Finger on the Trigger

The Next Time


Every time I went to feed the horses I was afraid he'd come back so I started carrying a gun with me. I wasn't even sure I'd be able to use it if I had to but maybe I could scare him off with it.

I was thankful whenever he didn't show up, even though I knew he eventually would. After all, he had told me it wouldn't be so bad next time. "Next time", those words stuck in my head and scared me more than anything ever has before.

As I was finishing up in the barn, Nellie started acting up. I knew something was bothering her but I figured she just wanted out of her stall since she'd been in there for a while. But I was wrong.

He grabbed me again and carried me back to the tack room. This time I was able to fight back but I couldn't get to my gun, it had fallen out of my pocket and onto the floor. I managed to scratch his face and chest but he was too strong. There was no way I was gettin' out of here until he got what he wanted. All I could do was close my eyes and pray for it to be over soon.


Things were gettin' worse. Everyday we found more and more walkers around the farm, it wouldn't be long until we got overrun. We all knew it was just a matter of time.

We were makin' sure we had the stuff we would need packed into our vehicles just in case we had to rush outta there when I noticed someone was missin' he'd been here a minute ago but now he was gone.

"Where the hell did he go?", I mumbled to myself.

"Where did who go?", Hershel asked.

"Shane, you seen him?"

"No, not for a while. Isn't he on watch?"

"Supposed to be but he's not," I said motioning towards the windmill.

I asked the others if they'd seen him but they hadn't.

"Maybe he's helpin' Daryl," Carol said.

"Maybe, I'll see if I can find him 'cause we need someone watchin' out for walkers.", I told them.

"Shane!", I kept callin' him but never seen or heard him.

I must've walked all over the farm and still hadn't found him. As I passed the barn I heard the horses goin' crazy.

"Shit!", I thought, "were the walkers already this close to us."

I entered quietly just in case there were some in there.

I was about to pass the tack room when I heard muffled sounds. I thought I was ready for what was in there but nothin' could've prepared me for what I found.

There was Shane, on top of Beth. She was tryin' hard to fight him off but he overpowered her.

"What the fucks goin' on?", I said as I pulled him off of her.

"None of your damn business.", was all he said.

I was pissed, I drew back and knocked the shit out of him, sending him into one of the shelves. I'm not sure what came over me but I kept on punchin' him.

"That all you got?", he laughed.

"Lori not enough for you?", I asked as he fought back.

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