Finger on the Trigger

Decending Into Chaos - Part II


I wasn't gettin' any sleep tonight. It's way too hot and my back is still hurting, worse than it had been earlier today. Needless to say, I probably won't be allowed on watch or to do anything for a few weeks after this.

I layed in bed for a while tryin' to get comfortable but it was no use so I got up and quietly made my way out of the cell block and then out of the prison into the courtyard. When I stepped outside, a cool breeze rushed over me and I closed my eyes. It felt wonderful and it was a beautiful night. The stars were out and it reminded me of being on the farm. Despite the sereneness of it, it was still a little scary but it's not like I would be completely alone out here, I knew who was on watch and I could scream for help if anything were to happen.

I tried sittin' at one of the tables but I couldn't sit still so I started walkin' around, never gettin' close enough to the fence for a walker to notice me.


I jumped when someone called my name, "Yeah?"

"Beth, what're you doin' out here by yourself?" Andrea asked.

"Just walkin' around. I couldn't sleep."

"Me either," she said, "You want company?"

"Sure," I smiled. It would be a lot less scary with someone to keep me company.

We walked around laughin' and talkin' about our lives before this. It was nice havin' someone to talk to so we kept walkin' until we came close to the back of the prison.

"I don't think we should walk any further. We're pretty far from the guard towers," I told her.

"We've cleared the fences back here and someone's supposed to be watching the perimeter. It'll be fine."

"Okay," I replied a little unsure but I trusted her.

We walked a little further and then I felt somethin' hard against the back of my head, I swallowed.

"You see the hole in the fence," she pointed it out and I nodded my head "yes", unable to speak, "Climb through it. If you scream or run I will stab you in the stomach until that precious baby of yours dies. You understand?"

I nodded my head "yes" again.

"Good. Now move!" She pushed me towards the fence.

Once we were both through the fence, she tied my hands behind my back and put tape over my mouth, "I'll remove these later if you don't try anything." I nodded once more and she pulled me towards the woods.

We walked for what I was sure to be three hours. I was tired. When we finally stopped, I hadn't noticed she had a bag until she pulled out a water bottle and removed my restraints. She held the bottle out to me, "Drink it. The last thing I need is for you to pass out on me."

I drank the whole bottle and waited to see what was next. I couldn't help but start cryin'. "Shut up," she snapped, "you're gonna draw walkers to us."

I couldn't stop as I spoke, "Andrea, why are doin' this? What did I do to you?"

She smirked, "Poor Bethie, always the victim, huh? Don't worry why I'm doin' this, just know you deserve what you're gonna get."

"Where are we goin'?" I asked, tryin' to keep from cryin' harder.

"We're goin' to Woodbury."

"Woodbury? The Governor's Woodbury? Where they kept Maggie and Glenn? Why are we going there?"

She smirked again and laughed, "Yep. That's the Woodbury and we're goin' there because of a friend of mine."

"That doesn't make sense. You can go without me, you don't need me."

"See, that's where you're wrong. I do need you. You're my way in. You see, when we went to get Maggie and Glenn, I got separated and ran into an old friend. I negotiated with them for a place there. All I had to do was help make the prison vulnerable and what better way to do that than take you. You're pregnant, they won't risk your life to save theirs. When I told the people at Woodbury about you, they were willing to spare my life and give me a safe place to stay."

I felt tears runnin' down my cheeks again but managed to choke back my cries.

She pulled m up, "Come on, we're losin' time by sittin' here."

We walked until I felt like I couldn't walk anymore. "Andrea, stop. I need to rest a little."

"No. We have to keep goin'. You can rest when we get there."

"Please, just a few minutes. That's all I need."

"No! Keep moving."

I prayed for someone to come after us as she kept pushing me along.

"Don't you worry, Bethie. You'll be in good hands in Woodbury. There's more than enough men there for a little whore like you."

"What? I'm not a whore!"

"Yes you are," she grinned, "Just like Lori. We all know she fucked Shane too. And here you are, pregnant. Rick claiming the baby as his, just like he did with Judith. Knowing she may not be his and this baby may not be his. I know you fucked Shane."

I felt tears begin to fall again as she continued to talk.

"You know somethin', I was fuckin' Rick but he ended it because of you. Ruined everything. That's when I knew tonight was the perfect time," she looked at me and laughed, "Ya know, while he was fuckin' me, he would call me Lori or Beth. Mostly Beth, though. Sick little game but I played along until he refused to call me by my name instead of the names of his whores. If I had it my way, that little bastard you're carrying wouldn't live but for now, we need you both."

I burst into tears and couldn't stop.

We continued walkin' in silence until we reached Woodbury just as the sun was comin' up.


I woke up to Judith's cries. So I went to Beth's cell.

"Beth?" I called into her cell but she didn't answer. "Bethie, you alright?" Still no answer and Judith's cries were gettin' louder so I walked in and picked her up. I looked to the bed and Beth wasn't there, I figured she had gone to fix a bottle so I walked to the common room only to find Carol there.

"Where's Beth?" She asked and handed me a bottle.

"I was just about to ask you the same thing."

She looked up, "She wasn't in her cell?"

"No. I thought she was in here."

We both went into a panic. Carol went out to the guard towers and I woke everyone in the cell block and we all gathered in the common room.

"Where's Andrea?" I asked Carol as she, Sasha, Maggie and Glenn centered the room.

"She didn't show up for watch last night," Sasha said.

Oh fuck. Andrea's words came back to me, "You'll regret this, Rick." What did she do? Was she crazy enough to hurt Beth?

"Rick, what's goin' on?" Hershel asked.

I looked down at Judith who was still in my arms. How do I tell him?

Carol saw that I was struggling so she answered for me, "We don't know where Beth is."

"Where could she have gone?" asked Maggie.

"Do you think Andrea is with her?" Hershel asked.

"We don't know...," Carol began.

"Before we get too worried, we need to search the prison. They may be around here somewhere," I interrupted her.

"Okay then, everyone will split up into groups," Hershel said, "I probably won't be much help so I'll stay here with Judith while y'all look."

"Okay. Maggie and Glenn, y'all search D block; Daryl, you and Merle search the perimeter; Sasha and Tyreese, y'all have A block, the library and infirmary; me and Carol will search the tombs."

"What about me?" Carl said, "where do I search?"

"Nowhere. You stay here with Hershel and your sister. Don't argue about it either."

We split into our groups and began the search.


Andrea handed me over to the Governor's men. They carried me to an apartment, I assumed it belonged to the Governor, and handcuffed me to a chair. When they left, the door opened and a man walked over to me.

"You must be Beth," he said touching my cheek, "Andrea told me a lot about you but she failed to mention how pretty you are."

He pulled a chair up in front of me and sat down, "I bet you're wondering who I am, well, I'm the Governor. Now that we've been properly introduced, let's get on with why you're here. You see, the people from the prison, your people, came in and attacked us and I just can't have that. They also have someone I want, Michonne, I believe you know her, she killed my daughter and she will pay for it with her life. I also want Merle Dixon, it seems he and his brother were spying on us and alerted your people to our plans to retaliate. Though I'm guessing they won't be too eager to turn them over to me, so, that's why you're here, for security and a trade. But...," he paused and smiled, "You're not here just for us to make a trade. You're here for our entertainment."

He stood and walked over to a table, "I'm gonna have some fun with you before I let my men work you over. This is to insure they know who they are dealing with."

I heard him unbuckle his belt and I closed my eyes. I would scream for help but it wouldn't do any good, everyone here is on his side. I was terrified.

I could feel him standing in front of me, "Open your eyes." When I did, he knelt down, "We're gonna have some fun." He proceeded to take off the handcuffs, he pulled me up and towards the bedroom and then pushed me onto the bed. After he tied my hands to the headboard, he grabbed my face and kissed me roughly, "It's a good thing you're pregnant, I can really enjoy this." My eyes were tightly closed as he began to take off my clothes. When he entered me, they shot open again and I cried out, "Please stop! Please!"

He laughed, "you better enjoy this, whore. My men won't be so gentle with you."

I held my breath until I passed out.


"Do you think Andrea took Beth? To hurt her?" Carol asked.

Hours later and we had all searched the prison and made our way to the common room, none of us found anything.

"It's possible," I told her, tryin' not to think about what could be happening.

"We found tracks," Daryl announced, we all looked hopefully at him, "They were together. Followed 'em as far as we could but lost 'em on the road. Didn't find anythin' after that."

Maggie looked at me, then back to Daryl, "We were on watch. How did they get out of here?"

"Looks like they went out the back, where the fence is busted up. Their tracks went to the woods an' around the prison. Stayin' outta sight, they walked through the woods a little ways before gettin' on the road."

"What'd we do now?" Carl asked.

"Well," Carol spoke, "we don't know where they are or where they're goin'. There's really no way to tell."

"We wait 'til mornin' then we set out to the town we've scavenged. See if they're there," I said, "it's too dark to search now."


After the Governor had finished with me, he carried me to a room down the hall. The windows were boarded up and the door was locked from the outside. The room was dark except for the light from a small candle and there was a bare mattress on the floor.

I curled up in a corner cryin' and prayed to God like I never have before. I begged him to make it stop, to make this all a bad dream. I wanted so bad for the others to find me. I wanted daddy, Maggie and Rick.

That night I was left alone for a while before several of the Governor's men took turns with me. I was thankful they all wanted nothin' more than to beat and torture me. I'd gladly take that over them raping me. But each time I fought back or cried out for them to stop, they hurt me worse.

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