Ripple Effect: Stone of Immortality


When Harry Potter started at Hogwarts Collegium of the Arcane Arts, he didn't realize he would be rooming with a Hybrid, learning how to fly and saving the world. Welcome to the world of Ripple Effect

Fantasy / Scifi
Age Rating:

The Beginning

For many years, Humans have stared into the heavens and questioned the great mystery. 'Are we alone?'. Attempts to find other planets had been made, but were never successful. Many believed that there was no other life in space, and that Humans had been put on Earth by a Greater Power, a diety that goes by many names and takes on many forms, but for simplistics sake, we'll go with the more known moniker 'God'. An equal amount of people believe that their telescopes and radio recievers were not strong enough, nor attuned enough to reach an alien planet and get an answer back.

Most Humans would be surprised, and perhaps angered, to know that the latter is correct. Hell, their technology is not even strong enough to pick up transmissions coming from a planet only 20.22 lightyears away. This planet was located in a star system inside the constellation the eastern Humans know of as Libra. This planet was called Nefari Kita of the Kitan System. The name translated loosely to 'Home of the People'. It was in a city orbiting the planet amongst the dense asteroids that surrounded the planet that one of the biggest discoveries to Human and Nefarian History was to be made.

Manning the controls to a Satellite Telescope orbiting a gas giant near the edge of their system was a young rookie astronomer named Dyst'Vik'sa Guth'Jenk'teth, a tall blue furred feline alien with violet eyes, an angled face, swivelling ears atop his head, six fingers and toes on each limb and two prehensile tails. He was wearing a white lab coat with no sleeves, black trousers with holes in the back for his tails, tall boots and gold bracers on his arms that ended with a jeweled ring on each finger. The male Nefari also had looping bracers on his tails that ended with what looked like tubes. Over his eyes, he wore what looked like a humans spectacles with a metallic extension on the top with hinges. The extension was currently dropped over his eyes, allowing him to read the text flashing across the holo-screens at a faster rate then any other Nefarian.

The door slid open, and a golden furred Nefari girl with green eyes and more feminine features then Dyst'Vik'sha. She was wearing a similar outfit to Dyst'Vik'sa, only with sleeves and no bracers. One difference was that she was missing her left arm, and instead had a robotic replacement. She was carrying two bottles of hot chocoboid, a sweet and bitter bean that when crushed and mixed with Wigsillian Org beast milk, makes a delicious drink.

"Heyo Dyst! Any luck yet?" asked the female, coming over and placing one of the bottles on the counter and pecking Dyst on the lips. Dyst reached for the drink and popped the top off, before taking a sip.

"Not yet, Jevki'sheth, just like every Kitan cycle so far, I'm afraid" Dyst said rubbing his large eyes sleepily, pushing his glasses up slightly. Jevki looked closely at her mate's eyes and frowned.

"You haven't been sleeping have you?" she accused, pointing a sharp claw at her life-mate. Dyst pushed the claw out of his face and turned to the screen, blearily reading the symbols coming up at the speed of sound itself.

"No... I've been clocking in overtime for the last few weeks. Credit's are getting low, and I need the extra pay to keep the den-home in Lower Portiac'Durma" he said tiredly, resting his head on the cool metal counter with a sigh. He felt Jevki cover the side of his head and kiss the top of his head.

"You should ask for a raise, furrbai" she said softly, lowering her arms to his side and hugging him slightly. Dyst gave a little laugh.

"A raise? We only get a raise if we discover something that hasn't been found before. Frieda'Jlarga'sha got an extra four hundred credits added to his pay for discovering a planet with a small tribe of pygmy wigsillians" Dyst said, shaking his head.

"Pygmy Wigsillians?"

"Yeah, he theorised that the comet that originally brought the genetic coding to Nefari Kita brushed against the planet and dropped off some rocks that allowed the species to grow. They've already been catalouged as a subspecies to the Wigsillian Org Beasts here, despite only being discovered two weeks ago" Dyst explained, using the orb-like controls to turn the satellite he was manning two metres to the left.

"Hmmm... Maybe you need a little... encouragement..." Jevki said, grinning and showing off the two sets of fangs that all Nefari possessed.


"Yeah... if you find a planet, I'll leave the window to my den-home unlocked. The more advanced the planet, the more I let you do to me..." she whispered in his ear. Dyst shivered and looked at her as if she had grown a third tail.

"That's just cruel! I might never find a planet!" he whined. She smirked and walked out, picking up her drink and flicking his nose with one of her tails.

"Then you'll just have to try harder, hmm?" she said, leaving the room. He stared at her swinging backside, before shaking his head and looking at the large holo-screen like a lost crocolisk pup. He sighed and flipped the reader down so he could do a more thorough search. Dyst'Vik'sha continued working for several hours, before a light started blinking. He scrolled up some information and brought up a file on a system that had just been scanned 20.22 light years from Nefari Kita. It consisted of nine planets, and one of them was showing signs of breathable air, drinkable water and flora and fauna surprisingly advanced. There was even signs of a civilisation! Dyst'Vik'sha grinned happily, imagining the raise he was going to get, and the night he was going to be treated to by his baifurr!

Dyst pulled a small triangular device with a screen, speaker and several buttons around the sides. He pressed a combination and an image of a pudgy black Nefari with red streaks and yellow eyes. He had a plume of fur on his head and was dressed in a smart outfit.

"Yes? What is it Guth'Jenk'teth?" growled the overweight Nefari.

"I found a planet Kizkar Pren'Thar'teth! I found a level five!" Dyst'Vik'sha announced, grinning happily. Kizkar Pren'Thar'teth blinked and grinned.

"Send the file to my data field, Guth'Jenk'teth, I'll review it and get back to you" Kizkar Pren'Thar'teth said, and hung up. Dyst ran over to the data field and started typing, before the file flickered and vanished, having been sent to his boss. Dyst pulled out his communicator and put in the combination for Jevki's den-home.

"Hi Dyst! How's it going?" asked Jevki, looking a little tired.

"Fantastic! I've found one!" he said. Jevki gave a gasp and dropped her communicator, making Dyst wince at the clattering noise. The com was picked up and Jevki spoke.

"My window will be unlocked..."

For many, September 1st was the busiest time of the year, and even more so was it in 1971. It was this year that several people were beginning their first year at the prestige school Hogwarts. It was also very secret to a large amount of the European Populace, as it was a school of magic. The people beginning their first year were James Charlus Potter, Sirius Orion Black, Lily Rose Evans, Severus Tobias Snape, Remus John Lupin and Peter Griswald Pettigrew.

It was on this day, as the young wizards and witches began their magical education, that something amazing happened. Something that would rock the earth to its core. Lets go back a little to James Potter's Day


"James! Hurry up and get your butt down here! You're going to be late!" yelled Dorian Potter, sighing as she waited for her son to get downstairs. They were running late and if they didn't hurry, they'd have to Floo James to Hogwarts. Her eyes widened as she saw how James was coming downstairs.

"NO BROOMS IN THE HOUSE!" She screamed, brandishing her wand. James stopped in mid-air, a centermetre away from his mothers nose.

"We going or what?" he asked, smiling cheekily. Dorian sighed irritably, waving her wand and fixing her frizzy hair for the fifteenth time.

"You're going to turn my hair grey one day, young man" she snapped. James shrugged, grinning.

Soon, they were at the corner of the street in Godric's Hollow. Dorian held James' hand and stuck out her wand. The Knight Bus exploded into view in front of them, startling James, but not bothering Dorian.

"Isn't Dad coming along to see me off?" James asked, looking back at the manor.

"No, Charlus would rather hang at the bar with his friends then see you off" Dorian said, scowling slightly as they climbed aboard the Knight Bus, she not even sparing a glance at the balding conductor. James looked down sadly.

They were soon speeding toward London, and while James would usually be having the time of his life, he was too busy mulling over his father. He didn't like how his mum called his dad by his first name around him. She hadn't called him by any pet-names or "Your Father" in years, and it really worried him.

He was nearly thrown out of his seat (an impressive feat that he had stayed in the damned thing for so long) when the bus stopped suddenly. The door to the drivers side of the bus opened and the elderly Earnie Prang got out and stared at the sky. The conductor ran off the bus to look, and looked amazed and scared. James ran out of the bus along with a black haired boy and looked up as well.

"Oh my Merlin..."


"SIRIUS ORION BLACK! IF YOU DO NOT GET DOWN HERE, I SWEAR I'LL PUT YOU IN A MUGGLE ORPHANAGE!" screamed Walburga Black from the base of the stairs. A young boy with curly black hair and aristocrac looks poked his head from around the banister

"Promise?" he asked, grinning at his mother cheekily. Walburga rolled her eyes and stomped into the kitchen. Sirius rolled his eyes at her in return and came down the stairs, his trunk floating behind him. They left the house, and hailed the Knight Bus. They got on, and Walburga muttered something about Potters taking up valuable seats. They were soon speeding through london, with Sirius trying to pretend that he didn't know his mother. He was considering changing his name to something cool, like Sylar when the bus screeched to a halt. The bus driver and the conductor ran off the bus and looked skyward. Sirius joined them as the Potter boy ran out, ignoring his mothers yells. He heard the boy mutter in shock and looked up as well.

"What on Earth..."


"Lily? What are you doing out there?" asked Francise Evans, poking his head out the door to the backyard. Francise was the husband of Rosaline Evans nee Gray, and was supposed to be driving his daughter Lillian Evans to Kings Cross so she could get on a train to attend a secret school for wizards and witches. He had been overjoyed to learn that Lily would be able to do magic much like the characters in his novels. Francise Evans was the author of the bestselling series Arnold Howl's Magical Adventures. He looked out into the yard to see his daughter lying on the grass and staring at something in the sky. "Lily?"

Francise rushed over, and knelt down beside his daughter. "Lily? Are you okay?" he asked. Lily nodded, her emerald green eyes wide as she pointed at the sky. Francise looked at where she was pointing, and felt his jaw drop.

"Oh my God..."


"Come along Sev, we best hurry. Your father will be home soon" Eileen Snape said crisply, steering her son out of the old house the lived in on Spinners End. Severus nodded seriously, knowing how mad his muggle father can get when it comes to magic. It took him long enough to tolerate Eileen knowing how to cast spells and make potions, but to find out that his own flesh and blood could as well? He didn't take it well. He often stayed out late and came back reeking of alcohol.

The two walked a little ways down the lane and came up to a secluded part of the town they lived in. Eileen looked around, and made sure that Severus had a tight hold on his trunk. It wouldn't do for his trunk to end up somewhere bizarre like the Goby Desert. With a spin, Eileen and Severus apparated.

And so the world leaders and the Nefari met. At first it was rocky, what with the Nefari's limited understanding of the Earthern Languages, but they were able to overcome this obstruction. It took several months for some kind of agreement to come to pass. Most of the Nefari's wishes were favourable to the Human Race, but they were still nervous about signing any kind of deal with an alien race. Hollywood had made too many Alien Invasion Movies.

During this issue, the Wizards and Witches of the Magical World were going through their own crisis. Not owning televisions, and no radios for the Nefari to transmit their message to them, the magical race was in a state of panic, many believing that the ships were demons summoned by dark wizards and necromancers. Several Muggle-borns and Half Bloods who owned televisions had tried to keep the peace in recording the message and playing it to the Wizengamot, but the purebloods refused to believe that the ships were the creations of creatures from other planets, and that they were there in peace.

The Aurors and Hit Wizards had even started a new line of law enforcement, which could only be the wizarding equivalent of the muggle army. They were called Battle Mages, and were trained in the scenario of the 'demons' attacking the magical world. Thankfully, the Battle Mages were only used once, but the one and only use was what caused the Magical World to collapse like the pants of a stand-up comedian. During the final meetings, groups of Nefari had taken to roaming the planet to meet with the Humans and get an understanding. A Pureblooded man who was passing a shopping centre to get to the bathrooms that would lead to the Ministry had spotted a group of Nefari and instantly called in the Battle Mages, which ended in a battle right in the middle of the mall, killing four muggles and one Nefari. Not only had the Muggles all seen this, but as had the Nefari.

They were furious that the muggle leaders had failed to tell them about the 'dangerous and unstable' mana-users. The World Leaders had protested, saying that the wizards and witches had been hiding for years in fear of the old witch hunting being brought up again, and that they were generally behind the times. For the next year, the Nefari had refrained from coming down to the surface, and only came down for meetings, all of which were quite awkward. The Nefari had requested that the Mana-Users (or, as they refered to them as, Spiritual Energy Users) become world known, as they felt uncomfortable making deals with a planet that was divided among itself. The World Leaders had agreed readily, by now realising how important making an alliance with the Nefari could be. Along with this, they also combined all the governments into a single one, known as the Terran Republic.

Of course, it took a while for the world to come to grips with the existance of magical creatures and wizards and witches, but after another year, they were able to deal with it and go on with their lives. When all problems were smoothed over, the final signing with the Nefari was done and the alliance was official. The Battle Mages were disbanded, as their only reason for existing was to fight the Nefari, and the Ministries of Magic were absorbed into the Terran Republic, becoming more of a separate culture then a different subrace of humans.

With the introduction of new technologies, most of them including stronger materials, better medicine, holo-screens, touch screens, virtual reality and the concept of Orbital Cities, came new ways of using magic, as taught by the Spiritual Energy Warriors of Nefari Kita. Soon enough, wands become obsolete and was only used for more delicate spells, like healing and crystal-crafting. Spiritual Circlets had become the norm, and was a favourite among younger wizards and witches, or magi as they preferred to be called after the term was coined by a First Generation Wizard. The older generations stuck to their wands though, most still not trusting the Nefari.

Over the years, the Earth changed drastically, with the falling of several cities such as London, San Francisco and Sydney, to be replace with larger, more cleaner cities, all named New London, New Francisco and New Sydney, respectively. After five years, Earths first Orbital City, dubbed Terran City, had been built and launched into orbit piece by piece to be attached to each other with the help of the Nefari. The City was similar to the Nefarian Orbital City, but with more Human Architecture, and it even had its own Diagon Alley, with a Dimensional Doorway in the Terran Gringotts leading to a mass of tunnels under the Australian outback where they kept the gold. Many families moved to Terran City, loving the idea of living among the stars. All this happened between 1971-1980, one of the fastest revolutions that ever happened on Earth.

It's the year 1995, and the date is the 1st of September. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has changed much over the years, being subjected to renovations, extra buildings being put in and several apartment buildings and other stores had been built in Hogsmeade, allowing those who didn't want to live on Campus to rent and live in the town. The school was also renamed to Hogwarts Collegium of the Arcane Arts.

Along with the traditional train, several Maglev bus lines connected with the formerly secret school, which is how our main character arrived at the Mighty Castle. Harry James Sirius Remus Potter stepped off the maglev bus, looking around the area. The Maglev Bus arrived at Hogsmeade Station, which allowed for a decent view of the school campus. Hogwarts sat on a large cliff overlooking the Black Lake and casting a shadow over the five additional buildings that dotted the ground and part of the removed forest.

The five buildings were a circular donut-like building made from white stone, a black domed building, kinda like an igloo, two apartments and a large tower with a telescope at the top. Harry grabbed his suit-case sized trunk and bag from the Maglev train's compartment and headed off up the trail towards the castle. As he got closer he noticed that several people were already wandering around the grounds. Several of them weren't even fully human. About a third were Nefari, and another third were Hybridized humans. He even saw a Centaur girl reading a novel under a massive tree that had tentacles for branches.

Harry considered himself to be a pretty normal human, what with his jet-black hair, green eyes and lean frame. He was wearing a blue t-shirt with black jeans and a light blue flannel shirt over the t-shirt. He had boots on and a four-point star necklace around his neck. So it was a bit of a shock when a chinese man shot by on a hoverboard. Harry stumbled and was about to yell out when the guy turned around and came back.

"Hey man, sorry about that. Didn't see you there" the man said. Harry blinked when he noticed the man's ears. They were on-top his head and shaped like a cats. He had blonde hair, blue eyes and two tails in the same colour as his hair. The man was wearing a sweater-vest over a white button up shirt and slacks.

"That's alright. I should've been watching where I've been going" Harry said, shrugging.

"Nah, I only just got this baby, so I should have checked if anyone was in my path. I'm Frangja'Dera'sha Neh'Gara'teth-Lee, but you can call be Frank." the man said, grinning and showing two pairs of sharp canines, both situated next to each other.

"I'm Harry Potter. Do you know where Gryffindor Boys Dorms are?" Harry asked, having already knew what dorm he was in from the online Sorting Quiz. He had a map, but it was really confusing and in need of some major updates. For one thing, there was still an Astronomy tower on the map, when it had been destroyed when two wizards had gotten into a massive mage battle and did a number on the school. It was because of them that the Great Hall had new floors and most of the common rooms were in new areas. Except for Slytherin, that was still in the Dungeons.

"Yeah, man, I'm in the Gryffindor Dorm as well, just follow me" Frank said, stepping onto his hoverboard and setting off on a slower pace. As Harry followed the strange Hybrid boy, he looked around the castle grounds, marvelling at how different it was to Harry's dads childhood days at school. Back when Wizards and Magic was still secret, the castle was really different, with only the castle and gameskeepers hut on the grounds. There was also only human wizards and witches, and hardly any hybrids. Harry found it hard to visualize a school with only humans. He'd gone to school with Nefari and Hybrid's since he was in kindergarten.

He remembered this half pixie girl he used to have a crush on. Sure, she was half his height, even at 10 (Harry was 10 as well, before anyone gets the wrong idea), but she was a cutie. The two boys entered the castle and found a bunch of students lining up for class selection. Around the Entrance Hall were several desks with signs reading different classes. Harry spotted one called Technomancy and another called Battle Magecraft.

"Uh, Battle Magecraft?" he asked, looking at Frank nervously.

"Hmm? Oh, that class is for those who want to go into the Armed Forces for the Terran Republic. Most just take it because of the increase in Anti-Nefari terrorism" Frank said, calmly, though Harry noticed the chinese boys hair on his neck and tail spike up slightly. Harry stayed silent, and continued to follow Frank through the winding halls and hidden passageways. Finally, they arrived at a pair of double doors with a lion above it. Frank and Harry opened the doors and walked into a circular lobby with several padded couches surrounding a roaring fire at one end, along with a pool table and a pinball machine. Exactly right across from the door was a U shaped desk with a young woman sitting and typing on a laptop computer. Harry was interested to see it was one of the newer ones with the holographic screen. She had Privacy on, which meant you couldn't see a reversed version of what she was doing on the screen.

"Hey, Hermione! We got ourselves another lost firstie!" Frank hollered. The girl looked up and Harry was able to get a clear view of her. She was quite pretty, in a bookish way, and had brown eyes, brown fizzy hair tied into a messy pony-tail and was wearing a conservative pair of slacks, white blouse and red scarf.

"Frangja'Dera'sa! Don't be so mean to the new students. Hello, I'm Hermione Granger, head of the Student Alumni for Gryffindor. Have you got your ID yet?" She asked, smiling sweetly at Harry. Harry nodded and pulled the Hogwarts ID Card from his wallet and handed it to the girl. She nodded and scanned the barcode, which caused a pair of keys to materialize. She handed them to Harry.

"You're in room 231, sadly you're with this idiot" She said, jerking her head at Frank.

"Hey, I'm not an idiot! And did you end my name in Sa?! I'm legally an adult on Nefari Kita! End my name with Sha dammit!" Frank whined, stamping his feet and pouting.

"I'll acknowledge you being a man when you act like it" she said, sniffing, but Harry could see the glimmer of amusement in her eye. From Harry's short lessons in Basic Nefari, he knew that Sa and Sha at the end of someones name was a indicator of age. Sa was Nefari for boy, and Sha was Man.

"Whatever you say, Boigra'seth" Frank said, grinning smugly at the girl. She glared and sputtered her outrage as the Hybrid led Harry over to the elevator next to the desk. Once in, and on the way up to the second floor, Harry turned to his new roommate.

"What did you call her? And did you know I was going to be in the same room as you?" asked Harry. Frank grinned a little, showing off his sharp teeth even more.

"I called her an Undeveloped Girl, and I used a scrying spell to find you. Never had a firstie on the second floor. This year should be interesting" Frank said, pulling a packet of mints from his pocket and popping one in his mouth. The Elevator dinged and opened up, showing a long hallway lined with doors and posters. Harry noticed that the edges of the floor were lined with dust and old crisp packets. Frank noticed Harry's eyes wandering over the rubbish and shrugged.

"The cleaners went on strike after some now third years threw a party and trashed this corridor. Now we have to clean up after ourselves. Come on, our room's up here" Frank said, leading the way past several doors and coming to one labelled 231, along with several biohazard signs and a nuclear sticker. Harry looked at Frank, and he just grinned.

"Those belong to the other person rooming with me. You'll like him, his name's..." Frank was interrupted when the door was flung open, showing a tall built teen with flaming red hair, blue eyes and pale freckled skin.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" the teen announced, grinning at the two of them. Harry blinked and tried to figure out a way to answer to that.

"Uh, hi, I'm Harry Potter" he said. Ronald Weasley grinned.

"Nice to meet you, just so you know, me and Frank are roomies, and you have a room to yourself. You were meant to get a roommate as well, but he never showed up. Oh well!" Ron said, moving back and allowing them entrance. Inside, was what looked like a living room with a couch, two armchairs, a TV, DVD player, bookshelf and a stack of old pizza boxes in a corner. There were three doors, one open and showing a bathroom with a toilet, shower/bath and sink. The other two were obviously the bedrooms. Harry went into the one with his name on it, and found a pair of beds on different sides of the room, two desks, a bookshelf and an enchanted window that allowed him to view different places. Harry dropped his luggage at the foot of his bed and sat down, smiling at how soft it was.

"Yeah, this year'll be interesting" Harry said, smiling.

"Damn right it will. What classes do you plan on taking?" asked Ron, ambling into the room.

"I don't really know. We didn't learn much magecraft in High School, mostly the history of it and mundane subjects. What classes are there?" asked Harry.

"Let's see... the basic magecraft disciplines they teach here are Sorcery, Elementalism, Summoning, Illusion, Transmutation, Divination, Travel Magic, Battle Magic, Technomancy, Healing and a few others I'm not so sure of" Ron said, shrugging.

"What about mundane classes?" asked Harry, unpacking a bundle of socks from his undersized trunk (which proved to be bigger on the inside) and putting them into a chest of drawers.

"I'm not too sure of those. I'm a Magecraft Major, so I don't know much of Mundane Classes." Ron said, shrugging. Frank walked in, eating a packet of crisps.

"They got all the classes you have in a normal college. After the Reveal, Magical and Mundane education became way more extensive, due to the increase of job opputunities what with space travel becoming possible years in advance thanks to the Nefari" Frank said, munching a crisp. From the packet's name, it was apparently Seasoned Vorgle-Fruit flavoured. Harry had tried Vorgle-Fruit, it was a hybridized fruit created by mixing an orange with a spiny sour fruit from Nefari Kita. It was okay, but not his favourite.

"Wait, what do you mean, 'years in advance'?" asked Ron, lifting an eyebrow.

"Schematics show, that if the Nefari never found Earth, we wouldn't be capable of living in the stars until at least 2100. That's nearly a hundred years of technology given to us by the Nefari, and all in return we gave them penicilum and theories on cross-species genetics that resulted in yours truly!" Frank finished, once again speaking without breathing.

Harry questioned him on this.

"Harry my boy, in Hogwarts Collegium of the Arcane Arts, you don't have time to breathe" Frank said, grinning widely. Harry gulped.

The three of them ended up leaving Gryffindor Dorms to tour around the grounds. Frank and Ron naturally lead the way. They decided to leave the actual school for later. First, they went to the Battle Dome, which was the large black igloo. Inside, it was dark with rows of metal girders lining the room, each with four spot-lights attached. The back-end of the Dome held a stage with markings on it similar to those on a foot-ball field, but with circles at each-end with arcane symbols etched in the middle.

"What's the Battle Dome for?" asked Harry, frowning a bit.

"Ah, it's a way for us humans to reconnect with our wizarding roots. Basically ever other Friday we can challenge other students to duels, where we can settle issues instead of cursing each other in the halls and causing damage. The first Battle is next Friday" Ron explained, putting a hand to his heart. Harry smirked and shook his head.

The next place they went to was the large circular white building. According to Frank, this was the Chemistry, Alchemy, Biology and Physics building. Apparently, the Alchemy class was held closer to the middle where a small garden grew in the hole that gave the building it's donut-like appearance.

Next up were the two apartment buildings. They were for those who didn't get along with those in their original house. The one on the left, named Venus was for the ladies, and the one on the right, named Mars, was for the men. They were old victorian style buildings with lanterns hanging outside the doors, which were currently filled with a type of shifting flame. Kind of like a small star that changed colors. Harry had never seen a flame like that, and asked the two older students about it.

"That's Feign-Fire. Don't get it confused with Fiend-Fyre, unlike the destructive spell that unleashed demonic hell-fire, Feign-Fire is quite harmless, mostly giving off light and rarely heat. If you smashed that lantern on a pool of gasoline, the light would go out" Frank explained, grinning at Harry. Harry felt unnerved by the sharp fangs and felt sorry for anyone who dated the hybrid.

Next up was the large observitory-style building. It was also the most odd one. It seemed to made out a reflective black rock, and as Harry stared at his reflection, he immediately noticed that his colours were inverted.

"Freaky..." Harry muttered, looking up at the massive telescope sticking out of the top. It looked very old and very steampunk-ish. The building was about five storey's tall, with windows dotting the diameter, and was about as wide as four of the Gamekeepers huts bunched together, gradually getting slimmer as it got higher, similar to a lighthouse.

"Welcome... to the Observatory!" Ron said dramatically, throwing his hands up. Lightning crackled and thunder boomed, causing several people nearby to scream. Harry lifted an eyebrow at the red-headed mage. "Sorry, I couldn't resist" he said sheepishly. Harry rolled his eyes as a girl nearby ran by, her skirt on fire. Ron followed the girl's path with a sheepish smile.

"Err, she was like that when we got here. You all saw it!" He said, pointing into the air. Frank rubbed his forehead tiredly. The three suite-mates walked into the observatory to have a look inside. Compared to the outside, the inside looked relatively normal. Harry would have described it as being bigger on the inside. Several classrooms lined each side of the room, and at the end was an elevator.

"Along with these buildings, with have the Foreboding Forest, the castle and the Black Lake" Frank said, stuffing his hands in his pockets. By now, it was getting dark and the other students who had chosen to take the train were due to arrive in a bit.

"We better go get changed for the feast. And quick. The best seats get filled up quick!" Ron said, looking at his watch. They headed back to Gryffindor Dorms, where a blue-eyed girl with snakes for hair was manning the desk. Hermione must have left to get changed as well.

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RaineyDayz: 5 🌟 It's so cleverly punny and oh so freakin 🔥🥵 One minute I was laughing and the next I was squirming in my seat. Who knew Santa could be so damned sexy 😋🤤 Can't wait for the rest of Sylas and Melody's story ❤️‍🔥

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