contract, so don’t worry she didn’t betray you. Hell, the way the contract is worded Ron would have ended up with three wives. You, Ginny, and Hermione. I guess your ‘friend’ is also really deep into the phrase incest is best.” The Reaper shook her head to clear that image from her mind. “The only Weasley you need to worry about is the youngest son. He found his calling in mind control and his faith in a faux Xanatos Gambit. It would have been a true Xanatos Gambit had Douche Nozzle 164 thought about you having a soulmate, but like most short-sighted idiots he didn’t think of the options. So, he is left with a really big plot hole in his plans.”

This brought a smile to Jasmine’s face. The idea that Dumbledore and Ronald’s plans would fall apart with something so out of left field it was priceless. Now that she knew there was only one traitor amongst the Weasley family she felt relieved. The idea that there was more than one amongst their numbers was too much to bear. She honestly discounted Percy because that prat turned on his own family. That the Weasleys still considered him the family was a show of their character.

“Okay, so no one else played a part in the gender change marriage contract thing?” Jasmine asked tentatively.

The Reaper shook her head. This made things easier. She knew that Snape probably brewed the potion, but given his unrequited love for her mum it made sense for him to do something to avoid looking at her daughter. Just thinking about that sent a chill down her spine. The man may not be a true creep, but it was still unnerving that he would let a childhood grudge blind him to what was right. That was the one thing she could not forgive him for. His actions led to Sirius having to flee just as much as hers lead him to his death.

Jasmine shook her head at these thoughts. There were more important things to do than thinking about this. The thought of what else Dumbledore might have done crossed her mind. Then the notion that her vault key was in his possession for ten years crossed her mind. “What about my family fortune. I mean Dumbledore did have my vault key for ten years.”

“Thankfully on his part, he didn’t touch your family fortune that much. The Dursleys got paid four hundred pounds a month, but that wouldn’t even scratch the surface of your family’s wealth. The total of your family fortune is roughly five hounded million pounds, and yes, it is all in your Gringotts vault. There is none of it hidden away in a separate ‘family’ vault. What you see in that vault is your family wealth in its entirety.” Jasmine’s mouth was hanging open at this point. But given the existence of the expansion charm, it really wasn’t that surprising. Then something clicked in her brain.

“The Dursleys were paid!” Jasmine screamed.

“Yes, and for the first time ever you react to that...”

“Let me guess ‘with more progress’?” Jasmine asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No, but it is fascinating.” The Reaper said this with a satisfied smile. “Anyway, aside from that nothing really to worry about as far as money is concerned.”

Jasmine closed her eyes trying to think of what else she could ask. Obviously, not all the Slytherins were complete pricks. So, asking that question was out, but another one was not. Jasmine asked if there were other people who supported her that she didn’t know about. The list of names was long, but she honestly didn’t know all the names she was given. Andromeda Tonks was a given, but a few other names shocked her a little. Daphne Greengrass, Tracey Davis, Hanna Abbot, and Susan Bones were a few that were given that stood out the most. The two Slytherins never really said much to her, and when they did things that were bad you could tell they were parroting Malfoy, but not really feeling it. The last thing she asked was if she had to go back at a specific date.

“Not really.” The Reaper said while looking at her book. “There are four years, and four separate dates, for each year mind you, that would work best. The years are your second year, third year, fourth year, or fifth year. It is up to you to pick both the year and date, so until you pick a year I don’t see a point in telling you the days.”

Jasmine sat and thought about the years she was given the chance to go back to. Her second year was out by virtue of it being filled with way too much drama for her to want spring this stuff on 164. The same was true for her fifth year. The idea of correcting the bull shite Dumbledore did under the micromanaging eyes of Umbridge was a no go. That left her third and fourth years. Third and fourth years had drama, but she felt it was manageable. She had to choose between saving her godfather sooner rather than later or jumping straight into the madness. It wasn’t really a hard choice on her part, but she did want to think it over, to not give the impression that she was a self-serving bitch.

“I think the best option would be some time in my third year,” Jasmine said with a sheepish smile.

“I agree actually. You are too young in your second year to do anything really, and some of the points you would be going back to one of your soul mates is stone. The other two options can be summed up in one word ‘insanity’. Between the Triwizard tournament and Umbridge, it would be a touch too difficult to achieve what you need to do. So, the days I can send you back are December 31st at two in the morning, January 1st at midnight, February 4th at 11:58 PM, or lastly,” the Reaper cringed before she said “March 1st.”

“There is no way I am going back on Ron’s bloody birthday.” Jasmine almost screamed. “The bastard basically set up a rape contract so not only no, but Hell NO!”

“Okay, okay. So not including that date, which day do you think would be best for you?” the Reaper asked.

Jasmine sat and thought about the dates. The first two were so close together they might as well be the same day. Those two held a lot of potentials. She could get back in Hermione’s good graces, and possibly start the soulmate thing that day. It would also make turning back into a girl so much easier. Yes, she would be going through male puberty, but hopefully, the cure for this madness accounted for that. That aside the two options that really appealed to her were December 31st and February 4th. One put her real close to a quidditch match, and the other gave her hopefully enough time to get used to being a girl.

“Do you have a coin?” Jasmine asked.


“I narrowed it down to two choices.” The Reaper reached into a drawer and pulled out a galleon. Once Jasmine said “Heads December 31st, tails February 4th.” Jasmine flipped the coin. She caught it and slammed it down on the back of her hand. She lifted her hand. “It’s heads. So, December 31st, 1993.”

The Reaper wrote the date down on the last piece of parchment. “Okay now that that is done. You need to go back into the waiting room while I go talk to Death herself so that I can bring your parents to the room.”

Jasmine nodded her head. She shook the Reapers hand and walked back to the area she had arrived at when the AK hit her. It was now that she noticed this place looked like Kings Cross station. Make that a really clean Kings Cross. The floor was not only spotless it was glowing a bright white colour. The chairs looked to be made of marble. The mirror, that was still there, looked to be made of polished marble and pure silver.

Jasmine thought back to how she was feeling when she first arrived here. She was going to have to act like this was her first time here. She started walking around just looking at things. She even touched a few chairs. It was at this moment she realised how dainty her hands looked. She lifted her right hand infront of her face. It was thin, and it almost looked fragile. She looked down at her body and saw the rise of her chest. It was at this point that she walked back over to the mirror. Once again, the reflection of a younger woman stared back at her. It looked younger though. It seems that her soul was reflecting the thirteen-year-old girl she was going to be. She tried her best to look curiously at her own reflection. The image that greeted her was not one that was off-putting. She had this cute little nose, a diamond shaped facial structure, the same black slightly unruly hair, and the same emerald green eyes. Her body shape itself would have made ‘Harry Potter’ drool. The smooth hour glass-ish figure was almost perfect. She was a touch skinny though.

The sound of someone coughing caused her to turn around. Standing behind her were the two people she had always wanted to meet. Sure she had called up their souls before she walked off to her death at Voldemort’s hands, but this was different. They were standing right infront of her, and this time they seemed solid rather than slight translucent.

It was her mother that made the first move. She ran up to Jasmine and threw her arms around her daughter. Jasmine gave her mum a bone crushing hug of her own in return. Shortly after this

Jasmine felt another set of arms wrap around both her and her mum. Jasmine knew that when she tried to conjure a Patronus from this day forward this would be the memory she would use. She felt someone brush their finger under her right eye. It was at this moment that Jasmine realised she had been crying. Seeing and talking to her parents before she walked to her death was one thing, but feeling their warm embrace was more than her heart could bear.

Her father stepped away. “Let me look at you, my flower child.” the smile on his face was beyond beaming. Jasmine stepped back to let James look at her. “My god you look like your mother, but you have my unruly hair.” Her father ran his hand through her hair.

It was at this point that Jasmine asked: “Why am I a girl here, but a boy back when I was alive. I am assuming I’m dead.”

It was her father that answered that question. “Not really, and this is Limbo. You were born a girl, but your gender was changed by the Dumbledore. He thought this would add to the protection your mum had done.” Her father then said rather coldly “The Bastard.”

“James! Dumbledore has his reasons for doing this. We cannot read his mind!” The stern look, her mum was giving her father didn’t seem to faze the man. When her mum looked back at Jasmine her look had softened. “Now before we tell what we want to tell you we should tell you your true name. It is Jasmine Lilly Potter.” Her mum paused to let that ‘sink in.’ “Now Jasmine I don’t know why you were turned into a boy, but I am really proud of the person you have become. I just want you to know there are two books you will need to help you fix this problem.” Her mother recited the two books her Death had told her about earlier. Jasmine had what she hoped was a confused look on her face.

“So, I was born a girl?” Jasmine asked a quizzical look on her face.

“Yes, and your mum and I were so angry with Dumbledore and Snape for doing the gender change. You have done well though as a young man. I really only have one complaint though.” Jasmine looked quizzically at her father. “It’s the fact that you haven’t asked that friend of yours, Hermione, out yet.” The fact that he had this a cheeky smile made her blush a little. His hazel eyes shining with this mischievous glow did not help the matter. It truly appeared that even death couldn’t stop Prongs from having a go at things.

“James! Do not try and turn your daughter into the female version of yourself, or heaven forbids Sirius.” The look on her mum’s face was one of contempt enjoyment. It was almost as if she herself was a Marauder. So Jasmine was a true combination of her mum and dad. “Jasmine we cannot stay much longer, but before we go we need to tell you something. First that we love you, and no matter who you love we will always love you.” Her mother said this with a smile on her face.

Both her parents gave her one last hug before her father said: “Before we go I think you should know that one of your friends is going to betray you.”

“Who?” Jasmine asked trying to sound shocked at the news.

“We are only allowed to tell you so much. I wish we could tell you who. All I can say is that he is really close to you. We want to tell you that Sirius didn’t betray us. It was…” At that moment her mum and dad started to fade away.

Her father took over at this point. “There is no time Lily. The second book your mum told you to get contains information on Occlumency you need...”

“No! Mum! Dad! Stay with me there’s so much I want to ask you!” Jasmine screamed reaching through the mist that her parents left behind. Jasmine could feel the tears flowing from her eyes at this point. She knew this was all being set up so that she had a memory to give to Dumbledore. As she fell to her knees the room got really cold. The dementors probably wish they could make an area this cold. It felt like a polar bear dip in Antarctica. She looked around to see a woman draped in black robes. Her face was covered by the hood of her robes so it was not possible to see her face. The only part of the woman’s face that she could see was her jaw, and if this was Death she looked a lot different than she was expecting. The woman had a pale complexion and seemed to be holding a staff instead of a scythe. “Who are you?”

“I don’t think I need an introduction Ms Potter, but I will indulge one who has both willingly and unknowingly aided me.” The woman waved her hand dispelling the gloom that had settled in when her parents left. “I am Death herself, Ms Potter. I find it odd that most men consider me male. To be honest it is a bit disheartening.” Death just smiled while Jasmine was ‘thinking’ about this. The woman’s smile sent a chill down Jasmine’s spine. “I enjoy the misconception though. It gives me the ability to hide amongst a crowd. People are looking for something that does not exist. As for why I am here before you right now, that is easy to answer. Follow me.”

Jasmine followed Death over to one of the chairs. The woman stopped infront of a chair that had a foul odour around it. Since nothing seemed to be in the chair Jasmine looked underneath it. What was there made her want to vomit. There was something that looked like a newborn baby curled up underneath the seat. Even the phrase ‘looked like’ was inadequate. Yes, it was as small as a newborn baby, but its features were way too thin. It was also lacking a nose, and when she finally looked it in the eyes Jasmine knew in an instant what, or rather who this was.

“Is this Voldemort?” Jasmine asked in a tentative voice.

“Yes, and no. It is the smallest piece of his soul. Dumbledore would have you believe that it sought out the ‘only living thing it could find’, but that would be wrong.” Jasmine raised an eyebrow quizzically. “It sought you out because of the remnant of Voldemort’s magic on you. The scar will remain with or without this thing inside your skin.”

Jasmine shuddered at that. “So, I no longer have a connection to Voldemort?”

“Yes, but some of his power will remain within you. Consider it my gift to you for having to fight off his corruption every moment of your life for the last twelve years. I would also implore you to seek out the solution to this issue laid unnecessarily upon you. There is a way you can prove this conversation took place, and it lies within the school.”

Jasmine was mentally jumping for joy but did her best to conceal this. “How can I do that? People would think that I’ve gone mad?” She asked Death.

“There is a device called a Pensieve in the headmaster’s office, and with that, you can review memories. I must warn you though. If I were you I would disarm Albus Percival Wulfric Brian before he sees the memory.” The woman looked off to her right. “Yes, Albus I know all about your plans.” Once she looked back at Jasmine she had a familiar smile on her face. “But know this Jasmine, you must go for you do not belong here.”

There was a bright flash of light, and the next thing Jasmine knew she was back in the Reapers office. The woman had a sorrowful smile on her face. Jasmine just sat there thinking about the things that had just transpired. On the one hand she was happy, but on the other hand, she was sad. She wished her time with her parents could have stayed just a little bit longer. She thought back to the moment where both of her parents were hugging her. It brought joy to her heart. She wanted to hold on to this memory, and if it was possible she was going to build her own pensieve to keep reliving that moment.

After what felt like hours Jasmine asked: “So what now?”

“Before we continue I just want to make sure you are ok.” When Jasmine nodded her head the Reaper continued. “No, he didn’t do anything else.”

“Wait you mean he had my vault key for nearly a decade and did nothing with it?” Jasmine asked shocked.

“That is correct. He may be a bastard but he is at least a magnificent one.” The Reaper said this as she flipped through the book that was Jasmine’s life. “If you’re wondering your family thanks to, your grandfather sits as the third richest magical family in the United Kingdom. You are only beaten by the Blacks and Longbottoms. In that order.”

“So when I inherited Sirius’ wealth?” Jasmine asked with a shaky voice.

“Your wealth quadrupled. The Black family predates Merlin. They are nothing more than shrewd business men and women in the end.” She looked a little pensive for a moment. “Okay so maybe a few of them over the last few hundred years have been bigoted morons, but hey that bunch led to Sirius and his brother Regulus right?”

“I thought Regulus was just trying to save his family?” Jasmine asked.

“Yes, and no. When he found out what Riddle had done he was shocked to his core. He took one look at what the man had become and figured if this is what Salazar Slytherin desired he wanted nothing to do with it. He sacrificed himself to save the world.” The Reaper closed her book. “Aside from that, I do not think we need to go over anything else. So are you ready to go back to 1993?”

Jasmine took a deep breath. Going back this far in time would change everything. She would be back in her male form, and that now irritated her. She had to bear it though. If she wanted to save Hermione and Pansy she had to. Upon closing her eyes Jasmine saw Hermione smiling back at her. She may have a second soulmate but as it stood now there was only one reason she was going back. She was going to do everything within her Power to bring that bastard down before he could do harm to Hermione.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Jasmine said calmly. “By the way you forgot something.”


“Ronald is Douche Nozzle 167.”

The Reaper laughed and snapped her fingers. There was another bright flash of light, and the next thing Jasmine knew she was falling downward at an incredible rate of speed. If she wasn’t already ‘dead’ Jasmine would have been screaming at the top of her lungs. At the moment all she could see was blackness, but it felt really, really cold. Then she felt cold and damp as she fell down through something that seemed to have some form of density to it. Jasmine squinted her eyes trying to see beyond the darkness, but it was quite a while before she could see anything. When she could finally see something she wished she couldn’t because she was swiftly approaching the ground. More specifically what looked like the top of Hogwarts castle. Before she could scream Jasmine’s world went into blackness once more.

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