Shooting Stars: JJK FF


What Happens when you end up falling for someone who might end up hurting you in the end? Jeon Jungkook was the worse person you could fall for.... But after all Lia does anyways and she cant help but feel that he might be messing with her like he does with every girl..

Romance / Drama
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Not everything is a new start or a hope, people can think of way to bring you down easily with just one word or an action. You say you love someone but you don’t act like you do. What happens if you cheat on them? “Lia are you paying attention” the teacher calls out to me and put her hand on my desk and bends down causing my head to turn to her.

“Yes, Sorry I was just trying to focus on how to solve it” I smile at her while nodding my head a bit. She let out a soft sigh “Alright” she walked away and started to focus back on what she was doing before.

Laughter filled my ears as I turn around, Olivia and her side chicks are laughing at me, Oh right i forgot to tell you something, those girls are called the OMGS.

Olivia, Mckenzie, Gigi and Sarah, they are popular around the school, and in our class. This is stupid and worthless that I have to deal with people like them.

I almost forgot to say, at the time 7 boys walked in the class and looked around…. BTS. Or also known as “the group who plays with girls heart” and thats mostly one person… Jeon Jungkook, he dated half of the girls, cheated and dumped them, hes with Olivia again and it’s stupid. Turning my head to the dude “Are you thinking of me Park Lia” he smirked while sitting down beside me as he fiddled with his jacket “Oh in your dreams Jungkook” I hissed at him. He tried touching me but i smacked his hand away as he chuckled a bit “Ouch someones wanting to talk back”. He leaned before speaking softly “Don’t test me Lia” he smirked as he pulled back away from me. And i flipped him off while growling.

“Oh my god stop flirting with my boyfriend” Olivia yelled at me while walking to me as she crossed his arms and I turned to face her, “He’s only with you because his side chick isnt at the school darling” i grabbed my things before smiling as I looked at her “please don’t talk to me, i don’t want to get your diease” And i walked out of the classroom.

But before i could leave, I heard screaming and something coming at me, but it didn’t hit me, I opened my eyes before sighing “Thank you Jimin” i smiled at him while he leaned to my ear “Jungkook, wants to see you..” he walked away before throwing Olivia shoe in the trash as he sat down.

Walking to the Closet I crossed my arms as I face him “I cant believe I never listen to Olivia in my life but shes right about something” That when it hit me, “Your just a dumb girl who should be here anymore” he smirked before looking at me, Pain shot through my heart and I felt like crying. He’s right “Your right… thank you..”

JungKook Pov.

“Your right” her voice cracked and I felt something side, like I hated this part of but I couldnt show anything like that. “Thank you Jungkook, if thats how you feel then ill just leave” She said pushing by me before running to the classroom. I stood there facing the wall as I looked down. Then I ran after her trying to find out where she went “Lia” I shouted as I ran to the classroom but she wasnt there. I felt so bad, what if she tried something and she blamed me for it.

“What did you do to my cousin” Yoongi crossed his arms as he came into my view while glaring. “She walked in and cried then walked out and left” he shouted at me as I looked down at the ground “im sorry” i mumbled before leaving the place as I crossed my arms.

Lia hasnt been at school for a few days now and im starting to get worried, and I usually don’t care for people, but the way she acted it kinda hurt my heart for some odd reason.

Olivia smiled as he clinged to my arm while laughing “You finally got rid of her Kookie-ah” she giggled and leaned up as she kissed my cheek, I grew mad and shoved her away from me as I faced her, “Get away from me, I don’t like you and I never will anyways”. She glared before crossing her arms “Your insane Olivia”.

Olivia Pov.

Did he just call me Insane!? “You take that back Jeon Jungkook” I shouted at him causing people to stop in the hallway “No” he said turning away as he sighed “get your stupid self away from me, we are over” he faced me and rolled his eyes “And i mean it forever”. Jeon Jungkook you just made my list… and guess what your right next to Lia Park.

Lia Pov

Yoongi made me go to school today and I hated myself, I didn’t want to see people, I didn’t want to see Him. Or anyone at this point. As I entered the place people started clapping and looking at me, I felt weird and scared at the same time. “Welcome back Lia” A girl said, man I don’t even know her name.

“PARK LIA” Someone shouted and I turned my head, Olivia…

“You ruined everything, im gonna bring you down!” and I laughed, so hard “Olivia, you already went down, so far” and I walked away while holding my head up high.

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