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You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

By IanthonyFeels

Romance / Humor

The Lucky Ones

Chapter One

Trying to get a job in any work force is hard enough. Getting into a business like the WWE, one of the most well known wrestling agencies, you may as well just stay in the job position you're currently in. Many have tried and failed. Others were given the job position of ring announcers or brought to WWE developmental center, OVW. If you did make it into the ring, then your persona was one you didn't want to have because it was either over sexualized, or the comedy effect. So, unless you enjoyed being known as another pretty face, or the clown of WWE, you were basically screwed unless management saw true potential in you.

For some very lucky, young ladies, they were going to be able to get their chance at achieving their dreams because Vince McMahon saw great talent in them.  Alexis Selena Hardy and Destiny Michelle Woods, ages 25 and 24, were the lucky ones.

For Alexis, or Lexi,  she'd always been inspired to get into the ring since her older brothers were the dynamic duo of Matt and Jeff Hardy, known as The Hardy Boyz Not only that, but Lexi was exposed to the sport at the tender age of three. She'd fallen in love since then, and her brothers encouraged her to join one of the main rosters.

As for Destiny, she didn't necessarily have a famous last name like her best friend Lexi, but she also had a passion for the business as well. In complete honesty, stars like Hulk Hogan and the Rock weren't her wrestling idols, though she respected what they did for the business. Ironically, it was Sting that put the passion in her heart, even though the man himself had never set foot in a WWE ring. 

Coming there, Lexi and Destiny were hoping to become a successful duo, like they were during their stint in independent circuits and Ring of Honor, but they did hope to eventually separate from each other and be on their on career paths. 

"Dude, I can't believe we're actually going to be wrestling now, like in a worldwide known industry," Destiny beamed as she and Alexis walked down the corridor of WWE Headquarters. She had been dressed in a pair of shorts and plain white V-neck shirt, paired with a nice pair of white Nike's.

Beside her, Alexis chuckled at her best friend, before saying "It's funny how all my brothers ever talked about me joining them here, and now it's finally becoming our reality." She had a Matt Hardy "Version 1" hooded sweater, which was reaching over her white jeans. Alexis had been dragging her converse clad feet all over the building, trying to get a feel of their new place of management.

"You're going to die having that hot ass jacket on Lexi. It's like 92 degrees out, and you haven't taken it off since we left my parent's house," Destiny spoke. Lexi rolled her eyes at this, and continued to search the building.

"Destiny your nerves are showing ," she accused her friend.

It was true. Destiny was the shy one, and when it came to social interactions, her anxiety would skyrocket through the roof. This would make her ramble, and, or freak out.

"I know, it's just weird going from being at the bottom in the Indies, all the way come onto the main roster and having a storyline," Destiny told her. It seemed somewhat sketchy to her, but Lexi knew that it was just nerves coming into play.

Lexi had ADHD and a sarcastic personality, not one to stray far from what she had on her mind.

On the other hand, Destiny was one who sat back, and would let someone come and talk to her.

Lexi would make conversation with you, as if she'd known you for years. 

"Well, you better get those feelings out of your head then," Alexis warned. She made a stop, causing Destiny to look at her.

However, they both had fiery tempers.

Only thing was, Lexi acted on hers, while  Destiny a lot more patience for people.

The two were basically sugar and spice.

"Why is that?" 

If you were to put their personalities down on a piece of paper, you'd probably wonder why they were fucking friends, best friends at that. It just always clicked between the two. 

"Because we're at McMahon's office now," Alexis spoke.


Rewritten from my original story on If you want to read the original, you shall.

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