Finger on the Trigger

Lullaby - Part II


Daryl came over and took the baby out of my arms and he started fussing, "Shh...uncle Daryl's got ya."

Sasha came closer to me, "Rick, did you hear me? Come on, we need you."

She pulled at my arm but I couldn't move. Everything was a blur when I finally did.

The last thing I heard before walking into the cell Beth was in was my own heartbeat rising in my ears

I knelt down next to Beth and put my forehead on hers, "Hey baby."

She didn't say anything, just kept breathing to calm herself down.

"What's wrong with her?" I asked.

"I had to give her something else for pain," Sasha said.


"The baby's breech and I have to turn it," Carol told me.

"Wha..what? Baby?"

Maggie nodded, "Twins."

I felt Beth grab my hand, "Rick? It hurts," she slurred.

"It's okay, baby. I'm here and I'm not leavin' you," I kissed her, "I love you, Beth."

She squeezed my hand, "I love you too, Rick."

"Rick," Carol said, "this isn't like before. I'm gonna need your help. Sasha is gonna hold Beth's hand while you and Maggie help me. Okay?"

I nodded and let go of Beth's hand.

"No," she said.

"Beth, I'm gonna be right here. I'm not leavin', Carol needs me to help her. Sasha's here."

She nodded and grabbed Sasha's hand.

"Are you sure you can do this?" I asked Carol.

"As sure as I can be. Hershel had me read up on everything that could happen in case it did," she looked in my eyes, "Rick, if we can't get the baby turned, I'll have to perform a c-section."

Carol proceeded to walk us through what we needed to do. "Stop," she said, "the baby's almost there."

I could see her hands movin' but I didn't know what she was doin' and I really didn't care as long as Beth and the baby were alright.

"Okay, continue doin' what y'all were. Just need him to turn a little more and then he can be delivered."

"We're almost there, Beth," Carol said to her, "I want you to push when I tell you to. Can you do that for me, sweetie?"

"Yes," Beth practically screamed.

"Okay, now Beth. Push sweetie."

"Aagghhh!" Beth screamed.

"Keep pushin', Bethie."

"I can't," she cried out.

I looked at Carol and as soon as she gave me a quick nod, I was back at Beth's side.

"It's okay baby," I whispered, "you're doin' good."

"One more push, Beth. That's all we need," Carol said, "just one more push."

Beth grabbed me and screamed as she pushed one last time.

Maggie gasped, "oh my God, Bethie." She started cryin'.

"Maggie. What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Nothin', nothin's wrong. She's absolutely beautiful, just like her mama."

I laughed and layed my head against Beth's, "We have a daughter, Beth, and a son," I whispered.

"Is it over? Am I done?" She breathed out heavily.

I looked to Carol, "She's done."

"Are you sure?" I asked incredulously.

She smiled, "I'm sure. You wanna take baby girl to get checked out?"

I took the baby from Sasha and made the walk back to the common room. When I walked in, all eyes were on me.

"It's a girl."

Carl ran to me, "Twins?"

"Yeah, twins."

He smiled like he never has before, "I have two sisters and a brother," he said to himself. "Can I hold her?"

"Let Hershel check her out first, then you can."

He smiled, "Woohoo! I have two sisters and brother!"

Everyone smiled and laughed.

I carried her to Hershel and he cleaned her up and examined her just like he did with her brother.

"She's healthy too," he smiled and wrapped her in a blanket before handing her back to me.

Daryl walked over holdin' the baby while Glenn held Judith.

"They got names yet?" Tyreese asked.

I shook my head, "No. We haven't decided on any yet."

"Rick, Daryl. She's cleaned up. Bring the babies in," Sasha called out to us.

We walked into the cell and Daryl handed the baby boy to Maggie before leavin'. I handed the baby girl to Carol so she could help Beth get ready to nurse and then she got the boy and situated him in Beth's arms as well.

I pulled a chair up by Beth and watched the babies.

"This certainly explains a lot," Carol chuckled, Beth looked at her questioningly.

Carol smiled, "I read everything and all the signs were there but I missed them."

"We all did," Maggie said.

We all looked at her.

"What?" she said, "I read the books too. I wanted to make sure my sister would be safe."

"Thank you, Maggie," Beth smiled at her, "thank you too, Carol and tell Sasha I said thank you."

They nodded. "We'll be back in a little bit to check on y'all," Carol said, then they left.

"We have to name them," I whispered to Beth.

"Yeah, I know." She smiled down at the babies, "Do we have to decide right now?"

"No, we can wait a while."

I leaned over and kissed both babies and then Beth, "I love you."

She smiled again, "I love you, too."

A little while later, Carol and Maggie came in to check on Beth and the babies.

Maggie held Beth's hand and smiled.

"Y'all really need to name these angels before Daryl decides to name them," Carol laughed.

I was holdin' the baby girl while Beth held the baby boy. She looked at both of them and then at me.

"Hey Maggie, there's a journal in my cell on the top bunk, can you bring it to me and ask Carl to come in here?" Beth asked.

"Yeah, I'll be right back," Maggie told her.

Carl came runnin' into the cell with a huge smile still on his face and Maggie was right behind him.

Maggie left us alone in the cell after she gave Beth her journal.

Beth handed the baby boy to Carl and started flippin' through the book.

She smiled, "They need names and I thought we could decide together."

We went over the names until all three of us agreed.

"You wanna wait to tell everyone?" I asked her.

"No," she smiled at us, "Y'all go ahead and tell them."

Me and Carl walked into the common room, each carryin' a baby and told everyone they had names.

"Are you gonna make us guess their names?" Sasha asked.

"No," I laughed, "this little girl here is Annette Margaret Grimes."

"Oh my God," Maggie cried and took her from me.

"Beth wanted to name her after her mama and you," I told her and we both smiled.

I looked at Carl, "Go ahead and tell them his name.

"This is Shawn Andrew Grimes," he smiled, "Shawn after moms brother and she let me pick his middle name so I picked Andrew."

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