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Ripple Effect: Stone of Immortality

Mage Battles Anyone?

Whatever Harry was expecting when he got to the Feast, it wasn't this.

The Great Hall, due to some heavy repairs and remodelling being done after the Great Mage Battle of 1990, was a massive warehouse sized room with three floors, one on the ground and two more on wooden horse-shoe shaped stages that stretched around the walls. Due to the increase in students what with members of the Nefari moving to Earth and several magical races gaining rights and the new title 'Magical Being' instead of Magical Creature, the board of governors found they needed more room for students to sit, and so used the GMB as an excuse to remodel.

Candles floated in the air above the dozens of round tables on the ground floor, and a tinkling chandelier lit the upper floors with enough light to eat. Despite being higher up, the students that chose to sit in the upper levels could still see the Headmaster when he gave his announcements.

"This is insane." Harry muttered, looking around at the hall, which already had different students sitting in there, not all of them Human. He saw Nefarian students, humans, dwarves, goblins, a few centaurs and a large group of what looked like smooth-skinned dwarves sitting at a table in the corner tinkering with several complex machines. Every now and then an explosion would sound and smoke would rise from their group, followed by an insane cackle.

"What are those?" asked Harry, pointing. Frank pushed his new suitemates hand down.

"No pointing. Those are Gnomes. Technological geniuses and most of them clinically insane. They're related to Dwarves." Frank said, craning his neck around and obviously looking for someone.

"Aren't Gnomes those little potato creatures that destroy gardens?" asked Harry.

"No, those are Gnohms, they couldn't escape a cage made out of twigs." Ron said, picking up a menu from a nearby table and drooling over the options. Frank took it off him and cleaned it with a wave of his hand, before putting it back. Harry, Frank and Ron found a table as far away as possible from the tinkering gnomes. Next to them was a single student, sitting very quietly and curled up. She had very dark skin, and pearly white hair. As she shifted, Harry spotted a long slender pointed ear.

"Shadow Elf. Not very sociable. It's rare to see one at Hogwarts" Frank said, sitting down and picking up his menu, flipping through the seemingly endless pages.

"Why's that?" asked Harry.

"Well, Shadow Elves are nocturnal, and Hogwarts is mostly a daytime school. Miss Shadow Elf over there must have adjusted her own body clock to stay awake during the day." Ron said, leaning back in his chair. One after the other, students of all races and species came walking through the large double doors, some rushing to find tables on the bottom floor, and others heading straight for the stairs leading to the upper floors.

As this happened, the faculty also came out from side doors at the end of the hall and sat down in their specific chairs. From left to right was a tall man with black hair and a hooked nose, a pale thin man with a purple turban, a tall severe woman with her hair in a tight bun, a very short man with a goatee, a black and white furred nefari woman, a tall woman with long ears and skin the colour of oak wood, a short dumpy woman who seemed to have a cherry bush growing out of her back, a thin woman covered in shawls and beads with glasses that gave her the appearance of a giant stick-insect, a short dwarf with brown matted hair and beard and wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses, a man with spiked hair that seemed to be throwing off electricity and sitting in the middle of all these people was a tall man with a long white beard and half-moon glasses over electric blue eyes. He was also wearing the most outrageous wizards robes.

"Okay, my wierdness level has just exceeded it's limit" Harry said, shaking his head. Frank patted him on the back sympathetically.

"Settle down! Settle down!" the white bearded man called out. Everyone continued to talk excitedly. He tried to yell out again, but everyone ignored him. With a grunt, the man put his wrinkled hand to his throat, causing it to glow red, before belching loudly. The sound echoed around the hall, bouncing off the walls and silencing the crowd.

"Welcome! To another year at Hogwarts Collegium of the Arcane Arts! It is a joy to see so many familiar faces joining us once again for another year, and also the many new ones. There is time for introductions and notices, but that time is not now. Tuck in!"

Harry shook his head and looked around as everyone picked up menus off the table and spoke the foods they wanted. The food appeared in pillars of light, and Harry grabbed his own menu and ordered a full roasted beef dinner with a glass of cola on the side and a basket of bread for the table. The food appeared and Harry tucked in.

After dinner, the old man, who was identified as Albus Dumbledore, stood up again and raised his hands.

"Just a few notices for now. The first, is that the Third Floor Corridor is out of bounds for anyone who do not wish to die a horrible and painful death, and the second is that we have a new Battle Magecraft professor joining us, Professor Quirius Quirrel" Dumbledore said, gesturing toward the man with the turban.

After the first week of life at Hogwarts, Harry began to get into a routine. He'd wake up every morning, dodging various pranking spells that Frank had left out for him, before having a shower, getting dressed into his usual outfit (crimson t-shirt with the symbol for the Fantastic Four, blue jeans and black and white sneakers. He wore his brace on his right arm and a silver watch on his left wrist.) and walking down to the Great Hall for breakfast with Frank and Ron. At Hogwarts, the first week is used to get used to waking up earlier, and also to meet and socialize with their fellow students. It was a strong belief by Dumbledore that a social life was critical to surviving life after college. Harry had already become friendly with several people in his house, including Ron's little sister Ginevra Weasley, Hermione Granger, a wood-elf/human hybrid named Crystal and had tried to strike up a conversation with the Shadow Elf from the Feast, but she had dived into a statues shadow and vanished.

"You know, you never told us where you came from" Frank said as he spooned cereal into his mouth. Harry paused in chewing his bacon, before swallowing.

"Why would you like to know?"

"No reason. Just curious is all."

"I'd rather not tell..." Harry said, turning away to watch a bunch of dwarves argue over their favourite ale. The argument rose until one of the dwarves pulled a hammer out from his belt and slammed it onto the head of another dwarf. A full on Great Hall Brawl broke out among the burly scottish people. Several of the teachers ran down from the head-table to break up the fight.

"Does this always happen?" asked Harry, nodding at the fight. Frank looked over, seemingly only just noticing.

"Hmm. Yeah, at least every second day. Dwarves have a short temper above the ground. They say the fresh air makes them antsy" Frank said, sipping his orange juice.

"Doesn't fresh air usually calm people?" asked Harry, cutting up his eggs.

"Not dwarves. Dwarves are magical beings born from rock and mud, literally. They spent their entire lives underground until the Reveal, and it took them nearly five years to actually leave their caves and join the community. That's why they live underground instead of in the dorms. That's why you'll never see a Dwarf in Gryffindor Dorms." Frank answered, shrugging slightly.

"What do you mean 'born from rock and mud'? Don't they reproduce like us?" asked Harry. Frank snorted into his juice.

"Let's just say, a dwarven honeymoon is more akin to a mud wrestling match. Wink-wink, nudge nudge" said Ron, grinning widely. Harry shuddered slightly and pushed his plate away.

"Thanks for the mental image, guys"

"You asked."

Soon after, on the next Friday, the fortnightly Mage Battles began. Harry was relaxing in the suite with Frank and Ron, when there was a knock on the door.

"Ah! That's Susan!" Frank said, jumping up and smoothing down his spiked blonde hair. Ron rolled his eyes at his asian friends antics.

"He fancies her" Ron stage-whispered to Harry, who grinned slightly.

"Quiet pest" Frank said, walking over to the door. He opened it wide, his arms out in greeting.

"Susan..." his face fell as he noticed the second person, "... and Heidi. How nice to see you!" Frank said, his face fixed in a smile. In the doorway stood two girls, who looked rather like twins, except the one on the left was shorter and had blue eyes instead of brown. Judging by the raised eyebrow and smirk on the taller girls face, Harry assumed she was Susan, and the shorter one was Heidi. Susan was wearing a white button-up shirt with a black skirt with a thin almost transparent black coat over her shoulders. She was wearing tanned boots that reacher her knees, an outfit that would look sluttish on any other girl, but on her seemed to work.

The other girl, Heidi, was a surprise. She wore a black tank-top with a skull and cross bones on it, black jeans (complete with rips in the knees), black boots and fingherless gloves that had small flames dancing around the fingers. She had several spiked bands on her arm, and was wearing black lipstick and white foundation. She also had two earrings in each ear. Judging by the same hair colour. They were sisters.

"Nice to see you too, Frank. Ready to go to the Battle?" Susan asked, smiling at her friend.

"Certainly. May I speak with you, quickly?" he asked, pulling her aside. They went to Frank's room, and closed the door. Even though the Dormitory doors were warded to keep sound in, they heard raised voices coming from inside.

"Uh, did I miss something?" asked Harry, blinking slightly.

"Frangja'Dera'sha doesn't like me" Heidi said, walking over and leaning on the wall with her arms crossed. Harry noticed her fingernails were painted black.

"Why?" asked Harry, frowning. She didn't seem so bad, in fact, he knew a few Goth girls back in High School. He even dated one, for a while until she revealed she was into bondage. And not the recieving kind.

"Apparently, I make him nervous. Just because I'm Wiccan and I dress like this, he think's I worship the devil. One, Wiccan's do not worship the devil, we focus on preserving nature through mystical means, and two, this is a style of clothing, very much on it's way to being accepted by the community!" Heidi said, finishing her miniature rant with a red face. She calmed down to see that Harry and Ron were silent, leaning back with wide eyes and pale faces. She scoffed and went outside the suite, telling them to let her sister know she was waiting outside.

Several minutes later, Frank and Susan came out of the room red faced and breathing heavily, obviously done with their shouting match.

"So... Mage Battles anyone?" asked Frank, smiling charmingly.

The Mage Battles were apparently very popular, since about half of the school population was crammed into the Battle Dome. There were so many people, that the staff running the event (Filius Flitwick from the Sorcery Department, Tyrande Whisperwind from the Illusion Department and Albus Dumbledore) had activated the Internal Space Expansion Charms, causing the inside to resemble a football field. It was quite mind-boggling the amount of magic being used in one space. Everywhere Harry looked, someone was doing something remarkable. Off to Harry's right, several humans were levitating a cackling gnome between them, like some kind of messed up volleyball tournament. To Harry's left, a dwarf was routinely drinking an unlabled bottle and belching fire. Above the crowd, people were flying around the rafters and setting off fireworks. Harry spotted a pair of red-heads who seemed to be supplying the pyrotechnics in midair.

It was several minutes after he arrived the lights dimmed and everyone quieted down. There was a thud as the gnome was dropped in mid pass. Three spotlights turned on and landed on three figures wearing ancient-looking black robes. It was obvious who they were from the height.

"Welcome... to the fortnightly Mage Battle. Tonight, we have one battle that had been challenged last year, but had never come to fruitition. Please step forward Frangja'Dera'sha Neh'Gara'teth-Lee and accept your medallion" Dumbledore said. A spotlight landed on Frank, and he walked up to the stage. He took the gold medallion from Flitwick and put it on around his neck.

"Please step forward Draco Lucius Malfoy and accept your medallion" A spotlight landed on a blonde boy with slicked back hair and pointed features. He walked up to the stage and nearly snatched the medallion from Whisperwind, giving her a sneer before he slipped it on.

"Assume your chosen forms" Dumbledore said, moving back. Frank went first, and he slipped into a martial arts stance. Blue light and smoke began to surround him as his body glowed. When it faded, Frank was wearing an outfit similar to Goku's outfit from Dragonball Z only it was black on the main outfit with a white undershirt, white belt, white fingerless gloves and white boots. On the left side of his chest was an emblem of a planet surrounded by dense rings. Finally, Frank's hair glowed yellow and stood up on end, hiding his ears. As he opened his eyes, Harry saw they were glowing blue. The Medallion had moved to his belt.

Draco stepped forward and swept his hand up, surrounding it with black lightning and then bringing his fist down. He exploded in a ball of black lightning as he changed. When the lightning dissipated, Draco was now wearing a black wizards robe with a hood that partially covered his face in shadow. His skin was more pale, and he had a belt with a skull as the belt buckle. He wore spiked boots and dark crude gauntlets. He held his hand out and a dark staff flashed into existance in his hand.

"The rules are simple. You will fight until one of your medallion's gems are dark," Dumbledore said, indicating the gems that had appeared in the gold medals, "or until an opponent calls for a forfeit. Begin in 3, 2, 1... GO!"

Frank started off by leaping into the air, higher then any human or nefari, and proved to be smart in this move, as he missed Malfoy's bolt of lightning and landed on the roof, upside down. He sprinted across the ceiling and launched himself off, surrounding himself in blue energy. Malfoy watched Frank until the last second when he vanished with a pop and appeared five feet to the left. Frank slammed into the ground, cracking the stone and scrambling to his feet, his medallion having gone a little dimmer.

Malfoy proceeded to shoot of small bolts of lightning, which Frank was able to deflect with his fists. Frank shot off several blasts of energy, hitting Malfoy a few times but mostly missing. Malfoy spoke an incantation and slammed his staff into the ground, cracking it and sending up ice spikes. Frank countered this by cupping his hands over his mouth and breathing a plume of fire, which melted the ice and also managed to singe Draco's outfit. Harry was satisfied to see that Draco's gem was nearly dark. This was when Draco began to get desperate, sending off random spells without even properly targeting Frank, which allowed the Hybrid to dodge them easily with his enhanced flexibility and stamina. After a series of jumps and flips, Frank charged Draco and kicked him square in the chest, his foot glowing with blue energy. Draco flew back and hit the wall, sliding down. His gem wasn't dark yet, but it was close.

"KAME..." Harry heard Frank say and felt his jaw drop. He wasn't...

"HAME..." He was. Frank was standing in the legendary stance with his hands cupped behind his back, his cupped hands glowing bright blue.

"HAAAA!" Frank shouted, thrusting his hands forward and unleashing an extremely powerful burst of energy that slammed into Draco and sent his Medallion flying off his body, reverting him to his normal form. It bounced a few times before landing gem up. It was dark.

"Frangja'Dera'sha Neh'Gara'teth-Lee wins!" Dumbledore announced. Loud cheering went up, except for where several students in varying shades of green were running to help their classmate up.

Frank's outfit vanished as a swirl of blue energy swept around him. He was grinning widely as he walked down from the stage. Susan tackled him in a hug as soon as he was on their level.

"You did it!" Susan said, grinning. Ron patted his roommate on the back as Heidi stood back and scoffed.

"What just happened?" asked Harry, eyes wide. Frank grinned at green eyed boy and patted him on the back.

"Mage Battle!" Ron and Frank chorused, grinning widely.

After the Mage Battles, Harry, Heidi, Susan, Frank and Ron were sitting in the local Tavern at Hogsmeade. They were sitting at one of the outside tables with Harry sipping a butterbeer slowly. The others had more interesting drinks. Frank was drinking a milkshake made from Wigsillian Org Beast milk and Chocoboid beans, Heidi was drinking black coffee, Susan had a green thick liquid that was smoking ominously and Ron had a 1 litre bottle of coca cola to himself, which he was nursing quietly.

"Uh, is that safe?" asked Harry, pointing at the 1 litre bottle. Ron growled at his finger and Frank chuckled.

"Yeah, Ron always needs a caffeine hit after Mage Battles, even when he isn't fighting in them" Frank said, sipping his milkshake and licking the froth from his lip.

"So, our first free week is almost up. Ready to start learning magic Harry?" asked Susan, smiling. Harry shrugged.

"I guess. I learnt a little magic in high school, just little things you pick up from other kids, so hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult." He said, sipping his butterbeer.

"Well, what classes did you end up taking?" asked Susan, wiping the froth the drink she was nursing. Harry pulled his schedule from his pocket where he had written his classes and what number and letter combination they were.

"I have English, Maths and Science as the Required First Year classes in room 23, room 46 and room 227 respectively, and for my Magecraft classes I have Sorcery 1, Elementalism 1, Technomancy 1, Alchemy 1 and Transmutation 1. I'm considering joining a club as well, if I find one I'm interested in." Harry said.

"If I was you I'd take Battle Magecraft, just in case" Frank said, finishing his milkshake and tossing it into a garbage can ten feet away. "Badoosh!"

"Why?" asked Harry, lifting an eyebrow.

"Haven't you heard about the uprise of Anti-Magical and Anti-Nefari terrosist attacks? Geez, they've gotten so bad, I was REQUIRED to take Battle Magecraft just because I'm both Magical and half Nefari!" Frank said, pulling out a transparent card and swiping it across the sensor on the table, paying for the drinks as he did so.

"I might join the Mid Year class, since I already chose my necessary eight classes. I might drop Maths to take it if I find it too boring" Harry said. Ron and Frank nodded sagely while Susan and Heidi rolled their eyes.

"Lucky you, I'm in your Elementalism class and your Technomancy class" Heidi said, smirking over her coffee.

"Cool. You know much about those subjects?" asked Harry. He spotted Susan beginning to grin at the corner of his eye. He watched as Heidi casually raised a hand and started swirling a plume of fire around her fingers.

"Not much, just a little. You know, just things you pick up in High School" Heidi said with a dark grin.

"Is your old High School still standing, by any chance?" asked Ron. Heidi shot the plume of fire at him, which he dodged. The fire collided with a Fondu dish and sent flaming chocolate everywhere. Frank and Susan stared at the chaos around them.

"Time to leave" they said in unison, before Frank grabbed Harry and Ron and Susan grabbed Heidi. Yellow rings of magic surrounded them and they vanished in a sparkle of light. Harry, Ron and Frank reappeared in their suite and crashed on the floor. Well, Ron and Harry crashed, Frank remained standing.

"First Years" Frank said, shaking his head. Ron looked up, irritated.

"Hey! I'm a Second year!" he snapped. The Hybrid Boy smirked.

"Hard to tell sometimes"


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