Finger on the Trigger



Lori had tried comforting me but it didn't really help. I needed to be alone but just as I started thinking about everything that was happening, I was interrupted.

I jumped as Rick came up behind me and started talkin', "What'd Lori say? She ain't botherin' you, is she?"

"No sir, she aint and she didn't say nothin' really. Just the test could've been wrong and that I needed to take another one but I don't think it's wrong."

He just looked at me, "Well, if she starts any trouble with you, you come to me. Okay?"

"Yes sir."

"And don't worry about anything. We'll figure things out," he was silent for a minute then he spoke again, "Come on, we all need to go over the plans for tomorrow."

I just nodded and followed him to where the others were.


"Tomorrow we're gonna split off into groups. Daryl, Maggie, Glenn and Andrea, y'all are with me. We're gonna try to clear out a cell block. Hershel, Carl, I want y'all with Lori, Beth and Carol outside clearing the yard. I don't want y'all goin' into the prison 'til we get a place cleared."

"Rick, I think it would be best if we stayed out here and tried to rest for a few days. We all need it.", Lori said.

"No, the sooner we get in there, the sooner we can rest. We're not stayin' out here another night. It ain't safe. Y'all okay with what we're gonna do tomorrow?"

I looked around at them and they all nodded in agreement.

The next day we set out to clear a cell block. When we had finished, we got the others and our stuff and tried to settle in.

Afterwards we all gathered to make plans on what to do next.

"I've already talked to Hershel and Daryl. We're gonna try to find the cafeteria and infirmary tomorrow to see if we can find anything useful. Food, medical supplies, there has to be some of those things left."

"Are we gonna split into groups," Maggie asked.

"No. We're not gonna split up just yet. We just need to see what we can find that'll be useful. Carl, you're stayin' here with Carol, Beth and your mom. The rest of us are gonna see what we can find."

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