Finger on the Trigger



It's been a week since Beth and Andrea disappeared. We've searched the woods and nearby towns daily and haven't found a damn thing. No signs of them anywhere. We were all a wreck and livin' on little to no sleep. If we weren't on watch or clearin' the fences, we were in the woods or towns searchin' for them.


I can barely move. My body hurts all over and I'm weak.

I was once again curled up in the corner, away from the mattress, when the Governor came in.

I whimpered as he touched my face, "Shh..there's no need for you to cry. Tomorrow, if all goes well, you will be with your family. But tonight, I'm gonna have a little more fun with you, then there's someone who has waited patiently for his turn with you. So don't let him down."

He stood up and I heard his belt unbuckle again.

"Why are you doin' this to me?" I cried. He didn't answer. I cried for him to stop but he wouldn't, instead he drew back and punched me.

When he had finished, he grabbed my face and forced me to look at him, "We needed your people to be on edge, to be distracted. I'm sure they've been lookin' for you nonstop and that works to our advantage. Their defenses will be down. That's why I've done this."

"You've gotten what you wanted from me. Did Andrea get what she wanted?"

He gave a creepy smile and laugh, "No. How could I have her here when she betrayed your people to save her own life? No doubt she'd do it again, to us, if something better came along. I can't have people like that here. Now, you just rest up a little, someone will be coming for you shortly. Be sure you show him a good time."

Not long after the Governor left, I heard keys unlocking the door. The candle that was in the room had long since burned out and the room was completely dark but I closed my eyes begging for it to be even darker. I didn't want to see this mans face. I knew he would probably have a light but I wanted complete darkness.

I sat in the corner with my eyes closed as he opened the door.

"Well, well, well. Little Bethie Greene is here," he said, "Havin' fun, sweetheart?"

I froze and squeezed my eyes shut. I knew that voice. How could he be here? I had to be dreaming.

"Open your eyes and stand up."

I didn't move.

"I said, open your eyes and stand up," he growled angrily.

I still didn't move.

Suddenly I was jerked up by my hair and my eyes opened when he slapped me.

"That's better," he said, "look at you. Pregnant. What are you, 5, 6 months now?"

He kept one hand in my hair and the other moved to touch my stomach. My whole body shook with fear.

"I hear Rick has claimed this baby as his own. Is that true?"

"Yes," I whimpered.

"Such a shame. He tries to kill me and claims to be the father to both of my kids," he laughed.

His hand gripped my hair tighter as he pulled me over to the bed and I cried harder than I had been.

With one quick move, he started kicking me over and over again until I couldn't breath.

"Why are you hurting me, Shane?" I was tryin' to catch my breath, "All of them, and you, could've killed me and...and your baby. Is that what you want?" I hated callin' the baby his but I thought it'd make him stop.

He laughed and climbed on top of me, "No one is gonna kill you or the baby. I want Rick to not only have one but two things to remind him of me. That's the best damn revenge there is, is to drive someone crazy with the constant reminder of what they couldn't stop. What they'll never be."

"Please don't hurt me. Please, Please don't do this. Stop please," I begged and closed my eyes again. I could feel his hands and mouth all over me, like before.

I felt everything he did but I couldn't fight back, I didn't have the strength to. I was tired and sick of fighting. I thought back to life on the farm, before all of this, riding my horse, singin' in choir at church, picnic's by the pond. All of it was peaceful. I willed myself to think of only good things like those while Shane continued.

Then it was over.

The Governor and Shane returned the next mornin' and carried me to one of their vehicles. I was bound, gagged and blindfolded. I knew where we were heading and I hoped they were ready. I prayed the Governor's plan didn't work and they killed him, killed both of them.


Through all of our searching for Beth, we didn't forget about the Governor.

Earlier while out huntin', Daryl and Merle came across some of the Governor's men. They got back just in time to warn us and we were prepared. I sent Carl, Hershel and Judith into the woods to hide out while we got ready for their attack.

Not long after that, we watched from where we hid as the Governor's convoy came speeding towards the prison.

We continued to watch as they fired their weapons, busted through the gates and entered the prison.

They made their way through the cell blocks and into the tombs. We were ready.

The flash grenades went off and walkers swarmed them. Once they were back outside we took them by surprise and started firing.

We watched as they all started to flee.

"We did it," I said, " We drove 'em out."

The others were arguing about whether or not we should go after them when Maggie yelled for everyone to shut up.

"Do y'all here that?" She asked.

"Yeah. It sounds like someone cryin'." Carol said.

We rushed into the yard tryin' to find the muffled cries.

"Beth! It's Beth!" Daryl shouted as he removed a body from atop her.

Everyone rushed to her but when Daryl rolled the body over, everyone stopped and Daryl stabbed him in the head several times before helpin' Maggie remove Beth's restraints.

Everyone reached for her but she pushed them all away and curled up.

Maggie cried when she saw how badly Beth was beaten and Glenn dragged her away, "Maggie, come with me," he said, "we'll get things set up for your dad to check her out."

I knelt down beside her. Her eyes were closed and she flinched when I reached to move her hair from her face.

"Bethie, it's me Rick. I'm not gonna hurt you, baby. I promise but we need to get you inside. Okay?"

She shook her head "yes" and I picked her up.

"Sasha, when we get her inside, can you help me clean her up so Hershel can take a look at her wounds?" Carol asked.

"Of course I'll help," Sasha replied.

Hershel broke down when he saw Beth in my arms.

"Put her in my cell," Carol told me. Then she turned to Hershel, "we'll get her cleaned up so you can take a look at her."

I walked into Carol's cell and layed her down on the bed.

"Please don't leave me, please," she cried.

I held her, "I wont leave you but Carol and Sasha need to come clean you up. We gotta make sure you and the baby are alright. I'm not goin' far, I'll be right out side the cell."

I slid down the wall outside the cell and put my head in my hands. It didn't take long for her to start screamin' and fighting them off. They kept tryin' to calm her down but couldn't. After she was cleaned up even Hershel was havin' a hard time with her while lookin' over her wounds. She was hysterical. She finally calmed down but Hershel had to give her somethin'.

Once we knew she was out, we all convened in the common room and after little discussion, we all thought it was best to go after them to ensure they wouldn't return.

I pulled Carol aside, "Did she say anything? What happened?"

"No Rick, she didn't say a word about what happened to her. She just kept screamin' for us to stop touching her."

"What about the baby?"

"We didn't get the chance to examine her. She was hysterical. When she wakes up, we'll try again if she's calm."

"Okay. I'm gonna check on her before we leave."

She nodded, "go ahead. Just don't wake her up. I don't think she's had much sleep lately."

I silently walked in and stared at her before moving closer. How could someone hurt her? Why did they do it?

Suddenly her eyes shot open and she jumped up screamin'.

I grabbed her, "Bethie, baby, I'm here."

She clung tightly to me, cryin'.

"Just rest, okay. I'll be here when you wake up."

She began to shake as she cried, "No, no, no they'll get me. They'll come back for me. Please don't let them take. They'll hurt me again. Please don't leave. Please."

I rocked her in my arms, "No one is ever gonna hurt you again. I promise. I'll never let anyone touch you."

I hated to ask her what they did though I would have to eventually. "How did the Governor get you?"

"Andrea." Was all she said.

"Bethie, what did they do to you?"

She shook her head and cried even harder.

I made sure she was asleep again before I left. I knew hearing what they did wouldn't help us or her so I didn't push it.

"If I ever get my hands on the Governor, the bastard will pay for hurting her. I'm gonna make sure he dies a slow and painful death," I thought to myself. Then there was Shane, I kicked myself for not killin' him back on the farm. Daryl had offered to do it then and I told him it was somethin' I needed to do but when it came down to it, I couldn't.

When Daryl and Merle had come back to the prison, Daryl informed me that Shane was one of the Governor's men. I knew I had recognized his voice when we were tryin' to find Maggie and Glenn but I thought it was in my head.

"Get y'all's shit and let's go," I yelled to the others.

We drove until we came up on some vehicles we recognized as the Governor's. From what we could see, everyone was dead and the Governor wasn't with them.

"Help me!" We heard a woman say from inside one of the vehicles. The door opened and she and Shane appeared. He was holding a gun to her head and yellin' somethin' at us, "You left me in that barn to die 'cause you thought you could have it all, didn't you Rick? Lori, Beth, both of my kids. Whatever happens to me, just know that those babies are mine. When you and Beth look at them, you'll both see me."

I went for him, "They're mine." I beat him until he was unrecognizable then I stabbed him in the head repeatedly. This time I made sure he was dead. Daryl and Michonne had to pull me off him.

"What happened here?" Michonne asked the woman.

"The Governor. He killed everyone after we all told him we had no problem killing biters but we didn't want to kill people...y'all."

"You think he went back to Woodbury?" Daryl asked me.

"Only one way to find out," I told him.

It was dark when we finally made it to Woodbury. We were told by several of the guards that the Governor wasn't there but we searched just to be sure.

We did find Andrea's body torn to pieces by walkers in the same room where he had held Maggie.

We explained to everyone why we were there and we offered to let them stay at the prison. They were all willing to come with us so Michonne and Karen helped them load up into a bus.

When we arrived back at the prison the next mornin', Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Sasha showed the people from Woodbury to a cell block. Before I had the chance to explain to the others why they were there, Carol rushed me inside.

"Beth's been hysterical since she woke up. We managed to examine her and everything seems fine with the baby but we can't get her to settle back down. Hershel's in there with her now. She's still in my cell."

I nodded but didn't say anything. I could hear Carol, Maggie, Glenn and Carl talkin' and as I approached Carol's cell, I could hear Hershel tryin' to calm Beth.

He looked up when I put my hand on his shoulder, we both gave a quick nod and he left.

I reached for Beth and pulled her into my lap. She fought and pushed me away at first but then quit and put her head on my shoulder. She was still cryin' and shakin'.

"It's okay, Bethie. I'm here. I'm not leavin' you."

She struggled to control her breathing but she finally settled down. I picked her up and carried her to her cell.

"Carl, come here." I yelled to him.

Carl wasn't the only one who came.

"Get Judith's things and put them in our cell. She's gonna stay in there with you a while."

"With me?"

"Yeah, I'm stayin' in here with Beth for a little while. 'Til she's better."

Maggie clenched her fists and Hershel moved closer to me, "Rick, I don't think that's somethin' you should be doin'. Maggie can stay with her."

"I'm not leavin' her alone and I'm sure as hell not lettin' her out of my sight." There was no further arguments made about it though they were clearly not happy about it.

I stayed with her the rest of the day. She was curled up on the bed next to me. Occasionally she would wake up screamin' and cryin' but she would eventually calm down again.


I felt someone lyin' next to me when I woke up, it was dark and I wasn't sure where I was. I sat up quickly and was preparing myself to run when someone grabbed my arm. I stiffened and held my breath, it had to be the Governor, Shane or one of his men.

"Bethie, You alright?"

I let out a sigh of relief when I heard Rick's voice but I couldn't stop my tears from fallin'.

He sat up and pulled me close, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I managed to say.

He wrapped his arms around me, "I'm sorry for everything that's happened to you but I promise I won't let anythin' or anyone hurt you again."

I let out a ragged breath and closed my eyes. For the first time in a week, I felt safe.

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