Ripple Effect: Stone of Immortality

Harry Vs Malfette

"You're kidding!" Frank nearly yelled. Harry shushed his friend by stuffing a piece of bread in his mouth. Frank started to choke when he tried to talk around the offending food item. He finally got his brain working enough to pull the bread out. "You were given your class? But, but Magi aren't given their class until their fifth year! You must be the youngest Proclaimed in about…"

"Twenty years, my mother was the founder of Mage Battle and one of the first Proclaimed Magi, along with my Dad, Uncle Sirius, Uncle Moony and Snape" Harry explained. Frank was so astonished, so amazed that he started chuckling.

"Dude, only the son of Police Chief Potter would do this" He chortled. Harry rolled his eyes. Ever since Snape's 'Slip-Up' in Alchemy, Harry has had to deal with the stares and whispers. His father was known by many as the 'Lone Auror', known for taking entire Death Eater raids into his own hands and risking his life to take down the agents of Voldemort. Harry knew this was because Voldemort had murdered his mother.

"Shut up. It's bad enough Snape ratted me out, the git" Harry growled, stabbing his fork into his sausages. It was lunchtime, and Harry had just finished explaining what had happened at Flying Lessons.

"Whoa, Malfette incoming" Frank said, nodding behind Harry. The Son of the Police Chief groaned again.

"Having your last meal, Potter? I bet you'll be on the next MagLev bus home after this" Mercutio said. Broice and Gregard Ironforge sniggered next to him. Despite only reaching Harry's midsection, they still managed to look threatening. Harry knew from the stories Frank told that you don't want to mess with a Dwarf. They punched hunks of granite to warm up when exercising.

"Piss of Malfoy, I got better things to do then deal with your annoying voice" Harry growled, finishing off his lunch and standing up. Malfoy slapped a hand onto Harry's chest to stop him from leaving.

"You shouldn't try to sound too tough, Potter. I bet you couldn't even stand five minutes in a one on one fight with me" Malfoy sneered. Harry raised his eyebrow.

"Shove off Mercutio. I've got better things to do then listen to you brag" Harry said, rolling his eyes.

"I, Mercutio Draconicus Malfoy challenge you, Harry James Sirius Remus Potter to a Mage Battle" Malfoy said loudly, garnering the attention of most of the bottom floor of the hall. Harry clenched his teeth.

"You know what? Fine, you're on" He growled, grasping Malfoy's hand and summoning a little fire. Malfoy barely winced at the burn, and left soon after. Harry marched off to his suite to get ready for his next class. Frank stared longingly at his Wigsillian Steak before pushing it away and running after his friend.

"Dude, are you sure that was a good idea?" Frank asked, jogging to keep up with his fuming friend. Harry slowed down as he calmed down.

"Why wouldn't it be? It'd be good to put that snivelling with ferret in his place" Harry said.

"Dude, Malfoys are trained to be fighters from day one. He probably knows all kinds of Old Spells that could really do some damage. You have to let me teach you some Battle Magecraft." Frank said.

"I'm sure I'll be fine. I have my Elemental powers, I can handle anything he sends at me" Harry said, feeling particularly stubborn. Frank grabbed Harry's shoulder and spun him around, pushing him against the wall.

"I am not letting you go up against a Malfoy, Mercutio or Draco, without some training. I don't care if I have to break every bone in your body to do it, I'm not letting a friend of mine get humiliated, do you understand?" snarled Frank. Harry nodded eyes wide in fear. He had heard about the famous quick temper of the Nefari, but had never seen it first-hand. It was like staring at an angry lion getting ready to pounce. Frank Lee visibly calmed down and let Harry go, glaring at a shocked looking female centaur that cantered away to her next class.

"Alright. Fine. When do we begin?" Harry asked, feeling a little humiliated that he was bested by the hybrid.

"The next match is in two weeks. We have until then. I suggest we get practising straight away"

The two weeks passed quickly, mostly consisting of Harry attending classes and his Battle Magecraft lessons with Frank. He learnt some basic Battle Elemental Spells, and was even taught how to fall properly by Frank, as well as some basic Martial Arts. Harry also got into the habit of taking morning runs around the lake before everyone else was up (well, all the humans and Nefari that is. A lot of the Magical Beings only slept for about four hours every night).

When the big night came, Harry was pacing in the suite, going over battle strategies, combinations and scenarios in his head. Ron, Frank, Susan and Heidi were watching all this amusedly.

"Harry, you gotta calm down. Getting this high strung is never good for a Mage Battle" Ron said, drinking a Cola absently. Mage Battles started at 8:00 o'clock, and it was 7:46.

"I know; it's just… it's my first Mage Battle, and I don't want to be made out to be a fool" Harry said, idly summoning a soda from the fridge. Frank smirked.

"You'll be fine. You just summoned a soda without realizing it. You are GOOD at Magecraft, just believe in yourself and you'll win this thing." Frank said. Harry sighed and sat down for a second, running his sweaty hands through his hair.

"You're right. I just need to relax. Chill out." Harry said. From the grounds, the sound of a bullhorn sounded. Harry gulped and sat up stiffly, feeling a cold wash of dread run down his spine.

"Come on hotshot, time to knock that spindly little git down a few pegs" Frank said, patting Harry on the back. He nodded and left the dorm, following the crowds toward the Battle Dome. There seemed to be a lot more people filling the Dome, and two banners were hung up on either side of the entrance. One had an anime-like image of Harry with his fists up, with flames dancing from them, and the other had another anime picture of Mercutio standing in front of a tidal wave. Harry smirked when he noticed that the banner of Mercutio had a Hitler Moustache drawn over it. Harry guessed correctly the Weasley Twins were to blame for that.

Inside, the interior was once again resized to fit the amount of students flooding into the Dome-like building. Up on the stage, Dumbledore, Flitwick and Whisperwind stood wearing their customary cloaks. As soon as everyone was inside, the lights dimmed.

"Welcome… to the fortnightly Mage Battle. Tonight, we have a few battles planned. The first, as advertised outside, thanks to Mr Jordan and Messrs Weasley and Weasley, is between Harry Potter and Mercutio Malfoy. Mr Malfoy and Mr Potter, please come up and accept your medallions." Dumbledore said. Malfoy and Harry walked up to the stage on opposite sides. Mercutio snatched the medallion from Flitwick, while Harry took his from Whisperwind.

"Assume your Forms" Dumbledore said. Harry slipped his on and concentrated. A massive plume for fire shot around him, startling the students in the crowd. When he re-emerged, Harry was wearing a white muscle shirt, tracksuit pants, boots and his arms were wrapped up in tendrils of flames. His hair was spiked and new muscles seemed to bulge from his arms. His medallion was stuck in his chest.

Mercutio seemed to do the opposite, and disappeared in a flurry of ice and snow. When he emerged, he was wearing a black cloak with ice resting on it. His head was covered by a frozen skull, and he was dressed in clothes that were covered in vein-like structures of ice. The medallion was hanging from a chain around his neck.

"The rules are simple. You will fight until one of your medallion's gems are dark," Dumbledore said, indicating the gems that had appeared in the gold medallions, "or until an opponent calls for a forfeit. Begin in 3, 2, 1… GO!"

Harry started off by surrounding his fists in fire, like in the picture, which drew out applause from the crowd. He shot some plumes of fire at Mercutio, who either dodged the flames or countered it with ice and water. Mercutio ran forward and swept his leg under Harry's, causing him to trip over. Quickly, Mercutio froze the ground underneath Harry. Harry had trouble getting up until he increased his body temperature and melted the ice around him. He jumped up and sent a wave of fire at Mercutio. Mercutio jumped up and seemed to rotate in mid-air before landing feet first on the ceiling.

Malfoy started forming ice shards and shooting them down at Harry in a style similar to a machine gun. Harry infused the muscles in his legs with magic and started dodging the icicles. However, he took a few hits and his gem went a few shades darker. Harry formed a spear out of fire and shot it towards Mercutio. As it travelled through the air, it fed on the oxygen in the room and grew larger, ploughing through Mercutio's hastily created shield. Mercutio's gems darkened significantly, and in a fit of rage, Mercutio seemed to switch from ice to earth, focusing on uprooting the ground underneath Harry in an attempt to knock him down. Harry had planned for this, and was dodging the rock spikes and shooting fire at Mercutio.

Harry decided to use one of the spells that Frank had taught him. So far, he had been using basic spells and fire manipulation.

"Ignis laoreet!" Harry shouted, throwing his arm out and firing several bursts of fire that grew in size, hitting the area around Mercutio, causing him to lose concentration on his spell and fall off the ceiling. Mercutio right himself and landed lightly on his feet, sweeping his arms out and sending a wave of icy wind at Harry. Harry countered with a wave of fire that collided with the ice wave, causing the two opposite elements to begin swirling around each other, forming a tornado.

A few shields flew up around the stage to protect the audience, who watched in fascination as ice crystals and bursts of fire struck the shields, lighting them up like fireworks. The Tornado grew in size, before Harry felt his magic depleting. With a surge of panic, Harry pushed his side of the tornado forward, in hopes of overwhelming Mercutio. This only succeeded in depleting his magical reserves, and dropping the spell. He gulped as the tornado turned into an icy death trap and slammed into him, sweeping Harry up and tossing him into the shields, which smashed into shards.

Several people caught him in Levitation spells, and Harry smiled in thanks as his costume faded away in a swirl of fire.

"Mercutio Malfoy Wins!" Dumbledore announced, and most of the Slytherin side of the Battle Dome exploded into applause, while Harry was let down and immediately pulled into a manly hug by Frank.

"You did excellently, Harry!" he said, grinning at him. Random people around him agreed with Frank, offering their praise at his performance, even while they paid their friends, evidently betting on him winning.

Frank led Harry out of the Battle Dome, followed closely by Ron, Susan and Heidi.

"Come on, drinks are on me at the Three Broomsticks!" Frank hooted, leading the way to Hogsmeade Village.

The next day found the three Gryffindor boys and two Hufflepuff girls sitting at the same table, though two of the boys were looking rather tired and ruffled.

"Why did you have to drink that LavaScotch?" asked Susan, taking a sip of her juice, "You know how Alcohol makes you feel the next day"

"I never had it before, and that guy was offering to buy it for me…" Frank said, his face pressed firmly against the cool table, as if hoping the cold wood will soothe his headache.

"Well, I'm heading down to the Battle Dome after breakfast, McGonagall wants me to meet the rest of the team today and get some practise in" Harry said, shovelling fried eggs into his mouth.

"Oh yeah, I heard Cane gloating about how he got four new members, he told me about you, Ariawynn and Colin, but refused to tell me who the fourth was" Ron said, looking puzzled. Harry shrugged, trying not to laugh at his friend's confusion. After eating, he said bye to his friends and trekked down to the Battle Dome. He noticed the banners were still up, but Mercutio's now had the addition of a top hat, bushy eyebrows and pair of breasts drawn over it.

Inside, Cane, Ariawynn, Colin, Ginny, Fred, George and two other girls were sitting waiting for him. The stage still showed signs of last night's battle, mostly the burn marks and still frozen patches of ice lying around.

"Harry! Right on time! You four know each other, but let me introduce you to everyone else. The twins are Fred and George Weasley, our Technomancers and the inventors of several dangerous gadgets. The dark beauty is Angelina Johnson, and she is a qualified Battle Mage. Be careful of her Judgement spell, she invented it herself. And finally, we have the lovely Alicia Spinnet, our Sorceress. And now you have me, the Captain and your Illusionist, Sydney Cane. Any questions?" said Cane.

There were no questions. The team of nine got to work discussing tactics and combinations for the off chance that they will be in a two on two battles. Cane also took the time to explain the rules of League Battles, which was different from Mage Battle.

"There are several subtle differences between League Battles and Mage Battles. The main one is that in League Battles, our costumes DON'T stop us from being hurt like in Mage Battles. The second is that we are allowed one familiar to help us in battle, and we can carry potions on us, whether for defensive, offensive or supportive.

"Now, the main four types of League Battle is 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 or Team Battle. As you can suspect, 1x1 is one on one, 2x2 is two on two and so on. The Team Battle is where the whole team fights against the entire opposing team. This is why it is important that we can synchronise attacks and help each other when in need."

Cane went on to explaining different techniques he came up with that incorporated each team member's abilities. By the time they were finished discussing these techniques it was 4:00 in the afternoon. As Harry walked out into the bright afternoon sun, he could hear Sydney tell Fred and George: "I have a good feeling about this year; we're going to win the cup this year!"

Perhaps it was because he was so busy, what with classes and League Battle Training three days a week, but Harry was shocked to find he was at Hogwarts for 2 months. The castle was fast becoming Harry's favourite place, with its talking portraits, moving stairs and wide variety of people. Harry was learning more and more interesting spells and types of magic now he'd gotten the basics down. Maths was a pain, but Harry could always switch over to Battle Magecraft and catch up over the summer.

On Halloween morning, Harry awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. He walked out to find Ron in the small kitchenette cooking at the small stove.

"Dude, you can cook?" Harry asked blearily, still wearing his pyjama pants and t-shirt. He sat down on the couch and promptly flopped over, getting comfortable enough to fall asleep again.

"Yeah, Mum taught all of us when she found out the new Dormitories for all the houses were getting their own kitchens. She thought it would be good for us to learn how to cook in case we ever get wives" Ron said, walking out into the living room and putting Harry's plate on the coffee table. Ron walked over to the door to his and Frank's room and shouted, "DUDE! Get out here and eat your food or I'll dye you pink again"

"Again?" Harry asked, grabbing a piece of bacon and eating it slowly, looking a little like a cow with a clump of grass. Ron sat down and started shovelling scrambled eggs into his mouth.

"Uh huh. I threatened him once, and he didn't think I'd do it" Ron explained. Frank walked in, dressed in a stained t-shirt and boxers. He sat down and pulled his food toward him, eating quietly. He kept shooting bitter looks towards Ron. "What?"

"You could have just charmed my hair pink. I'm still getting the pink out of my tail" Frank muttered. Ron just smirked.

"We have no classes today. Are you going to the Feast later?" asked Ron.

"Nah, I'll probably just wander around for a bit" Harry said, shrugging. Frank shot a look at Ron, though this one was full of concern rather than anger.

"You alright dude?" asked Ron. Harry looked over at him and smiled sadly.

"Yeah, just a… a bad day… I'll be fine you guys, you go enjoy the feast. I'll… I'll be fine…" Harry replied, going back to his breakfast. Ron and Frank looked at each other, but shrugged and decided that Harry was fine.

Frank, Ron, Susan and Heidi went to the Halloween Feast together, Frank finally getting along with Heidi, though occasionally shooting the odd barb at her. They found a seat at the 1st floor of the magnificent hall, their plates lit up by the chandelier hanging down between the horse-shoe frames that made up the upper floors. Frank and Ron were discussing Harry with Susan and Heidi, and expressed their worry about their friend. Everyone knew that Halloween was a bad time of the year. While it celebrated the fall of the Wizarding Terrorist, Voldemort, it also marked the time of when many families fell. Harry's mother was one of the victims of Voldemort during his reign of terror.

When the festivities started, however, all thoughts of Harry fled the minds of Frank, Susan and Ron. Heidi, however, shook her head at them and left to go find Harry. Nobody deserved to be alone on a day like this. A thousand live bats fluttered from the walls and ceiling while a thousand more swooped over the tables in low black clouds, making the candles in the multiple floating pumpkins stutter. The feast appeared suddenly on the golden plates, as it had at the start-of-term banquet.

Frank was just helping himself to a baked potato when professor Quirrel came sprinting into the hall, his turban askew and terror on his face. Everyone stared as he reached Professor Dumbledore's chair, slumped against the table, and gasped, "Troll – in the dungeons – thought you ought to know."

He then sank to the floor in a dead faint. Dumbledore stood up.

"All Fourth Year Battle Magecraft students and above follow me to the dungeons, we're going to need all the manpower we can get if we are going to subdue a troll. Sprout, see if you can block off the Troll from entering the rest of the castle. Minerva, take Quirinius to the Hospital Wing. Prefects, take the third years and below to their dormitories and reinforce the doors" Dumbledore said, standing up. Frank and Ron looked at each other, wide eyed. Susan then gave a small shriek.

"Where's Heidi?!" she yelled.

Harry was wandering the fourth floor corridor, idly making colour changing bubbles as he walked. He was thinking about his mother. He was only one when she was killed, and it was a week before Voldemort went on to kill two year old Neville Longbottom and his parents. He could still remember, if he thought hard enough, a flash of light and a scream.

He remembered radiant red hair, emerald green eyes and a face like porcelain. She was beautiful. But Voldemort killed her. But why? Maybe his Dad had stopped one of Voldemort's fear rallies and the terrorist wanted revenge? Was it his dad's fault his mother died? Maybe…

"Harry!" said a voice. Harry turned and saw Heidi rushing up to meet him. Harry frowned.

"Heidi? Why aren't you at the feast?"

"I came to talk. I know about your family, and nobody should be alone on a day like this." Heidi said. Harry smiled softly.

"Thanks Heidi" he said, beginning to walk, this time with Heidi in step. They walked in silence, just enjoying each other's company.

"What were you thinking when I came here?" asked Heidi suddenly. Harry blinked and looked in her direction oddly.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, looking away.

"You looked really… pensive when I came up here. Like you were brooding or something" she said, shrugging. Harry sighed a little.

"It's nothing, I'm just thinking too much" he said. Heidi nodded a little, accepting this answer. He was obviously keeping something from her, but she was not one to push. As they walked, they saw a shadow flash by, heading towards the downstairs staircase.

"Did you see that?" asked Harry, nodding at where the shadow went. Heidi nodded, looking puzzled, but told Harry it was probably just a Shadow Elf or a Shadowmancer zipping about.

They continued walking in silence, and only stopped when Harry sniffed the air.

"Ugh! Can you smell that?" asked Heidi, covering her nose. There was a thud as they turned around to see a wall of greyish flesh blocking their way.

Back in the hall, 21 year old Percy Weasley was in his element.

"Follow me! Stick together! Best to get back to the common room before something bad happ… where did Ron and that Frank boy go?" he asked, looking around when he noticed the subtle lack of red hair and blonde cat ears.

Frank, Susan and Ron were running towards where Frank's scrying spell said Harry and Heidi were. As they got closer, they could hear banging and could smell burning flesh.

"Harry's busy" Ron quipped, turning a corner, but his smile vanished when he saw their opponent. The troll was a large wall of grey flesh. It had two heads, four muscular arms and elephant feet, and wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. It carried a large stone axe and a club in its upper arms, and one head was actually arguing with the other head.





As it argued with itself, it was simultaneously attacking Harry and Heidi. The two mages dodged the swings of the weapons and shot a flurry of spells at it, the only spells working being Harry's fire spells. The three friends immediately dropped into a battle ready position. Frank flicked out his claws, and Susan got a blasting spell primed in her hand. Susan lobbed the blasting charm at the troll, and it screamed when a bit of its shoulder exploded. It turned around to face its new foes, and was slammed in one of its faces with a knockback hex, shot from Ron.

"Harry! Heidi! Get over here!" Frank yelled, before running up to the Troll and jumping onto it, digging his claws into its stomach. The troll roared, grabbed Frank and tossed him against the stone wall. Susan screamed in shock and ran over to assist him, while Ron sent a Messenger Spell to Dumbledore telling them where the troll was. Harry started throwing more fireballs at the troll, distracting it from Frank and drawing it towards him. The Troll roared and started charging at Harry. Harry gasped and looked around, looking for a way out.

Time seemed to slow down as everything turned black and white. Harry saw a black and white version of himself run forward and slide beneath the legs of the Troll, creating a fiery blade and slicing the troll between the legs. The Shadow Harry then stood up fluidly and stabbed the troll in the back with the fire blade.

Time sped back up, and Harry was back in the present. On impulse, Harry rushed forward, gathering fiery magic into his hand and shaping it into a blade. He fell to his knees and slid across the marble floors, going right between the Trolls legs. Harry grimaced as he sliced upwards with the blade, severing the trolls… privates… and standing up fluidly, spinning and shoving the blade into the back of the troll, hitting its spine.

The Troll screamed out and fell to the ground, twitching slightly, multiple burn marks covering its body. Harry staggered as a wave of exhaustion washed over him, causing his sword to vanish and for him to fall to his knees.

"HA—Y!" someone called out, panicked. The last thing harry saw and heard were running footsteps and a concerned Heidi.

While Harry was unconscious, Heidi, Frank, Susan and Ron were faced to deal with a very angry Professor McGonagall. Frank and Ron had seen this look before, her lips were white and her eyes narrowed.

"What on earth were you thinking of?" said Professor McGonagall, with cold fury in her voice. Ron looked at Heidi while Susan fretted over the bruises on Frank's back. "You're lucky you weren't killed. Why aren't you in your dormitory?"

"Harry wouldn't come to the feast because today is the anniversary of his mum's death, Heidi had gone to look for him before the troll was found by Professor Quirrel and Frank, Susan and I went to look for them since they didn't know about the troll. We didn't think the troll would be up on the fourth floor already!" Ron blurted.

Tyrande Whisperwind, the head of the Illusion Department, glanced at the troll and gasped at the burns and severed… privates…

"What on Earth and all other Realms happened to that Troll?" she asked oak brown eyes wide.

"Well, when we got here, Harry and Heidi were fighting it, but only Harry's fire spells were working. Frank tried to distract it by jumping on it, but he was thrown off. Then, Harry started shooting fire at it again to distract it, and it charged toward Harry. Harry seemed to freeze up, and then he ran up to it, slid under it and conjured a blade of fire. He sliced the troll, the stabbed it in the back." Ron explained. Poppy Pomfrey, who had come along in case of injury, sent a diagnostic spell at Frank, and after verifying he only had a small amount of internal bruising, he'd be fine. She then checked the troll and found that it had been completely paralysed.

"Ulfadeeroaborian, please take Mr. Neh'Gara'teth-Lee and Mr. Potter to the Hospital Wing, Miss Bones, Miss Bones and Mr. Weasley, please return to your common rooms." Dumbledore said, his eyes dimly twinkling, he looked over the troll and sighed.


"No buts, Mr. Weasley. Return to your Dormitory" Dumbledore said his voice a little firmer. Ron nodded and walked toward the Gryffindor Dorms, watching as Professor Bronzeheart, Frank and Harry vanished in rings of brown energy.

When Harry woke up, he was blinded from the pure white walls of the Hospital wing. Harry groaned, his mouth really try. Harry sat up and found a glass of water on his bedside table. He picked it up and gulped it down in one gulp.

"Nice to see you back in the land of the living, Mr. Potter" said a voice. Harry turned and found Professor Dumbledore smiling at him.

"Thanks… what happened?" Harry asked, not really knowing why he was in the Hospital wing. He felt fine.

"You did what not many fifteen year olds can do, Mr. Potter. You managed to paralyse a mountain troll." Dumbledore said, looking at Harry closely. Harry looked down as memories of the fight flashed back. He winced when he saw himself stabbing the troll into the back with the fire blade. Dumbledore spotted this wince and nodded in approval, his worries of a budding Dark Mage leaving his mind.

"That was an impressive thing you did. Not only did you save your friends, but you may have helped protect the school. That in mind, I believe thirty points to Gryffindor for your act of bravery. Messrs Neh'Gara'teth-Lee and Weasley have also been rewarded points."

"Thank you, sir" Harry said.

"I'll let you grab some rest. You exhausted your magical reserves in that fight" Dumbledore said, and took his leave.

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